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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

April 2003 (Vol. 8, No 4)


In light of the present world conditions and Machiventa=s recent announcement about the new person to institution approach, the focus of this issue is the Thought Adjusters, our inner Pilots who are ever waiting for our attention to steer us in the best direction as we reach out in the ever changing situations about us to speak and take action for the highest good of all in alignment with the will of the Father. The teachers have spoken so often to us about the Stillness. It is in this quiet stillness that we open ourselves to receiving our Thought Adjuster=s guidance whether consciously or unconsciously. With practice, we can learn to make these connections more conscious. There are many words of our Teachers on the Thought Adjusters. I hope these words from Abraham and Welmek will be helpful to you.
Included are some words from Ron Besser. If any of you have anything to share on the Thought Adjusters or your experiences with yours, please let us hear from you. We will all have different experiences and as we share our experiences, it helps us all learn more about this and how to develop more skill in using this most precious gift of the Father of himself to each of us.
We look forward to hearing more about your thoughts and experiences as you reach out into this new territory for the Teaching Mission of sharing person to institution. Michael recently said that it is time for us to come out of the closet - to open our jewelry boxes and share the gems of truth that we have been acquiring.
It is my intention to share more from and about our beloved Midwayers in each issue. However, with the messages to share in this issue, I simply ran out of space.
As we focus our prayers to Father for his help for all his children on this troubled planet to know of his love for them and the love and peace of Michael and Mother Spirit=s embrace, let us not forget our Teachers, Midwayers and all orders of our Cosmic Family and support all they are doing for us by expressing our grateful thanks for all their efforts to bring peace and comfort to all. APraise like sunshine helps all things grow.@
Allene Vick
 * * * * *
Nuevo Arenal, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
March 26, 2003
MICHAEL: Our warmth approaches you through the Bright Light within you. Your circuits are open.
Your Planetary Prince has great concern about your struggles on this planet: war, deceptions, and lack of faith, but also recognizes the potential gifts that each of you has to offer. Your planet, this beautiful jewel of our creation with the Father, is still full of doubt. You are the people that must go through this period of time. Trust and believe, my beloved children, these great upheavals will not last very long. Resolutions will come through our efforts together, and with the planetary administrators, teachers and guides. There will be intervention, but not by the force of command.

We are watching closely with deep concern. There will be suffering. Always there is suffering where ignorance reigns. The history of your planet has not expunged the terrible scourge of ignorance. When you battle with another, you battle in ignorance. Let light shine into your souls, into your eyes and see. Each of you has great value, and you may offer the testimony of the truth of which I speak. Each individual has the power to change the tides of events. Each individual is a jewel that can reflect my abilities and my intents. I, Michael, walk amongst you. I know each and every one of you and your capacities and your potentials. Ask in your prayers for my immersion into the hearts and souls of those individuals that you deem in need. We are part of a grand team.
You have only to look upon each other, to learn and understand the personality of each other. This beautiful gift of personality, that each one has, its true understanding is your solution to ignorance and war. Meet each other with love, trust and understand new friends. Use your brilliant and beneficial technologies to further my work, to find new friends and spread the teachings of my plan and my intents. You already have the history of me when I lived among you as Joshua. Obey my teachings and bring love to the path of others. Take in those who are abused and lost and lonely, who shut themselves behind closed doors. Reopen your channels to these ones, for many problems arise from closed individuals and groups. You are not alone on your planet.
You know you are blessed on Urantia. Enjoy your time and behold the beauty of your planet. Study the beautiful creations which I have given you. The truth of the Almighty Father lies in front of you and it is for you to catch sight of.
When you seek to know the hearts of your fellow men, only then you can speak with your personal authority - the authority of love and respect. When you speak to me of your concerns for your politicians, for your warmongers, your generals, please know that their individual perspectives are well intended, but are locked in their confusion and ignorance. In the future their disputes will amount to nothing.
The outrage over the present terrible scourges of war lies in each individual, who must feel and express their disagreements with the dealings of their governments, which are the selfish and inconsiderate actions that bring a spirit of discontent over the lands of the innocent.
I, Michael, speak with all humans, irrespective of their religious beliefs and their contentions. I can assure you that I go to all who open their hearts to me. You are still in the stage of the Aholy wars@, and only when you bring your thoughts together, while truly respecting each others devotions to me and the Father, can you shine with the truth and knowledge from your own personalities.
Trust in me; trust in my Father; trust in the lineage of those who work with you in the celestial heavens. You will pass through these dark days and better times will come. As your vision will grow stronger, your health will improve as you trust and have faith. All evil will pass. My children, be serene and be contented together. Choose opportunities to speak and act wisely. Work with your technologies and express your discontent with ignorance, with darkness, with war - with actions that in no way reflect my Father=s will. Be discontent with those things that in no way reflect my Father=s will, and in your discontentment offer the alternative of love and truth. This has worked in the past, will work in the present, and for eternity: trust in your personality to express truth, beauty and goodness; trust in what is workable; trust in your dedication to my Father=s will.
Do not, my beloved children, fall into the pit of self-pity, this is not good and useful discontentment. Agitate your hearts and instigate actions towards truth. Do not fall into the pit of self-satisfaction and isolation. Hold strongly to each other while you are bound by the rope of my love. I will pull you through the quagmire of this confusion. All wars have ended and truth is revealed through suffering. Has it been any other way in your history? Consult with your teachers as well, trust in your guides. Pull others out of this quagmire with your trust and your faith.

Remember, my children, your time is so brief and our time perception so different. What seems to you to be a long time of non-resolvability is in fact a very short time in the reality of cosmic experience.
Your faith will be shaken and it will be strengthened, according to your own actions as you progress in the understanding of your unique personality. Your capacity of identity with me lies in your personality.
Learn the personality of your brothers and sisters; study their motives, their actions, their thinking. Let them test you and your strength to allow new channels to open among yourselves. You will be meeting with a dear brother who is coming to join you. Bring this brother with yourselves to me, Michael, and those who will join you, and I will speak to you further about the realization of love and truth.  Do not despair for my love shall override all disparity, all confusion.
I now, beloved children, will take my leave and join you at a later time. My love remains with you. Open your eyes as I leave, and look out upon the beauty that I leave with you. This beauty I will not allow to be destroyed.
Oliver: Thank you, my big brother of love, for your encouragement and the giving of strength of purpose to examine each others hearts during these times of troubled hearts. I am most profoundly grateful.
MICHAEL: You are most welcome, beloved child. Do not be troubled, better times of joy will call upon you. Abide with me as you know you belong with me. You are never forsaken because I am anchored within you.
* * * * *
North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
March 15, 2003
Monjoronson (Jonathan TR): I step into your midst today. I visit you not for the first time in person, but I am at this hour greeting you in this manner such that you can acknowledge my proximity and begin to recognize our affiliation in the outworking of my magisterial mission. I am of the Avonal order of son.
It is heartening to witness your propensity to align to a morontia viewpoint, and from this vantage you better comprehend your human conditions, your social situations. Father has established the creation plan of time and space and has done so with all the marks of divine perfection. To those of you who dwell upon a world such as Urantia, it does not appear that much of the conditions exhibit perfection. I who take up an assignment such as this also am aware of the discrepancies between the projected beauty of Supreme completeness and the time limited appearances on any given world and particular culture, even to the choices and actions of an individual. The appearance of flaw, the observance of inadequacies, the apparent errors, are unique to our condition as beings domiciled with the time/space realm. Creation of evolution throughout the universe by God was done so in pattern just as you have spoken of today from a higher vantage point, from the perspective of absoluteness. In this context supremacy is flawless, for it represents precisely the purpose of the Creator. When you adjust your attitude toward a morontia panoramic view, you are ascending to the perspective of your God.
I am of origin such that I have naturally been endowed with creator qualities. This allows me to function with ascending agencies overlaying the plan of the Infinite with the progress of the finite.

