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1. Why were we given The Urantia Book?

2. How big is the universe?

3. How does “Urantia” fit into the grand scheme of the universe?

4. Our world is not the only inhabited planet?

5. Why have I not heard of The Urantia Book and the Teaching Mission before?

6. How are The Urantia Book study groups formed?

7. How are the Teaching Mission groups formed?

8. How do mortals benefit from participation in the Teaching Mission?

9. Why is stillness (prayer, meditation) important?

10. What is meant by “opening the circuits?”

11. How can The Urantia Book have more about Jesus than in the Bible?

12. Why is the Correcting Time being done now?

13. Why do the teachers volunteer to come here?

14. What is the expertise of the teachers?

15. What do the Celestial Teachers say about God within us?

16. What do the teachers say about their teachings?

17. What are Melchizedek schools?

18. What is the status of the Teaching Mission now?

19. How can I learn to T/R (Transmit/Recieve)?

20. How may I obtain a personal teacher for myself?

21. Are the teachers able to read my mind?

22. Is the Urantia Book intended to carry civilization into the next epoch?

23. What does The Urantia Book say about the Atonement Doctrine?

24. How Do I Contact The Teaching Mission?

25.  What Is The Magisterial Mission and How is the Correcting Time & Teaching Mission Associated with it?

26.  Is Jesus to Return Soon As He Promised?

1. Why were we given The Urantia Book?

Christ Michael is dominated by the love and the mercy he has for his creatures.


At the time the 37 worlds of Satania were placed in quarantine, Michael knew that their evolutionary growth would be drastically retarded and that at the end of the isolation these worlds would need assistance to get back on a normal course of planetary standing.  He began planning for our Correcting Time, 200,000 years ago, knowing that it could not be implemented until the adjudication of the rebellion.  By the time the judicial decree was handed down, Michael already had procedures ready and the teachers trained to begin this work immediately.  The revelation known as The Urantia Book was the first part of his mission of mercy.  His mandate allows revelation up to the level of attainment that each world would have achieved under normal circumstances.  Because of Urantia’s double default of planetary administrations, we needed additional assistance and it is being given abundantly.



From the Celestial Teacher Ham:


“As always seems to happen with immature human beings, when someone receives part of the truth, one tends to exaggerate this part and to make it seem to be the whole. The Urantia Book was never meant to be an orphan. Truth is always living; it cannot be crystallized into a single book. The Urantia Book contains many advanced truths, which have helped to pave the way for a more comprehensive teaching effort, but it is not, of course, the final truth or the final revelation for this time period. All of this effort is to prepare your world to eventually receive another Son.


“You have lost so much ground and have had so many set backs that extraordinary efforts are being made to help bring you up to a level where a son could be received with gratitude rather than resentment. Your world has a long way to go before this can be possible. Fear not my son that you must choose between loyalty to a book containing truth or loyalty to a teacher bearing truth. Remain loyal instead to the living truth and all else will come into perspective for you.”

Ham, Nashville, Tennessee, USA: Nov. 5, 2000




From the Celestial Teacher Jar-El


“Yes, the Urantia Book is a very intellectual tome. It is wonderful to study and go through the mental gymnastics and understand the deeper and more pervasive concepts in the universe. But when you open and connect to heart, you realize that spirituality is a living act. It is how you act. It is how you act and treat each and every one you encounter. This is our basic message that the Light of God dwells within you. You can access this light and presence by beginning to spend ten to fifteen minutes a day, quieting your mind, sitting in stillness, and being in God’s presence.”


Jar-El, Arcadia, California, USA: Jul. 18, 1999

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2. How big is the universe?

Crash course on cosmology:


“Paradise is the gigantic nuclear Isle of absolute stability which rests motionless at the very heart of the magnificent eternal universe.  This central planetary family is called Havona and is far distant from the local universe of Nebadon.  It is of enormous dimensions and almost unbelievable mass and consists of one billion spheres of unimagined beauty and superb grandeur, but the true magnitude of this vast creation is really beyond the understanding grasp of the human mind.”  [UB, Paper 14, sec. 0]




                        Central and Divine Universe consists of:

                                    Isle of Paradise                      UB Paper 11

                                    Sacred worlds                       UB Paper 13

                                    Billion worlds of Havona        UB Paper 14




                        Grand Universe consists of:                  UB Paper 15

                                     7                      Superuniverses

                                   70                    Major Sectors

                                 7,000               Minor Sectors

                               700,000                       Local Universes

                             70,000,000             Constellations

                           7,000,000,000             Local Systems

                        7,000,000,000,000             Inhabitable planets



Master Universe consists of:

                                    Central and Divine Universe            UB Paper 14

                                    Seven Superuniverses                      UB Paper 15

                                    Four Outer Space Levels UB Paper 12, section 1




“… the seven superuniverses traverse a great ellipse, a gigantic and elongated circle.  Your solar system and other worlds of time are not plunging headlong, without chart and compass, into unmapped space.  The local universe to which your system belongs is pursuing a definite and well-understood counterclockwise course around the vast swing that encircles the central universe.  This cosmic path is well charted and is just as thoroughly known to the superuniverse star observers as the orbits of the planets constituting your solar system are known to Urantia astronomers.”  [UB, Paper 15, sec.1]




The immensity of the size of the master universe—the Central and Divine universe, surrounded by the seven superuniverses, and yet again surrounded by the first four outer space levels—cannot be conveyed by our limited Urantian languages, or understood by our finite minds; it is beyond our comprehension.  Modern astronomy and the Hubble telescope have greatly expanded our vision into the universe, but our view is still quite limited by our relative position in this vast creation.

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3. How does “Urantia” fit into the grand scheme of the universe?

Urantia is the name of our planet, Earth, as it is known throughout the universe.

Where Urantia is located is in a relatively young portion of the 7th Superuniverse that is still in formation.  Not only is our local universe and our system incomplete, but there are other local universes within Orvonton that are still being created and/or completed.  Each of the seven superuniverses has a unique function to express of the attributes of God the Supreme.  “Orvonton, the seventh superuniverse, the one to which your local universe belongs, is known chiefly because of its tremendous and lavish bestowal of merciful ministry to the mortals of the realms.  It is renowned for the manner in which justice prevails as tempered by mercy and power rules as conditioned by patience, while the sacrifices of time are freely made to secure the stabilization of eternity.  Orvonton is a universe demonstration of love and mercy.”  [UB, Paper 15, sec. 14]

                        Urantia’s designation/location is:

                        Inhabited planet, number 606

                        Of the System of Satania, number 24

                        In the Constellation of Norlatiadek, number 70

                        In the Local Universe of Nebadon, number 84

                        In the Minor Sector of Ensa, number 3

                        Of the Major Sector of Splandon, number5

                        In the Superuniverse of Orvonton, number 7

                                                UB Paper 15, sections 7 & 14

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4. Our world is not the only inhabited planet?

Just as our ancestors had to cope with discovering that our world was not flat and that our sun did not orbit around planet earth, today’s citizens of Urantia must allow for a greater expansion of revealed knowledge that we are not alone in the universe.  We live in a well-ordered cosmos, dominated by a limitless Creator of unimaginable potential for greater wonders still.  Only the Universal Father knows the exact number of beings in his creation, and he knows us all by name and number.  In just the Grand Universe when completed, there will be seven trillion planets for evolutionary mortals similar to us, and that does not take into account the vast numbers of celestial beings living on the architectural worlds, or the unimaginable number of mortals who are in various stages of ascendancy.  Currently the four outer space levels are devoid of beings, mortal or spiritual, but in time, they too will have worlds fit for human and spiritual habitation.

[UB, Paper 36, sec. 3;  Paper 49; Paper 52; Paper 58;Paper 72] [UB, p. 399, pp. 559-571; pp. 589-600;  pp. 664-671; pp. 808-820]


 Due to our imposed isolation by judicial quarantine, other advanced worlds have only been allowed observation privileges and minimal contact, but now that the quarantine has been lifted, the possibilities for contact with mortals from other worlds has been expanded.  There are many worlds more technically advanced than we are and have the capability of traversing vast distances of space.  Being more technologically advanced, they are also more spiritually advanced and do not pose a threat to us; however, we are a threat to them with our missiles and bellicose natures.  Through the Correcting Time, we are gradually being prepared for these initial contacts so that we do not respond with fear and violence toward our siblings from other worlds.



From the Celestial Teacher Elyon:


Entities from higher dimensions are a part of the totality of the planetary experience


“As you are released as a planet from the conditions of quarantine among the rebellious worlds, many normal functions such as interplanetary communication will be reinstated, and even now the work is underway to establish these ties. Because of this world’s isolation and the subsequent absence of a truly holistic spiritual teaching, that which is physical has been separated from that which is spiritual. Often the world is seen as a place to remove oneself from and the divine as a place to go to.


“In a normal arrangement of planetary events this is not the case. Visitors from other worlds and entities from higher dimensions are as much a part of the totality of the planetary experience of any creature. Efforts are being made to establish these conditions. I do not say “reestablish”, for the functions of the spirit administration on this world fell apart before the initial establishment was set as far as the human creatures on the world are concerned. You have not lost the “good old days”; only now is planet Urantia coming into these good days.


“There will be some education required, and you are among many who are qualified to present this truth that those from other worlds are not hostile, that they will contribute beneficially to the progress of this planet, and that you too as citizens of this world will have the same beneficial impact upon them.


“The Correcting Time, while very important to the affairs of Urantia, spans over each of the quarantined worlds from the rebellion. Teachers like myself are assigned elsewhere and are functioning even today as I do now with you. Due to the constraints of quarantine and the process for its lifting, you will only receive contact from those cleared to approach this world. This is due, if I may use the analogy, to the concern for the patient in the hospital ward that no other contaminations be presented. This is carefully monitored. On worlds advanced in progressive civilization far greater allowance is made for intercommunication and for the mistakes that may occur in this cross-planetary cultural experience. This is due to the maturity of the civilizations involved.”


Elyon, North Idaho Teaching Mission Group, USA: Feb. 3, 2002 


 Elyon:  “In the wisdom of our Creator, inhabited worlds have been placed sufficiently apart in distance such that you may not unwisely impinge upon the evolution of another world, just as once upon this world your continents were protected by the seas from invasions from another continent. Once your civilizations developed more fully they were able to intermingle with greater degree of peacefulness than early on. This dynamic of behavior holds true between worlds. Elsewhere in this universe it has been witnessed that there have been some conflicts between planets just as you have waged wars between continents.


