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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

April 1996 (Vol. 4, No.4)




I had some misgivings about devoting so much of the last newsletter to the transcripts from the Pocatello group as many on the TML have already seen them, but judging from the responses I have been receiving, there are, also, many like me not on the net who want to hear from the other group teachers. We ask those of you who are on the net, to kindly skip over any information that you are all ready acquainted with and to forward any posts that you think others not on the net would like to read. This, I can assure you, would be a great service to many of the readers. I, also, had some misgivings about the length of the newsletters with smaller print and no graphics to break them up. I wondered if it might be too much. However, it seems most of you are eager to learn what is happening in the Teaching Mission and to know more about what others of the TeaM are thinking and doing.


In talking with many of you recently, the emphasis seems to have moved from earth changes to inner work. It seems this is a time of preparation. We know that events are unfolding and changes are coming, but we aren't privy to what those events and changes will be or how they will come about. So, one thing we can all do is to continue to work on ourselves. It often seems easier to put this off or to work on something else or someone else! The choice is always ours, but the more we work on ourselves, the more prepared we will be to be of service now and in the days to come. By doing this we help ourselves, those around us, our Father and all the celestials in furthering Michael's plan. As each step we take forward sends ripples out through the universe.


For those of you who may not have seen it yet, there is a truly wonderful program on CBS on Saturday night - "TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL." Always this program touches me! How encouraging it is to see a program where the angels actually tell people (on a TV series no less!) that "GOD LOVES YOU!" As you might imagine there are also many beautiful truths in each sequence. I find watching how the angels, Monica and Tess, interact with the characters inspires me to think about better ways I might reach out to those around me to let them know how very much God loves them. This program reminds me that Ioften forget how many people just don't know about God and what a loving and merciful God He is. I need to remember just how blessed we are to know this and to pay more attention to sharing this truth with more and more of the people I come in contact with each day.


I am amazed as I mention the program to people in the grocery store, gas station, wherever I go to find how many people watch the program. It has been on for quite some time now which in itself is very encouraging. It was even more encouraging to see that an additional new episode appeared last Sunday at 8:00 p.m. EST. Hopefully, the producers and advertisers will begin to come forward with some more good programs. TV certainly has great potential as a medium for sharing this truth.


May each of us become more like Monica and Tess in letting others know how much GOD LOVES US.


Allene Vick


                                 * * * * *


                    FROM THE READERS


LOLETA, CA - Many of you may know that Michael Goodwin is an artist. This letter from him certainly gives us a glimpse of just how multi-faceted his talents are. Thank you, Michael, for your gifts to each of us.


April 1996


It has been my privilege, being without group, to have been recipient to a great variety of visitors during the stillness. Some who don't even bother to introduce themselves and some who make optimum notice of their name or title - from magnificently confident Trinity Teachers to first time transmitters who have actually erased their delivery because of the "confusion they must [might]have created."


A most interesting session occurred not three days before March's Newsletter mercifully appeared which gave the usual uncertainty plenty of food for thought. This is in the form of a message from one with an Arab sounding name who produced a masterful, yet sort of predictable talk on the individual (we) being the tributaries which feed the many streams of loving sentiments with our sharing, into the greater rivers of light flowing around the world, etc.


The problem I had with this one was with an ending of "Allah be praised," This sounded kind of ethnic and I couldn't shake the feeling that the transmitter is incarnate - this, breaking the rules of the teaching mission as I understood them, to say the least.


Well, now imagine me eagerly tearing into the Newsletter this morning to find, first thing, Temoia's words about the linking up of people world wide in computer fashion - then on to Supremacy! This didn't just cause me to understand what had happened - This didn't just touch my heart, but blasted it a broadside and as the tears gushed I could feel the Gods, not just smiling, but applauding this moment - this beautiful connection.


Oh! What astonishing gifts we give each other!


My gratitude to you and Deborah is most certainly without measure.          


                                 * * * * *


DUBOIS, IN - In letter Jeanne Melchoir covers many thoughts and we thank you, Jeanne, for letting us hear from you.


March 10, 1996


I was so happy to get the TR News Network, for it always feels good to be reminded of the connections that exist between people all over the planet. I have been involved in the teaching mission for what seems like a long time. There are three of us who have met irregularly and have transmitted together. Unfortunately, all of our lives seem beset with difficulties and we are individually and collectively trying to evaluate the purpose of this mission in our lives just now. We read about the joy and peace that many have found through this mission, but the three of us have experienced the complete opposite. We are all experiencing serious marital problems (two of us have become divorced, and it is only with difficulty that we can meet with our third party), money problems, children, and on and on. I am personally not too happy with God for leading me to the edge of chaos, but at the same time, the contact with the spirit teachers, the increased time with God, are the only reality that means very much. Even though I sense God's presence in my life, and continue to try to know what is God's will and do that, I feel like I'm pretty much fumbling in the dark much of the time.


The teachers have suggested that the earth changes have begun, that we are in the midst of cataclysmic change that we are unable to see because we are in the center of it. And even in the slowest moving times, change still occurs, and there are still alternating cycles of light and dark. I am beginning to believe that no matter how far we advance, that we will still undergo periods of alternating light and dark for that is what it means to be human. I'm not sure that it's realistic to expect, in this lifetime, to MAINTAIN a high level of spiritual connection. As soon as I get clear, it seems, I learn something new, and what was once clear and understood, is no longer so. As one of our teachers reminded us, "Compassion is learned at the experiential level." Perhaps the fabric of our lives is made of helping each other get through the dark times that will always beset all of us. And that involves getting our human hands dirty, and making more than a few mistakes.


As Henri Nouwen says in his beautiful little book, The Wounded Healer, we're all wounded, and all we can do is be hospitable during the ins and outs of each day. Much as I would like to think that there will be a day when I am truly healed, I have the feeling that this life is seasonal, and when one wound is healed, another will be inflicted, or an old one reopened, and the process will go on and on. I think I'm a little angry with God on this one too. The words of Gerard Manley Hopkins perhaps say it best:


   "Thou are indeed just, Lord, if I contend

   With thee; but, sir so what I plead is just.