I welcome all of you into the mission of transforming the age of spirit development on Urantia over to the new era that is promised by your Michael Son and promoted by many of his ministering agents. While I am assigned to assess the condition of this planet and determine the next best course of action, I also act as an ambassador representing a divine blueprint that will overlay this world and make it what it is the hope of your Creator Son that it be. Herein is my greatest challenge: to determine your current conditions and to discern methods, undertakings, whereby we may transform this world to align with the blueprint. Of awesome consideration is your growing understanding of your significance in this unfoldment, this plan toward attaining planetary Light and Life.
I have said that the Father=s creation is flawless, all the while you and I both wrestle with difficulties and struggle with errors. Given the nature of this Supreme reality you are per force engaged in the actual creation of time and space. This may not appear to be obvious to one who has, for only a short time, grappled with the conditions of the Supreme. You have recorded on this world a phrase in a document that says, AIn the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.@ May I be bold enough to suggest that this verb Acreate@ be adjusted to an ongoing present tense, Acreating.@ You may rest assured that while God has a divine plan for your life and for your world, this plan has many blank lines on the list that you fill in. There are no hidden answers or trick questions; it is the desire of the Father to discover what you conjointly create in partnership with Him that fills in these lines and defines your plan. This is an awesome condition. Yes, it may bring upon you a sense of responsibility, but it also ought to instil in you a profound joy, for the opportunity to be involved in creation with God entails deep implications.
Rest knowing full well, as you do, that you are at this time stationed on a world that uses the function of biological life to support you. So you will be ever reminded of your animal legacy, of your finiteness.
However, never let these conditions convince you that you are incapable of participating in universe creation with your God. You have the supreme opportunity of an ageless lifetime, being housed as you are in the form of an earth creature, dwelling upon a world of unique status, revealing to God the emerging spiritual luminosity of your soul, providing an anchor point for the divine. Remember to elevate your consciousness to that overview you speak of, to balance your mind and thereby order your world. This is you greatest task, and I present it to you that you may better understand my assignment for I do likewise. I come to layer perfection upon imperfection, transforming the latter, revealing the former. My work has begun. Your work is beginning as it is involved in the progress of this world.
You may wonder what actions of spiritual significance you may take that would provide any impact, if any, upon the progress of this world. Spend little time fretting over the potentials, rather sharpen your ability to discern in the moment what is appropriate for the minute. You understand that Michael Son was required to undergo seven creature bestowals. A creature type was chosen; a particular world was selected, and a given time was determined for such an undertaking. Michael came with one single purpose each time. After that it all was experience. No further plans No curriculum. No pass or fail test. You have likewise one simple plan and that is to love one another and to love God, to expand your soul. After that Father has designed within this reality that you live now many variables, many potentials, for you to explore, develop, attain, and reveal this simple purpose.
Thank you for receiving my presence today. Again I repeat that I welcome you into this mission not as ones who have recently joined, for I am fully aware of your many years of dedication and service. My welcome today is the acknowledgment of our audible acquaintance and conscious cooperation. I am known among those in this mission as Monjoronson.

Mark: Thank you. This task before us, more of a privilege than a task, this mission of fostering the highest ideals available to us and attempt to realize them in this condition of materialism. I am aware of the influence of spirit when I attempt to promote, to co-create, this reality in this material realm. I have a sense of support from the universe, from spirit, when I attempt to manifest these higher levels. I wonder if that is the missing link that we seek to actualizing these potentials, to embrace them and promote them. We are joined in spirit when we align ourselves with these ideals. I hope and I think I understand this relationship of this universal commitment. I acknowledge that. I would like to open up other avenues that are available to me, to us, to work more closely with you.
Monjoronson: Firstly, you are welcome. Second point, you are correct. When this world entered into rebellion what crumbled primarily was the educational, philosophical platform of your Planetary Prince and this system=s one time sovereign. While the world became darkened, to use words of historic significance on this planet, it appears to many that spirit was withdrawn. You understand from your training that spirit has never left you, never. This world underwent administrative change, but guidance was ever present. Terrestrial life went on as it would have given planetary prince=s presence or not. What was lacking was that intervening dimension that taught ideals and values, that revealed patterns, that expressed purposes, that encouraged growth, and trained the willing with skills.
You speak of spirit influence and how important this is to your confidence, is it not?
Mark: Indeed.
Monjoronson: And you are quite motivated to be a blessing to your fellows in ministry and service. This is spirit out-fluence. This flow is because you have disciplined yourself to change your lifestyle that it conforms to the ideals you=ve adopted from your vision of the perfect and divine. This what is lacking on this world.
When Michael taught centuries ago to do unto others as you would have them do to you, he was addressing this ideal. Much debate may take place over precisely what is the wish that the one be done unto by another. But when the discussion is exhausted it simply comes to the point that, as high as you reach, that do. Thereby will this world attain Light and Live, Planetary Prince of not.
I will withdraw my services at this time. Again I thank you for receiving me this day. I shall return.
Elyon: [Excerpt -Ed] I am and remain forever pleased at the association I share with you. It brings me great rewards to see the growth on you world of individuals such as yourselves who have chosen to orient your lives to accommodate an entire realm outside your range of vision but not outside your field of spirit observation.
Once again, I bring my congratulations for application to the lesson plan as well as the desire of your hearts to be of service. This is the doorway through which we may access the grand arena of service and participate with joy and willingness in this arena, and certain victory will crown our efforts as we engage ourselves through this act of will. I echo the words to not be overly concerned with the details of the mission before us, rather simply to be open-minded and open-hearted to embrace the mission as it becomes evident to you in the moment, in the hour, in which it presents itself. These are the skills we have been honing. I perceive in each of you a willingness and readiness to be engaged. I bring you the assurance that this flowing of spirit will bring you the opportunities you seek, will furnish you with the conditions appropriate to fulfilling these desires of your heart. The rest is to simply flow merrily down the stream. I trust we enjoy this together.
* * *
Rio Rancho, NM
March 23, 2003
Anromadeus: By leave of Machiventa Melchizedek, I am here in your midst today to be of service to your efforts as soldiers of the circles, as devoted students of beauty, goodness, and truth.