“Urantia is only now emerging from quarantine. Those who will be in contact with your world are special members chosen and trained to approach your world cautiously. They are more restricted in their contact than they would be if they were simply pioneers seeking new lands. The reason is, as you have stated, that you, a human being, may have influence upon another human being because you are equals and your free will spheres may intermingle or even clash. That is part of the evolution in Supremacy. Myself and others like me are on another level, and it is not deemed wise by the Creator that we manipulate what for you must evolve.


“Visitors from other worlds who come as equals may have influence upon you and you upon them. In the case of Urantia, having undergone a lengthy period of isolation, these visitors are rehearsed by us and prepared to meet you according to Michael’s wishes, less independent than a free adventuring spaceship may do so in a normal realm.”


Ginny: “You are preventing aliens from coming here who may do us harm or that they are unable to come here?”


Elyon:  “Those worlds that are perceived to be potentially harmful to another world are as yet unable to traverse the distances, and your world is one of them. The worlds that have these abilities to approach your world are from worlds that have not been retarded by the Lucifer Rebellion. These worlds more readily comply with the methods of Michael. We do not prevent them who are potentially harmful; they are simply incapable. But we do train and rehearse those who are in the circuits of Nebadon and fully aware of the undertakings of this system and constellation as well. These come on assignment, for Urantia and worlds like it are under protection. It is the desire of the Correcting Time officials that these worlds that have been wounded receive healing and upliftment free from potentially devastating setbacks. Therefore you may plant within your conceptual frameworks the notion that those in the near future who will visit and become known on your world come benignly.


“Had you developed as a normal sphere in this system and continued beyond the development level you are at now to be capable of contacting other worlds, less restrictions would have been in place, and you would encounter these cultures “much as you have in the past when you encountered new cultures as you crossed the seas. You would and they would have made mistakes and learned from them. But Urantia is under the protective care of Michael, and that alters the conditions of contact ability of your world.”   -Elyon, North Idaho TeaM, Nov. 24, 2002

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5. Why have I not heard of The Urantia Book and the Teaching Mission before?

Because of the spiritual nature of the material, it had been determined that the best way to share the teachings has been on a personal, one-on-one basis to those individuals who seem to have a spiritual hunger, a thirst for truth that is not being satisfied in their lives.  By having first, a warm personal relationship where both individuals feel safe in sharing their deepest spirit longings, the introduction to the teachings of the Urantia Revelation is greatly facilitated.  Just as each individual personality is unique, their spiritual needs are also unique, life circumstances cause individuals to be more focused in one area of their truth seeking than in another.  For example, if one has just experienced the death of a loved one, their seeking for spiritual truth might be a longing to know more about the death experience, what lies ahead for that loved one, will they ever see that person again, and what was the meaning behind that person’s death.  A loving friend can assist them to find answers to those questions.



Now that The Urantia Book has been in publication for nearly fifty years, and has been translated and published into Spanish, Russian, Korean, French, Finnish, and Dutch (the German, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Chinese, Greek, Swedish, Indonesian, Japanese and Norwegian translations are either nearing publication, in progress or in the planning stages,) it is becoming more widely known and there are more students of the book available to help start study groups, work on secondary teaching aids, plan conferences and retreats and guide newer readers.  The use of the Internet has made the book ever more available to individuals who “surf the net” looking for answers to their questions of life, which greatly assists those individuals who, for one reason or another, have not been introduced to the Fifth Epochal Revelation by a close friend.



The Teaching Mission/ Correcting Time has been in existence for a much shorter period of time, but again, the Internet has been a great tool for freely disseminating the transcripts worldwide.  The Celestial Teachers are working with individuals and groups in all countries, adjusting their presentations to fit the cultures and religious groups of each individually, therefore the groups outside of the United States may be called by other names, or function differently, but are equivalent in concept and just as lovingly nurtured by Christ Michael and his staff.  No group is favored over any other.  Any perceived differences are due to the mortal components and how much effort and time they choose to invest in the co-creative projects.

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6. How are The Urantia Book study groups formed?

Any time two or more readers find that they share in this common interest and desire to spend time together in studying the book, they may do so.  Each group is autonomous, and may be as loosely organized or as tightly arranged, as the members desire it to be.  Some groups meet as frequently as once a week or as infrequently as once a month; some may meet at the same location, or take turns hosting; some read the papers sequentially while others do a topical study; some meet to share a potluck meal, while others have dessert and coffee or tea before or after the study session.   


Study groups will often plan a regional gathering of a social nature, such as celebrating the birth of Jesus on the 21st of August, or a group Thanksgiving feast.  Any excuse for a party will do!  Urantians love to be together for fellowship and communion with Michael.  There are also regional conferences, retreats and workshops that are open to all readers, and once every three years, the Urantia Book Fellowship sponsors an International Conference that is well attended.


By contacting either the Urantia Book Fellowship or the Urantia Foundation, they may be able to help you contact other readers in your area.

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7. How are the Teaching Mission groups formed?

Again, there is great latitude in how these autonomous groups are formed.  It can be as simple as two or more individuals who enjoy getting together to read and discuss the transcripts posted by other groups, or if there is an individual who is able to T/R for their group, they may request a group teacher to work with their group specifically.  The format and frequency of the gatherings is up to the group to decide, with perhaps some guidance from their celestial teacher or teachers.  For example, our group teacher has requested that we not eat a heavy meal prior to the T/R session, that we sit in a circular or oval arrangement and that we each connect to the merkaba and to each other through the heart, mind and by intention.  Sometimes a formal lesson is presented, and at other times we may have an opportunity to ask questions of the celestial teachers.  Occasionally there are guest speakers, where Michael, Nebadonia, Machiventa, Monjoronson, or some other high spirit being, may choose to address the group, or a visiting teacher from another group. 


The teachers have requested that the sessions be tape recorded, transcribed and posted on the Internet for all to share, and you will find thousands of these lessons available on this web site, and others.  Transcripts between individuals and their personal celestial teachers may or may not be posted on the Internet, depending on the nature of the transmission and whether it would be of benefit to others as well.  Sessions of a very personal nature are usually not posted.  Besides the group teachers that are assigned, the individuals may also request a personal celestial teacher to work with them on their spiritual growth, and of course each individual may call on their Thought Adjuster, Michael, Nebadonia and their personal seraphic guardians at any time.

 The desired goal is that every student practices the stillness and invites celestial contact into their hearts, minds and their lives.  In many groups, several individuals are able to T/R and they may take turns TRing the lessons from various teachers.  Even if an individual chooses not to T/R for the group, it is still suggested that they learn the technique of stillness so that they can commune with their Thought Adjuster.  Working with any of the celestials is not an intrusion or invasion of your mind or your life, for you must give permission for the loving assistance to occur.  They will not violate your free will nor control the direction of your decisions and actions.  They may present you with options or possibilities from an expanded point of view, but it is up to the individual to decide for themselves, which option they may choose—or not—and how they may go about it.  There is never punishment or chastisement for disregarding their counsel.  As with any decisions mortals make, they are subject to the consequences of their actions or inactions, but these are natural repercussions and are not orchestrated by the celestials in retribution. Errors in judgment are saved by the Thought Adjuster for future lessons and corrections if needed, but this is done with love, and for the benefit of the individual’s spiritual growth, not for reasons of punishment.  As mortals, it is expected that we will make mistakes, and our Thought Adjusters will help us learn from them.

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8. How do mortals benefit from participation in the Teaching Mission?

What is being taught during celestial contact with mortals of Urantia serves several purposes, to uplift the races and cultures from the consequences of the Lucifer Rebellion and for the personal spiritual growth of each individual.  Normally, an evolutionary world receives the helpful assistance of their Planetary Prince and his staff, to help guide the development of civilization in ten major areas:

  • Food and material welfare—food, water and clothing needs.
  • Animal domestication and utilization, including the use of the wheel.
  • Conquest of predatory animals and protection from hostile humans.
  • Dissemination and conservation of knowledge, including a writing system.
  • Industry and trade—a primitive manufacturing and bartering system.
  • Revealed religion—basic concepts to overcome ghost worship.
  • Health and life—sanitation and primitive hygiene.
  • Art and science—pottery, decorative arts, steam power and metalworking.
  • Advanced tribal relations—promoting peaceful relations between tribes through intermarriages, competitive games and humor.
  • Tribal co-ordination and racial co-operation.

 Later epochal revelations normally further the growth process through enlightenment.  By this point in our civilization, Urantia should have evolved far beyond these primitive signs of culture and civilization and be nearing the early stages of the age of light and life, with one language, one culture, one people and one religion.  The celestials will be assisting us in all areas that require correction.  A few examples of these areas are:

  • Achieving equality of the sexes.
  • The intelligent and wise use of natural resources.
  • Building better relations between nations.
  • Creating bridges of understanding between religions.
  • Replacing the teachings about Jesus, with the teachings of Jesus.
  • Education about planetary spiritual over-control.
  • Formulating better laws and making judicial laws more just and merciful.
  • Improvement of our systems of education.
  • Developing training for better parenting skills and family cohesiveness.
  • Co-creative ways of solving social ills of welfare, homelessness, hunger and lack of medical care.
  • Social rights and responsibilities.
  • Building intentional communities.
  • Enhanced ethics in all areas of societal structure, governmental, corporate, family units, education, and civic responsibility.
  • Repairing the ecosystem from damage and neglect.


Changes in society must be preceded by changes in the individuals that make up that society.   Our universe parents, Michael and Nebadonia, along with all of the Correcting Time staff are willing to work with individual mortals for personal spiritual growth, or soul growth in areas such as:

  • Understanding the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man.
  • Enhancing the personal relationship with God.
  • Providing tools for purging oneself of spiritual poisons.
  • Encouraging growth of desirable characteristics.
  • Teaching the reciprocals of love, acceptance and respect.
  • Explaining the role of mortals in the cosmos.
  • Provide an overall picture of life after death.
  • Answering mortal questions of a spiritual nature.
  • Enhancing our cooperation with our Father Fragment and Guardian Seraphim.
  • Advanced preparation for our eternal destiny.
  • Guidance in finding a balance of growth between our physical, mindal and spiritual components.
  • Lightening our burden with humor, joy and creativity.

