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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

July 1996 (Vol. 4, No.7)




The exciting news this month is that the Front Range TeaM in Boulder, CO has made arrangements for the 1997 TM Gathering at Snow Mountain outside of Boulder August 21-24, 1997. It has been necessary to make arrangements early for such a large gathering and because some who would like to attend need to give their employers their vacation dates this summer for 1997. These things were on my mind during a conversation with Bob Lea, so while we were talking, I asked him if the Boulder Group might be willing to consider holding the 1997 TM Gathering in Boulder. Bob discussed it with his group and they got right on it and found a great location for us. Many thanks to this group for their efforts and willingness to get the ball rolling. Getting started this early will give us plenty of time to prepare for this joyous and important gathering of mortals and celestials. The next issue of the newsletter will have more details. In the meantime, now is the time to think about ways you might like to be of assistance in participating and planning what you would like to see in the program. With all that is happening now and a year to go, this is going to be a gathering you won't want to miss, so mark your calendars now - August 21-24, 1997.


It is hoped that those of you who have suggestions for the 1998 TM Gathering will take the time this year to check out the possibilities so we can discuss them prior to the Gathering in Boulder in order for us to choose the next location in a more timely and democratic fashion. The concern this year was to get things going in finding a group willing to take this project on, select dates, make reservations in a location that is fairly central and meets our requirements. While the Boulder group has been good enough to take the initial steps, I assured Bob that the rest of us would pitch in and help in the planning and organizing of this event to make a great success. The teachers have already made mention of the 1997 TM Gathering, so we will most assuredly have their help, but we need do help on the mortal side - So, let's hear from you.  


One question we need to consider is, do we wish to start the gathering on Wednesday, giving us an additional day next year or do we want to keep it like the previous ones - Thursday through Sunday? Please give this some thought and let us know your feelings about this. Keeping in mind that Michael's birthday is Thursday next year, it might be nice to all be gathered and settled in on this day. If you are like me, there never seems enough time to see and visit with everyone and next year the gathering will be larger and with more topics to cover. If you have any thoughts on this, please let us hear from you IN AUGUST, so we can prepare the information and registration forms for mailing in September.


Several of you have suggested and encouraged me to put the newsletter on the net. Many of you may be wondering why this has not been done. The answer is simply because at this time it doesn't seem to be in the highest and best interest of all to move the newsletter into a more public forum. At this stage, as we are all growing and learning so much, it seems that a more private forum for sharing is much more comfortable for all of us than a more public forum such as the net. It is so important for us to share that I do not wish to do anything that would impede this process and my "feeling" is that to put the newsletter on the net would not be a wise choice now.


Earth Changes is a topic that brings up many differing responses and reactions in all of us. As we develop our spiritual muscles in learning and applying the lessons of the teachers and strive to develop a stronger relationship with our Father in our Stillness, it is good to reflect on what the coming changes and challenges may mean to us and how we might use our growing spiritual awareness and strength to assist in the changes whatever they may be that lie ahead of us. The Boulder Group under the guidance of their teacher Mor-gan is taking action to develop an intentional community based on helping to meet the needs that they envision will arise due to these coming changes. In this issue the words of Daniel and Minearisa in Pocatello give one a lot to think about in more personal terms of how we exercise our spiritual muscles in a time of crisis.  Will we add to the chaos or will we be a strong stabilizing force in the midst of chaos?  


As far as culling the mailing list, which I am still doing, it has never been my intention to cull the mailing list by contributions, but rather to determine who is really interested in receiving it. If you are interested in receiving the newsletter but unable to make a contribution, you need only let me know and your name, I assure you, will not be removed from the mailing list for to do so would not be in keeping with the purpose of the newsletter. My thanks to those that sent donations. They covered the cost of this newsletter with some left over for the next issue.


May you all enjoy a wonderful celebration of Michael's birthday in his presence and receive his blessings as you honor him with you love joyful thankfulness for all he has given us.


Allene Vick



                                    * * *


                    FROM THE READERS




I attended the Spiritfest III in Los Osos, June 21-23, and had a wonderful time, as usual. The people there had a glow and the teachers did their usual enlightening thing. It is a wonderful experience to be in the company of spiritually minded people (as you know). I had a very special walk and talk with Michael during the weekend. He really is here.


Robert M. Burton


                                    * * *



Thank you so much for all your time, effort and hard work in putting out the TR/NN. I enjoy reading it and hearing what information is coming through the transmission to other groups. It always amazes me that so much of it is familiar. It seems a lot of us are getting the same teachings, which is a confirmation to me that it is the truth. I'm attending the NW Conference in Wilsonville, OR this coming weekend. I hear a lot of people form all over are coming. I will be fun to see everyone. I missed the one in Idaho last year, but so enjoyed the one in Cheney, WA the year before.


Pam Behling


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Thank you for your dedication to this publication. It is received with the excitement of a child opening a surprise gift.


David Pendleton


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DOVER, DE - Enclosed is a little piece I put together from some everyday events and a meditation. You may use it as you see fit as it isn't mind - it's HIS and obviously they won't give HIM copyright protection. One really has to wonder sometimes!!


Just say YES, for HIM,

Barry Norby


          Random Meditations of the New Day


                       How do I Perceive


I awoke today and looked out upon a cloudy sky with light drizzling rain, a brisk breeze was dancing multi-shades of green to and fro as if in a celebration of life. I watched In wonder as a proud and perky Robin hopped along cocking its head to listen for the sound of an earthworm crawling just beneath the ground, then its beak darted down. I watched in amazement as it tugged, knowing just how much force to use, then it shook its small head with the fat little worm dangling from its beak. It did not gobble in greedy hast as I had expected but instead flew back to a tree to first tend to its young. I marveled at the loving care of such a simple lowly species. Love truly knows no boundaries. How is it possible that we often shut it out with inflated self-importance. As I watched this miracle unfold before me I overheard in the static unreality behind me, "Oh what a nasty, miserable day." I thought; You must be kidding, such beauty I seldom chance to see. Do my eyes see differently? I see random shades of gray drifting along with His glory shining through, unchallenged, to reveal the splendor of this new day, refreshing drops of clean fresh water dancing on the tips of leaves as bright jewels come to life, invigorating chilled breezes, bright colors everywhere, undiminished by the overcast but instead accentuated by the contrasts. A scene that shouts my Father's command to eternally grant the grace of renewal. New beginnings eternally unfolding to make opportunity for correcting, in time, even the worst of our error. To polish as jewels of light, the crudest and roughest stone.


Where did I get these eyes that see your loving beauty, truth and goodness wherever I chance to look? I now know it's from that silent time I spend alone each day with you. Yes, from the stillness deep within you draw near to emanate our glow of light gently throughout my being, your peaceful effervescent love that flows in waves, to kindle within my spontaneous response of love and gratitude. Some strange energy as yet undetected flows within activating unknown mechanisms to bring balance, peace, healing, serene optimistic hope, but most of all it fills with Your love overflowing that I cannot but share the benefit of other who chance to pass by. All of these expressions of that love that was born in You, then flows back to you to join your omnipresence of comforting, blissful and oh, so peaceful love. This then, like the rain or perhaps the warm, penetrating beams of light returns again to each and all of your creatures like. Some of these will see by some inner eye of perception which too is a gift from You. Most of these pass on quickly without even so much as a thought, but a few grasp hold to consider but briefly. Some less ponder upon this pleasantness but do not discern the source so they shake it off impatiently. They say to themselves it's imagination or perhaps a touch of deja vu. Still less contemplate in quietude and give thanks for the wondrous gift. These then are blessed with those same effervescent waves of love that course throughout their being. Intuitively they know that this blissful peace is theirs to claim as they wish. All they must do is take the time to be quietly alone in stillness with you. Yes, they can keep it even always by just drawing from the well. they then cease to doubt that You exist for how else could they be in such personal communion as to actually share with Thee. Again out this flows to join the firmament of our love. Just these few at a time, in time, then expand the strength of Your presence of love in inner rings as the ripples from a pebble dropped in a pool. Eternally expanding again and again. In the cycles of Your plan that fulfill you will of perfection through love. You patiently wait for this freewill choice by each within Your creation. Still I sense a change within your loving embrace. The intensity is increasing. Dare I hope as yet on this minute sphere a new cycle of renewal? My inner eye says Yes - Yes - Yes tis indeed the dawn of a bright new day. there is naught we can do to change the plan. It shall come to pas as ordained. Yes, each being, each planet, each universe and beyond shall be filled with the light of Your truth. When our will becomes Yours we will then get it right and be transformed to the light of Your being. The full presence of Your kingdom of love growing into eternity.