   Why do sinners' ways prosper? and why must

   Disappointment all I endeavor end?

   Wert thou my enemy, O thou my friend,

   How wouldst thou worse, I wonder, than thou        dost 

   Defeat, thwart me? Oh, the sots and thralls of        lust

   Do in spare hours more thrive than I that  


   Sir, life upon thy cause. See, banks and brakes

   Now, leaved how thick! laced they are again

   With fretty chervil, look, and fresh wind shakes

   Them: birds buld--but not I build, no but strain,

   Time's eunuch, and not breed one work that           wakes.

   Mine, O thou lord of life, send my roots rain."                                                          (1889)


Anyway, despite the disappointment rampant these days, our newsletter was a welcome piece of mail. I too have great trouble with military words, and occasionally my teacher uses them as well. I think that we need to be careful with them, first of all because the FBI is likely watching cult groups for signs of militia activity and such language is like waving a red flag. But more importantly, I think that the military language of the past, of hierarchies, and the chains of command, is archaic and obsolete. I think the teachers use it because it is such a part of our vocabularies and our experience, but I must believe that they look to a day when these words are replaced on equality, on inner authority, where there are no generals or foot soldiers, only human beings working with one another to more perfectly do the will of God. I very highly recommend The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler, The Coming of the Cosmic Christ by Matthew Fox, and The Turning Point by Fritjof Capra.[Ed-This is the book that the marvelous movie "Mindwalk" was based on.] As you so eloquently put it, perhaps when we expand our vocabularies and broaden our base of knowledge and understanding the teachers will have more to work with.


                                 * * * * *

BOULDER, CO - We hear that Daniel Raphael is a busy person these days. So, we thank you, Daniel, for taking the time to let us hear from you again.


March 11, 1996


I enjoyed your last T/R NN very much. I can tell from your editorial that you have settled into your new situation and you are becoming more peaceful and moving into a very productive period of your life.


The articles by Frosty Johnson and Eugenia Bryan touched my heart, for living in the now, living in the moment as we transform emotional pain into a powerful spirituality, is not a cheerful or pleasant experience. And it seems to last for years and years. It is easier to escape into a future which Abigail warned against.


The enclosed poem helped me live in that painful now of transformation using the shared perspective of the Creator and the mortal.



By Daniel Raphael, 050686


The old chemist

poured clay-like


into the fine

marble mortar --

dropped the pestle in,

and began to grind.


Around and around

the pestle flew.

Spinning and thumping,

the lumps grew

smaller and smaller.



the sage chemist

would stop

and peer into

the large mortar

to gauge the progress

of the ingredients below.



went the pestle

as he dropped


it into the mixture below.

A puff of dust arose,

and small particles

flew to the sides.

Again, the merry wizard

made the pestle fly

'round the mortar.

Finer and finer

the mixture became.


No one has ever

guessed when

the grinding is through,

for only

the old chemist knows,

when the time

is right.


Some batches and mixtures

take longer,

some shorter,

but all succumb

to the Godly influence

given to them

by the chemist

to be made into

a new substance

in the end,

and to continue

in existence

as something new.


More grinding,

tamping, and

whirling scenes --

more of the same

ingredients ground

in with the old.

Old scenes relived,

new ones added in,

and ground

to the same fineness

in the end.



The pestle

lands again.

My emotions turn

to dust,

and my rationality

flies to the wall --

only to settle at

the bottom again.

I feel as fine

as talcum powder.


When will all of this grinding

and mixing cease,

and I am poured

as a finished mixture

into a new mortar?

When will I be delivered

from this grind,

to become a potent

ingredient in another



                                 * * * * *


SARASOTA, FL - Avis Nichols was in the Sarasota Group when I was first introduced to the Teaching Mission. I miss each and everyone from that group, so it is especially good to hear from you, Avis. and read again one of your beautiful messages from Michael.


January 30, 1996


It was so good to have the newsletter again. I much appreciated Ham's words about being comfortable where you go. Taking our comfort with us, spreads comfort everywhere.


After all the upheavals and changes in your life, may you have some quiet - as the Urantia Book says, "the course of life on Urantia rarely runs smooth," and that seems to especially true in these times.


I am enclosing a message to do with as you like.


                        * * * MICHAEL * * *


Let your universe be a happy one. Each one that I send into your universe will leave with My Presence and helped in ways you cannot as yet see, but the soul effects will be real and lasting. Just by love and laughter, gentleness and kindness, the world will be won for the Father.


Remember I said to you before that you underestimate the value of a smile, a kind word given with warmth. These are truly My tools. Keep them ready for instant use.


Be full of cheer. Let nothing dampen your spirits. Let the past be the past. It has nothing to do with now, except the lesson learned from it. The rest is of no importance.


Do let your heart be light. Enjoy those around you. Love them devotedly. Cherish them. When you lavish love on those around you, you lavish love on the Father and Myself.


Remember love currents go round the world, testifying to the reality of the Father. Let your love be carried by these God Currents. You know not where they will go and who they will find. Send My Love to all. Let your heart swell with the power of My Love, then dispense it world wide. Its fragrance will perfume the darkest places, giving love a change to grow, where before it was unknown.


Grieve not over the sufferings of our brothers and sisters. They too, are in Me and I will love and console them. Send your love to them, but grieve not.


If you could only see our universe with new eyes, you would know the love, mercy and justice that prevails everywhere.


No child is forgotten, or "falls through the cracks" as you say. We have no cracks. Each individual is cherished and helped in his climb to universe citizenship.


Only the Father knows the potential of His children. Only he can fan the flames that will ignite the child from within.


Do not be discouraged with the world. It is in My Hands and I will carefully bring it into Light and Life, and I will not fail. My Plans for this were laid long ago and they will be brought to fruition.