I have been sent in this capacity by the Ancients of Days who administer in the local universes as well as in the superuniverses, in order to embellish your appreciation of the value of negotiiation as a teaching tool. In support of the Teacher Corp of this system, I am eager to give you a lesson in the art of negotiation in terms of your teaching ministry. You who are the children of God, conscious denizens of the mortal world as well as the cosmic neighborhood, are called upon to serve in the capacity of Ambassadors of the Kingdom, and not merely as temporal beings embroiled in a mortal conflict affecting the evolution of the world Urantia.
You will not be able to step outside of the collective consciousness in your ministry for the principle of war is upon you all. While you retain your loyalty in truth to the greater reality, the work of the field portrays itself in many respects as the attitudes of humanity are presented through the philosophies they maintain or subscribe to by and through their appreciation of what reality is - in the main, a material reality. It will not serve the kingdom, thus, to assert yourself as assuming a position on one side or the other, no, for this further sets humankind apart one from the other.
As Ambassadors, it behooves you to be a mediator between points of view because this tactic of (a) knowing who you are and being that Acalm in the eye of the hurricane@ and (b) being active in the ministry of the realm in which you live, in full appreciation of this technique of problem-solving and conflict resolution, will be a part of your pattern of procedure from now into infinity. Be therefore open to learning the skills that bridge differences, that melt down barriers. This is not a simple assignment.
The fact that you have all been party to conflict of one kind or another, that your lives are a balance of behavior patterns which conform to the norm, thus allowing what you might consider the norm to prevail - even while growth gives rise to new patterns and new realizations - be prepared to find the meeting ground between what is and what will be; the playing field between what is apparent and what is hidden; the battlefield between what is right for one as compared to what is right for another. For these differences will always exist, inasmuch as every living thing is individual and unique, especially in such a world as yours where experimentation is an applied science.
Judging is complex. When the Ancients of Days ask for a reflection of an individual entity, it is always allowed for the imperfect entity to be seen in the best possible light, because of an appreciation of the background and the motivating factors involved in the development of the human being, as he is and as he stands in the light of truth today, at this moment. And thus there is considerable background information that is required to delve into in order to make an assessment in any situation. And when it involves two people and the nature of the arrangement or relationship (or lack of arrangement or relationship) between them, it is even more complicated, and to be the surveyor of all the world and attempt to discern the conflicts that are in existence on Urantia today is beyond your capacity. It is in the hands of those of us On High who are managing the affairs of your world, even with your peculiar situation and free will.
Your job then, as ambassadors of the kingdom, is to deal with the battlefield at hand in front of your face - in the workplace, in the marketplace, in the area of influence over which you preside. Rather than polarize your fellows, be a comforting presence, a voice of sanity, exemplary of balanced thought, unemotional due consideration. Call upon divine wisdom to guide your tongue in these Anegations@ with your fellows.

Be peacekeepers, even as you become the listener for those whose opinions are different from your own. Be like the Ancients of Days who comprehend and appreciate how the entity has been formulated, what value he or she upholds, what merit they offer humankind, and the divine path they seek to follow. For like yin and yang, like male and female, like light and darkness, there are realms of sheer harmony when the conflict is set aside to embrace the values you share. Seek to find the values you share with each moment, each ministry presented to you. In this way you will assist the most Highs and we will be effective in our efforts to rule in the kingdoms of men.
I am Andromadeus, A Most High. Good day.
Machiventa: I am with you all. It is again by popular request that I am with you today. It is furthermore by popular demand that the words of our upward leadership, in the godhead structure, was made known to you as well. It is to bring you hope and encouragement that you are not alone and that in this struggle to understand your place in this world, it is imperative that you understand what our view is toward your difficulty. It is not nor will it ever be impartial distance or the refusal to get involved, as if concerned about offending one side or the other.
It is as if a parent, seeing warring children, can take preference of one child to the disadvantage of another, for aren=t their concerns, their needs, their ambitions inherently the same, however differently viewed? As Jacob and Esau saw their roles and had roles that were markedly different, their value, their principles, their intrinsic value, were nonetheless of equal importance. So it is that we find ourselves as we do with you, concerned about the ultimate justice to the prevalence of love and the exactitude of justice as it is meted out.
Justice, after all, is like a dove. It has no sharpness. It has no punishment. It has only what is fair, right and true. Like a dove, its gentle fluttering wings find roost upon that which it can find its rest. It will rest upon that which provides stability and certainty for its placement. So, too, is truth as it lives within the heart of men, but inspired by the Spirit of God. It is in this placement that justice finds a home. I encourage each of you to do as Andromadeus delivered, to practice as instructed, to be ambassadors of peace, to practice that which is necessary to do because in your world at the material level, there will certainly always be room for disagreement. There will be ample opportunity for disdain and disharmony. It is calling upon those who have chosen the path of true righteousness, that is, to seek the right in the situation, to practice that which they believe to be right, and to find that, in truth, and to do this instead of taking one side versus the other wherein such placement you are only left, like Solomon, trying to divide the child and, after all, this only leaves half of a whole. Such is your world without divine placement and divine inspiration.
It is the high road, the road less traveled that you are called to take. It is in this that you will find great solitude but also great turmoil. For you to remove your roots from your world in its temporal viewpoint, or materialistic perspective, will be difficult for you to do from a temporal point of view. To remove yourself from this, from purely a materialistic mindset, will be trying to step out of a platform of tar which is stretching yet pulling you back into place, so it is necessary in spirit for you to lift beyond the limitations of a material framework into that which both material and spirit, to be more than you apparently are called to be, but to be all that you know yourself called to be.
It is in this stead that I place you truly within our realm as ambassadors along the Father=s path. Much like the Apian Way was known to be the road that connected all roads to Rome, the road to your Father=s home is in your heart and in your mind, leading straight ahead in your connection to the Father. Let this be your guiding light. As it is said Aall roads lead to Rome,@ all hearts lead to our heavenly father. Let it be true and real today as it will be for all time and beyond, that the relationship that is you with our Father must be demonstrated here today among our ambassadors I encourage you, I give you strength, and I - most of all - leave you in the security of knowing that the love of all time and beyond all ages is yours today as it always will be.
Peace be with you and may your hearts know only truth, happiness and the security that you are one with all that is. Peace be with you and may you live well beyond your years. Amen.