Barry Norby To my beloved partner, a universe of God's children and returned again to Him.


                                    * * *


                                 * * * * *




NW GATHERING - Michael Palmer sent the following message from Michael of Nebadon transmitted by Thea July 4, 1996 for the NW Gathering.


Greetings, my Beloved Children. This is your sovereign Michael. I wish to share with you what is in my heart this day, and to come to your assistance, to strengthen you in your determination. I am ever glad when you seek to gather together in the name of my desire to serve our Father's will. I honor and love you for your tender devotion to the cause that is deep in all our hearts - the remediation of our beloved planet Urantia. When we watch your dedication and your endless sacrifices of time an energy, we are gratified beyond what your language allows us to express. But there is much, so much, that you cannot yet understand. If I could help you see the fullest truth without removing from you the essential journey of experience, I would so do. But that very experience is what will bring you along the path of the unfoldment of your own personality pattern's growing soul as it stretches towards the Father who gave it birth. And so I stand beside you in your pains as you move through the distortions of one of the most distorted worlds in my universe.


You labor with the legacy of Lucifer constantly tearing at your hearts. You do not yet know just how deeply this legacy reaches. The loss of your world's spiritual headquarters and the resultant chaos cars every human institution, every human endeavor to some extent. Among other difficulties, it also resulted in our Adamic default, which deprived you of some of the tools with which to fight the pattern of sin and iniquity that the rebels impressed upon your world and in your unknowing hearts. For sin and iniquity were brought here by Lucifer and his minions. It is not required that any of the Father's children experience sin and iniquity in order to be challenged in the pursuit of his Kingdom. The presence of the possibility of evil, of error, is sufficient to the ascension scheme. But you must labor with the distortion of the rebellion that casts a pall over much of your planetary life. And while it is true that once you have fully become faith children of the Father, you are delivered from most of this difficulty , it still belabors your efforts to fully enter into his kingdom of love. Our work here is dedicated primarily to the healing of this appalling legacy in individuals, that they may be greed to evolve the necessary changes to uplift your world.


You also do not yet realize how devastating is the loss or your Adam and Eve, the beloved patterns of parenthood and family life that guide the entire social structure and development of a word. Because of this loss, few since that time have fully understood what it is to parent or be parented. The concept of parent on our planet is pale and impotent compared to that of a normal world, where Adam and Eve are a visible and reassuring presence in the flesh of that pattern of family life that is of invaluable assistance in bringing a planetary population to light and life. You are all bereft; to some degree you are all orphans. And the quarantine itself has kept, of necessity, your world alone in all too many senses. You are all children in need of a parent's love - all too often unable to give love and receive love in the fullest sense. do not despair and berate yourselves for our failures of love, to give love and be loved, for much of this is the result of a legacy that you have not understood. Be patient with yourselves, even as I am ever patient with you and the Father patient with us all. And I give you my promise that as you understand more fully exactly what has happened to your world, its deepest implications, and the fuller meanings of the purposes of this mission, you will increasingly be healed of that history and become more deeply able to love and be loved.


Remember, I am your universe Father, and a father who truly loves his children will make up to them for their pains and deprivations in the cause of the full experience of the consequences of the free will choices of their less than loving brothers and sisters. I came to your world for a season, and have returned to your service as quickly as universe affairs permit. I am here to redress the wrongs that you have suffered, and I wish you to know that each of you will have every opportunity for the healing that you so desperately need. All that has been unjust will be made up for in the fullness of time. As your loving Universe Parent, and elder brother before the Father, I could do no less, and it is in my heart to do all that is possible. As your own healing occurs, you will long to help us to make up to your brothers and sisters who yet suffer.


To assist in this plan, you will see various missions on Urantia, all designed to the uplift and normalizing or your realm. When you hear of Magisterial missions, missions from Trinity Teacher Sons, and other possible aids to our development, it is not needful to debate among yourselves as to the accuracy of details, I have mandated that any and all missions, both revealed and unrevealed helpful to your uplift  shall come to pass, some at the same time. The sequence of a normal planet cannot serve the needs of an abnormal world, and I have so ordered your assistance that any and all possible help shall come concurrently at need. Therefore, be not surprised if you receive the echoes of our communications about all manner of assistance, and be not perplexed if it does not fit your expectations. I promise you that it will one day exceed even the most profound expectations you can have. It is ever my desire to utilize the most creative and effective methods for the uplift of our world as expeditiously as the unfoldment of the Father's will supports. Nothing we will do will shortcut necessary time development, and the experiences that your planet must go through to attain its rightful status, but wee will do all else short of the abrogation of our free will as the Father's children to asset you.


My beloved children, my heart is moved towards your plight constantly. I hear every plea from every heart and know that my own heart sends to yours all the love and comfort and support of a Father who loves the children he has made. Seek constantly the Father of us all, that you may begin to learn to receive his love. Do not despair at your failures, simply try faithfully over and over, despite the apparent lack of success. For your willingness to make the attempt builds edifices of strength and faith and courage unseen within. The day will come when they break through more often and fully to the surface of your heart and you will go to the father in full truth. Seek him, and also seek me. and my beloved Nebadonia, for our arms are always ready to surround you with the assurance of your true safety, and we are always ready to talk with you and heart the words of your hearts. Seek also your teachers, who are here to be not only teachers, but are your elder siblings, to be your friends and companions as you seek to traverse the morontial path while yet on our planet. They will never take from you your prerogatives of personal choice, but they are always willing to offer points for our consideration as you yourselves make the choices necessary to survival.


I love you with all that the Father has given, me with an abundance of love that will one day be yours. Mark not the success of this mission by these first apparently small movements forward. Remember again that it takes very little leaven to raise a mightily loaf, and for a time that leaven does not appear to rise. But the ferment of love and hope and healing is strong and well upon Urantia, if you look with care and deeper perception. This is my beloved Urantia and we will see it brought to glory. My thanks to you, my brave and loyal ones, for hearing my call, responding, and continuing on the path. Know that your very smallest deed is a movement forward of great and precious worth!

Together we serve the gracious, and ever beautiful, will of our Father in Heaven.






                                    * * *


LOLETA, CA - I feel like a real nerd for not taking your advice and writing down the "Congratulations, cadets of the Fayetteville Academy of Love Enforcement" message from last year's conference. This, because I was given another in about the same way in Wilsonville----and her it is:


Greetings, it is I, Margul.


Yes, even I have come along with the multitudes to attend this gathering. As you will see, in our realm, it is the good news which travels the fastest. I am no less delighted to be among you than are all of the other students and comrades together in communion here.


