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Councils of Unity - Priceless Treasures - May, 2007 - Helenita, York, Pa

Subject: Priceless Treasures

Teacher: Councils of Unity
T/R: Helenita
York, PA
May, 2007


Priceless Treasures? Well, what a mixed message! Having trouble with them lately, perhaps?

Priceless: You take a word, ‘price,’ and add a suffix, ‘less,’ that means ‘to a smaller extent’ so it should relay that something is less than the price it is worth. But the opposite is implied, which is that something is so good that you can’t put a price on it because it would be too high, therefore without price. The sound of the word relays one message and yet your mind is supposed to know that it actually means the opposite. A mixed message, boy, talk about setting yourself up for turmoil! Yes, this kind of things does affect every aspect within your field, whether you realize it or not.

Treasures: Here you have implied that something is of great value, but someone must know your value system and frame of reference to closely identify what you are saying. Thus a woman in a nursing home would treasure a memento from living with her husband or her son when he was a child. It has a nostalgic value instead of a monetary one such as with a gold coin… or it could be both. Again, perhaps creating a mixed message.

Your priceless treasure is now represented by a different object than twenty, or even ten, years ago. You are realizing that things are changing very rapidly. For example, a perspective that you held true from a channeled message in the 1920s or even the 50s or 80s may no longer carry a treasured value. You may wonder about so many people who are channeling in vastly different ways although referencing communication with the same being you may have titled, for instance, Michael or Mary or whomever. The name may be the same, but mixed messages are definitely being produced that do not sound at all alike.

So, of these priceless treasures, these messages, you ask, "Which one is real?" Everything around you seems to have become topsy-turvy and you realize that there is a possibility that you are on the holodeck aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise where, with one click, the program you were living in can be gone. Does that potential create fear, make you anxious, perhaps depressed or do you feel free in the joy of limitless potential without boundaries? You deny even the slightest possibility that what you thought you knew could no longer be true, and channel lengthy messages in support of what you know to be the ‘right’ premise. Some of us have a vested interest in keeping things the same on earth. The intention for awareness and growth are one thing, actually realizing that you may be required to throw the baby out with the bath water is another! Now what do you do? All those messages in volumes of books could not have been wrong, could they?

Entertaining the idea that your holodeck reality could be deleted, now how do you value your priceless treasures? We hesitate to be so direct, usually preferring to reflect back so you can see yourself more clearly, but the only priceless treasure now applicable is YOU! It may seem like you’re saying, "We have found the enemy and they are us." But rather than using ‘the enemy,’ replace it with ‘our essence,’ our soul, our spirit…. who you are and everything that you embody. You have found your essence and they are (all the aspects) of us. You are priceless, without value and beyond value at the same time representing the treasure of the universe linked via your DNA.

You know the earth experiment always provides glimpses of what is consciously awakening within you, so all of a sudden you may see other mixed messages. Some may even make you smile: The beginning of a one-way street at a city boundary line, with a sign that says, "Do Not Enter" right next to a sign that says, "Welcome to Whoville." They are both located at the same corner and you wonder why you never saw this mixed message before. Or when ordering a book or a dress or something, you quickly catch on that a "FREE" item usually doesn’t include the shipping and handling. You pay attention and you pay, modifying an old the adage. How’s that for being Free?

These double entendres may seem obvious, but remember in the duality of your linear world, wading through on the lower scale may not be so humorous. What are we trying to say? Well, for example, have you balanced your physical level, only to have another attack of some malady? Healed and still getting sick? You thought you were finished with that issue and had processed it thoroughly. Or emotionally, you dealt with a co-dependent dysfunction only to find yourself sucked into a new friend’s drama. As a good metaphysician, you keep asking, "What is the message I am supposed to see in this mirror?" In this way you are dealing with mixed messages, but the signals seem to be crossed.

You use all the tools in your kit by jumping back and forth from ‘working’ through it to the opposite which is ‘letting go’ to be in the flow. Can you do both? Can you create pain and joyous freedom at the same time? You ask, "How can this be? Is this what I’ve evolved into?" You get an answer and then it slips away like a dream almost remembered upon waking.

Your head begins to hurt as you keep banging it against a brick wall. The operative thought, though may be, "Do I want to stay or transition to the other side?" You are not quite to the point of shutting down or suicide, but you do wonder, nevertheless.

Because you are at a pivotal place, everything seems like you’re Alice in Wonderland being chased with "off with their heads" reverberating all around you. Perhaps you are on a holodeck with many simultaneous, dimensional levels and you are trying to make just one of them ‘real.’ The hint, "Am I sure?" always seems to be floating around questioning you.

Our admonition is that you are creating the answer. You are the problem and you are the solution, too. As Oriental ancient people saw a ‘rabbit’ in the moon and the western culture saw a ‘man,’ you realize that they both are the same, that there is just one moon reflecting light from one sun (in your solar system). That doesn’t make one more right or wrong than the other, just that there are two perspectives.

Like the hub of a wheel with spokes radiating from it, mixed messages also radiate into many perspectives or aspects—a word that seems to be taking on new meaning. You can use your latest technology or mental activity to try to figure them out, or you can just understand that there are various rays coming from one center. Your center is in the middle of your energy field whether you see your system as vertical chakras or as concentric circles. What we are dancing around is that regardless of what your holodeck world is holding onto, your brain is only the transformer, not the originator of the ‘spokes.’ The brain thinks it is the priceless treasure but the messages are received from your horizontal center, the heart and solar plexus area. You are moving toward horizontal communication away from a holodeck-like vertical one. So understanding ‘priceless’ from the first paragraph with its mixed message was right on. The dictionary type of explanations is being deleted as you move into the horizontal methodology of just knowing.

You are revving up to contact beings who communicate with each other from this central portal, radiating outward with the mind only reviewing the signals. Whew, so many words to get to this tapestoidal conclusion. [Helenita: they are referencing a tapestry or matrix, I believe.]. That is what it is all about. The messages may seem to be mixed up and juxtaposed, but your truth comes from the center. So, as the street signs at the edge of Whoville are both correct, so your receiving multitudinous mixed messages are also correct. They are all necessary just like more than one spoke is needed from the hub of a wheel to hold the rim intact. It is from the center where the messages are received and from the center where they are disseminated. The wheel is turning.

Having read this far, can you hear the hum or tone or buzz? The music of the "Twilight Zone" is no longer foreboding but excitingly enticing you toward the next adventure.

Mixed messages are okay and are indeed your priceless treasures. Don’t stress yourself by trying to figure out all of them. Lighten up and know you are like Harry Potter and that your Treasure Map is alive and pulsating and will provide the next clue right on time. The mind is turning over control of the spaceship. Giving directions like, "Beam me up, Scotty," is now just a phrase to be laughed at. "Now sings my soul, my savior god to thee: how great thou art, how great thou art."


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The above message now appears in the July 2007 issue of The Sedona Journal of Emergence!

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