These goals of achieving planetary and personal correction will not be done for us by our celestial friends, but they will help us to make these corrections through the co-creative process for the greatest and highest good for all concerned.

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9. Why is stillness (prayer, meditation) important?

From the Celestial Teacher Abraham:


The open circuits and the electrochemical transmitters in the human brain all tie together


“Practicing the stillness is a wonderful way to uncross your wires. To disconnect yourself from the world and reconnect with Father is a time for further instruction and understanding from him. This sensitivity can be physical in the ways of electrochemical within the brain. This is perfectly common for this world that is now out of isolation and for the first time discovering what it is like to have full spiritual benefits. You see, the circuits and the electrochemical transmitters in the human brain all tie together. This is Father’s original plan. This is how it was supposed to be all along.”


—Abraham, Woods Cross, Utah, USA: Nov. 13, 2001


From the Celestial Teachers Aaron and Abraham:


You are not expected to be an expert at stillness, but one who is simply trying


“Student:  I am not looking for shortcuts, but I am looking for advice on stillness. I get sidetracked so easy and my mind wanders. It seems that in this group atmosphere I can feel Father more, than when alone. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


“Aaron:  Thank you for your question. Perhaps, looking at stillness differently might help you. The stillness is not designed to be merely a period of time where you try to feel God or feel closer to God. Many people think of stillness, or worship, or even prayer time in terms of how they can feel a deeper presence of God.  Success is perceived by a large part of the human population as depending on your feelings.  Rather, with the stillness, is this an exercise to lift your mind into channels of awareness beyond simply the presence, but rather are you allowing an actual transfer to take place. 


Student:  “I think I am impatient and my mind wanders and I don’t sit quiet long enough, although reading the lessons or The Urantia Book or The Center Within or whatever. I journal my prayer for the day, my gratitude and my worship. Then I will sit there for about a minute and my mind wanders.”


Aaron:  “A wandering mind is not necessarily a sign of failure. It is like exercise. When you do pushups you can’t do twenty pushups the first time you try. Stillness is not really an effort to stop thought, to quit thinking. Some types of meditation do this, yes. But what we have generally guided you toward is an avenue where you are trying to place your thought in certain streams, instead of chastising yourself because your mind wanders. Simply, redirect and go back to the center.


“Abraham, tonight, referred to how humans often seek immediate satisfaction and results. With the stillness, it is truly an endurance test, allowing yourself to wander with your thoughts, knowing that you can redirect, that you can continue on, that you can spend five minutes, ten minutes, twenty minutes, eventually in unbroken communion. But this takes real practice.


“You are not expected to be an expert at stillness, but one who is simply trying. So, rather than recognize your thoughts wandering and then choosing a different activity, you may simply want to apply yourself, give yourself more time to redirect. What you will find is that channeling your energy back, your thoughts back towards your center, the Spirit within you, will bring about a productivity in time.


“You may not even be consciously aware of the assurance and the will power, the strengthening of your resolve toward higher things, better avenues of thought, and success in overcoming many areas of life that you would like to change. Much of what is accomplished in the stillness practice is unconscious. What you feel is a mixture of things. Part of that may be Spirit contact.


“Many of the emotions and sensations you feel are actually human electrochemical responses. Is this helping you in your understanding, my friend?” 


Student:  “Very much so, very much so, thank you.”


Abraham: “ I am Abraham. I would speak to this. I agree fully with Aaron’s outline and I would apply my words of fortitude and patience to you specifically with this concern.


“Indeed, the main purpose of stillness is not thought stopping. That is a certain kind of meditation. The main purpose of stillness is a re-centering of your being away from the clamor of the ego, the demand of your culture and your conditioning, a re-centering to go within to that Center which contains all of God. So, I agree, do not be distressed that your mind wanders, but exercise your will to bring it back to center on the love and presence of your Divine Indweller. Be patient with yourself, my eager friend. Draw upon your inner strength…


“It is an illusion that someone else’s experience is better than yours, my dear. Each person’s experience is unique and truly difficult if not impossible of comparison. What you experience when you hear of other’s experiences is a very second hand process. At the same time that it is true that each has unique experience, it is also true that each has the same Divine Indweller.


“The reason each one’s experiences are different is the interaction with personality. It is commendable to aspire to higher levels of spiritual growth. But it is sometimes deceptive to be seduced by mysticism, by the mysterious, by the different, so as to make one discontented…”


—Aaron and Abraham, South-east Idaho Teaching Mission Group, Pocatello, Idaho, USA: Oct 26, 2001


From the Celestial Teacher Legion:  In the stillness we talk to your Thought Adjuster


“Now to speak to your Thought Adjuster, your heart of stillness within, we fill that space with everything we have, so much you cannot imagine. And that is why it is important still, to give yourself ten minutes a day of stillness practice… This you are accomplishing. …And those who do not hear our words must know how important it is that they allow us to talk to their Thought Adjusters every day. We are a lifeline for them as well as you. We keep the machinery of connection in tune. Everyone’s stillness practice is of the utmost importance. That is the privilege that nourishes us, for each time we “speak” with your Thought Adjuster, we too are spoken to. That is the nature of our love. It flows through All.”


—Legion, Jungle Teaching Mission Group, Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica: Jun. 12, 2000



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10. What is meant by “opening the circuits?”

 During the time Urantia was under quarantine, the only communication circuits that were open were the direct circuits between the Thought Adjusters and the Father, and the Archangel circuit.  All other circuits linking Urantia with the System, Constellation and Local Universe were down.  Those beings stationed on the planet, the Midwayers and seraphim, were unable to contact their superiors, and they heard no universe broadcasts to tell them what was going on in the rest of creation.

From Celestial Teacher, JarEl:

The circuits are greatly improving, more and more are being opened

“Tonight I would like to speak to you about the energies that the Father brings to you. The circuits are greatly improving, more and more are being opened, and more information is coming through. The Father does this so that His children may have the opportunity to truly understand, so that they may come out of the world of confusion and into the world of light and life.

“It is my hope to not open too many circuits at one time. For if you were to throw the switch and open all the circuits, a huge spiritual energy would come to the planet, however it would not be well received. For many are not prepared for this energy. Therefore as the world increases spiritually, gradually, so do the circuits increase gradually. At this moment there are adequate circuits for the people of Urantia. There is adequate information coming through, the more the need, the more the circuits.

“The Father’s love is great. He loves you so much, beyond any words that I can speak to you tonight. In these circuits that he opens up for you, he wishes to express His love for you. These circuits are pretty much lines of communication, a way for him to communicate to you. You all know very well how it is futile to speak to someone who is not listening. However the Father still continues to speak to you, even though at times you may not care to listen. He is still there speaking to you. It is your job to listen. It is your job to pay attention. It is your responsibility to comprehend the message coming through. Do not pretend to listen and do otherwise. If you truly desire to listen to God, pay attention. Silence yourself so he may speak to you.

“You must learn how to do this well if you are to use these newly opened circuits. For the circuits that are yet to be opened are far subtler in many ways. It takes practice to access them. Of course there are circuits that are more readily available to those who wish to use them.”    —Jar-El, Arcadia, California, USA: Jul. 23,2001

From Celestial Teacher Tomas:

Now that your quarantine is ended, you are being re-drawn into the circuitries

“…This whole idea of interconnectedness, indeed, an understanding of circuitry, is essential to the appreciation of the living encircuitment that connects everything, from the molecular level and smaller, to the cosmic level and larger.

“Relationship is in everything. There is a circuit between all rightful routes through the universe, through the galaxy, through various energy patterns and matter, connections between individuals and between levels of spiritual hierarchy. A part of this re-connecting is an awareness of the various and many kinds of circuitries that have been installed and are being re-activated which were cut off many years ago due to your unfortunate Caligastian betrayal.

“We have worked long and hard for these times. We rejoice in these opportunities to make use of the spiritual flowering that is occurring in your world today. There is so much work to be done. There is so much effort required to lift the slothful animal mind up from its natural lazy legacy into the rigorous realms of thought and then beyond into spiritual reality.

“The climb from the primordial ooze to the vast stellar rim of space is an advancing movement that is being nurtured on a constant basis, and now that your quarantine is ended, you are being re-drawn into those circuitries which will give you all of the benefits of being a part of the galaxy in which you live, a part of the Nebadon universe, and with it you are entitled to the ministrations of your many spirit helpers and counselors. We are glad to be aboard, glad to be involved in this undertaking, and, once again, grateful for the midwayers.”  —Tomas, Southeast Idaho Teaching Mission Group, Pocatello, Idaho, USA: Sept. 30, 2000

From Celestial Teacher Olfana:

The circuit opening is a process that will unfold over time.

“From the point at which Christ Michael determined it was the Father’s Will to proceed with the redemption of this sphere, and those others involved in this rebellion, there was an immediate outpouring of energy which heralded the beginning of this great Plan of Redemption and Love. Much of the direct connection, reconnection of the circuits is only occurring, now. Indeed, even as we speak, reconnections are continuing to be made. The circuit opening is a process that will unfold over time, because as the evolutionary wisdom of the beings on this planet increases, then the capacity for further infusion of circuit energy will increase.

“I am speaking of the evolutionary wisdom of the planet, which is not merely connected to the human level. Please remember this is a planet of Midwayers and other beings, also.

“The limiting factor of the process of circuit opening is not directly the mere capacity to absorb the energy coming from these circuit pathways. There are other factors that govern the patterns and intensities of these circuits of energy. I will speak here of something that you may not, indeed, fully understand, but they are, the harmonics of love, the reverberations of mercy, the scintillating energy of gratitude, the song of worship—all these are the components of the circuits. I really cannot describe them in more scientifically-based terms.”  —Olfana, Half Moon Bay, California, USA: 1994

From Celestial Teacher JarEl:

“Begin to comprehend this place [the heart] a spiritual resource, a resource of change, a resource of transformation, a spiritual resource to connect to everyone in the world.  This is what is known as reconnecting the circuits.  We can reconnect the circuits from Salvington of Nebadon to Urantia of Satania, but we cannot connect all of the individual circuits between each of you, for this you must do yourselves.  As we begin to connect to each of you individually, you therefore begin to connect to others, through slow, small acts of kindness.  Remember, it is Michael who is in charge of changing your world.  You are in charge of changing yourselves.”  –JarEl, Arcadia Teaching Mission, July 18, 1999

From Celestial Teacher Tarkas:“Student:  You talked about some of the factors that are linked with the opening of the circuits. How dependent were they upon the actual adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion? Did that have to occur before the circuits could be increased in their installation and function?