Treat each day as a small lifetime. It is that. Take each day in turn and treat it in this way. Each small life time lived consciously with the Father and Myself will yield a life of great pace and joy. Anyone can live one day for Me. That is all there is. Stay secure in My Love..


                                 * * * * *


                  MAGISTERIAL MISSION


CORVALLIS, OR - Terry Olsen called to share information that their group received on the coming Magisterial Mission. This group does not record their sessions, thus the following paragraph comes from one of the members who was taking notes.


Beginning stages are in progress. The Magisterial Son has arrived at Urantia soon to have a physical presence. The arrival of such a mission is indeed wonderful news for Urantia. Many spiritual changes are and will be set into action to bring a spiritual awareness to a greater degree to fellow Urantians. Rest assured that all is well and each is loved dearly - and this is given to you by your spiritual advisers. Marta and Dawn - Seraphim


Terry went on to say that it will be about 100 Urantia years before Urantians will realize the workings of the Magisterial Mission.


On Friday, March 1st the group that is usually a reading group was told that the Magisterial Son is about to come. Revealed to individuals when they get together like putting a puzzle together.


At the Tuesday night workshop there was a world-wide announcement from Machiventa saying that the Magisterial Son is here preparing a physical form waiting for three members of his staff to arrive. The Mission will be about 60 thousand years. The 12 Melchizedeks have materialized and are stationed throughout the world.


Our thanks to you, Terry, and your group for sharing this information with us. We look forward to hearing more news from other groups on this.


                                 * * * * *




BAKERSFIELD, CA - Jack Baker has been kind enough to share the following informtion with us. Initially, he was reluctant sharing this information as we all experience doubts when new information is presented to us. Is it us? Is it right? Should we just sit on it awhile? Those of us as T/Rs know the feelings that arise as we all wish to convey the messages of the teachers and not "our stuff." Thus, we especially appreciate Jack's  courage to share the transcripts below accompanied by letters from his wife, Gerry..


Letter from Gerry Baker

March 31, 1996


Just got your latest bulletin yesterday. The description of the blinded reflectivator describes our group TR (Jack Baker) exactly. And I'm enclosing a transcript where one of the group teachers comments on this ability.


This transcript is not intended for you to publish, nor is this letter, but you have permission to do as you wish if you need something to print (HA!) or if it will further the Mission. Right now, I don't think it'll matter, personally.


As of March 3rd, we have a second group teacher, Langford, a Brilliant Evening Star, and he says that Jack is their assignment. And Andrea has been charged with looking after his health as far as she is permitted. I don't know if I told you that Jack is on 24-hour oxygen and is recuperating from a broken hip.


[Ed - As events have unfolded as seen in the following transcripts, I think you will agree that it all is indeed a part of the greater picture that is emerging and knowing this will further our understanding of the Mission.]


Tuesday, March 5, 1996 2:05 PM


TR: Jack


Hello my friend and pupil. This is Langford. It is good that you decided that we converse today and our getting acquainted with each other and you with my voice.


The question that arose in our meeting about us working in pairs (Langford is a Brilliant Evening Star and they work in pairs) is true. But in a case such as this, we work singly, though my partner is nearby if needed. This makes it a lot easier for us to make contact with each other because there would not be the interference by a third person who might also try to inject a comment during that contact of speaking with mortals such as you.


But the advantage of talking and communing with each other today is a great help to me speaking, and you receiving the words that I say. I know it is strange (for you) to hear a different voice. But this is one of the things you will have to get used to, because there will be other voices that will be speaking through you to other mortals that are of this Mission of Christ Michael's.


It is wonderful that we have a mortal such as you with the clear thoughts that you have in reaching your Stillness. Never have I experienced an individual that so completely does away with all worldly thoughts as you have when you decide to talk to us, your celestial friends. Your Stillness and Silence is complete. This is why you have no remembrance of the words we say until you listen to the recording that you make when we speak to each other. Your memory is a total blank, and this is something that is unique about you and your abilities to receive the words that I say, not only my words, but those of your original teacher, Andrea. She has commented many times on the completeness of your Stillness for her to commune with you and this group. She also expressed to you the (same) feelings that I have, that your Stillness is so complete there is nothing you remember from our conversations. And what you say is what we say and nothing else because you have emptied your mind of all those things that might be a hindrance to your receiving the words we speak. It is wonderful to have a person with this ability because we know there is no interference from foreign and distant thoughts.


I spoke last time of love. And again, this is part of my job, to bring about this feeling of wanting and longing that you have to be a part of those things that Christ Michael has set out for all of us to accomplish. You have dedicated, not only your physical body, but the spiritual things we want and wish for. This is the person we look to, to receive the messages we bring. When the devotion and dedication is as sincere and deep as yours, then there will be no mistakes in what we say or what those around you will hear.


It was kinda hard for me to get things straight at the beginning because the Cause (the Teaching Mission) is new to me and of speaking to mortals such as you. But we will work together and overcome these obstacles of the words I say and the words you repeat. But from now on we will be speaking to each other, trying to straighten out those difficulties (in communication) that we have. This is because of the love and dedication that you personally have given to us and our Savior Christ Michael in doing and being a part of this Mission He has set for all of us to accomplish. The trail is a long and winding (one), but we are endeavoring to accomplish those things that He wishes for His planet and yours to be as He wishes it to be.


The devotion that you have is the devotion of fellowship and brotherhood and sisterhood to those about you and that you speak to in distant places. You will become a shining light to those individuals that look to you for the information you are studying so diligently in your text. In some cases, even those that are of this Mission might seek you out for an explanation of the words that are written. This is one of the things that your regular teacher, Andrea, has said time and time again of wanting you and this group to have the words of the text imbedded in our memories so you will be able to answer any question that might befall you. And in answering these questions, you answer automatically without any thought (hesitation?) and those listeners will know that you speak with authority and truth of the written words and definition of those words. Again, this comes with your love and devotion, not only you, but this whole group.