Tomas: This tread we have enjoyed today from the most High and Prince Machiventa has reflected the reality of the Ancients of Days in discussing Justice and this is the quality we invite you to adopt and allow in yourselves: the greater perspective of love, which judges kindly as compared to the tendency to convict your fellows that the lesser value of judgment can hold. Inasmuch as it is beyond any of us to judge accordingly to the value of any individual. It is only the higher consciousness of the Ancients of Days that are given that dubious honor. It is indeed a release from the obligations of judgment that we honor their role in our Greater Universe. In this context, is judgment understood and enjoyed.
I will more to you perhaps when you review the definition of Ancients of Days in your text. But it will become meaningful when you appreciate in your heart of hearts how loved you are that your existence is protected by the divine and not belittled by the short-sighted perspective of the finite. Open your minds, open your hearts, open your souls to the radiance of divine love, the love that rains upon us, that washes the dust from our feet as we wearily weave our way.
* * *
Denver Team
March 7, 2003
Bob [Teacher - Ed]: To expand in another aspect to your answer, you recall in the Old Testament and the New Testament, there are many references to the AMost High.@ There are many references and the ancients who recorded these incidences, spoke not of the Most Highs as a councilor body, but they know the Most High as AGod the Most High.@ They were told that the Most Highs were involved in the affairs of man, and we repeat again that this is so, even today - perhaps even more so. During the Correcting Time, the Most Highs= activities involve all human activities, whether that is religious, government, commerce, trade, finance, national organization, or government of any order, they are involved in that through the mind function of individuals who question that there might be a better way to do things, one that would develop order, cooperation, oneness, wholeness, integration. So the Most Highs are involved.
* * *
North Colorado Team
April 1, 2003
Rayson: Now to your second question, that of the Most Highs= influence in your lives and the lives of others: Never will you see a crushing or powerful influence of the Most Highs to affect a change in any one individual. However, the Most Highs definitely are influential in the circumstances around individuals - where they live, where they work, those cultures around them that impinge their lives, which affect their thinking - nowhere will you ever see any direct influence to usurp individual will. Remember, the most Highs have been around a long time; their goals are long term. Their influence upon your planet will only be slightly less long than the Midwayers who came here in the beginning and will continue on throughout the days of Light and life on this planet. The work of the Most Highs will be essentially completed, long before then.

Think of the work of the Most Highs as similar to making steel: How do you make steel? You don=t go out to a hole in the ground and pull out rods of steel, but you take the elements that will eventually be used to make iron and then forge it into steel. Elemental iron, plus additives, plus physical exertion upon the structure of the metal, makes steel - fairly basic elements. And what are the basic elements of your world? They are the land you live on, (and yes there may be cataclysms in the land), and there is air, and there is fire, and there is society, associations - and even in associations, it is not individuals who are changed, but the slight influences around them. It is much like what happened in your country many decades ago: Individuals crossed this wilderness and tamed it, putting dams in front of the mighty rivers, as they did not want the uneven influence of water to erode their farms, flood their houses, and kill their children and livestock, but to be used to nurture the land by making its flow even and steady; and to use the running water to generate power.
This is a similar influence of the Most Highs. They are here in very general ways; their influence is very generalized. We do not have permission to disclose how they do influence individuals, but it is not through direct cataclysmic personal tragedy or through manipulating their mind mechanisms. If you were to use an electrical grid system and the power control centers and those individuals who control that power, you can understand the influence of the Most Highs more completely. Now, you are thinking to last year or the year before when your power grid experienced many ups and downs of manipulations, which were contrived to earn some electrical associations huge amounts of extra income, which was secured by unjust, unfair and unethical means from the common electrical user. This is not how the Most Highs work!
Even-handed management for the greatest benefit of all exemplifies the work of the Most Highs. That is an important, underlying principle for the administration of the affairs of man on your world - an even-handed application of influence for the highest and greatest good of the greatest number of people. The Most Highs are not interested in lining the pockets of already rich individuals, but they are most interested in making life more productive for all individuals. Much like the electrical grid system, everyone enjoys electrical power, to pump water, to cool refrigerators, freezers, to mix bread and to power batteries that operate electric vehicles, and so on. It is even-handed. It is much like the Most Highs being the Grand Utilities Commission, governing the water, the electrical, the gas, the sewer - all those aspects that underlie the maintenance of society. Yet there is more! Not only do they maintain and sustain your society, but also they create, and bring about changes, which necessitate growth, education, ingenuity, and diversify. Their influence is mighty and powerful, Aeven@, and it is long term.
Now let us, in a subtopic, associate this to the political cataclysms that are occurring in your world right now. You despair about the difficulties that occurring; you despair about the potential ramifications to your country, its economy, and its associations with its allies, friends and neighbors in the future and how this may affect your life, how it may affect your children=s lives, and your grandchildren=s and their great-grandchildren - on for another 150 to 200 years. Your thoughts are not wasted, your concerns are not wasted, and they are meaningful. You can see the potential for great political disintegration and disharmony; you see this as potentially very harmful and it threatens your life style, your comfort level, and your way of being. And surely it does; and surely it will. Yet it is much like the rubble that occurred in the cities after your great wars. This rubble was used for making new landfills, extensions into harbors and bays where your cities can grow and extend; literally, [this rubble] can be used to build new buildings, and so on. When there is disarray caused by mortal mismanagement, when there is destruction and disharmony, the Most Highs see this as a high time of opportunity, a time for reconstruction, a time for rebuilding, a time for implementing new plans or applying existing plans of Michael for the Correcting Time on this planet. Do not be glad to see this happen, however participate in the rebuilding with your mind heart, and energy. Yes the merkaba energy, here can be used to the betterment of your world in ways that you cannot imagine. This power source and its energy is multi-dimensional, it can be applied in unlimited ways by your conscious mind where you can think of, and in ways that you can hope for.

The Most Highs do not ever wish for the destruction of any nation or any people or any culture. They do not need to do this for you humans seem to be self-destructive enough already! (Snickering from the group.) Mortals will do this and will provide the new soil for a new society, for new associations. When societies become Ahard baked,@ such as a lake bed that is hard as concrete, there cannot be much done about it, but when that even surface that seems so comfortable to travel upon becomes wet, becomes broken by a plow, then it provides a new environment for new arrangements, new growths. Old, staid, powerful crystallized, politicized relationships, once broken, become new fertile ground for aiding those who have less, those who are in the majority, those who literally are the large part of your populations (over 90%) for most of you [meaning the 90%) are powerless and most of you do not participate in that And were it not for the participation of Michael=s Correcting Time, you could easily return to feudal times once again.
So my friends, the Most Highs are truly your friends, your societal and civilizational guardians, the one who see [you] through your large changes and those ways that are destructive, and turn them into productive, peaceful ways. The Most Highs are much like . . . are similar to your societies and civilizations as your Guardian angels are to your individual lives. They do not thwart your decisions, do now thwart your will, and do not try to bridle your ego, but gently guide you in ways that are helpful and productive. And only when you have totally dedicated your life to the Father=s way, and you have actively willed to do the Father=s will above all else, only then will your Guardian angels tie your shoestrings together and help you fall, if that is needed, so that you can rise again. Your societies cannot do that; they do not have a will; they do not have spiritual sovereignty; they do not have worth. Believe it or not, your societies do not have the worth of one individual, because they have no will, they have no survivability. Their worth lies in their capacity to produce individuals of soul-growth capacity; therefore they are worthwhile having and surely they will always be recognized, encouraged, nurtured, by the Most Highs to grow.
So you see, my friend - all my friends here - that your consciousness, your thoughts about this are primary to the healing of your world. That is why, to get back to the original question, the original statements to today=s session, of going forward to teach others, to enlighten them, it is all about consciousness. Even morality and ethics are of no use without consciousness; didactic obedience to moralities and standards of ethics, without conscious thought, do not enhance the survivability of individuals, though it does train the mind for more speedy progress through the morontial world schools. It is only through consciousness, and conscious decisions, understanding the repercussions of your decisions in positive and negative ways, and by applying wisdom to take the right course of action, that you truly contribute to your world. Now this is the influence of Michael and the Most Highs in the most intimate and personal way. Do you see this grand loop? There is a loop here: it affects you and you affect your society, and vice versa.