“You are, now, addressing Tarkas. ….  As Olfana mentioned, the initial impetus of this circuit re-establishment was the decision of Christ Michael to begin this process of redemption. Therefore, the direct resolution of this rebellion was merely one episode within the gathering force of this circuit re-establishment.”  —Tarkas, Half Moon Bay, California, USA: 1994

From Christ Michael:  Be not surprised if you receive the echoes of our communications

“To assist this plan, you will see various missions on Urantia, all designed to the uplift and normalizing of your realm. When you hear of Magisterial Missions, missions from Trinity Teacher sons, and other possible aids to our development, it is not necessary to debate among yourselves as to the accuracy of details.

I have mandated that any and all missions, both revealed and unrevealed and helpful to your uplift, shall come to pass, some at the same time. The sequence of a normal planet cannot serve the needs of an abnormal world, and I have so ordered your assistance that any and all possible help shall come concurrently at need.

“Therefore, be not surprised if you receive the echoes of our communications about all manner of assistance, and be not perplexed if it does not fit your expectations. I promise you that it will one day exceed even the most profound expectations you can have. It is ever my desire to utilize the most creative and effective methods for the uplift of our world as expeditiously as the unfoldment of the Father’s will supports. Nothing we will do will shortcut necessary time development, and the experiences that your planet must go through to attain its rightful status, but we will do all else short of the abrogation of our free will as the Father’s children to assist you.”

—Christ Michael of Nebadon, Northwest Regional Gathering, USA: Jul. 4, 1996

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11. How can The Urantia Book have more about Jesus than in the Bible?

The Urantia Book is not a restatement of the Bible.  Although it tells many of the same stories and includes some biblical quotations, it also includes additional information from a different perspective.  Part IV of The Urantia Book was sponsored by a commission of Urantia Midwayers, one of which was the midwayer who was assigned to the superhuman watchcare of the Apostle Andrew.  During the time of Michael’s bestowal as Joshua ben Joseph, called Jesus, the entire universe of Nebadon was interested in following his life as Jesus, Son of Man, revealing the Fatherhood of God.  His appearance was not for the benefit of Urantians alone, although it was an important part of his bestowal, but it was for the benefit of all beings in the universe, mortals and celestials alike.  The beings residing on the celestial spheres, gathered around the broadcast receiving stations, listening to the updates from the unseen celestials watching Jesus’ every move, recording his words for broadcasting over the Archangels Circuit to all of Nebadon, including to the mortal inhabited planets that were not under quarantine.


Michael chose our world for several reasons:  We had suffered two defaults in our history, resulting in our isolation from the normal extraplanetary support and assistance that we were entitled to; and it was necessary for him to meet and defeat the evil archrebel leaders still resident on the planet as the Son of Man, without using his divine powers.  In the role of a teacher, Jesus needed to liberate and inspire man’s spiritual nature, illuminate man’s darkened intellect, heal their souls, live an exemplary religious life, and minister to the physical well-being and material comfort of his mortal siblings.  Arriving as a helpless babe on a backward and spiritually deprived world, Michael was taking a large risk in living through his infancy, adolescence and into his adult years so that he could complete his bestowal requirement of living subject to the will of his Paradise Father.  By taking on the most difficult assignment available, he was giving his entire universe and all future generations an example of what man can achieve when he lives the ideal religious life and gives his will over to the will of the Father.


Although the attending seraphim and midwayers were not allowed to interfere with Jesus living as a mortal of the realm, they were ever present and kept detailed records of his life and teachings, which were used in compiling the Jesus Papers in The Urantia Book, the most accurate and complete record of his thirty-six years of life on our world.  The records kept by the seraphim also provide illumination and inspiration on other worlds throughout Nebadon, who refer to Urantia as the “World of the Cross.”

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12. Why is the Correcting Time being done now?

“There is of course a simple answer. It is Michael’s will, but I know you are desiring some more detailed explanation. Many events have occurred in conjunction: the final adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion, the opening of your planetary circuits, and the will of Michael to bring his beloved world back into the realms of light, from the darkness into which it was cast.”  —Ham, Spirit Quest 99 (International Conference of Urantia Book Readers), Vancouver, Canada: Aug. 10, 1999

From Minearsia Melchizedek
You were deprived, and therefore we inaugurate these emergency measures

“It is because of genetic deficits on this planet as a result of the default of two major administrations, your Planetary Prince joining the Lucifer Rebellion and the Adamic miscarriage, that the Teaching Mission has been authorized as part of the larger task of the Correcting Time.

“The instruction that we are providing you would occur on normal planets, but with different methods.  The lessons would be taught by the staff of the Planetary Prince and by the staff of the Adamic headquarters and their sub-headquarters throughout the world. These were deprived from your history, and therefore it was decided to inaugurate these emergency measures.” —Minearsia, South-east Idaho Teaching Mission Group, Pocatello, Idaho, USA: Feb. 8, 2002

You are activated to transform the spiritual soil on Urantia
“In all actuality and truth, this is why we are here, to prepare the spiritual soil within the minds of the mortals on Urantia, for the arrival of the great spiritual teacher, [the Magisterial Son].

“You are the first organisms on a large scale who are activated to transform the spiritual soil on Urantia.” —Jar-El, Arcadia, California, USA: Jul. 18, 1999

Nebadonia, the Creative Spirit
“One day, my children, this world will be free and all the peoples will know the truth, the truth of their status as children of God.  The truth of how they are loved, cherished, and supported by loving, devoted parents.  One day all hearts will beat in unison with the love of their creator and the love for another.  One day all hearts will sing in the joyous choir of being universal citizens celebrating the abundant life they have been given.  Let this day come to pass now with you, my children.  Know that this is a reality for yourselves.  Let these words anchor deeply within you as you share this and spread this good news to your brothers and sisters.  Help them find their liberty that comes with being our child.”  Nebadonia, Creative Daughter Spirit, Larkspur, CA, USA, Feb. 2, 2004

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13. Why do the teachers volunteer to come here?

From: —Elyon, North Idaho Teaching Mission Group, USA: Jan. 20. 2002

"I have volunteered to broaden and deepen my experience of living a human life

"I have had the privilege of ascending to the lessons and life presentations Every parent enjoys the representation of themselves in the maturation of their children, the development of their skills and accomplishments. Likewise is this the case for myself as I observe you making those strides, taking those leaps, which prove that you are understanding and absorbing the meanings that are given in our contact meetings.

"Not all worlds benefit from the securities of light and life. When human beings engage themselves in behavior patterns, which foretaste a culture of light and life, it thrills all the celestial observers attending to that world.

"Nowhere is such beauty manifested in such contrast as it is upon Urantia."

“Most of the teachers who have volunteered to come here, not unlike myself, were at one time mortals from an evolutionary world, who are now at some part into the ascension program in the universe of Nebadon. They have volunteered to come to this world and assist Michael in helping the mortal inhabitants of this world get a grasp on basic spiritual truths. The plan is to bring this world to the dawn ages of light and life, and to prepare fertile ground for some point in the future when a Teacher Son or Michael may again appear in the flesh on this world. It is rather foolish to bring such a high being to a world that has no spiritual foundation. So the Teaching Mission was initiated so that mortals could have contact with spiritual counterparts, those of us who are a little ahead of you. In a sense, this is metaphorical in that when you leave this world and go to the next worlds of ascension, you will notice that those right above you pass information and teachings to you, and you, in turn, have the opportunity to pass information and teaching to those right below you. This is an ongoing process of education throughout the universe of Nebadon and the Superuniverse of Orvonton. This is the way in which knowledge is gained and knowledge is earned, through experience first hand, through sharing and passing on these experiences to those right below you. In this context, Urantia is taking part in its rightful spiritual heritage. It is getting information about spiritual matters in a way that is non-invasive; the free-will prerogatives of each mortal are not in violation. You are not coerced to be here or to listen to us, and definitely not coerced into action.” —Jar-El, Arcadia, California, USA: Jul. 18, 1999

Christ Michael in his benevolence has sent as many teachers as can be received

“The Father has sent out one mandated task:  That you all must find in your hearts the resolve to attempt: BE YOU PERFECT EVEN AS I AM PERFECT. And children, he did not expect you to do this by yourself. Vast are the numbers of teachers. Vast are the numbers of angels and other planetary helpers who have come into this world to help you begin the task of your eternal lives. We come to serve, to help you.

“This world is a planet of the walking wounded, and [Christ] Michael in his benevolence and purity of purpose has sent as many teachers as can be received, to help each one of you—each one of you—overcome the wounding in your lives that has been brought through no fault of your own. Michael is sending with his teachers the Bread of Life and the Spiritual Water that will truly quench your thirst forever.

“He asks but one thing: He asks that you be willing to open your hearts just enough to allow yourselves to receive his love and to allow yourself the willingness to change.

“Your anxieties, your fears—all these things are known to us. We know of your difficulties, your sorrows, your broken hearts.

We know of all the various ways in which you hide from yourselves and from others—and yes, children, from the Father.” Ham, Spirit Quest 99 (International Conference of Urantia Book Readers), Vancouver, Canada: Aug. 10, 1999

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14. What is the expertise of the teachers?

I understand the mechanisms of the human mind


“…You might say that I am adept at some of the intellectual processes of the human mind, understanding its mechanisms. I have many areas that interest me, but I feel that my best effort to serve is by helping you to come to a better understanding of human motivations and human mindal connections.”


Welmek, Indianapolis, Minnesota, USA: Sept. 21, 2000


When you are assigned you are also graced with the capability.


“We Melchizedeks are assigned to the occupation of education. That is our innate ability as well as our local universe assignment, and it is to the credit of the divine that when you are assigned you are also graced with the capability. You human beings are given a task as well and that is through faith to ascend to the Father, to use trust and hope as your walking sticks, to clothe yourselves in love and light, to put on the shoes of courage and curiosity, to feed yourselves with the knowledge that reveals truth and truth that reveals the Father.”