In our last communication, I made a statement in an attempt to clarify our instructions about questions and answers of this unit. This is not the instruction we received from our Prince and Gabriel to administer the teachings to this unit. For all that are here, questions and answers taken and given will be absolutely no more (Langford's emphasis) because it pertains to the future of this individual. (TR)


Even though I am of the staff of Gabriel, that does not mean that I cannot help those mortals that need help and want to be a part of this Mission. This is my love for my Savior and that superior I work with in developing the love and understanding, the fellowship and brotherhood and sisterhood of all mortals that walk this planet along with you.


The efforts of your companion in her efforts of putting together the TM directory is needed in all areas. This will allow complete communication between each TR that is of the Mission today and forever.


There have been problems also in the Teaching Mission of teachers leaving their units and not communicating with those that they are normally in contact with. You have a good example of this with your friends from down south. JarEl was the teacher's name. He had to do something to bring about the participation of the personal teachers that are involved (in that group). And this is the reason that he withdrew for a time and was not in contact with the group, hoping that each one would take it on themselves to commune with their teachers in a group setting as this one has done for so long. Yes, and you have tried through your efforts to bring this about. But those things are now in the process of being developed. Now he is back, and maybe the unity of that group will progress as it was before.


But there is one thing that is kinda hard for us teachers. When we select at TR that we want to talk to, it is kinda hard for us to change to another (TR) because we have to start the process all over again to learn how to speak using the words that we must use. (Using the vocabulary and understanding of the TR)


But thanks to you, Jack, and your ability to completely wipe out all thoughts of materialistic things and your Stillness is so complete, that even as we speak now, you have no conception of what you are saying, but yet you know that you are talking, but you do not know what words you say. This may seem strange to a lot of people because they seem to remember portions of the messages they speak. But with you this is completely without memory of those words. Again, this is your love for our Master and for all that need to talk to you and through you. This is why it is so easy for us to speak, because of the completeness of your Stillness and your devotion of wanting to commune with us and our Father.


There have been many times that you have relaxed and laid back, wiped your mind clean and listened for us to speak. Yes, we have spoken many times in the Stillness that you create. This is another thing that is strange to you, the fact that when we want to speak to you alone and by yourself, you remember those words that you receive from us because we have control over your mind and your abilities to receive and remember. But when it is in a group setting or any other setting that you may find yourself in, the words we speak will be totally new and foreign to you because of the completeness of that Stillness.


It is well and good that TRs remember what they say when they are receiving the messages. But in your case it is different. We know that when we speak, the words we speak are the words that you say. It is as though we completely control your abilities and faculties to use your mortal body and the speech that we use is without foreign thoughts. Again, this is your love and devotion to those things that our Savior Christ Michael wished for all, to know that when He wishes, all He has to do is to mention to us and His voice is heard again through us to you.


As we commune with our superior, smiles increase on their faces of what it means to be as you are. The development of the brotherhood and fellowship will increase as you progress in your abilities to receive the words that we say. Andrea has remarked several times to Father Ham and other personnel, that she was greatly honored to be in association with this group. Now I know for myself why she made the statement she did. And I, too, am in the same frame of mind as she is when it comes to you and this group.


There is so much in store for this group that it is almost unbelievable of what will occur in the future. There are some things we are still looking for in individuals. But as far as I know, you and this group are a part of that search that we are searching for in internal thoughts that you mortals have and our abilities to receive the words that we say. We do not know who these individuals will be, because they will be selected by my Master, Gabriel and Father Abraham. They are the ones that will make the final selection of those that they see the need for. And they will be searching for and selecting those individuals selected to receive and transmit their thoughts. This will encompass many things of what will be said and done, and those things that we wish you mortals to do.


Andrea has already said that you followed her instructions completely as she wished them to be. But do not get your hopes too high in your wants and wishes to be more of a part of this Mission and of our Savior. And your companion is there with you, not only with moral support, but with spiritual support for those efforts you try so hard to bring forth.


And again we are proud to be in association with you and this group just because of the love and devotion and determination that this group has and is developing day by day. We know of a lot of problems that will exist in the future. Some are of a spiritual nature, but most of them are materialistic.


Well, Jack, I have said about all I have to say for today. And with Andrea being with Father Ham, I will probably be speaking to you and this group in the near future. I stand ready at any time to help you and this group in whatever endeavor each one undertakes. And from what I have seen of this group, the undertakings of those individuals that are involved is well-taken. It is through the efforts of these individuals that the words that you have spoken and written will be the words that they will take forth to those that seek the truths that each one knows.


And with this, my friends, I wish you a good day. With the blessings of our Father and our Savior, we will be ever, ready to help you in any way we can. And I remain your teacher, Langford. Farewell.


Letter from Gerry Baker

April 5, 1996


Here's the transcript of 4/3 that you wanted wherein is confirmed that Jack is indeed a reflectivator. He has not been selected, but is under consideration. This is Jack Baker I'm referring to. He's our group TR and has been this way since he first came on line on August 1, 1994. It has always caused him concern that he didn't know what he was saying. Now he's accepted that he's different somehow.


When higher-level celestials speak through him, he feels a warmth like being a cocoon or being wrapped in a warm blanket. With Langford, a Brilliant Evening Star, this sensation lasts for a few hours after the transmission ends. But when Michael or Mother Spirit speaks, this feeling can last for 12 hours. And if the transmission is in the evening, then he might be awake all night. He senses the presence of Machiventa without the warmth.


My personal opinion is that Jack gets an infusion of healing via the warmth and that he's being healed, at least enough to do the Master's bidding.


Along with the previous mailing to you, I hope this explains a little more of what happens for him. He's not asleep or in a trance, more like a deep concentration like someone who's engrossed in a book, except his eyes are closed.