This has been, not a provocative session, but a thought provoking session. If you think of yourself as alone, and you may feel very much alone, even though you are supported by your local universe administration down to your Thought Adjuster and Guardian Angel, If you remember the lessons of a few weeks ago, you also have come to understand the intimate, loving, patient, co-creative participatory action of God, Creator in your own personal life, and it is immediate, it is now, it is for you. We want you to know this, but most of all we want you to feel this - to feel the Creator=s over-riding love for you, and the Christ Spirit=s immediate participation in your life as you make decisions and go about your daily lives. We hope this gives you hope, a peace of living in a turbulent world in a conscious awareness that your lives are worthy and worthwhile, and that they are for something more than just an economic factor in your economy. You are the primary ingredient in the economy of a spiritual universe; you are one in mind with the Thought Adjuster within you. The potentials of that combination are far more immense than you can possibly imagine today. You will not be sacrificed, for the Creator=s experience of living in you is immensely valuable. Your have an immense contribution to make. When you become conscious of that on a moment-to-moment basis, every day, you become an important and powerful factor in the healing of your world and in the fulfillment of the days of Light and Life of this universe level of existence.
* * *
Woods Cross
March 9, 2003
Abraham: Now that I am without material form I have good communication with my Father. It is very much different from where I am than from where you are to communicate with that Indwelling God. I have not the fetters of the mortal body to scramble messages that may be from Father. I would say a few words on making the most of your contact with the Indwelling God.
There are literal receptors within the brain that connect to Spirit. The mortal body is wired to receive from the Indwelling Fragment. When the physical body and mind are not in optimum performance then can divine messages be scrambled. This is not to say that you become separated from Father, no. He never leaves you. You are simply somewhat buffered against His presence.
Everyone knows those activities you can do to optimize your physical body to see to that successful communion with the Spirit. Good food, exercise, and limited chemicals, whether it be environmental or for medical purposes. Many of your daily activities or intake can interrupt those receptors that connect with Spirit. The more disconnection you feel, the more you should rethink those choices of what you consume. Also stress, anxiety, worry and other various Spirit poisons can create interruption between you and the Father Fragment. Daily stillness is a wonderful antidote for these interruptions.
Many people wonder why it is so difficult to perceive the will of God. Much of it is the mortal body and mind, as you will see when you are freed from this life. You will see divine contact in a whole new way, but for now this material experience is required. It is the exercise that will strengthen you for the life ahead. The divine Adjusters desire so much for your success in your eternal career that they diligently work to educate, adjust and modify your thinking. A life of ease does not work toward a successful destination to becoming one with the Fragment.
A father who would give his child everything does not teach the child to work. A father who would make his child=s life easy does not teach the child to learn for themselves. A father does however make time to educate the child even if it becomes repetitive, for the father desires the child=s success. Most living creatures educate their young so that they may learn survival, so that they may know those skills it takes to live well, to live long. These lessons are difficult, and yet life continues on. All those values and meanings are used to continue on with the business of living.
The Indwelling Father is not to be perceived as a harsh teacher, for it is so much more. The Adjuster is living life within you. They know you as a child, not a student. They know you as a part of all there ever was, is and will be. They know you and love you as you are, and yet they are energized by seeing your potential.
To be fit in all aspects of living makes the Adjuster=s divine message easier to comprehend. Balance in mind and body creates a more clear path for the Adjusters to communicate with you. This time now is critical for you to be in direct contact with your Father Fragment, because there are many individuals in the world that will need your assistance by sharing with them the good news.
This week reevaluate your daily intake of food, medications, chemicals, sunlight and exercise. Make improvements where needed. Create a list of activities you can be actively involved with that reduce stress and anxiety. Let not the fetters of the material body come between you and your beloved Adjuster. Know that your ministry to others depends upon your ability to connect with the Spirit. That is all.

Azyray: Abraham, I would like to say thank you for teaching. I am a diabetic and I have to take insulin, I was wondering if that is a chemical and hindering me from getting in touch with my Thought Adjuster? Maybe you could advise me in some way that I could cure myself of this, or help me understand more that I might be able to not have to take so many chemicals. I appreciate it.
Abraham: Understood, Azuray. Those chemicals that are needed to keep the material form healthy are not a hindrance, but a help. There are cases where medical technology helps you to become balanced in body, and therefore are beneficial towards receiving divine information. Do those things which you know to create good health. Do not make sudden changes, but be open to that divine guidance within. Most mortals at some time or another will need medical help, just as an automobile needs maintenance to continue moving.
Tectra: Abraham, you spoke earlier in the lesson on spiritual receptors that help us make contact with our Indwelling Spirit. Then you went on to talk about eating well, getting sunlight, and keeping chemicals out of our bodies. I am just curious, can you talk about other ways to enhance our connection other than these? What I am thinking about is can we grow that experience by visualizing somehow that these receptors are growing? What other ways can we grow these receptors?
Abraham: They are for the most part the same things you have always done: prayer, positive attitude, limiting external stimulus, but also anytime you can master the self, for example being patient, overcoming anger, resisting the temptation to feel self-pity, all make the way clear for these receptors to be open to spiritual circuitry. There is an energy exchange so to speak, while you have thoughts that depart, there are also thoughts coming in. Good question. I would have to say to exercise self-mastery is of great benefit toward opening these receptors. This is something you have each practiced and not at all difficult. This question you present - the answers vary for individual to individual. Different activities may help some while not helping others.
* * *
Larkspur, California
January 16, 2003
Welmek: This stillness practice is the most important time of your day. For as we have instructed you, it is a time when you devote your thoughts exclusively to the Father to come into a deeper and fuller and more trusting relationship that you share with him. There is nothing as important or fundamental that you can do with your time than to practice stillness. Each of you has experience of this now, and you know the validity of my words for your all have experienced the greater awareness of the presence of the Father within you.
Now I would like to begin a more in-depth exploration of the work of this Divine Monitor within your mind, and help you to gain a stronger foothold in stilling your mind so that your Adjuster has more of an opportunity to impact your thinking, your feelings, your ideas, and your behavior. I=d like you to spend a few moments now and go within. What I would like to ascertain from you is what is the quality of your stillness practice? And how may I may I assist you in furthering and encouraging you to maintain a dedicated practice each and every day?
[Following are excerpts from this session. -Ed]
Welmek: I have ascertained that your mind is going through a period of great tension releasing, as you are now engaged in a very active process of allowing your indwelling Monitor to more fully spiritize your thinking. And this is a time of great mental activity and spiritual re-patterning of how you use your mind and how you think. Therefore, I would suggest that your stillness practice for a period of several months be confined strictly to the realm of asking for the Father=s will to prevail within your mind.

