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Starbridge Mission Statement


The mission of Starbridge is to assemble the various writings and transcripts relating to Christ’s return and to facilitate the dissemination of this information via the Internet to allow the widest audience possible to prepare themselves emotionally and spiritually for this momentous event.



Operational Focus


Starbridge is tasked by Monjoronson with collecting as complete a listing as possible from the Teaching Mission, the Correcting Time Programs and other missions (including those not yet known to us).  The transcripts collected so far have been assembled under the domain names of and  This repository is to be kept in redundant locations to provide continuous 24/7 worldwide access, and to prevent alteration of the original content by anyone.



Starbridge has no paid staff and expenses are limited to expenses required to operate the Magisterial Mission including security changes and other expenditures required for the safe operation of the Starbridge Group and its affiliates The Magisterial Foundation, and the subsidiaries required to operate as the Magisterial Mission on Urantia.


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