It has come to may attention that many of you have been shamelessly attracted and lured to access the secrets of abundance for personal gain. This delights me as well. And so it is to this theme that I shall hold my remarks. I would ask, however, that you modify any reference made to capital by replacing it with light. Thank you. I will use analogy.


I am pleased to inform you that the resources necessary for our collateral ventures have been authorized and transferred to your individual accounts at the super universe level. All accounting of this will be handled by the angels of record and it is enough now for you to know that your credit is unlimited.


Withdrawal requests will not be necessary. Prayers to the Father are completely sufficient to cover any transaction.


Revenues generated may be deposited with any eager heart, searching eye or questioning ear.


All interest will be accrued at a very generous rate in direct proportion to time spent in the stillness, self expression and in service to others.


While our state of abundance is plenteous indeed, consider how hard earned it has been. And so a degree of prudence may be in order. It would behoove you to realize that, in situations such as this, that smiles and sharing all but pay for themselves and that, while you have all exhibited your ability to 'play our you hand' with persistence and faith,` expenditures into the slot machine of psychological inquiry often become cruelly excessive before a jackpot is paid out. In this regard, it might be pertinent to point out some relevant realities. First, the bad news is that the odds are most definitely with the house. Then, the good news is that you not only work for the house, but are all part owners.


In summation, as the line grow longer and the time short, you should also know that 'abundance' does not have so much to do with having something to use as it does with simply living as though you have nothing to lose.

Your time here has been well spent and your donations have made us all the richer. Many experiences were touched upon, my friends. That is, many commodities exchanged. It is my speculation that the supreme is glowing from all of this and that you have all been taxed as usual.


Michael Goodwin


                                    * * *


STERLING, VA - While we are waiting for the transcripts from the San Obispo and NW TM gatherings, I share with you this from the Arkansas TM Gathering last year. Those of you who were at this gathering  may remember the request of John Creger that we spend a few moments the final session in silence after his expressing his hope that next year's gathering would have a greater ethnic diversity and sharing information on the plight of his friend, Charles Woo in China. During this group quiet time, I heard "When the Father stirs..." It took me by surprise and I immediately thought "I don't think so" as it seemed to me that this was too momentous a idea and in doing so, I must have blocked whatever was to have followed. While it was most real to me, it seemed a little preposterous to think that the Father would stir because of our small group. However, this so moved me and me haunted me as I pondered over it that I couldn't get it out of my mind. What did it mean? Later that evening after most had left Bob Devine and I spent time together and the following is a transmission I received as we sat together. I was not able to remember much of the transmission and in time forgot about it. A few weeks ago Bob sent me a copy of the transmission and shortly afterwards, I chanced upon the transmission from Tallahassee that also mentions the Father stirring. If anyone else has had any transmissions about the Father stirring, I hope you will share them with us. Allene Vick


Michael: My children, this is Michael. I have indeed been with you. I am standing here with you. It is as I have told you before, as you bring your lambs to me they will be administered to. It gives me much pleasure to listen to your conversation, to hear your thoughts, to know what is in your hearts. There are many here with you this evening that have followed this, that are here.


Your efforts will surely be guided. They will be guided in ways that you are very aware of. They will be guided in many ways that you are not aware of.


As you were told, things are now different with you. You need not concern yourselves so much with the time you spend with your teachers for they are all around you, they will be working with both of you as you go about your projects. All that you need will be supplied to you. Follow your hearts. Trust in this process that it will unfold. When you wish to seek guidance it will be there. However, there is much that will be done by you as you already are aware of the pieces that need to come together. Trust that we are working with you. You are not alone. Ask for our assistance when you feel you need it. You have many to work with you. You know all these things.


Bob: Father I grant my love to you. I would like to extend my love for you through you, toward the First Source in seeking out answers As far as knowledge, I don't have any particular need at this moment.


Allene: I feel very clearly that there is nothing that we need at the moment, however, we are surrounded by so many right now and I feel that perhaps they would like to impart something to us, but what I'm feeling right now is that it's being asked if we would be still and let them provide us with some of their energies. This is what I think we should do.


(Long pause)


Mother Spirit: I will try to help you understand what you are feeling, for you are feeling overall, the same emotions you were feeling as you prayed for your brother Wu and for the circle to grow in color and races and ages and all the brothers and sisters.


You have no way of understanding the magnitude of what it means when the Father stirs. You are feeling this and you are not able to comprehend what this means. Perhaps you might best see it as a ripple effect of a magnitude beyond your comprehension.


With the gathering together of your brothers and sisters, with their sincere joint desire and intent, the Father will stir. What this means as the ripple effect that comes forth, perhaps could best be put in our understanding as energy that flows down through you system to all the systems. This is indeed a very special occurrence. This that you are only partially glimpsing facilitates the use of energy in ways that have not been available. You are feeling this and are not able to understand what it is.


There are many around you this evening. We know your desire to understand this. It is difficult to put into your understanding the magnitude of what this means. The Father has been greatly moved by the combined efforts of what has taken place. I wish I could convey to you how much this means to Michael, to me, to all of our creations, how this helps to facilitate what you refer to as my network. I am not able at this time to share with you the ways that you can see how this will play out, for this has just occurred. I would be pleased in the days ahead to talk more with you bout this. Be comforted. It is enough that you know that this is real and this has indeed been something very much out of the ordinary.


Also will you find within you a stirring, for as this comes from your Father it will also well up and come from you.


Allene: I'm having this feeling  of what she means is an empowerment of the thought adjuster within us.


Mother Spirit: This will be seen. You will come to understand more to this. You have glimpses. What you are barely perceiving about this is correct. What this will mean for you individually, you are able to feel, and understand this will become more understandable for you, for the limitations that you were thinking of in your remembrance today of the words of the inaugural address (by Mandela) will have much more import to you, for it is indeed true that in the past as you were growing, it was the things you could not do that gave you the greatest fear. Now that you have been given all this assistance, it is the things that you re beginning to be aware that you can do that are causing you to step back and are causing you to stay behind the veil. For so me of you this veil is becoming thinner. Some of you are beginning to glimpse beyond. Some of you have seen beyond. In time this will be lifted.


It would be good to spend the time in stillness, for as you have heard us speak of stillness, this becomes ever more necessary as you approach this, for there are those of you who are getting closer to taking steps that will lead you beyond what you are presently aware of and in many ways beyond what you have been conjecturing about and it si indeed true that as you approach this new step we know in your hearts you would like to move forward. It is not the fear of the new adventure that prevents you from making this step. It is not the fear of more that is required of you. It is the fear of what you will soon be able to do. It is good that you should now be aware of this. However, this is only a glimpse of the moment.


As you were feeling this this morning and as you feel this as you are sitting here and now, beyond your conscious awareness and on the very edge of your awareness, you know...you know. I know your teacher Aflana many times said to you, "You know that you know." You do indeed know, as all of you know, however, as you get closer to knowing what it is you know, you step back and it will be most helpful at this time to take the time to stay n the stillness.


The information you received today about the stillness is most helpful at this time, for the suggestion that you spend part of the stillness with the Father and only with the Father is good. It is also good that you spend another period of time in contemplation of these things which we are speaking, for as you do this, you will come more to understand. But I assure you child, that as you have been told you know, you do know. You are only beginning to awaken, to truly know that you know. This will take time. This will take dedication. This is a culmination of many years put into desiring to understand. It is only one step but for a mortal this is a very large step indeed.


It is good that you are willing to be patient in the willingness to let it unfold. This is not something that can be rushed into, nor would you wish to do this. What we have been talking about tonight, perhaps this will be helpful in your understanding of what it is you have been feeling, what is taking place. There will be others of your brothers and sisters who will be aware of what is happening. There will be others who will know.