Wednesday, April 3, 1996 9:10 PM


TR: Jack


[Message from Andrea preceeded the following]




Hello, Jack and my faithful students. This is Langford. Tonight, as Andrea has said in expressing the love that our Father and our Savior has given each of us is unmeasurable. Even in the position that I am in (Langford is a Brilliant Evening Star of the staff of Gabriel) I , too, cannot measure the amount of this love that He gives us. Oh, I am a servant of our Savior and our Father, the same as you and this group are servants to Him also. His wishes for each of us is our command, and this will be carried out to the utmost in all thoughts and energy that we, as celestial friends, will guide our mortal friends down this road that you must trod.


I would like, also , to comment on your abilities to reach the Silences and Stillness that you have reached. Each one of you have progressed marvelously in your attempts to do this that has been requested of all of you.


Jack, I am speaking to you in this matter also. In your attempts to reach the Stillness that has been requested of you is well on the road to completion of that Stillness that we seek. It took some time for you to reach this, but in the last three or four days of your time, you have discovered what it is when you commune with Mother Nature that exists in all growing things that are a part of His world and yours. (Jack found himself at the edge of a forest, listening to the sounds of nature.) The stillness and the harmony that you felt are the things that we want in all that are destined to take part in this endeavor that is set out for all of us.


Tonight is kind of a test between you and I because of what is in the future for you and this group. You, I'm speaking to all, when you have accomplished your Stillness as we have requested, each of you will take part in the endeavors and goals that have been set for this little group. As you have surmised, Jack, in reading the newsletter bout the reflectivators that we are looking for (Allene Vick's March '96 publication) This does not mean that you have been selected to represent this, but I can honestly say you are high on the roster to be of the group that will form the core of this phenomenon that does exist. I am not promising you anything, but I can honestly say, you are there. Everyone is taking a long, hard look at the names that have been presented. Andrea and I both have spoken our piece to our superiors about our acquaintance with you and this group which is so devoted in taking part in the Mission of Christ Michael. We all are proud of this little group in showing us what it really means to be devoted and loving of those things, trying with honest effort to accomplish the things that have been requested. And we can ask for no more than your free willingness and your determination that has been displayed. We have seen this, and we rejoice in the knowledge that each of you have given to each other. Not only to each other, but to us, your celestial friends. Now it is for our supervisors and those above us to make that choice of what will be.


But I will always remain, and so will Andrea, your group teacher as long as you are willing to have us to perform those things that are not of the requirements of this effort that is being developed and the people we are looking for. We will always be there beside you, all of you, listening to the conversations that you have and enlightening us on the way you think as mortals. It is a great pleasure to listen to these thoughts you have because we understand the individual we are dealing with, deeply, because of these conversations. Like tonight, your conversations were wide-ranging in their thought and words. And in that range, we, as your celestial friends, have many thoughts and questions that we must answer for ourselves and looking at the conversation that is taking place, not only this time, but many other times that we have listened to you. We have learned a great deal from you and this small group in your thoughts and in the love that you express in the love and sisterhood of this group.


The unity that you have brought about in this unit is the unity that we would love to see in all groups that are of this Mission. The bond between each of you has grown to the extent that if one should falter, it would be missed dreadfully in your attempts. Each one of those surviving would do their utmost to bring the fallen one back to the fold of this Mission. And this unity that I speak of is very rare when it comes to the understanding of each other. This grouphas mastered this in the respects of the thoughts of each individual. The spirituality within this group is tremendous. And the love is shown there also of this unity that each one of you have for each other. Oh, there have been times that you have stretched it kinda thin, (smiles all around) but you have won the battle that it took to put this aside and progress further along the road you trod. This again is something that we, your celestial friends, have learned form you as mortals, that you do have this capability to reach that point. And again, it comes back to the love and your determination to be part of what our Savior Christ Michael wished for all of you.


Well, like Andrea, I have made my little speech for tonight. And I as I am, will always be at hand, and the same with Andrea and Themoia and the other teachers of this group, are always beside each one of you with a helping hand on your shoulder, pushing and guiding you in the way we want you to go. But even with this determination that we have expressed in the direction which you should go, it is still your decision which way you want to go. But with the love of our Father and Christ Michael, we, as celestial beings, think we have you all, as you say, "figured out," (smiles all around) in which way you are wanting to go and be a part.


And again, with God's blessing, I as your teacher, wish each and everyone of you a loving and caring week ahead. We will meet again in the near future. For I am here, willing to be with you any time that any of you call and wanting the help that I can give.


I will remain as ever your teacher and loving friend. I am Langford. Farewell.

Wednesday, April 10, 1996 8:50 PM


TR: Jack


Hello my brothers and sisters in the spiritual realm. This is Langford.


Tonight in the conversations that took place and our concern of wanting things to be right, I am here to tell you that those personal doubts of your mental attitudes do not, in any way, hinder you in your choice of being what you want to be and doing those requests that are made of you, regarding the reflectivity that is taking place now on this planet of yours.


The reflectivity that we have spoken of is in the process of developing, and you, as you are, are one of the first to be a reflectivator of this phenomenon that is in the process of taking hold. Oh, you can let other people know because of the concern that you had for those things that you want to be "right" when you attempt to bring forth the messages that we give you through this process of reflectivity. You are accustomed to us only in the relationship of pupil to teacher, but now you have progressed beyond this point. But we, as your teachers of this group will always be here to carry on as we have. At first we will be only in the practicing status of your receiving the messages that are brought forth, and this is one of them. I am speaking to you through this process, and you are receiving the words I say by this process of reflectivity.


There have been many doubts in your mind, and you have expressed those doubts that you have. But let me assure you that those doubts are not warranted in this because they do not have a grip on your thoughts when it comes to this because of your abilities to wipe out all thoughts of the physical world that exists, and even the doubts that you have in your own mind. You are completely free of all of these now that you have been selected and you have willingly accepted the position that you are in.


It is wonderful to be in association with an individual that has been selected by those in authority above me. And one of them is standing here with me now, wishing to speak to you through this process that we re talking now. And I will let this individual talk to you through this process of reflectivity:


(Gabriel: )


Hello Jack. This is Gabriel talking.