Machiventa Melchizedek, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, USA: Nov. 12, 2000


We were trained to be alert to your being like unruly puppies


“[Teacher] Lester tells me to tell you that, though I praise you quite often, that I must step forward and say that there are times when I feel like you are all my puppies, and I can't keep you in the box.  To let me continue with that metaphor:  we were trained as instructors to be alert to any symptoms that would contribute to your being like unruly puppies that need to be either tied up or run wild.  This has not panned out in those who have elected to be engaged in this Correcting Time mission.  You are all growing so well that you can be in the yard with the gate open and you function appropriately.  I believe it is because you hold in your hearts the very truth of the words you have just conveyed.”


Elyon, North Idaho Teaching Mission Group, USA: Sept. 26, 1999


I am indeed attached to the ministry corps which is lead by Prince Machiventa


“I am happy to address your concerns regarding my relationship to the ministry, which now serves Urantia in bringing about its rehabilitation. I am indeed attached to the ministry corps, which is lead by Prince Machiventa, and I serve under his immediate direction. I am also in charge of delegated groups of celestial forces of many categories, who carry out specific components of this Campaign of Redemption. I serve with and administrate other celestial beings in the work of healing, teacher-training, the establishment of further teacher contact in many countries, including those where The Urantia Book has make little impact, and the amplification and elucidation of the Life Carrier programs which continue to evolve and develop on this experimental planet.”
Olfana, Half Moon Bay, California, USA: 1999

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15. What do the Celestial Teachers say about God within us?

My teaching is not my own, it is my Father who acts and speaks through me.


“My, such a pleasure it has been to be intimate with you, our dear students, our dear friends, our dear charges. We truly treasure our times when you can hear us or feel us. And, you are all doubters. Not a one of you is exempt from this comment. After all, most people on this planet would consider this sort of contact as ludicrous, possibly dangerous, perhaps unstable, mentally. And yet, you practice. You believe. You continue.


“You transmit and receive despite your doubts, despite your human nature. So, while I acknowledge that you are doubters at times, I wish to dwell on the fact that you are faithers more than you are doubters. You trust much more often than you falter. You love much more than you dwell in resentment and anger. You are all progressing. You are all moving forward in the ways that Daniel so beautifully illustrated.


“Yes, eventually we will work ourselves out of a job, if that job is seen as a more reliable contact than that great indwelling Mystery Monitor. But we will not work ourselves out of our friendships or our relationships to each of you. We will continue to be there with you. Did that clarify what might have been misunderstood in the commentary previously?  We wish for you, as you become more and more aligned with God, to actually trust the words you hear in your mind that claim to be your indwelling Spirit. It is your destiny, when you reach the first circle, to actually commune in this manner. It is the goal that Jesus reached before his baptism, which was a gradual process. His communion with God became more and more clear until he could say, ‘I speak the words my Father gives me. My teaching is not my own, it is my Father who acts and speaks through me.’ This is the goal of mortal life. This is what was meant by “working ourselves out of a job”. That job will be much more completely done by the proper personage, namely that prepersonal Spirit within you which will one day be welded, fused completely with you, so that you two will be one.”


Klarixiska, Southeast Idaho Teaching Mission Group, Pocatello, Idaho, USA: May 4, 2001



Your best transmission would be from your own Indwelling Father.



ABRAHAM:  “There will come a time when all transmitters will stumble and fall short. Your best transmission would be from your own Indwelling Father. That is who you should put your faith and trust in. All transmitters will fall short. No one transmitter is entirely accurate. You are to each rekindle your flame with your own Indwelling Father through your memories of being re-born in Spirit. You can trust your own inner guidance if you feel it is from a standpoint of doing the will of our Father for Father’s glory.


“To communicate with others is also an anchor in the sea of unknowing. To guard against irrational thinking, or to guard against fanatical thinking, or irrational actions, it is wise to have communication with your fellows, and an amount of time to ponder over those things you feel you received.


“… I would say to each one that our Mission is to have mortals have better contact with their Indwelling Father. We on the teaching staff are but a tool. I can say to you, your Adjuster contact becomes stronger every day, and doubt not that you also have my assistance along with others from on High.”


Abraham, Woods Cross, Utah, USA Sept. 9, 1997



We do not interfere with a human’s connection to the Divine Creator.

“You understand from messages conveyed over the years that every teacher in this mission has undergone extensive training prior to assignment. You have learned of various mandates, restrictions, and requirements that the teachers pledge to uphold and to follow. One such instruction is to never interfere with the connection of the human soul to the Divine Creator, only to assist, only to provide what advances the human.”


Elyon, North Idaho Teaching Mission Group, USA, Aug. 3, 2003

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16. What do the teachers say about their teachings?

The greater work of my associates and myself is assistance.


“While Michael was here on earth fulfilling the requirements of sovereignty attainment he also chose to promote the awareness of the Father on earth to leave with the human race a simpler though uplifted view of God, personalized, dynamic, as a relationship rather than a standard of greatness only. And he used for his staff people of his day of ordinary circumstances and training. He demonstrated with his corps of evangelists that the divine and proper air-fuel ratio, through training and motivation, can combust and illuminate the world and let the spiritual light shine and energize the souls of those around them.


“While the Planetary Prince establishes his headquarters with an expert staff, he too acquires and enlists the human personalities on his planet for the upliftment of the others around them.


“We are in a day and age of spiritual ministry where there is no established and functioning headquarters, and you do not have the physical presence of a celestial being or even a Creator personality as Michael in physical form to assist, not only assist but to guide. Today we address you, in a sense, from afar, or perhaps I should say, based on your five senses, from afar.


“This missionary effort relies predominately on your reactions and your expressions to our input, to our motivations as we express them through our lessons. When an episode of revelation occurs upon a world of great significance, as ones that have been expressed to you as epochal revelations, guidance and assistance are both offered, the guidance of celestial wisdom and the assistance of human effort.


“A small fraction of my engagement with you is guidance, and it comes in the form through which we are engaged today. I attempt to seed your minds with thoughts that may inspire, that may enlighten. But the greater work of my associates and myself is assistance. Once you have mixed inspiration and enlightenment you are primed to burst forward and to express. Here is where we teachers become excited, for this is the true outreach of the Mission, human beings uplifting one another through sincere expression of the discovery of truth, beauty, and goodness for one another to be benefited there from.


“Take in the bread, take in the water, be nourished, but no nourishment is worthwhile without activity to burn that nourishment. Worship is always coupled with service, for the two are really on a continuum, a spectrum, that are no more divorced from one another than is red light from blue light.


“In final comment I would encourage you that, if your carburetor is dirty, there is a great carburetor cleaner that resides within you who can do the adjustments that can peak your performance, and to seek that assistance when you feel the need.”


Elyon, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, USA: Apr. 8, 2001



We assist you in your transition into the full embrace of divinity.

“It is understood by your celestial aids that you will have a sense of disconnect as often if not more than you have the sense of connection. But these guides are simply that, guides. A guide will take you from a place of origin to a destination—in this case concerning you each individually the origin is your sense of self-presence, of aloneness in a great universe so large that you feel so small—to the destination of embrace by the God of everything. That is what your guardian angels do; that is what your personal teachers do. I myself also attempt that very thing, to simply assist you in your transition into the full embrace of divinity.

“Therefore, be assured of continual attention by your teachers, of their love, and the freedom that you are not obligated to salute or acknowledge their presence. While it is received with joy, it is never a requirement. All praise is passed on to the Sovereign Son of Nebadon.

Elyon, North Idaho Teaching Mission Group, USA: Aug. 3, 2003




The transformation of love is the teaching of the Teaching Mission

“It is important to bring spirit through yourself and into what you do until this conscious effort becomes an integral part of who you are. This, in essence, is the spiritualizing factor. This is evidence of God in your life. This is the focus of Stillness, to bring you to an awareness of your potential to spiritualize your present life, and thus become the server to all.

“This is what Father intends. This is Michael’s Mission to Urantia. This is the underlying theme and motivation of our teaching. Of all information that you will receive from us, or any other teachers, the transformation of love is the teaching of the Teaching Mission. All else pales in comparison. No matter what becomes of the planet, and no matter the sense of urgency that you may feel, the personal transformation, which you are all to undergo, is the first priority in spiritualizing this world. The transformation of Love is ascension, it is morontia, and it is prerequisite to light and life, and Adjuster fusion.

“All of the great glory which is in store for you in the universe does not compare to the glory of the transformation of love, when the individual person begins to experience within her own heart and mind the happiness and joy which accompanies the act of unselfish giving of love through one’s own life, and in all one does. Is this not the example of the Master’s life? Even now is this example awaiting fruition within the lives of you mortals called forth with the capacity to bring Father’s love to this world and bless that presence within yourself by bringing Father’s gift to mankind.

“All art, science, philosophy, and psychology stand still next to Father’s love, and yet will love bring beauty to art, and science to service, and philosophy to understanding, and psychology to meaning.”

—Berka, Arcadia, California, USA: Oct. 17, 1997

When you begin to ask specifically, we can begin to co-operate

“…The teachers come in and teach, as if they were lectures with a approved curriculum, and in time, as your understanding begins to formulate into a reality, you want to expand that perception of reality. But it takes a mental exercise in order for you to wrap appropriate words around the concepts you seek to have elucidated. It’s an education.

“When you begin to ask specifically, you are revealing how your mind is operating. You are revealing that your mind is operating! And then we can begin to co-operate. It puts it in a more participatory partnership frame of reference than a passive absorbing of values, as a dry sponge absorbs water.

“And learning how to formulate questions is like finding the prince. Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs and ask a lot of dumb questions before you begin to feel the results of your efforts, not in warts, but in substantive morontial reality.

“One of the most irritating things to new students is the assurance of a teacher who smiles a lot and giggles in delight of being, for no apparent reason. In this, the student is stimulated to fight for this kind of self-awareness that would give him so much inherent glee.”

Paulo, Spokane, Washington, USA: Oct. 13, 2001

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17. What are Melchizedek schools?