Each flower unfolds in its own time. All are drawn tot our Son, to our Father, the Son. It is nice sometimes to know what you are. It is not always easy to know how that blossom will open. Know that you are surrounded. You now this. You are not always aware of this. You will act upon it. You will know. And sometimes you will not know that you are acting upon this, for as Michael told you, when you follow your heart, you will never be led astray.


And so I hope that what I have shared with you this evening will bring you some comfort, will help you relax, will let your mind rest in peace, for you too have been greatly stirred and it will take a while for all to settle, for you to understand what has occurred within you.


We are your parents. We are most pleased to see what you are about, for as Michael has told you before, as you bring your lambs to him, there are many in my network who are here to administer to them. There are daily more among you with your brothers and sisters to administer to them. We know in your efforts that you are willing to do much to administer in many ways. We ask that you remember to allow us to administer to you and this is best facilitated when you remember to ask us. Asking is important. We are aware of your needs. We certainly know how to supply them, however, it is an important part of your growth that you ask, that you leant it's okay to ask, for as you give to those who as of you, you are given to as you ask.


Is there anything you two would like to know this evening that I may offer, for we are most pleased to see your willingness. My network is at your service. Do not stumble over this, for as you put out your efforts you allow us the opportunities to bring forth the events and the growth potentials that we see in front of us. We do indeed need your efforts, your willingness, your actions, for this is necessary to bring about what it is you all desire for our family, for your children.


Bob: I just want to extend my love and dedication to follow the way and be of service in the effort in any way that I can perceive with your aid.


Mother Spirit: Know that we are well aware of the truth and beauty and goodness that lies within your heart my child. I know not the words to tell you how pleased we are at your willingness to step forward to push beyond barriers that make you uncomfortable, to bring forth the fruits that you so beautifully lay upon the table for the Gather. Your heartfelt desires and sincerity are something Michael and I and all the many beings that work with you and know of what you are doing cherish. You are most precious in our sight. We know you hear these words. We don't yet know other words to extent you how precious you are. As you move into the love of the Father, as your planet moves forward to understand the love of the Father, perhaps then we may have better words to express our gratitude, our love, and the preciousness we speak of. [Bob, you certainly are precious to many of your brothers and sisters, who also appreciate your willingness to step forward beyond comfort zones. It is through taking one of these steps that first TM gathering came about. Bob is presently traveling across the country. In his travels, he hopes to meet with many of you. We send you our best wishes for a great trip and many visits with our brothers and sisters.]


TALLAHASSEE - June 23, 1996


Ambrose: Greetings friends, this is Ambrose, he who loves you. This evening I would like to speak, if I may, on the understanding that each of you, as individuals, are being led albeit by choice, on our own individualized paths toward enlightenment. You are here, and we bless you, by your own choice; most of you due to having followed inner nudges or synchronisms that came to you at just the right time, when you were open to receive the words or direction you were given. The key to your unfolding path and your eventual enlightenment lies in our connection with the Father Fragment you each hold within your heart. The mechanism is in your willingness to take the faith step that brings you beyond your easy chairs and into the active arena of loving interaction with those that are brought to you through their own nudging. You are each in fact, Apostle, all of you participating in the way that you have each been prepared for. Now two are alike, nor are your teachings the same. You are each being taught by your teaches an myriad others in the ways and in the direction that you are open to. Have no fear that you are not being led in the direction Michael would have you walk. Seed the assurance you need within your own hear, for always does His loving message and reassurance come to you in a never-ending flow. There was mention this evening of the many parts that make up the whole of never-ending flow. There was mention this evening of the many parts that make up the whole of Michael's mission to this world, and indeed, are all of these parts being worked actively, in an effort to draw them into a cohesive unit of living love, through which the Father's Light and energy will be manifested. I would encourage you to continue your active acknowledgement, recognition of the contacts you receive throughout the coming week. Understand that these will not only be Adjuster nudges, the there are myriad others busy within the fabric of your lives. all attempting to help you see the light and become more active. This will be an on-going exercise, for in this one exercise, is your faith increased, your ability to receive increased, and your openness to receive the gifts the Father would give also increased. I thank you for your attention to this evening and give my own thanks for being allowed to participate in each of our lives. Call on me my friends; I am available. Shalom.


Will: The love of the Father surrounds us, filling our hearts with desire to live our lives as lights that inspire others to follow. Wherever we gather, He is.


Greetings beloveds, it is I will, your teacher who loves you. I did so much enjoy listening to your conversation this evening. Your lights are increasing. Who you have become, the fruits of the lives that you live are more and more evident. We wish to acknowledge the work that you accomplish.


I is true that there is much activity being accomplished both on levels you are aware of and yet on many you are not. The Father has indeed, stirred, and His children's cries have been heard. Continue beloved, increasing your level of activity, pushing yourselves beyond the comfort zones. And yet recognize that when it happens that you are not willing or able to follow the lead, these too are lessons for you alone, if you will. For in them you recognize the path you might have taken and will take when the opportunity is again given. You are lights for the Father, each one, and do much in this mission to increase the Father's reach. And yet you are each still students, and I would have you recognize this. Do not chastise yourselves unduly, when you take a false step. Every step you take along the way leads you yet further.


Michael's plan is a grand plan and is not yet comprehensible to most on this world and only just beginning to be compressible by those of you committed to doing His will. You will be visited, each of you in the days to come (son by your standards) by a teacher, different from your personal teacher. Open your hearts that you may receive his words, for they will be different for each of you.


That is all I will say this evening. Go into your week, beloveds, knowing how loved and support you are, and as always take my love with you, and know that I am here with you, as is the Father always at your side. Shalom.


                                    * * *




Thank you for the invitation to share Michael's words with you. It is my highest pleasure to do so, and I hope they bring you the endless comfort they bring me, as I read them over and over.


The one message I am enclosing was received from a "nameless seraphim" after a friend and I had been discussing free will. Of course we had made it very complex, and the message came with profound simplicity. We had a good laugh over it.


Avis Nicholas


[Thank you, Avis, for as I mentioned to you there were several readers who mentioned to me how moved and touched they were by your words from Michael in previous issues  Ed]


A Seraphim: Free will is that arena of the mind where decisions are made. Decisions that have to do with your spiritual life, our personal life and the many facets that are included.


We ever hold before you the ideal. We make suggestions, we encourage, we manipulate your environment, and we comfort, but the decisions are yours, and we respect and work with your decisions.


The Father has provided you with may aids and helpers, including Himself and Michael. He asks that we ever hold before you the ideal. We whisper suggestions to your mind, which often enough you ignore, but we persist with our help.


Never feel that this sacred area of your mind is violated. That would defeat our purposes for you. We want your decisions to be your own and they are . . .


Much as you guide your own children, guide and direct, offer suggestions and pray for them, we do this for you. But as you well know, your children make their own decisions, often in opposition to the ideal and good you hold before them. Thus it is with us. We see and hold the ideal for you, we make suggestions, we encourage, but you are your own person, truly a free child of God. We work with your decisions, making the best possible use of them, literally making all things to work for the good.


Know that you are free, that your decisions are your own, but also know that we are ever there showing you the best choices that will produce the highest good for you, and wistfully hoping you will choose the highest. But always know that we respect and love you.



Michael: Let your heart [take] joy in Me. It is a joyful thing that we can communicate our thoughts tot each other. Can you imagine anything higher than communication with God?


Friendship, true friendship with God is little understood on your world, but in future times that will not be the case. It will become a normal procedure on our world to be in touch with Me, and all the beings that are part of My universe creation.