You have been selected by myself and the others that were on hand to make this choice because of your devotion and your abilities and your willingness to be as you are in all aspects of those things that our Savior Christ Michael wishes for His brothers and sisters that are of this spiritual frame that He is so devotedly giving to everyone to be a part of. It is an honor for me to speak to you through this process and to let you know that you will have a lot of experiences that will be uncommon to a lot of mortals that are of this Mission.


The words that you might say in the future will be judged in many ways. But that does not mean that you may have mistakenly said the wrong words that we have given you. The words that we give through this process will be exact, and no one will be able to ridicule you on the words that you say. I say "ridicule," but it will only be in the matter of mortal instincts, it will not be in the spiritual frame. You have a big job on your hands, because you have been selected as the first in this realm of possibilities and phenomenon that we are putting together. We will be practicing more and more using this technique so that what you say is our words that you say to everyone that you associate with in this Mission of our Savior.


But I would like to pass along our congratulations to you in your efforts to be as you are so willing to be. And with this, Jack, I will return you to Langford. And God bless you in your attempts.


(Langford: )


Well, Jack, this is Langford again.


You have heard my superior talk and tell you of the things that he wishes you to know. And, again, like my superior said, I also, and so is Andrea and all of the teachers that are gathered, are honoring you with the highest esteem that you can imagine because of the selection that has been made of taking an individual as you are, and bring the messages to you to be repeated and transmitted to other people that are of this Mission of Christ Michael's. This is why the practice that has been spoken of will continue for a while so that we will know the exact way of presenting the news that we bring forth to you in the happenings in our current processes that are now in the development stage.


You have a wonderful group here along with you and their encouragement of you to take part in this effort. But like always, and this was brought out tonight in the conversation, that it is your willingness to accept or reject this effort. And from what I have seen and heard, you have and always will be, a servant of our Savior. It is your willingness to be that servant that you have been selected as you have been. And this goes for everyone that is of this group. Your ambitions for this Mission is well-taken in the efforts of each of you in the development of these goals that He has set out for each one to master. Attempts are now being made to select other mortals such as you to carry on this phenomenon of reflectivity to other groups throughout all of this planet so that everyone can receive the messages that are brought forth.


But do not be disheartened or "down low" in your mortal feelings, because this is a phenomenon of our Savior Christ Michael and it is at His suggestion that this has been brought about. As you have said to yourself many times that you feel honored to be a part of this Mission, and this is the way we feel toward you. Your determination, and this group's determination to further this Mission, as I've said before, is without saying. But each one has their own particular goal that they must reach in the development of this Mission. Your (goal) has been cleared (okayed?) to let you know of what it is. Now it is up to you to accept or reject. And as I have said before, there is no denying of which way you want to go. And this is one of the reasons that you are as your are.


The others of this group have their own goals that they are trying to master in their attempts to foster the words of our Savior. And each one has their own personal goals that they have set out for themselves. But as far as you are concerned, it is the support of those around you, including us, your celestial friends, and all of us that are here to help you in your development of this.


So, the news, as you wish, may be let out to all other people that are aware of this Mission. But it will be in the practice stage for some time to come, until all the rest have been selected, and you all are reflectivators for the words that we say. So fear not, we will be with you from now until you, personally, refuse to accept the words we give you. And I pray, along with all the rest, that this will never be. We hope and pray, also, that it will remain as it is now.


I know I have given this little speech more to you that to the group, but there were things I had to tell you to wipe away those fears and doubts that do exist. So now, as you have reached your Silence to the completely silent stage, there are no doubts of what is to come, and we know this.


With Godspeed and our endeavors to help and guide you, will be with you, along with all the other teacher of this group in the development of the process that you are endeavoring to bring forth. And Jack, I am proud to be in association with you because of those people that made the section who are my commanding officers.


And I will remain, as ever and ever, a beloved brother in our spiritual world from now until. And I will say farewell for tonight. God bless. This is Langford. Goodby.


                                 * * * * *


LAWRENCE, KS - The following except comes from a letter written by Eugenia Byran.


January 31, 1996


I thought you would appreciate a little note to support just how helpful this newsletter is . There is a new person attending the Kansas City Pathfinders group (Ila Hall's) who has been very skeptical of the TM to say the least. Ila had given her something not of the TM sources very relevant. It knocked this lady off of her complacency that "hearing from heaven" was not possible through humans anyway. She was very troubled about her reaction to this material and then began telling me about her imperfections. I remember the Ham lesson in the most recent newsletter and sent it to her. She was thrilled! A new convert perhaps!? Ham is of course the teacher who was so instrumental in initiating my own personal purging as I have shared previously with you. What a GREAT teacher he is and how wonderful is the relationship he has with Rebecca as evidenced in the beauty of their words together. They are so universally helpful to the serious truth seeker. I continue to love his lessons and hope you will publish them often.


We are also wondering if there is any place in our newsletter for information on the spiritual enlightenment effects of using blue-green algae. Has anyone shared messages with you on this topic from the teachers? Bill and I have been given some private information specific to our needs from his personal teacher, Carmon. We are always skeptical of these kinds of dietary aids which are not well grounded in scientific research (remember I am a clinical microbiologist and laboratory scientist by profession) yet we also have faith and much trust in the messages we received from our celestial guides. We are furthermore, not willing to exacerbate the greed factor in new age product pushers. And so we have been doing a lot of investigation about the subject from our human perspective including researching sources and cost factors. We can find plenty of people willing to sell it to us to be sure!


We are hoping to have an entire session given over to this topic in one of our upcoming meetings with a TR who has not explored this topic to the extent we have. We want an unbiased presentation and I fear I could not do this myself even though I have transmitted for Bill and I alone on this topic. I do not have any records of these transmissions but I can report that we have been given only positive reinforcement from Carmon that all of us would benefit spiritually as well as physically from BGA.