"Our Mission is led by Spirit and built on spiritual foundation. Our schools are spiritual and mindal"

Machiventa Melchizedek:  “…Our Melchizedek schools are to assist in the upliftment regarding meanings and values for our responsibilities as universe citizens. It is with great joy I say that Michael is our headmaster and he sees to your educational curriculum. Michael is aware of your spiritual necessities and has designed our program to meet your needs, as well as the needs of the universe. I am happy to assist in your morontial training and I turn this time over to Abraham.

Abraham:  “I am Abraham. On behalf of my students and I, we would express our thanks Machiventa. Many of us remember a time when Melchizedek schools were believed to be built materially. Deep within our Mission we endeavored to surpass those human thoughts that were so cemented in materialism, in wish fulfillment. I would not call this prediction error, no. I would not blame anyone for the misunderstandings that occurred. I would however bring this topic into the light for a purpose.

“Within a few short years your thoughts have been slowly molded to embrace the greater realities of the Kingdom. Many have exhausted their hopes for actual material dwelling places to learn spiritual realities. I say many now know that Father’s Kingdom is not material. Our Mission is led by Spirit and built on spiritual foundation. Our schools contain no instruments wherewith to teach, no. Our schools are spiritual and mindal. I do not mean to cast judgment or ridicule, no. I am joyful to expose the truth that you are our mortal students and have surpassed your desire for physical proof that our Mission exists. You have come to accept that our Kingdom is spiritual. Our Mission is spiritual and with that I can assure you that spiritual information is forthcoming.

“Universal broadcasting messages are able to reach this planet and I can say with authority that you are welcomed back into the universe. It is as though you were never isolated. I do not say there has been no learning from this isolation, no. I say although the Father has never forgotten you, it was necessary at one point to isolate our rebellious world and we have lived this and learned and it is over. You are fully welcomed as Nebadon citizens. Do you see how far you have traveled in your thinking? Do you see how your growth has affected the whole of the planet? Thoughts are pliable and if Father is allowed to teach then beauty results. You are learning that Father is at hand. You have endeavored to understand your position in this universe and give thanks for it.”
—Machiventa, Abraham, Woods Cross, Utah, USA: Nov. 25, 1996

Machiventa again:
"I implement spiritual education in many diverse classroom scenarios

“I would extend my greetings at this time; I am Machiventa Melchizedek.

"Many of you are unaware of my standing in your history. I was privileged enough to walk the very world which you now inhabit, and I am one of an order of beings whose mandate it is to implement spiritual education in many diverse classroom scenarios, as we are experiencing at this very moment. My order of beings is resident with you on this world. We care very deeply for the actions occurring on your planet because it is also our planet. We receive our mandate for educational processes from your Creator. We seek to implement this process in every possible, conceivable fashion. We work with individuals. We work with groups. In fact, we will work with any who will open themselves to work with us.

“There is a great and glorious plan for the reinstatement of your world into the good graces and spiritual confidence of the universe. We are about making this plan a reality. It is through any means that we will seek to get your attention to bring to the front matters of spiritual import. We are concerned with the spiritual elevation of your world.

“This is a highly unusual scenario for these transmitter/receivers. This is entirely outside the zone of comfort that they are used to functioning in. So, I present to you these individuals who in fact this day, this very hour, implement their faith and would step off the edge of the abyss into the unknown for your sake in service. We do this together, hand in hand.

“This process reaches and touches many lives, not only the ones sitting here today but the ramifications spread throughout the universe. We accept enlistment from any individual with a sincere heart who desires to work with spiritual companions on the other side who will provide you with the framework from which you may implement great spiritual changes on your world.”
—Machiventa Melchizedek, Unity Church service, Sandpoint, Idaho, USA Sept. 16, 2001

Machiventa oversees the curriculum
“You were informed at the beginning of this Mission that Machiventa, our Planetary Prince, oversees the curriculum of the Correcting Time, as it is manifest through the Teaching Mission. This does not impose restrictions on us, but rather gives us the same kind of coordination that your mortal teachers use when they keep a school in a curriculum track.”  —Daniel, Southeast Idaho Teaching Mission Group, Pocatello, Idaho, USA: Jan. 14, 2000

We are announcing a major change in reality for this planet!

“My friends, when we first began this Teaching Mission as a result of the adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion, we were not simply bringing you some phantasmal, imaginary and idle past time. We were announcing a major change in reality for this planet! This reality shift continues to accelerate. You are truly standing on the edge of the most momentous moment in the history of Urantia. The critical mass is being reached in spiritual transformation.” —Abraham, Southeast Idaho Teaching Mission Group, Pocatello, Idaho, USA: Nov. 6, 2000

"We teachers desire to be more like helpmates.

Question:  “Hello Ham. Is the Teaching Mission an adjunct to personal revelation or an amplification to epochal revelation?

Ham:  “It is both, yes. Epochal revelation impacts upon the individual, the personal revelation, as you, of course, have experienced in reading your Urantia Book, but yet we teachers desire to be more like helpmates.

We are not directly involved in your experience with Father, which would come under the realm of auto-revelation. We foster your relationship with the Father, but we do not intervene, we do not come between you and God. We are merely teachers who decide to help you bring that spirituality that you are receiving from the Father, help you understand it, help you apply it, and to steady you on your path. We are assigned to teach, not to reveal the Father, for the Father reveals Himself with you each.” —Ham, Spirit Quest 99 (International Conference of Urantia Book Readers), Vancouver, Canada: Aug. 10,1999

"Our job is to ultimately work ourselves out of a job

“We teachers are not here to forever be the focus of your guidance and contact. Our purpose is to facilitate your awareness of your divine Monitor within, to actually listen for the guidance and understanding that this Monitor gives. We are not here to be an intercessor between you and God. We are here to share to our experience, our strength, our hope, our love, and to be your cheering section as you move forward on the road of progress. I am not going to speak on a topic other than what I have just stated, that our job is to ultimately work ourselves out of a job. But, don’t worry; as long as you desire us, I anticipate you will all benefit from our continued association.”  —Alkon, Southeast Idaho Teaching Mission Group, Pocatello, Idaho, USA: May 4, 2001

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18. What is the status of the Teaching Mission now?




 Michael's plan has proven successful—mountains are moving

“In the beginning you were each spoon-fed, so to speak. Now you have accepted your place at Michael's table and partake for yourselves. Our Correcting Time is ripe for gathering the harvests of our labor. You have each learned to take responsibility for your spiritual growth and development, and this has been a major accomplishment in the Correcting Time


“No more does man need to look to man for spiritual nutrition, but simply to look inward for their own inner guidance. This is your ministry, my friends, to help your fellows discover this inner guidance for themselves. You are teachers, counselors and confidants, no doubt, but your main objective is to aid your fellows in finding their own inner God.


“Michael's plan has proven successful—mountains are moving, faith is permeating all areas of the world, all walks of life. You, our ambassadors, are to be living examples of our Master, examples of his kindness and compassion, yes, but also examples of his strength, courage and ability to be equal with all persons. How much more rich are our lives because of our personal relationships with the Master? How much more are we because of him? How much more easier can we bear all things because he teaches us, he works with us, he goes with us into all our circumstances, and no matter how many times we think we may have failed, he continues to love us without end.”

Abraham, Woods Cross, Utah, USA: Aug. 24, 2003


 The Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon wishes to speak directly to the reading audience of this question about how to become involved in the new teaching mission. 


“Several years ago, we sought to establish a teaching mission that would come to bring all people to hear the Voice of God within their souls, and to actually hear a transmission of faith to the inner ear of the body.  Your ears are connected to a nerve that runs from your brain to the tympanic membrane, and a small bone in your ear drum, which can be made to vibrate to your mind and the mind hears it as spoken commentary as a message from God to you.  In this being able to speak directly to your mind, we find that most people believe it to be impossible, but it is not so.  In 2012 we re-established a web site to take all messages receive via this process and it may be found at


(Link: This is where there are in excess of 6,500 messages gathered from around the United States and some parts of the world.


“Our work as the Teaching Mission is being re-established in 2014, wit hthe advent of a new web site devoted to learning how to hear the messaging and then sharing the messages to the rest of the world through the Internet.  The new MTML (My Teaching Mission List), may be found at


(Link:  A graphic of the new web site is at the top of this answer selection.



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19. How can I learn to T/R (Transmit/Recieve)?

All are capable and indeed welcome to experience this technique of transmitting/receiving


Student:  “Abraham, you are choosing to speak through somebody right now. Is that your preference or do you have other ways to communicate with people directly or indirectly?


Abraham:  “I am choosing this method with Ellanor because she allows it. If she did not I would attempt to perhaps use different methods, such as speaking to Ellanor through her friends, her family, perhaps through meditation where messages are felt rather than heard.


“To speak through another is not uncommon. We have perfected this method over time. And I would agree that everyone here this evening is quite capable of using this particular method, whether there is willingness is another question. But I say those mortals who claim to have exclusive rights on this particular method of communication are not being truthful. All are capable and indeed welcome to experience this technique. It is a matter of willingness and trust and allowance on the part of the receiving mortal.


“As time goes on this method of communication will appear to be quite natural and not at all the phenomenon some proclaim it to be. Still as this world progresses further into Light and Life this particular method of transmitting/receiving will be outdated and unnecessary to reach the masses, for the natural abilities of those who seek to live within the will of Father will easily have all needed information at hand through the universal circuits and the use of the cosmic mind.” Abraham, Woods Cross, Utah, USA: 1996


 Allow your mind to flow out the feelings and emotions


Student:  “Is there anything I can do to facilitate this connection between us?


Teacher:  “The stillness practice, of course.


Student:  “Is there anything I can do to refine that? ...more that I can do with that?”


Teacher:  “Practice the art of journaling, as a daily practice or as often as you can, writing your thoughts following stillness, not necessarily trying to transmit, but to allow your mind to flow out the feelings and emotions that have been bottled up.


As you come more in touch with these flowing emotions and feelings, there will be an intuitiveness you will gain and soon you may find in the stream of your writing spiritual nuggets.


“Of course you can use a recorder if you would like to be less involved in material practice while trying to transmit. But the overall relationship has begun. We already gain connection. Much of it is unconscious, but you do feel my presence on occasion.  (Student:  Yes... yes I do.)