Those of you who enjoy this manner of communicating are spiritual pioneers, breaking the way for many to come.


You are beginning to glimpse the great love we have for our mortal children and the great concern we have for their lives. You are not left to your own devises but are nurtured and guided by Divine Parents who think only of your good.


I know that even though you grieve over what you cannot understand, you will not waver in your love.


I would gladly take all of your pain and fear if you would permit Me. It is not My desire that you should suffer. As your love and trust of Me grows, you will have less pain about the events surrounding you. Someday you will really know that My Love for you knows no bounds, and that everyone that is linked to you, is also linked to Me.


The relationship of God and Man is a very close loving relationship, but man has yet to discover this. I am much closer to you than you can ever be to each other. I truly know and understand you. Friends and loved ones may and often do misunderstand your words or motives, but I am ever aware of your inner desires. There is nothing I do not know about you. You are My child, My creation, My Joy.


Remember I once told you that just as you thank the Father for Me, I also thank the Father for you.


I depend much on you and others like yourself, to represent Me to the world, until such time that I can again be personally present, and even then that will be your main purpose.


I know the past few years have been stressful, and there has been much you haven't understood, but the time grows short when I will personally explain much to you.


In this interval, trust Me to do the best for all, especially those people who re close to your heart.


Rest quietly in My love, knowing that you are safe and secure there. Your Friend and King Michael of Nebadon/Jesus of Nazareth.


                                    * * *


BOULDER, COL - Been awhile since I've written. This is just one more incremental step in the development of the TM and the Correcting Time.


I think that there will not be a shortage of central topics for the TM-97 conference.


Daniel Raphael



The following letter was enclosed from Mor-Gan


June 20, 1996


Hello, my friend Byron


I hope you don't mind me taking advantage of your prior invitation well over a year ago to talk to you about earth changes, and the attendant adventure that it would mean for mortals on Urantia. And the adventure does continue.


The first three letters (articles) I shared with you between June and October 1995 involved earth changes, intentional communities, co-creative working teams, and lastly about mortal fear of earth changes. In the last letter I said that I would not write about earth changes again. This letter does not abridge that promise, but brings together all the topics of those letters, except fear. The ideas and concepts of those letters were developmental for what will be discussed now.


Since then many good developments have come about. As Daniel has shared with you, many people have been "called" to Colorado, particularly the Boulder area to participate in the development of the new era of your world. The ranks continue to fill as more hear "the call" and have moved here eager to begin to establish an intentional community. There are now sufficient TRs to establish three co-creative working teams, one for each center of activity: the intentional community, the educational program, and the diagnosis assessment clinic and healing center.


Before I describe each center of activity, I want to talk about some overall aspects.


First, our experience thus far observing intentional communities around Urantia over the last four decades is that they are unable to sustain themselves over an extended period of time. It is not that all of the design ideas of these intentional communities are flawed, for there are many excellent examples of functional communities as far as their internal design is concerned. The "fly in the ointment" is human relations, and the human ego. I will not belabor that point as we have discussed this before, and you are well acquainted with this problem.


Second, these observations further substantiate the conclusion that Urantia mortals are not sufficiently evolved in their spiritual development to take themselves to the threshold of the The Days of Light and Life of your planet without external assistance. Thus, the Teaching Mission, and the Correcting Time programs sponsored by Christ Michael to provide that external assistance.


Third, it is imperative then that all phases of the development and operation of this intentional community actively use the co-creative process, where mortals are in semi-continual contact with celestials and angels, and solicit their input at critical times. This will aid individuals, families, the community, and each working team to develop and manage the community and all aspects within it. This will greatly diminish the possibility that this intentional community will come to an end due to human reasons, without interfering with self-will of mortals and its expression.


And now the descriptions of each center of activity.


First, the Rocky Mountain Front Range TeaM, as they call themselves, has done an extensive research of intentional communities around the world, and one member has even traveled to Findhorn, Scotland to observe and participate. There is sufficient information to design the larger aspects of this intentional community, and a working team will begin that project within weeks.


Second, the human relations and human ego issues will occupy a major portion of the second working team's time. Ahsha, a celestial whose expertise is mortal relationships, and Daniel have been working on two projects over the last six years. One involves teaching relationship skills in the educational continuum. Daniel calls this the "4th-R of basic education." The second project involves teaching functional and sacred relationship skills to adults. Ahsha and he have recently completed an early draft of a training manual which will soon aid this educational effort.


The importance of this aspect of the intentional community is immense, for without relationship skill remediation and education, the time to develop a functional and sacred intentional community capable of sustaining itself without ongoing celestial and angelic assistance could span many decades and perhaps centuries. The evolution of your planet simply is not that generous at this point to allow sor such an extended learning curve.


Third, every intentional community in the early stages of development must have at least one central purpose for its existence to give all of the activities of the community, its families, and the lives of individuals meaning and purpose. For this community, it is the diagnostic assessment clinic and healing center. The clinic and healing center will exist for community members and for a steady influx of outsiders who seek healing for all levels of their spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical being. It is from this healing center that thousands of individuals will be hurtled along their spiritual path, bypassing long and tedious traditional methodologies of healing, preparing and empowering them for greater, positive, and functional participation in the larger society.


The diagnostic assessment clinic and the healing center will integrate the co-creative process more intimately than any other aspect of the intentional community. For it is here that angels and celestials will be directly consulted, and assist in the diagnosis, assessment, prescription, treatment plan, and healing processes of those who seek assistance. They will be "on the spot" consultants always available for individual, personal and loving assistance.


Now let me sum up the first three letters and the contents of this letter thus far in an old fashioned linear way:

Earth Changes;

Need for survival:

Need for spiritual evolution of individuals and the planet;

Need for co-creative working teams to devise survival tactics and solutions.

Need for intentional communities;


Most Urantian mortals live in dysfunctional relationships;

Need for intentional communities that support the spiritual and social evolution of its members, and uses co-creative teams to guide its affairs.

* Bring together the best ideas for functional, holistic communities;

Need for diagnosis and assessment clinics and healing centers;

* A diagnostic assessment clinic, functions similarly as an allopathic clinic, but uses allopathic, naturopathic, and spiritual methodologies for assessing, diagnosing, prescription, and treatment and development for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dis-ease.

* The healing center uses all efficacious means of healing, including traditional and non-traditional means without limitation or bias. This center would include many fields of treatment of the known traditional and holistic healing community.

* People must begin and continue to clear their emotional issues to evolve spiritually; and to live harmoniously in an intentional and functional community.


Need for a remedial and educational continuum that teaches functional relationship skills as consciously and intentionally as traditional educational systems teach reading, writing, and arithmetic.

* Teach remedial functional relationship skills to adults and young adults.

* Teach functional relationship skills as an integral part of institutionalized educational programs, emphasized equally as reading, writing, and arithmetic.

* Raise children in functional families and communities, so that they can raise their own children as functional individuals.

* More than a majority of emotionally and socially healed, and spiritual healthy individuals are needed to sustain a functional, intentional community;


The universal purpose of the intentional community, the clinic and healing center, and the educational segment iis to aid the ascension process of each individual, healing any impediment which retards the spiritual evolution of the individual, and teaching the individual how to participate and live as a functional, contributing member of the community. That purpose is in alignment with God's design of the grand universe, the seven super universes, this local universe, and each inhabited planet: to produce individuals who grow spiritually and increase the value of their souls through positive and constructive experiences.