When you are in this state of quiet inner focus on the Father, go into that place where you believe and trust that his will for you is the best and highest good that could ever possibly occur in your life. When you are in that place, open your heart and invite him into all of those ideas that you have in your mind that you are confused about, and ask for his will to prevail. It is not necessary to identify those areas of confusion, for your Monitor knows where they are, what they are, and how to add its subtle influence into the way you have perceived reality.
Student: I am clear on the concept you just relayed to me. It will definitely simplify things for the time being. The question that comes to mind: what is your ability to communicate with my indwelling spirit? Can you communicate with it as easily as another teacher?
Welmek: It is not as if I have direct contact with your Adjuster. But I am able to perceive those areas within your mind that require more of the influence of the Adjuster to correct your current environment and the current climate your emotional stability. There are certain thought configurations that are clearly identifiable when I am allowed to scan your mind. [Student had given him permission to scan his mind. - Ed] It is as if there are holes in your thinking, whereas if the Adjuster was more active there would be more spiritual coherence and truth substance. So it is in this way I would say I am able to sense or see what is occurring in your mind and where your Adjuster has an influence.
Spend several months as I said in this focus. Do not analyze or overly concern yourself with what is happening. You will, in time, find yourself mentally clear, emotionally stable. But do not make the mistake of trying to ascertain where you are while this is all going on with in the depths of your mind.
Student: Yes, Welmek, what I notice is that I need to do stillness and pray and worship every morning before I go out into the world, whether it be to work or on an errand or to ride a bike or swim that it is important to me to meditate or to pray or to commune with the Father; more important to that than even eating. I know that when I have truly connected with the Father within that there is a strong capacity to love, and to be a focus of goodness in this world. What the natural offspring of connecting with the Father is to do his will, and to have his agenda prevail in my life.
And what I also noticed, especially in the last couple of weeks, as my mind is absorbed in this capacity to love and to be expansive, is a stronger desire to be in stillness. And there are even times when I feel agitated, because I want to be in stillness more. But my external life takes precedent: my work, my family, my relationships. And there are times during my busy day I=ll take 5 or 10 minutes and stop to connect with the Father and to kind of realign with the present moment. And there are times at night when I come from work where I=ll sit outside and do the same thing: connecting with the Father or connecting with the present moment.
And that=s where I wish to be more disciplined: that when I come home from a busy day I give myself time to do that. And I do notice at night, when I go to sleep, and we talked about this one other time, that I don=t have a full night=s sleep. It seems like I wake up in the middle of the night, and my thoughts are on the spirit, on God and truth, and my teacher. And so I wonder whether I should just get up and meditate or write or do something that will enhance my life and the life of others.
Welmek: The goal of stillness is to open your mind to the presence of the Father, and how the Father wishes you to perceive your reality each moment of the day. All of the thoughts that you think are eventually capable of being His thoughts.
What is transpiring within you is that desire for greater Father thinking within your mind. Do you agree with this now?

Student: Yes, very much so. It seems like I want to rest in that spot. I want in my Father, or universal consciousness: Like I want to give myself up.
Welmek: The devotion to this quest is admirable. And because you have sincerely made this pledge, your indwelling spirit is now striving to help you achieve this. So there are several points that I would like to share with you now to take you into the realm of even more an expansive Father awareness. This restfulness that you seek can be experienced throughout your day. And you are already practicing stillness breaks throughout the day. And I would encourage you to continue to do that. But I would also add a challenge now to you: to see if you can, in the middle of your day, in the midst of your activities, turn your mind to the Father while you are going about your tasks, and asking for his peace, his quiet, to overtake you while you are actively doing your chore or activity.
It is normal that you would be agitated after your busy day. You work hard, you have a physically intensive job, and so your body is in a state and requires a period of de-stressing, before you can become still again. This is very normal, and if you can,  make more intensive stillness thoughts in your active day. Over time you will find this period of decompression after work becomes less and less, for you will have expanded that place of stillness throughout your day, and thereby giving your body the needed spiritual stamina it needs in the fulfillment of your heart=s desire. Do you understand what I am suggesting to you here now?
Student: Yes, yes. What do you mean by intensive stillness?
Welmek: By practicing being still and peaceful in the midst of you activity, by asking the Father to be with you as you are doing your chore; and filling you with peace, filling you with comfort, filling you with joy, filling you with acceptance for what you are doing and love for what you are doing. And as to your wakefulness in the early morning hours, might I scan your mind as well? (Yes, you may.)
The mental currents are softening and opening as you sleep. The indwelling spirit is becoming more adept, or should I say your mind is becoming more amenable to your spirit=s ministrations. And there are certain times when the thoughts become so crystallized as to awaken you and to stimulate your ideas and nerve impulses so that you are able to be aware more fully of the indwelling Adjuster=s leanings. It is up to you whether you wish to awaken yourself fully as to rise out of bed and record your thoughts or to be in communion with the Father.
Do not be frustrated by this activity. Instead, see if you can for a time be in that place of rest in the Father that is very physically and soul rejuvenating. Invite your body to receive (side on of tape ends) ask for a deeper impressioning of his love going into your being - mentally and physically. Rest in his love. This period of restfulness in his love will be very satisfying to you, both mentally and physically. But if you fight this happening, you will become frustrated, and you will create more tension within your mind and body and not awaken refreshed and renewed. Do you understand what is happening here now and what I am calling into your mind as a distinction?
Student: Yes, I do. I had an understanding that that=s what was going on. I have felt that when I intensified my stillness or prayed during the day, I feel more at peace and flowing and energetic even at the end of the day So I have experienced that, as well.
Welmek: The body carries within it many pockets of tension. They increase your level of agitation. If it is to rest in the Father that you desire, would it not make sense to allow this tension to dissipate by being in stillness as much as you can during the entire 24-hour period of the day? (Yes) Here again, you are expanding the time that you are in stillness, so that you, too, can gain greater mastery over those thoughts in your mind so that it is not just you who is doing the thinking. But it is the Father and you, combined. Do you understand?