“And you will find an increasing comfortableness with my presence. As this comfortableness increases the flow of our relationship will increase. It is not necessarily required that you must verbalize transmissions, more so the everyday relationship.” Unidentified Personal Teacher, Love-In-Action Conference, USA: Aug. 24, 1997


More and more circuits are opened to train all the people on the planet


“Peace be unto you. The Lord loves you as he does everyone in the world. Focus upon the light and you will get truer impressions. Relax. We are trying to establish the circuits between humanity and the unseen world. It is necessary for more and more circuits to be opened to train all the people on the planet. Your unseen teachers are trying to get through to you all. More and more circuits are being opened as time goes by. In your quiet time the messages will be clearer to you. Continue your work of loving your fellow man and being of service wherever you are. Meet each one as Jesus did as he passed by.” —JarEl, Arcadia, California, USA: Nov. 6, 1994


It is a two-way connection. You will have to open up your end of the circuit


Student:  … “I would like to know if you are close by or do you transmit from far away, such as Edentia or further? I would like to receive an understanding on how you work with us.”


Ahmoron:  “We speak to you from where you are—deep inside. Where we are, does not matter. We are with you. We are available any time. It is not that we have to go a hundred thousand parsecs to get where you are.  [Note: Parsec is a unit of stellar distance, equal to about 3.25 light years (3.08 x 1016 meters)]


Student:  “Well, may I ask how I can better visualize how you get where I am? Is it correct to visualize that you transmit from wherever you are in the local universe and that your love energy gets transmitted and transformed by the midwayers, who are the circuit “technicians”, to be recognized by us deep inside?


Ahmoron:  “I am going to give you an example, something you are more familiar with. You are into computers. Think about where I am and you send messages back and forth along the same line. You have to open your end; our end is always open. At what location we are does not really matter. Yes, our circuit is open. We can have halfway communication that way. But you are the one who has to be open to it in order for full communication to be able to happen. We cannot force you. God does not force you. He loves us too much. He gives us the freedom of free will. So just look for him—open up to him and then the communication will flow. That is the way it works.


Student:  “Yes, that was a good example, Ahmoron. From my limited perspective it is very impressive for my mind to know that you have the ability to move around the universe, while at the same time you can communicate with us. That is of course a very amazing reflection for me.”


Ahmoron:  “Think of it this way. When you become pure spirit, you will be able to think to be at a certain place… and you will be there. This is the same way with us. We think, “Ah, there is O.” And we are there. “There is J.” And we are there.”


Studnet:  “That applies not only to your Melchizedek order, but is also an ability that all our teachers of former mortal existence have?”


Ahmoron:  “With some variations, I believe.”


Student: “So when Legion just thinks, "Hello, O.!" then the contact with me is immediately established.


Ahmoron:  “But do not forget that it is a two-way connection. Yes, he might say, ‘O. are you there’, but then you will have to say, ‘Hello Legion, are you there?’ and open up your end of the circuit.”—Ahmoron, West Virginia, USA: July 9, 2002





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20. How may I obtain a personal teacher for myself?

You have but to ask.  Nothing will be forced upon you by the teaching staff because that would constitute a violation of your will; therefore you must learn to request what you wish to have from them.  Every Urantian mortal who requests a personal teacher will have one assigned, chosen by your Thought Adjuster as the being who will best fit your needs from the millions of volunteers who seek Urantian students.

Any time you speak out loud, I will hear you

“I am your guide and your teacher, and we will discuss the things that matter in your life.  I am the one whom you can trust, and who will be on your side of the fence, always.  I will not try to take the place of the midwayers or Michael, or God, but I am a friend who is walking beside you at all times, and I have been trying very hard to make myself better known to you.

“I want you to be happy and enjoy the fruits of your labors, and to also help guide you when doubts cross your mind.  We will begin to communicate back and forth very easily.  Because you know that at any time you speak out loud, I will hear you.

“Tap into your feelings whenever it comes to making important decisions, and always pull for the positive.  This will make you feel good.  Michael feels that you need to acknowledge your teacher and guide, and I am the one he chose for you.  I will step aside now.”—Samuel, Toormina, New South Wales, Australia, July 22, 2001

We are right next to your listening apparatus

“We are with you. We are right next to your listening apparatus, which I think you call your ears, but it is more than your ears. We are by your side, and when you can not hear, when you struggle so, if the next time you should have the thought ‘take a walk,’ then, my beloved, know that you have heard me, for I shall most lovingly let that be your discipline for the day.”—Legion, Jungle Teaching Mission Group, Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica: 00/11/19

We observe our students in their growth experiences

“I have a frame of reference, for instance, which in many ways is just like yours. I can put myself on equal footing with you as an ascending son, a pilgrim of time en route to Paradise. And I can also acknowledge I have enhanced experience as a result of —if for nothing else— the fact of my survival after death into a morontia way of life, further enhanced by significant morontial training. However, I seek a relationship with you, and in seeking a relationship with you, I seek to have an understanding of your frame of reference.

“In observing the evolutionary level you have attained, I am privy to a frame of reference, then, that allows me to see your incompleteness and attempt to augment your education by what your needs may be at any given time based on a consensus of spirit factors. In consultation with my peers in the Teacher Corps, I can, and we often do, observe our students in their growth experiences and commiserate and attempt to understand how they are thinking and why they are thinking as they do. And the insights we have garnered as a result of studying you, as a race of people, as relatively new spirit-born souls, engender heartfelt compassion for the obstacles you have to overcome and the deep-seated conditioning you’ve been subjected to. Even so, we observe you as I once observed individuals in my mortal career of Cultural Anthropology. I therefore invite you to observe human behavior as a cultural anthropologist might observe it. In the context of the study of society-building, and separations of social aspects that will allow the personalities of the individual citizenry to flourish as it allows other sociological clusters of cultural propensities to also flourish.

“The fact of your humanness and your materiality is what makes Human Associations 101 a very complicated and fascinating subject indeed. If and when you observe each other as merely fellow animals, it does not take long to see how it is that your behaviors regress and level out to the lowest common denominator. As you regard each other as fellow spirit beings, you all over-reach and disappoint yourselves and each other and thus undermine aspects of spirituality which you could well afford to embrace and inculcate as a part of your reality, but not at the expense of your humanness, for this is the well-balanced, well-unified mortal experience: son of God, son of man functioning usefully and happily in the flesh and in conscious awareness of the spirit.”—Tomas, Spokane, Washington, USA: Sept. 22, 2001

We often just sit back to see you in moments when you truly step forth in glory

“Many teachers and guides come by to visit from time to time and actually keep ledgers of the humans, which they find to be the most fragrant, and whom they want to visit time and time again to vicariously share moments in their lives. As needs arise, in conjunction with your angels, ministering can be part of the visit. Though very often they just sit back to see you in moments when you truly step forth in glory and show loving friendship and laughter and camaraderie with those around you. We enjoy those times, too. As do the loyal midwayers who have been your newer neighbors here for many, many years before you — in generations past, through your generation, and in generations to come. The midwayers have sometimes known your very ancestors and sometimes watched them struggle and grow through this evolutionary experience through the years.

“And now, the time is coming for the fusion of all of these personalities working for light and life, working for Michael’s grand reclamation, working for the spiritualization of the universe. You are part of it and so are legions of others who come to serve. You will continue to be one of the favorites of our visiting team and we look forward to renewing these meetings and moving forward into new experiences in the days and weeks ahead. Plan these meetings as you wish.”—Tarkas, Cincinnati Teaching Mission Group, Ohio, USA: Sept. 28, 2001

I see you as my students and I see you as my teachers

“I see you as a seeker of truth and knowledge. I see you as my brother, as a traveler on the road to eternity, I see you as a beautiful spirit, a child of the Father who is just embarking on his eternal adventure and my heart goes out to you. My soul rejoices that you are here with me this evening. I see you all as my dearly beloved brothers and sisters with whom I hope to have a most close and intimate relationship in the days to come. I see you as my friends, I see you as my equals, I see you as my students and I see you as my teachers. I am humbled to be here in your presence and very grateful that you have invited me here this evening.”—Welmek, Indianapolis, Minnesota, USA: Sept. 21, 2000

It is a challenge to find the key that unlocks faith and love and service within each being

“…It is important to realize in working with mortals of the time and space realm that patience is much demanded. Very often the same lesson can be repeated many times, and yet it does not produce the near instantaneous realization, the light bulb suddenly coming on. But, when this instant of revelation happens, forever more that light within that suddenly enlightened is on and you have found the switch to turn it on and make a great difference in the life of that person. So do not despair in the teaching when those around you continue to stubbornly resist and find alternative ways that feed them with the false goals they have set for themselves which will ultimately prove somewhat vacuous.

“When, in episodic fashion, the sudden burst of realization comes to a person, that is the joyous moment for the teacher as well and it opens the doorway to the continuing stream of knowledge and accelerated light. And so it is a challenge to find the key that unlocks faith and love and service within each being, each personality. Each of you is so unique and this is true. It’s so very amazing that this can be so.”—Veronica, Cincinnati Teaching Mission Group, Ohio, USA: Sept. 28, 2001

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21. Are the teachers able to read my mind?

Your personal privacy is secured by your own Thought Adjuster

Student: “What do you see when you come to visit me, when I invite you into my thought process? I would like to know what is going on when I invite someone into my private thoughts other than the Father.”


Aaron:  “It is essential that the invitation be given. Otherwise, we are not permitted to invade your mind. The Father is the only person, other than Michael's Spirit of Truth, who is aware of your thoughts. They are the only spiritual realities that know you thoroughly. They are more aware of your thoughts than you are. They do not open your mind like a cedar chest and shine a light over all the surface, so that everything you have ever thought or felt or done is given to teachers or angels, etc.


“The information that you, by your permission, allow us to obtain, therefore, is screened by your Thought Adjuster and the Spirit of Truth. It is not our business to be nosey. We do not need to know of all your "stuff", just that information that can help us in our lesson planning, in our adaptation of truth that we can present to you specifically. Are you understanding me?”


Student:  “Yes. That would be giving me insights or options for my thought patterns.”


Aaron:  “Well, we may not even be that close. Even the angels do not know your thoughts. Only a Thought Adjuster in liaison with the Spirit of Truth knows your thoughts like that. There is this integrity of each person.  It is the same idea as the Secrets of Sonarington, the Secrets of Divinington, etc. That is, certain knowledge is only available to those for whom it is relevant.