Within the intentional community, all parameters of the experience of living must be designed to honor, uphold and enhance the personal, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual empowerment of each individual. It is not that the initial design of the intentional community must be perfect, for you will find that perfection is a moving target for evolving individuals, families, and the community. The initial design of the community will use the best intent and best information at the moment, using existing intentional community designs which have proven effective. The design should include the consideration that it will be a prototype for replication elsewhere, that it will not be a 'stand alone' design that is totally self-sufficient, but will be one of thousands of intentional communities, tied interdependently with each other. Replication is further necessitated by the diminishment of the quality of life as the population of a community exceeds its optimum number.


It has been a joy to present this information to you, Byron, and was authorized by Michael approximately two weeks ago. This development is another mark on the graph of evolution of human society on Urantia. [The graph actually exists and is kept in the Melchizedek Council's planning and conference chamber at planetary headquarters.]



Celestial Teacher to Daniel Raphael


                                    * * *


POCATELLO, ID - While on the subject of Earth Changes, it seems appropriate to include excerpts from Daniel and Minearisa.




Minearisa: Greetings, my friends. I am Minearisa, your instructor in residence. I welcome you to this time of learning, growing, and renewing the commitment tha teach of you have made in your heart to Christ Michael and His continuing mission of upliftment and correction. Although you are small in numbers this evening the light of your presence burns large and is very bright. Never doubt that all efforts you make to gain in knowledge of the First Source and Center are always met with success, even in the times when you feel most weary. Even in the times when you most strongly doubt that your efforts are productive, they remain highly productive. YOur lights burn bright.


Daniel: Greetings, my friends. I am Daniel, your guide and teacher. I am, as always, pleased to be here, to be amongst you. The arena this evening is filled with thoughts aplenty which reflect curiosity, the desire for understanding, tolerance, and the perpetual concern of mortals to know which is a correct course to pursue.


In allowing for free choice the First Source and Center has opened the worlds to many diversities in thought, in beliefs, in cultural understandings. Therefore, it is always a question as to where lines should be drawn, lines of censorship, lines of imprinting of others beliefs and/or practices. As Urantia continues to evolve the many complexities around these questions will be dealt with and in time there will be a harmonizing effect. But there is a great amount of work between that era and the present.


To each of you I would hold out the challenge of continuing to fortify yourselves with knowledge, understanding, and a desire to bring forth the highest choices that will not only perpetuate one's own spiritual growth but will put forth energy into those around and into the overall consciousness of this planet.


What one considers as dangerous another only sees as a challenge. What one considers to be appropriate may be abhorred by another. It is the work of the ages and ages and ages to labor together, to rectify differences within the many multitudes of diversities. As the spiritual element within the individual grows the spiritual element of a global planetary awakening ensues. Then the harmonizing of the diversities will follow. When one can look past the immediate and individual needs to understanding the more global needs, then the upliftment of not only the physical but the spiritual will take place.


This planet is evolving rapidly. It is a planet where many of the old past ideas are fading away, allowing for new insights on old ideas to propagate. It is in this very transition that turmoil, chaos, and uncertainty prevail. But out of this will come the sureness of a better and greater understanding and a greater perspective toward not only the individuals rights, but the rights of the collective, the whole. The rising of the phoenix, as you would say, will definitely transpire.


And so this talk with you tonight is to ask each of you to not allow yourselves to be caught up in the uncertainties of daily living but to increase your sights on a grander panorama and the dawn of a new tomorrow. Many fields of study, new technologies, and a greater sense of personal accountability are all necessary and forth coming. You can today, as you have been trying and doing in the past, continue this effort, for the urgency toward your growth in a wiser direction is necessary for there are many wrongs on this planet currently.


Minearisa: We, of the Teaching Corps, have tended to stay away from topics that raise doubts and fears in you, our students and listeners, because it has been most important that the foundation be laid, the foundation being your personal relationship to your Indwelling Spirit, the First Source and Center, for it is from this that all true knowledge, true guidance springs.


You in this group have been very fine students. You have worked hard to establish this link, to develop this relationship. With foundations laid we began a new phase in our instruction, a phase that has asked you to examine yourselves, to come into greater awareness of who you are, why your are, why you react like you do, why you think like you do, why you feel like you do, etc. Our curriculum has asked you to become aware of your personal feelings and your hidden motivations.


This, too, has had a purpose and has an urgency to it. For, indeed, are great times of change ahead. Yes, some of this proceeds in normal evolutionary fashion but within evolutionary worlds there are times of disruption, crisis, that are part and parcel of life on such a plane. At such times your approach and your expectancy, your willingness to live with such, to let this knowledge be a part of your consciousness is important for your preparation in the next step.


Again, I do not make such statements to engender fear for you all are in good hands. My statements are to ask you to entertain possibilities, that in your minds you may begin some necessary preparation that goes beyond what you have been attempting. Allow your thoughts to flow into 'what if?' scenarios NOT under the direction and control of your ego and your animal based fear nature, but under the control of your Indwelling Spirit. How would you respond from that higher self, that higher state of understanding? These practice scenarios, if you play them out in your mind, help to prepare for real situations.


Daniel: Indeed we as a group have traversed many topics and have worked together to develop a rapport that is conducive to allowing for greater possibilities and to extend your human frailties and our weaknesses, to strengthen your character, to build trust, and to encourage your own personal growth. The easy part essentially has been done. The more difficult lies ahead. But this is not to be feared. This is nto to be shunned or is it to be something that is dreaded. With our Indwelling Spirit as your guide, your coach , so to spek, and all of the celestials as your fans, you can win in this game of life, winning by aiding your brothers and sisters to win along with you. And now other teachers to speak. We would prefer designated teachers with their charges, however, this is not always easy to facilitate.


Cora: Good evening. I am Cora. I would feel honored to address this group this evening. Indeed, the words of Daniel and Minearisa are ones that strike to the core of the ongoing process that when one is learning and growing one is reaching greater avenues not only on one plane but on another. As teachers it is our desire to not just provide ou with new information, but rather to provide pathways through which you can plug in the information already at hand an to utilize this information and expand it into areas wherein our life and the lives of your brothers and sisters are changed. Often times the trials of living give you insight into yourself and into your own motives and thought patterns. As you become more spiritually aware you are able to detect all of these changes within yourself much more readily and then to be able to move forward rather than becoming stagnant or regressing.


So I , too, challenge you to continue to seek those replete and better insights for in doing so there will be a relief and a freedom that will help you immeasurably. Thank you for the opportunity to speak here tonight.


Robert: Greetings Minearisa, Daniel, and all of the brethren in attendance. Minearisa, when you spoke earlier you encouraged us to engage in some 'what if?' scenarios to prepare for more difficult times to be coming. This can go from A to Z or course. In our scenarios we can completely miss things that would be beneficial. Is there any way within the scope of our jurisdiction that you can help us further by narrowing the field?



Minearisa: Yes. I will be more direct. It is my TR's fear that is blocking as full, direct, and comprehensive a communication as I desire. In particular I am suggesting that times of geological and social upheaval lie ahead and are rapidly approaching. These are intertwined. Geological upheaval, of course, leads to social upheaval. And yet even were it not for the geological upheaval approaching there would still be social upheaval because there are many wrongs that are yet to be put right. There is much unrest. The re-hooking into system circuits has increased spiritual pressure upon this planet enormously. The spiritual pressure is doing its work. In the short, near term it is causing polarization of some sort. Also, it is bringing into the awareness of man the injustice that exists. And this is a force for upheaval. The environment has been degraded, has been badly treated. Many instances of nearly irreparable damage abound. This reality creates a force in and of itself. So upheaval approaches.