Student: Yeah, I feel so strongly in my heart. And then from that place where I and the Father are one, I am naturally of service. I am naturally a force of goodness and love in this world and a catalyst of transformation, just by being who I am, at oneness with my Father.
Welmek: Above all, we desire for each of you to come to the deepest possible recognition of who you are as a dearly beloved child of our Father in Paradise.
Student: Welmek, perhaps you can clear up a small mater. When I ask for the Father=s will in stillness to prevail, does it matter whether I ask for Michael=s will or the Father=s will, since they=re both in my mind one and the same? Sometimes I feel more comfortable just speaking with Michael and other times with the Father. Does this make a difference?
Welmek: You have correctly determined that the Father=s will and Michael=s will are one. Where you deviate in your thinking is that there are specific functions of your Father=s action in your mind and Michael=s action in your mind. And there are times when you will feel more of a leading or urging to commune with Michael and more of a desire to be with the Father. This is all part of your growth, as you lend your mind to them for their use and their ministry into it. Truly, how could you go wrong? It is impossible. Allow your heart to lead you into that realm of appeal.
Student: Is it possible to commune with my Adjuster through the transmitter at some time as I am communing with you?
Welmek; Indwelling Monitors do not communicate with other individuals directly. There is a fraternization of Monitor to Monitor, and thereby rendering certain leadings or impressions from one individual to another. But this is dangerous ground, and I caution to think very carefully about what you are asking. For the other person to be an effective conveyor of where the Adjusters are fraternizing, and how and what they are sharing may not be detectable with in the other human. And so, if this is done prematurely or insincerely, you are opening yourself up to great spiritual fraud.
* * * * *
Ron Besser
In 1985 nothing worked in the meditation department for me. Either I just fell asleep or I lost satisfactory mind control. Seeking relief from self doubt, I abandoned the mantras, the crystals, the soothing music, the warm-up picture, candles, and meditation tapes and so on. The answer to the problem for me was to get rid of all the stage props and to keep the purpose of Thought Adjuster contact in front of me when I sat down, and that was once a day every day, to make contact.
Within six months I had mind control. Within one year I had deep and restful contact with the spiritual parts of the mind. In three years I had robust Thought Adjuster contact (1988). From 1988 to the present the Adjuster has a constant tone Aon@ with audible give and take between us and considerable amounts of semi-conscious work which I am aware of but can not name its content.
The point I wish to make is if anyone wishes to have contact with the Father as a constant presence and company, there is little else to do but learn to do the work. Still the mind and deepen mind capacity while the Father waits beside you as you labor to hear. It must become a habit and it has to be all the time or the toning reached for by you in the mind and the development once done in the spiritual circuits fades. To revitalize it by failing to practice requires some readjustment by making the connection again and again.

The need for the stillness WILL END. It will no longer be necessary when the Adjuster makes his appearance in the consciousness centers with audible circuitry as a PERMANENT member of the consciousness. It is a permanent CO-CONSCIOUSNESS. It is no longer necessary to Alisten@, but now one needs only respond to the constant flow of communication received in the consiouoness. It is thought to thought now.
There is a tremendous complexity in Adjuster contact. The Urantia Book gives us a minimum contribution in telling us about it. It is really new-consciousness territory and mostly beyond the bounds of revelation to this date on the planet. I say to the list., [tml -Ed], if it is the desire of your soul and your FIRST desire, you need to follow through completely with the full physical and mental capacity at your disposal to do so. Use ALL of your inside resources. If you do not know what resources you have, find them in the silence, and then apply them in real time. Half measures result in half results as my many years before 1985 proved for me time and time again.
Teacher contact and channeling, from what I can get from my Adjuster and from what I learn from all of you, comes with some prerequisites of development, but once the circle development is met and the wish to receive is communicated, the channel or the transmission-receiving process can unfold. In other words the Teachers can establish contact with a knock on their door, but the Adjuster is less likely to answer the door with just a few knocks because of the need to reinforce the mind bridge to take the weight of the Adjuster moving in and with other needs we are not fully apprised of.
There is simply no substitute for what is being called the quiet time, the silence and the sincere wish behind the practice to be connected up to the higher-self. I am walking proof that it works as advertised, and while I do not know anything else involved with the process. I ask you if it is not enough to just have that? Anything else less would not be Adjuster translation to the consciousness (although you can transmit or channel him on occasion), and anything more would result in translation to the mansion worlds.
You who channel or transmit-receive must practice with a connection for many reasons. It=s tough to go with the words your receive mentally and to say them out loud to a listening group or even the tape recorder. You are allowed to do this in a conscious state (Alpha), some in semi-conscious (Beta), and very few in Delta (complete overcontrol). Then, when you are done, the connection evaporates until the next nudge or some other appointed time arrives to reopen the connection. There are time intervals in which the channeler and transmitter-receiver are not consciously alerted to a spiritual presence and work-activity connection. In these times you tend to forget about it and go about your business as necessary.
When the Adjuster translates from the super-consciousness through the work of the quiet-time, silence, communion, worship, or other internal spiritual connectivity, such as an action is at the discretion of the Thought Adjuster. We may have the Supreme desire to have it, but it is the Adjuster who has to make that decision, and he can only do it, when the mind has been prepared through practice to develop the strength to receive this very powerful part of the self. At least that is what I have gleaned from the Adjuster I have. This translation from the highest spiritual levels of the mind to the material consciousness is final. It will last until death or translation as I understand it from my Adjuster. It does not leave you like your circuit connections to the teachers or other channel information does. There are no intervals of time without the Adjuster present even though he may be (rarely) Aquiet@ sometimes. The Adjuster switch is never flipped Aoff@, but ever Aon@ upon completion of his status change from the super-consciousness to the ego-area of awareness.