Forgive me if you have done so (printed information) and I have forgotten or missed them. We have been approached from so many different sources outside of the TM and at first, we dismissed the information as one more thing we didn't need to worry about. I was appalled at the elaborate and expensive promotional materials as well as the price for what seems to be so little. I admit I am also not impressed with simple and non-professional appearing literature too so it is a catch 22 position to be in! Have others had these same reactions? We wonder if a dialogue would be helpful in one of the newsletters. We do think that yours is the forum must suited for this dialogue. Anyway, we would appreciate your thoughts on this matter. We know how busy you are so we shall be patient.


Ed - Well, I don't know how much you want to hear, Eugenia. I have been taking Super Blue Green Algae for over ten years. I wasn't able to swallow capsules in the beginning years so my friends laughed and questioned my sanity as I emptied the green algae capules into water and drank it. From the beginning I have tried to share with as many as possible the benefits of this food - and it is food - the beginning of the food chain. Back in those days, few were interested and good naturedly made jokes about my strange "habit." One day I was walking with my six year old nephew through the woods and near a small pond covered with algae. He looked at me and said, "Look Aunt Allene! There's lunch for you!" Now I am delighted to say that things are different. Everywhere I go, I find people taking algae and talking about it.       


I first heard about Super Blue Green Algae from Edwin Steinbrecher, when he was giving a talk about the process in his book, The Inner Guide Meditation. I made a note to check it out. It took me a couple of years to get around to it. One day I was working in a restaurant when a young pregnant woman asked if we had any herbal tea. I suddenly asked her not if, but what she knew about Super Blue Green Algae when to my surprise she told me she was a distributor! She later told me that when she had her prenatal blood test, the doctor asked her what she was doing because she had the best blood he'd ever seen in all his years of practice. I started taking it immediately.


I always had a high energy level, so I didn't notice much difference there. What I did notice was that my diet began to change without any conscious thought on my part. I started wanting more salad and less sugar. In a short time I lost about 15 pounds and have stayed pretty much the same weight ever since.


When I drive long distances - 1,000 miles a day - I have my water and algae on the seat next to me. Every four or six hours or so, I take two Alphas and two Omegas. I don't get sleepy or hyper and I arrive at my destination fairly rested. A night's sleep and I am rested and ready for the next day. Without the Super Blue Green Algae, I could never do this and wouldn't even attempt it.


When working in very hectic, fast paced, loud restaurants, I often would take a couple of Omegas before starting and would find myself peaceful and calm amid the chaos around me.


Because it is the bottom of the food chain, it is the most easily digested and assimilated food one can eat. Because it comes from Lake Klamath in Oregon, there are many minerals that flow naturally into this lake making it even more nutritious. Because the Daryl Kolman, the founder of Cell Tech, was originally a teacher who began looking deeper into the reasons children were not learning as well as they could intrigued me. Because of his concern and study he found lack of proper nutrition to be a major cause of learning impairment. Because Cell Tech as a company is so involved in the community and environmental issues, I felt good supporting them. Because of the tremendous waste of water and use of pesticides in raising animals for meat, it is an environmentally positive thing to do. Because of the above and I could go on and on, I highly recommend taking Super Blue Green Algae from Cell Tech.


I cannot speak directly about the spiritual benefits, except to say that my spiritual course has accelerated since then. Whether there is a correlation, I do not know. I do, however, believe that we are better able to use our spiritual muscles when our bodies are healthy.


As to the cost, I can only say that the benefits make this a irrelevant to me. I can't afford not to continue my algae diet. From my experience with other similar products, Super Blue Green Algae from Cell Tech is far superior and the only algae I buy. If you are concerned with cost, you can pay a one time fee of $25.00 and become a distributor and buy it at cost for yourselves, which is what I did. I can understand your feeling of being bombarded by distributors, but I, for one, am glad to see this change, for it means more and more people are discovering the value of this wonderful food.


Like you, Eugenia, I, too, would love to hear from others what they have to say about their experiences and what the teachers have to say. So here's hoping we hear more from others about their experiences and words from the teachers. Let us know more what your group learns about this.


I am not a distributor other than for personal use. One of the members of our Maryland group, Elise Hayes, is a Cell Tech distributor. If you would like more information or would like to place an order you can contact her at:


The Algae Pharmacist

Darlene Satore is also a Cell Tech distributor.


                                 * * * * *


TALLAHASSEE, FL - Joilin Viesz made a posting on the TML in January. She asked me if I thought it would be appropriate to share a story in the newsletter. Having reassured her that it would be considered most appropriate and appreciated, I received the full post from her. I thought you who aren't on the TML might enjoy the whole posting.


January 6, 1996


A story of a loving heart ...a few comments


Hello beloveds,


I told you the other day I had a lovely story to share with you, and so this morning I will keep my promise...but before I do, I wonder if I might draw on the love you have for me and ask you to listen to me for just a moment or two...I promise to do my utmost to keep this as brief as possible.<smile> I'm going to mention those unmentionable words, but PLEASE just this once, I'm asking you to read what I am about to say, for it may indeed help you to see much in a very different light...again, I promise to be (if it's possible for me) concise, to the point and as brief as possible.