I desire to address the concept of prediction, of prophesying, for you have been warned against such and I, too, would warn you. My friends, what I am stating goes far beyond prophesying. This is into really a matter of foreseeing the future but rather it is a matter of recognizing forces that are in play at this time today, now, and addressing their outworking. Of course free will choice exists. Yet the forces that are in motion at this time are beyond individual free choice to halt. they will be played out, but how they are played out and their outcome remain unknown. This is, in fact, in part what you have been and are being prepared for, to be crucial factors, crucial variables in the playing out of these forces that are now in motion.


So when I ask you to play out 'what if?' scenarios in our mind, these are of a broad range. I am opening it to you that you may ask for that guidance from your Indwelling Spirit that will most effectively prepare you. For instance you might consider how you would approach an angry mob who are fearful that there is not enough food or enough water; what words might you say? And first before that, what would be your own emotional response? Would you allow the for of the uncertainty of the situation to take over so that you became a part of that fearful situation? Or by practicing could you then separate yourself, could you find that connection that you have been developing these many years? Could you find that surety, that center in the First Source and Center? Could you then speak the words that would be there awaiting you? How could you step forth as a leader? What would you say? How would you be? What sort of energy would you put out?

Thank you, Robert, for your question. Have my remarks addressed your concern?


Robert: Yes, Minearisa, they have. It is no secret that we are greatly straining our ability to produce enough food in the way we do currently. I don't think it is going to be a surprise to anyone that a shortage of food will figure greatly in the social upheaval.


Minearisa: Thank you, Robert. Your studies are important. Your knowledge base is broad. You may be called upon to share this. It is important that you and each of you spend that time in the silence strengthening so that you will be able to discern the correct timing to share what you know, for collectively you know much.


Bill: Miearisa, I have been aware of people who claim that these geologic changes are going to be quite catastrophic. All the volcanoes on the West coast are going to go off and the amount of dust in the air is going to cause a nuclear winter in the Northern hemisphere. North Korea and Japan are going to fire nuclear missiles at the Unites States to finish us off. And there is more. I know you say you are not going to predict but you also say that there is stuff that is in motion that is going to play itself out.


The problem I have with this whole discussion is that it seems kind of apocalyptic to me and it doesn't seem to fit the progressive evolution of the Urantia book. I have to admit that I find it somewhat intellectually confusing because it has a flavor in my mind that sounds more like this catastrophic stuff of apocalyptic fundamentalism. That doesn't mean, of course, that it isn't going to happen. But it distresses me for that reason. Can you or Daniel address the way this bothers me if you understand my problem with this? Maybe I haven't made myself very clear. 


Mnearisa: Yes, I understand you very well. I will do my best to address your concern and Daniel, too, will assist.


Indeed have there been many apocalyptic prophesies made of these times. As you, yourselves, were discussing prior to this meeting, there have been predictions for some time: the idea of the Rapture, the ideas of nuclear wars, or earth turning on its axis, of nearly total destruction of life and etc. I will relive your mind. My dear friend, we are not making any such statements! We are not talking abut the end of the world. We are not talking about death and destruction to the extent that is suggested in these many, many scenarios.


However, as has been stated before, you live in an expanding evolutionary universe and change in an expanding evolutionary universe is of two types. There is the gradual change that is seen only in relation to the past such as a child growing. You do not see that child growing day by day but when you look back to a year before or five years before the change is unmistakable. This, Issac, is the type of change that you are most familiar with and most comfortable with. Is this correct?


Bill/Issac: This is true.


Minearisa: Yes, this is one type of change. However, there is another type of change that which this TR knows as dialectical change, dialectical break, crisis change, where forces build and build and build and then there is the break. Earthquakes are of this type of change. Yes, there is the slow pressure, the slow movement of plates until the forces build and build and build until the pressure is too much and then there is the shift. Another example is heating water within a steam cooker and as the heat rises and the pressure builds and builds and builds, if there is no release there is an explosion. First there is the gradual type of change followed by the break. Both types of change are part of evolutionary growth.

Within your social history you are aware of this. For instance within the song, 'In the Heat of the Summer", sung by Judy Collins, this type of break in the social sphere is described. First the frustration and tension builds and then there is a catalyst followed by the riots; gradual changes building forth to the break. So, my friend, it is understood that discussion of this leads to discomfort tin the midst of al the hype that is now present on Urantia. But you see, it is part of your animal natures to be intuitive, to have 'psychic' abilities. These are less developed in Urantian mortals than they would be had it not been for the rebellion and the default. So there have been individuals who through totally natural animal channels have had flashes, inklings, insight into changes that were approaching. However, part of the natural animal state is fear and much fear has been mixed into these understandings. The Correcting Time was timed to coincide with the geological changes that were approaching. These geological changes are quite predictable from our perspective. They have been known for many years. So the Fifth Epochal Revelation was to precede these times. The final adjudication was to coincide with these times so that the Correcting Time might encompass these times and provide the influence to ameliorate and make use of the changes approaching. My friend, I am afraid I have heightened concern rather than soothing it. I will now ask Daniel to speak with you for he has the language that calms your fears. You know and trust your beloved Daniel.


Daniel: Thank you Minearisa: It is always difficult to speak about change, for change induces fear in some, a challenge in others, and a complacency of do nothing in still others. You are all well aware that this planet on which you reside is a planet that is continually building and tearing down. Mountains form to be weathered by; water and wind. Climatic changes coincide with ocean currents. It is all part of an atmosphere that allows for life to form.


And in the many, many years on this planet there has been many life forms, species both plant and animal that have come an gone. And at that special time when evolution had reached its point of real receptivity then higher concepts where brought forth. Ever since those beginning days of human existence there have been many changes on this planet. And so it will continue.


This planet is growing in population and natural occurrences are appearing more frequently in populated areas simply because areas that were never populated before now are. What often seems as an increase in this process of the earth renewing itself is not necessary so, but rather an ongoing thing with more and more people becoming aware of the nature of planet Urantia.


And like the child that is growing and one year will go through three sizes of clothing, so , too, does the earth have times in its history where phenomenal growth or change occurs. We are not predicting phenomenal change. We are saying that the earth will continue to build and to undo, to change. Man of the environmental factors that were not upon this planet a couple hundred years agro are nowhere. Technological changes have brought about a remarkable increase in chemical abuse upon the environment in all areas: land, water, and air. All of these things, plus the political nature of this globe, show forth that there is a time when change will be inevitable.


As teachers of my category, of my status, I am not able to foresee; and yet from my experience of may eons, I would be able to understand, and perhaps through the experience of the past and present knowledge, speculate on what may occur. But this is, in a sense, useless if one were to use speculation as a base to propagate fear and/or gather like believers into this fear base. Rather it is more conducive to life to know and allow that just as each individual on this planet is changing daily, so , too, are the changes and forces within the planet changing, as are political structures, as is intellectual understanding, etc. The momentum is to move forward. Let not progress be hampered by fear. The teachers are not here to predict catastrophic activities, but rather to say change is occurring within each of you individually. Utilize what you learn daily to make the present livable and to lay a foundation for a better tomorrow. Issac, has this helped?


Bill/Issac: If I understand what you both are saying, you are saying that there are two kinds of change, gradual and abrupt. This planet has a history which includes both. Miearsa has said the the Teaching Mission was timed to coincide with these changes. Daniel, I heard you say you are not sure you can predict the future. so I'm confused a little bit here. But I don't want to prolong this because to me what I meant by apocalyptic changes is synonymous with abrupt change. So I guess I am hearing apocalyptic change in Minearisa's statements as they are called dialectical change. I guess I just will have to think about this because I am having some real inner resistance to this idea of well known ahead of time apocalyptic/abrupt changes that are coming. But , I know if you come that we need to be prepared to deal with it. And probably that is the most important part. So I don't wish to prolong this any further.