Those of you have teachers or work in groups with teachers might sometime ask them about this area of Adjuster translation to the ego-area of awareness of consciousness, but such a development I believe must always be preceded with the mind work done to strengthen the mind and to put into place those robust conceptions that will serve as the bridge between pre-personal Adjuster and the material consciousness. This work is not conscious when it begins, and in my case it was finished and then, to my surprise, it suddenly was. I was not pre-warned. The Thought Adjust, I believe, uses that bridge to Across over@ to you and become the increasingly personal Adjuster that we share partially now and fully after fusion. At least it is my experience that the Adjuster is no longer completely pre-personal with this development. Obviously he is not totally personal either or I would not be writing you.
There is much to explore in your own practice of the stillness. There is much to learn from your Adjuster that has lasting import for the future that may be understood now and experienced in the material moment.
Because language is a problem about the necessity of these practices it is important, whatever the language used to describe it, to TEACH YOURSELF about this relationship. Others cannot do this for you. It is not so important to teach yourself about process, but to teach yourself to go for results and develop your own terms about the meaning of what you have learned.
My encouragement to you all!
* * * * *
The Tallahassee group announces its plans to construct a Temple to the Father on 250 acres near Tallahassee. The Temple will be constructed by people who understand the significance of the structure and construction will commence on July 26, 2003 and should be completed in a week.
If you are interested in participating in the Temple construction, please email Fred Harris at ***************** or call him at *** and get the details. We especially would like to encourage the UB youth to participate.
* * *
Congratulations to the Denver Group!!! This is a new group that has formed with the help of the North Colorado Group. Bob is their Teacher and reading the transcripts from their sessions, this is not a fledgling group, but rather one that is off to a flying start! We thank all of you in the North Colorado group for helping to add one more group to the Teaching Mission. This a great service you have provided. You can look forward to seeing their sessions in future TNN issues.
* * * * *
This is a list of books written by members of our TM family that you will enjoy reading and want to add to your library. You may want to consider adding extra copies to your collection of Aloaners@ to share with others. You never know when you will find someone ready to read one of these books. We need to be prepared and these authors have given us the tools to use as we share the Good News!
Our many thanks to the authors that have given their love, energy and talents into writing these books and printing them. THANK YOU!!!
The Center Within by Fred Harris & Byron Belitsos, Origin Press 1998 $14.95
The Search for 11:11 by George Mathieu Barnard Celestia/11:11 Publishers 2002 $15.00
The Secret Revelation: Unveiling the Mystery of the Book of Revelation by Stella Religa with Byron Belitsos Celestia imprint 2002 $21.00
All of the above books are available from the publishing enterprises of Byron Belitsos and can be purchased from his Kosmos Bookstore on-line at the website: originpress.com for 10% off plus P& H. The 10% discount applies only to purchases on the website. If you don=t have a computer and can=t find a friend to place an order for you, you can call 530-926-4907.

Byron is offering The Center Within at 50% off for 4 copies or more, which would be a cost of $30 plus shipping for 4 books for the readers of the newsletter. These can only be purchased by calling 888-276-4446 and mentioning ATNN - 50% off.@
We thank you, Byron, for this generous offer - 4 books for $30. What a deal. We hope this will help the book reach many more readers.
The Correcting Time by Fred Harris Mind, Body and Spirit, Inc. 1999 $14.95
Available from Amazon.com. For those of you without access to a computer, you can write to Mind, Body and Spirit, Inc. at P.O. Box 1838. Tallahassee, Fl 32302
Teach Us To Love
The Manual fo find Unconditional Love for Yourslf and Others by Donna D=Ingillo 2002 $14.95
To order a copy send a check for $15.00 plus $1.50 for Ph&H in the US to The Center for Christ Consciousness, 1800 Lincoln Village Circle, #2253, Larkspur, CA 94939.
The Zooid Mission by Gerdean 2002 $20.00
To order a copy send check or money order for $25.00 ($20.00 plus $5.00 for P& H) made payable to O=Dell-Bowen Enterprises at P.O. Box 27714, Albuquerque, NM 87125-7714
The Fruits of the Spirit by Teacher Tomas
Available for $5.00 plus $1 P& H through O=Dell-Bown Enterprises or the Harp of God Foundation, Inc. at P.O. Box 692, Monterey, MA 01245.
How I Found the Urantia Book - Compiled by Saskia Praamsma Square Circles Publishing 2001 $8.95
To order a copy send a check or money order for $8.95 plus $3.00 postage to Square Circles Publishing, P.O. Box 251194, Glendale, CA 91225.
* * * * *

Some of our industrious, creative and talented Teaching Mission members have designed some incredible web sites loaded with information of interest to all of us. AND they are easy to use!!!
If you don=t have a computer, a trip to your local library can now be the most enjoyable visit you ever had amidst all the books.
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Bob Devine is compiling a new TM Directory and hopes to have it ready for our summer conference. If you would like to be listed in the TM Directory, please see that Bob gets your address and phone number.
* * * * *

July 10th -13th , 2003
Niagra Falls, New York
(A Pre-Conference Stillness/Worship Retreat
Begins Wenesday Evening, July 9th)
This year=s National Teaching Mission Conference will be held at the Center for Renewal Services, a Catholic conference and retreat center near Niagra Falls.
Jim Cleveland is the Program Chair with help from various TeaMers including Bob Devine, Sussi Rowland, Mike Painter, and Donna D=Ingillo, and Stephanie Gjerde. The local committee includes Judy Nyland, Theresa Logan and Leah Convery. Bob Devine designed the registration mailers and you should have received yours.
Richard Knox will be Music Director and Stage Manager. Donna is coordinating the worship sessions. ALiving Waters@ is the theme. [What a perfect theme for a conference at Niagra Falls ! - Ed.]
Al Wolf, who many of you may know from his presence at the Colorado Team Conference, IC99 or Celestial Nights will be doing a pre-conference retreat on the evening of July 9th and the morning of July 10th before the Team Conference starts.
Pre-Conference Retreat will consist of three or four 1 hour sessions introducing the reality of the individual experiencing God=s presence personally, in the persons of the Father, Michael and the Mother Spirit. Each session will start with prayer, perhaps a bit of group worship, and some talk for deepening of understanding. But the main part of each session will be an easy practice of quiet and stillness, where we give ourselves totally to God, to receive in return the divine loving embrace beyond words and concepts. The purpose is to allow God to more fully enter into our souls, our whole beings and lives, permanently.
The extra day charge at the conference center will only be $45 for lodging and meals. Is there anybody who wants to pass up this opportunity?
Registration: June 1, 2002
Late Registration Fee of $10.00 after June 1
Final Deadline for Registering is June 20th
Jim Cleveland reminds us to send our registrations in as soon as possible as space is limited.
If you haven=t gotten your registration information please contact:

Deanna Convery
If you want to present something at the conference, contact Jim Cleveland at ************ or send an email to ***************** and she will forward your request to Jim and the Program Committee. To insure your inclusion, please don=t procrastinate.
* * * * *
From Sonny Schnieder=s Daily quotes on tml
May 20, 2000
When you eventually come to leave fear behind, you will be in the realm of having a Thought Controller rather than Thought Adjuster - Ham
On the evolutionary worlds, will creatures traverse three general developmental stages of being: From the arrival of the Adjuster to comparative full growth, about twenty years of age on Urantia, the Monitors are sometimes designated Thought Changers. From this time to the attainment of the age of discretion, about forty years, the Mystery Monitors are called Thought Adjusters. From the attainment of discretion to the deliverance from the flesh, they are often referred to as Thought Controllers. - Solitary Messenger of Orvonton
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Dear Father, Michael, Mother Spirit,
We ask that the circuits of our minds be harmonized with yours: to be more open and receptive to the leadings of our Thought Adjusters. We ask that you continue to minister to us and to find those openings within our minds where action is necessary in order for our Adjusters to make new impressions and to guide our thoughts into a more Father-like manner. Open us to your love, to your steady hand, gently tending the soils of our minds, rendering them more beautiful and more receptive to your light, your love, your wisdom, and your beauty.
Your loving children
[Adapted from a prayer by Welmek - Ed]
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