“For example, I don't need to know what you may have done that was wrong in your life. That is none of my business. The only way that it would be my business would be, if you would share it in order to ask for help in how to do better, etc.  Many people fear sharing themselves because they fear they will be "completely known" by somebody else.  But they won't be.  Your Thought Adjuster does not allow that.  Your Thought Adjuster knows you completely and what He/She/It wants is for you to trust so you can open up and share.  Did I answer your question or not?”


Student:  “In my quiet time, when I enter into that, I give permission for all to enter my mind to assist, to guide. Is that brought up in staff meetings?  What is the procedure there?”


Aaron:  “We talk about how we are doing as teachers. We appraise each other's teaching. We make helpful suggestions sometimes; but we are usually pretty positive. We might bring up an issue in a person's life as when a person may be sliding in doubt and fear. We ask, in addition to all that is being done, is there anything else that can be done to help this person. That is why the angels are present. It is not permitted for me to say more than this.


“I just need to assure you that your personal privacy is secured by your own Thought Adjuster. They make the decisions about what information they will share because it is in your best interest. The fact that you give permission makes it easier for us to be your friends, because you are not resisting and fearful. Don't worry that your free will shall ever be abridged. It will not.


“And be more patient with yourselves, all of you! You are doing better than you realize. You really are!” 


Student:  “It almost sounds in your discussion that patience is something that our teachers are working on as well.  (Yes, we are.)  That they would like to see us moving faster and they are imperfect, although better than we are. They probably have their patience tested as well.”


Aaron:  “I will not quite agree with that assessment that we are impatient about your progress. No, what I am saying is that YOU are impatient with your progress!  No, actually we are not impatient about your progress!  We are not perfectly patient yet, as we are not perfected yet.


“Let me make sure you understand this! We are pleased with your progress, in contrast to you. We feel that you are doing much better. Remember that it isn't where you are so much as where you are going, that matters. It isn't the state of mind you are in now that is so important, as it is your intention to be in a better state of mind tomorrow.”


Student:  “I think, intellectually, we grasp that.  But in terms of my own life, it is so difficult to make that a part of everyday routine.”


Aaron:  “Well, my friend, it is partly because you have relied on intellectualization for a long time in your life.  It has been a method of avoiding taking action. That's why my suggestions are action-based. Thinking about stuff is a diversion, sometimes.” Aaron, Southeast Idaho Teaching Mission Group, Pocatello, Idaho, USA: Jul. 22, 2003

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22. Is the Urantia Book intended to carry civilization into the next epoch?

Epochal revelation is always monotheistic with the good news of salvation through faith and faith alone.

"Even on normal evolutionary worlds the realization of the world-wide brotherhood of man is not an easy accomplishment. On a confused and disordered planet like Urantia such an achievement requires a much longer time and necessitates far greater effort. Unaided social evolution can hardly achieve such happy results on a spiritually isolated sphere. Religious revelation is essential to the realization of brotherhood on Urantia."
The Urantia Book
, Page 597

The values conveyed within The Urantia Book ring spiritually true and can be experienced regardless of the many world faith traditions and religions.  Some of the concepts within the Urantia Book expand beliefs, and may or may not be accepted by individuals.  But the basic intent is to strengthen the
individual's personal faith and encourage spiritual living in our lives.

Many individuals are starving for systemic change or recognize the world changing at an alarming pace. The Urantia Book would fit into such sentiment, but its message is positive and assertive; individual and cultural.  It is intended to carry us into the next epoch of human civilization by augmenting and enhancing our personal relationship with God.

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23. What does The Urantia Book say about the Atonement Doctrine?

            “Jesus did not die to ransom man from the clutch of the apostate rulers and fallen princes of the spheres.  The Father in heaven never conceived of such crass injustice as damning a mortal soul because of the evildoing of his ancestors.  Neither was the Master’s death on the cross a sacrifice which consisted in an effort to pay God a debt which the race of mankind had come to owe him.”  “When once you grasp the idea of God as a true and loving Father, the only concept which Jesus ever taught, you must forthwith, in all consistency, utterly abandon all those primitive notions about God as an offended monarch, a stern and all-powerful ruler whose chief delight is to detect his subjects in wrongdoing and to see that they are adequately punished, unless some being almost equal to himself should volunteer to suffer for them, to die as a substitute and in their stead.  The whole idea of ransom and atonement is incompatible with the concept of God as it was taught and exemplified by Jesus of Nazareth.”  [UB, Paper 188, sec. 4]  [See UB, Paper 188, sec. 5, for the true meaning of death of Jesus on the cross.]

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24. How Do I Contact The Teaching Mission?

 The Teaching Mission currently does not exist as of June, 2015.


However, a new Teaching Mission is being prepared that is far more reaching than the old one which died for lack of interest in 2015.


I am authorized to tell you that Abrhaham will be contacting old teaching mission members when the time comes and this Question will be revised with a new answer when that time comes.  There is a serious need for new transmitters and much of the work to do transmitting can be viewed at:


The above is a discussion forum concerning the coming Magisterial Mission and the Second Return of Jesus which details can be found and read there.


The new Teaching Mission will have a new TML web site to post transmissions on and other discussions pertaining to the lessons and mission itself.  That new site should be available by Maya 5th 2016.


The new Teaching Mission will have contact officers and will be available world wide, but until the new Teaching Mission is established on high we must wait for all things to be settled there before the lessons can begin.


Thank you.

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25.  What Is The Magisterial Mission and How is the Correcting Time & Teaching Mission Associated with it?

The Magisterial Mission is a divine Mission to our planet.  It involves the incarnation of a Paradise Son, a borther to the Creator Son, who bestowed himself on our sphere as Jesus.  There was much unfinished work to do when Jesus left, and the Magisterial Son from Paradise was selected by our Creator Son to return to our planet to complete the work that was to establish peace and harmonoy here, but never had the chance because of the death of Jesus.


The reader is to understand that the Teaching Mission is part of a larger program called the Correcting Time, which was established by the Creator Son almost as soon as he finsihed his work on our sphere and returned to his rule of our local universe called Nebadon.  The Correcting Time has a few mission boxes under its organizational control from Salvington (the capital of Nebadon) and contains in addition to the Teaching Mission, the Magisterial Mission, and the Second Return of Jesus.


The Magisterial Mission is under the auspices of Monjoronson, but sometime into the future years of the Magisterial Mission, Monjoronson will change his name as they refer to him on Paradise.  There already is a web site with the Magisgerial Mission information on it and is called (, and anyone interested in further details about the Mission is most welcome to go there and read.   The web site also contains audio files of the Teaching Mission conference calls where transmitters provide lessons from celestial perosnalities as one listens to the meeting of many individuals interested in the same thing on the conference call.


The Second Return of Jesus is directly tied to the Magisterial Mission, as bothe Jesus and the Monjoronson are dedicated to bring to Urantia, the spirit name of our earth, the final days of historical events under the political organization of nation states and other powerful institutions we presently deal with as citizens and in our work.  Jesus confirms that Monjoronson will establish the protocols required for the Christ to materialize as he appeared in Palestine, some two thousand years ago, and that contradicts scripture as the Apostles reported the manner of his return someday.  This contradiction is the result of Urantia becoming so ill and poor that as a planet it must be rehabillitated, and our Father has asked Jesus to return in the appearance of a full grown male of the realm some years after the Magisterial begins.


The probabilty of the return of Jesus is not contradicted in terms of its passing, but in the manner prescribed by Jesus at the Last Supper, where he prophsized that his return would be concomitant upon the world becoming ready for his spiritual presence.  The world is not at all ready for his spiritual appearances, and this is why the Paradise Father requested that Jesus forego the prophecy and appear as himself to be seen by material eyes instead of only by the eyes of spirit.

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26.  Is Jesus to Return Soon As He Promised?

The question is worthy of some explanation.


I am Michael, and I bestowed my self on earth over two thousand years ago.  I am dictating my answer to the web master so that there is direct evidence of my life being revived once again on what I now call Urantia, as I only knew it as earth when I lived my life as Jesus in what is now Palestine.


Twelve years ago (from 2014) I came once again to your planet to look at what has happened since I was last here and lost my life on the Cross.  Since the death of my physical body, I have had many experiences in the universe, among them the work of saving of your planet from the terrible things done to it by the Lucifer Rebellion and the Adam and Eve default about thirty-eight thousand years ago from today.


My return is predicated on the work of the Magisterial Mission.  Please see the answer to Question 25 above for some explanation as to how I, Jesus, am related to my Paradise Brother, Monjoronson (he will be called Serara, his Paradise name later in his mission), and how his work will introduce my Return.


My Return will confuse Biblical scholars.  That is unfortunate, but it will happen, not because I wished it to confuse them, but because there are higher authorities in the universe that prefer that I return in the flesh rather than in spirit form as I promised to do at the meeting with my Apostles during the Last Supper in the Marks home of so long ago.


When I return, I wish everyone to hear my voice, as I will speak to all of you whether you believe in me or not.  I will speak to you in your mind, and when you hear me, you will be wondering how this can be done.  I tell you this:


In your head is a part of your brain that is dedicated to me and the spirit I represent.  It hears everything told by me, as Jesus, and I hold everyone of you available to help the Son of God and the son of man, to produce acceptance of my presence on your planet as it was never accepted when I was on the land they now call the Middle East, specifically, Palestine, as it is shown on maps today.


When I return, I will ask everyone of you to tell me the truth.  Who do you think I am?  Who do you think I will be when you come over to my side of the veil, and bow before me and my Father?  Where do you think I am when the crisis comes to earth so harsh you are afraid for your lives?  I am with you, and still with you through every event that frightens you or scares the family into terror as you await the dawn to see if you are still alive.  I am Jesus, and I leave this final message for all of you to ponder:


"God is my Father.  He is your Father.  I am the Son of God.  Monjoronson/Serara is my Brother and a Son of God.  I beseech you, and everyone who reads this, to become one in Christ.  I am your Savior, and your Heart for your human brothers.  Keep me alive in your mind and say the prayer I present you now when the sun darkens and the waters pour over the land as man has never seen them do.


"I love my Father.  I love my Brother.  I love all who give me breath and preserve my life.  In this I beseech my Father in Heaven to provide me the safety I may preserve even as I fear for all those who lose their lives as I keep mine."

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