Daniel: My friend, there can be in each individual' live apocalyptic change that others have no idea about.


To instigate fear is not wise. Minearisa and I are not asking you to be fearful. Minearisa and I are saying that you live in a place where change is occurring and will continue to occur, whether it be gradual or abrupt is just a matter of degree. If you are one who is unwilling to change then no matter what is presented to you, you will not be moved. One who is open and willing to change can accept it in either form. One who is working toward the understanding of something greater than the human condition can see more than one piece of the puzzle, can see more than forty five degrees in one area, but has the perspective of one hundred eighty. Daily it is the wise man/woman who seeks the Inner Guide in stillness forr in a a matter of seconds their life in the outer world can change, but the life of the inner world is continual, is forever. Do we have further questions or comments?


Virginia: I have a thought. As you said: with change we can react with fear, we can accept it as a challenge, or we can be complacent and not do anything about it. I think with you remarks here, Daniel, you are asking us to be ready for the challenge if and when the changes come whether it be social, political, geological or even, maybe, spiritual. All of these things, I realize are possibilities on this plane.


My other thought is that the particular group that believes that the Rapture is going to occur for the 'righteous' only i based on fear, or accepting a challenge but fearful o change so that God will take them away from he 'change ' so that they would not have to face it.


Daniel: God is no respecter of persons and/or the individual status on this planet. Got is concerned with the individual meeting Him/Her in that inner sanctuary where guidance is give, where fear, anger, hatred and intolerance are not known. God does not cause more tragedies to enter into people's lives. God desires that the individual live, experience life and understand that life is a means by which one is able to grow and reach potential. In this growth there come the understanding of the gift of the First Source and Center amount which love is the greatest of all. Indeed, God loves even those who rear. God loves even those who are courageous . Actions and behaviors do not impress, rather it is the individual's desire to know and to understand tht speaks.


Indeed, have you all grown far beyond the understanding that may hold upon this planet! Yet these truths are not something that are new for they go back as far as the human soul, as far as those who developed souls. Only as you have progressed have more of you become more aware. Even in the temple at Delphi there was a sign written that said 'Know Thysels' as those who went into the have the oracle read saw. I say to you today to 'Know Thyself.'


And with that Minearisa, Cora, and I will say good evening, receive our love, and go this week not allowing fear to encapsulate you, but rather to continue to work toward the challenge of the next thing.


                                    * * *


NASHVILLE, TN - The messages Rebecca sends from Ham are so good, it is hard to do a newsletter without including at least something from one of the weekly sessions. We do thank you, Rebecca, for allowing Ham to share his words and for the group for stimulating further discussion and comments.


May 16, 1996


Ham: Greetings Jarad and Rebecca, I am Ham and I thank you for having me. You are each one entering into the time or ripening and maturing of yourselves. You are each one beginning to bear the fruits of the spirit in your lives. It is apparent to everyone. You are beginning to feel the happiness that serving our Father gives those who serve Him. True happiness if found in dedication to one's fellow men, to serving them and serving God. The man who serves himself alone serves nothing.


All humans are born with the desire to serve their fellows. Your modern life does not recognize the drive and need of service. Your philosophy of materialism recognizes only individual selfishness as the prime instrument of social upholding and progress. All your thinking reflects this and it is seen every day as being healthy and normal. All your models of economic development are all predicated on a Darwinian self interest. Your educational system is being molded by business interests and the common good is said to be served by every individual seeking his own selfish good. Human nobility in spiritual striving has been reduced to material ends.


No amount of wealth, power, perfection of body or physical adornment can feed the hunger for service. Your religious organizations supply some outlet for this hunger, however not all and those that do, it is incomplete. People fear true religion because they fear that service will be all consuming, and it is so. There is no way to happiness other than all consuming service.


The way of service is the way of self fulfillment. Man will never find fulfillment in isolation. Acceptance is not fulfillment; being accepted, being praised, does not bring it. Service is the only way. You may think that you wee the goal of personal fulfillment glowing, glistening here and there in the darkness, but then when you find it, when you achieve it, you understand that all that glitters is not gold, and all your achievements are meaningless if they do not serve.


                                 * * * * *

                          NEWS UPDATE


SHARON SUMMERS - Several of you have been asking, "Where is Sharon?"


Bob Devine




                                  * * * * *


                  UPCOMING ACTIVITIES


October 10-13, 1991 - CINCINNATI, OH - An Eastern Regional TM Gathering is being planned for these dates in Cincinnati. This is exciting news for those of us on the East Coast as this will be a first for us. Look for more information about this in the next issue. In the meantime, now is the time to mark your calendars.


August 21-24, 1997 - TM National Gathering at Snow Mountain outside of Boulder, CO. Information and registration packets will be sent out in September.

                                 * * * * *




Tomas is doing what I would cal an admirable job in his new teacher base of Pittsburgh. In lieu of sending you all 198 pages of his transcripts so far this year, I'm enclosing prayers he has prayed with us for you to share with the readership, if you will.


Karen O'Dell [Gerdean]

Butler, PA


Nov. 21, 1995 -- his initial session:


Father/Brother Michael and Mother Nebadonia, these your children today have extended their hearts and souls to you for your care and guidance. Our lives are focused on you today for we know the love and mercy which you personify is our birthright.


We teachers and students alike are your children. We come to you for the sustenance and norishment which will feed our fledgling souls to raise us up to become noble spirits that honor you, Our Beloved Creator.


Our thoughts and aspirations go even beyond, that we might include the growth and ascension of our Perfect Creator to fall under the purview of our Universal and Eternal Parents, that all the seven superuniverses and the vast cosmos falls graciously under Their purview, that we are smiled upon, that in the vast wonder, we are Your infinite and precious children whom you care for, whom you care about.


We are honored, Parents, to be part of our family. Be with us as we go our many ways in honor of you. Amen.




February 24, 1996 --

Our Brother, Christ Michael, you who have known mortal ascension, have known the human condition, we come to you and bring to you our huiman condition and beseech your grace. The grace which you bestow in your nature is that umbrella which holds us secure under the pelting rains of darkness and that, even though we walk through the darkness, we are in your care and protection. Be with us now, Creator Companion, as we attempt to assimilate your truths and realities into our limited understanding and framework. Give us vision to see beyond those limitations to the greater good, the greater purpose, and abide with us and bring us peace.




May 9, 1996 -- and the angels sing


Perfect and righteious Heavenly Father, we come to you in humble obedience to your word and your will this day. We seek your guidance and your blessing on our growing understanding of your nature and your purpose. We come together as your children in supplication of your nurturance. We look to you for those guidelines to know how to be effective. We look to you fo the source of our happiness and our contentment.


We ask yhour compassion upon us as we err, as we struggle to comprehend the vastness of our divine nature. Allow us, Heavenly Father, through our infinite mercy, to lapse into smallness, to accept our humble orb as our realm in the vast greatness of your domain. We trust that you are supreme and we do our bidding. Even so, not our will but your will be done.



June 27, 1996


Father in Heaven, be with us today and always, ever reminding us that you rlight shines to iluminate the darkness,s to light the path, to show us the way. You are our guide, our creator, our perfect Father Mother, and we are the fireflies of your creation. Help us to keep our light buring, Father, that we may delight the darkness.


Help our lights to shine, Help us to turn on our own light switch, that we would ask for your constant illumination to help us undress those garbs of mourning and sadness and error and madness which we are heir to as we are heir to the human condition. Have mercy on us, heavenly Parent.


Help us to learn to humblyh bow befoer you as your fireflies, always lookng to you fo rthe Surce of our own light in the wilderness. Amen.


                                 * * * * *




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