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Councils of Unity - Flow Charts & Looping - Apr 04, 2006 - Helenita - York, Pa

Councils of Unity
Subject: Flow Charts & Looping
T/R: Helenita
April 04, 2006

You keep recycling and recycling. You search out answers from others to ascertain your origin which may take you back to a particular star system. A deciding factor will be revealed that determined the primary thread, or more clearly an intertwined rope, that anchored you to your many lives on earth.

You discovered this by realizing that you repeated a theme over and over again in this life and/or past lives. There may have been a disaster that set up your repeated story or you simply could have chosen a particular path. The over-riding issue may have been painful or redemptive or merely to serve; it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how you began to see the pattern or when you began to see that there was a pattern. Whatever got you this far was merely a means to an end. to get you here, rather like taking many interesting side trips on the way to now.

You can see how you set yourself up to repeat over and over again. Maybe small things may have changed, maybe not. It doesn’t matter. You felt like you kept taking a leap forward, only to fall back even farther. You used all the tricks from your acquired tool kit, but basically the outline remained the same. Your physical and emotional layers seemed to be dancing and you couldn’t hear the music. Now within the framework of your computer age, you ask, "Why?"

The short answer: Referencing programming computers: ‘A + B’ never equaled ‘C’ so you kept looping back regardless of how exact the Flow Chart was mapped out. This showed that you may not be going back far enough. The loop must go back to before; back before the ‘A + B’ equation was set up. For eons ‘A’ was never supposed to be added to ‘B’ to get ‘C’. This was what you set up prior to coming to a star system and coming to earth. But, go back before the equation was set up… intention and awareness will open the door to remember the first planning session, no matter what modality (i.e. program) you use.

ldn’t crash. (This is how viruses can cause so much damage.) You programmed the impossible so that you would keep returning. Now that you understand the looping wheel, you want off the amusement ride, so to speak.

You may also have seen Flow Charts in a tree design to show a hierarchical system within a business or organization…. the V.P.’s who fell under the CEO and those who reported to each V.P. down the line. You could also move up the line from the classroom teacher, to the building principal, to the elementary or secondary supervisor, to the superintendent; and finally to the elected Board of Directors… otherwise known as the chain-of-command. You knew the flow through the system and it was plainly defined whether you moved up or down the chart. These specific ‘controls’ allowed you to make some sense out of it, but you became tired of playing that game, too.

The sophistication of the workplace did allow you to see the process more clearly as your awareness was broadened. You learned that business-flows were also charted to define their current process of flow, action triggers and decision points, which illustrated unnecessary complexities, dis-connects and dead ends. When conscientiously prepared, Flow Charts became a tool for clarity for an analyst and the appropriate communication for all participants. Then they were used, as when designing software, to describe new processes. Thus the differences between the two charts illustrated the "conversion" requirements and the impact of the changes. So you expanded your understanding of what and how change was to be implemented.

Often people did a job (lived a life) without understanding it's place within the entire process, or used the same Flow Chart up and down the line always looping back to try another option since they never seemed to achieve the desired result. When in the job setting, if a person saw the entire flow, their productivity usually improved because they understood why they performed it as prescribed and it's impact on others in the process. But understanding the why doesn’t cut it anymore, either. (Can you hear the inflection of Dr. Phil’s voice as you read that phrase?) So what good was all this knowledge when the ‘if, then do this’ never came about and you continually were forced to go back to ‘A’ to try another option?

As your car remained a car even when it rusted and the electrical system or gas line, or whatever, needed to be repaired, it was still a car. No matter what, it could never become a motor cycle or a bicycle or a wagon. It would always be a car. You kept looping back and continually got a car even though it may have been a different make and model or color. The only way you would ever get something different was to go back before you made the decision to have a car… back before the Flow Chart was ever written!

Singing, "The Farmer in the Dell", you have to go back before there was a farmer, let alone choosing a wife, a dog, a cat or becoming the "cheese" standing alone… in essence before the song was written. Remember, Flow Charts were set up to map out how a process would unfold before the steps were executed. It takes great resolve to connect with the energy frequency of the planning stage, before.

We see each of you discovering your place around the council table and your agreement to do whatever it took to be on the earth, ready and prepared just in case the earth made it that far. There were no certainties, but you agreed to develop what might be needed, just in case. Rejoice with us that you did! The engine of imagination, as shown by the business and computer world, has brought you the experiences of clarity, precision, communication, and change control… all very powerful tools that can surmount the ‘means to an end’ that had been set in place.

We can hear your, "Oh my God!" exclamations as this information awakens within you that there was a time before. What moves forward now is off the Flow Chart and you can loop back beyond the underwritten parameters. As you read, feel the swish of the tail of a beautiful fish within a coral sea. Feel it brush against your layers, however you name them. You have become the seaweed that sways with the gentle movement. The concentric circles created by the repeated touch of a skipping stone have given way to the interwoven pattern within the water, not on the surface.

You are now able to connect horizontally in the energy frequencies to before, no longer needing the vertical connection, hierarchically reaching above and below, or your Flow Chart so carefully mapped out.

Just knowing that you can do this is all that is needed for now.

[Helenita comments: As I wrote this, I kept seeing and hearing a portion of Disney’s original "Fantasia" movie with the fish briefly getting close to each other, but then dashing quickly away, showing me the subtle dance as we connect in a way that no longer requires a vertical thought-process, but instead you can feel it all around. Somehow, it brought me a sense of ‘rightness’ that freed me from all my obligations…. almost as if I granted myself permission to go to the place before that they were talking about. I cannot possibly remember what it was like, so I suspect it will take some time to balance and adjust, as in the television commercial… "Whatever IT is?"]


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