To begin with a little over two years ago, were you to ask me what I thought the teaching mission was, I would have told you something far different than what I would tell you today...my understanding, like everything else about my life, is an ever evolving process,,,and of course, so is yours. Yesterday, I would, (and did) tell anyone who came close enough, and stood still long enough (!) to listen, about my belief in the TeaM, and what it was...I thought I KNEW! Hmmmm, in hindsight, I see just how egotistical my thoughts were back then...today, I KNOW it doesn't matter a flip whether I tell anyone about what I think (operative words here) I know...and here is the reason why: I believe there is indeed a massive spiritual uplift in process on our world...it began in truth a very long time ago, but like most of evolution, it is a slow moving process, yet always, do these processes reach a certain point in time when they reach "critical mass"...and -then- the move begins to become a bit more evident even to those that previously were impervious to its reality....I believe we are at that point in time now. But again it doesn't MATTER who BELIEVES in any of this, because, and here's the real point I want to make: Every SINGLE person on this planet that has an Adjuster, and that has IN ANY WAY... on ANY level agreed to give their allegiance to Michael... or to simply (and I realize it is no small thing) to do their best to follow the leading of the Father within....has given their permission to be a part of this evolution of the spirit on this sphere....Father uses all of us in every way He can to help Him do His Will...so everytime you allow yourself to listen to the voice within...and have the courage to -follow- it, you -are- "being worked with." Now I realize that my understanding of this and our understanding, may differ greatly...but can you not see that it matters not one single bit? The name by which we know something does not effect or change the REALITY...it IS what it is....so I will probably never use the words teaching mission again when I am speaking to those that do not understand what it is....I will instead share with them, as I have always tried to do, what I hold in my heart....thoughts and love from Father...to them...a simple thing really...and never necessary to put a label on it.


And now beloveds the promised story. It is a true story, and not a long one, but I will change the names to protect the innocent, and it will be come clear why, very quickly...


You all know by now that I , along with Fred Harris, volunteer at a local soup kitchen each week. Some time ago, I met a man there that really stood out rom all the rest...he had such love within his eyes...such peace...such calm assurance that all was right with the world...and he was always smiling! I knew as I looked at this man, that he knew the secret, and that not only did he -know- it, but he -lived- it...of course, I thought to myself (silly, I know!)...hmmmm, this one is "one of us"...he is most certainly "being worked with"....I didn't know then what I KNOW now....doesn't matter if I recognize his connection with God or not...doesn't change a thing...I am what I am...and he is what he is...and we both -know- what we are about....doesn't matter if anyone else -knows-...as that most certainly is NOT what we are about. Sorry I digress...We connected immediately, and each Thursday, after we are both finished with our work, we take a few moments and sit on the front steps of "Good News Ministries" and share a bit of our life's journey with one another. You know my life's an open book...so he knows all of my earthly struggles by now, and I know a good bit about his, and here's his story. I hope it will lift your spirits as much as it has lifted my own.


We'll call him Mark...ten years ago, after having worked for the advertising department of Bristol Meyers for many years, on his way home from work one evening, he was hit -deeply- with the understanding the LIFE simply -had- to have more meaning than what he understood..and -lived-...by the time he got home, he -knew- what he had to do. He announced to his wife....(it had been an uncomfortable relationship for may years, and had been maintained for the children's sake alone)....that he had to get a divorce...he didn't hate her...but he most definitely was NOT happy, and he needed to make some very DRAMATIC changes in his life...he would of course manage to continue to support the children, but he had to do it from a different place. The next morning he quit his well paying job...put all of his assets, the liquid kind, in an account to be used for the support of the two children...then, he bought a bus ...created a livable space within the interior, and has lived in one of them ever since...he is now in his fourth bus. He has never, since leaving his job, taken another job "for pay"...whenever he works now, and believe me the man works hard every day of his life...he does it because he wants to HELP his siblings...he loves to work with anything that has a motor...cars, cycles, tractors, it doesn't matter....but if you want Mark to do something for you, you better not ask him how much it will cost...oh, you can ask, but when he tells you it won't cost you anything more than a meal...don't argue with him, or you'll love him rather quickly! Now there are times when he has done something for someone, and they, knowing his dislike for accepting money for his "gifts", will put some cash in an envelope...stick it in the mail with no forward address...and those are ALWAYS the times when (couldn't you guess it?) Mark had a REAL need of one kind or another, that only could be alleviated with money! How am I doing..still with me?


In sharing our stories with one another, Mark told me that he had a friend, someone that had no one else in the world, that had full-blown Aids...he takes her to the doctor, and stays with her when she is too ill to take care of herself...now he was not bragging when I discovered these things about him...and they only came as an answer to some question I asked him...this man is honest almost to a fault....if that is even possible. Now, because of my having been out of town, remember, I "ran away" for a week...then had these bloody foot operations...we had not seen one another for almost a month and a half, so last Thursday, after giving the a Urantia Book (that he requested, after having been told I wanted to give him one but would only do so when he was ready to read it), we sat and talked for a few moments, and he told me he wanted to share another leg of his journey, (my words, not his) with me, because he wanted me to know where he would be if I ever -needed- him...as I said, he -knows- my personal struggles rather well...and here is hat he told me:


He asked me if I remembered his having told me about his friend with the Aids...I said yes, I did remember...as my heart stood still, afraid he was going to tell me she had left this world...before she was ready to do so, (she's quite young)...well, he went on to tell me that they had come out with a brand new experimental drug....and they have agreed to allow her to try it along -with- AZT...now when she began taking AZT, it almost -killed- her literally...and she told him a few nights ago, that she was very afraid this new drug just might do the trick.... and she didn't want to be alone...she stopped at that point to see how Mark would take what she had told him...well, his answer was...well, I certainly wouldn't be able to do that from my "bus" way out here in the country...and Margo began to cry..."You wold DO that for me?...she cried....and of course he assured her that he would, if she would allow him to move into her apartment in order to "be there for her" on a twenty-four hour, seven  day basis.... And that is just what he has done....


Now, in my mind, this is the God within....LIVING the LOVE He has for His children of time...THROUGH the offered vessel of one of His committed sons...and it doesn't matter a flip if either YOU...OR Mark, understands the process...or what is happening on this evolving world of ours. <smile>


I love you guys...and -know- you love me!


Have a happy...uplifted day.....K?


                                 * * * * *




Speaking of treasures,, I would share with you that I treated myself to this small leather bound edition for Christmas. It has the same pagination as the regular edition, with gold edges and 2 small ribbons. It is a small treasure for book lovers, particularly Urantia Book lovers. It is so much easier to carry around the house and out and around than the larger edition. The beauty is that it attracts the notice of others who ask about it. These editions are available from The Urantia Foundation, 533 Diversey Parkway, Chicago, IL 60614 312-525-3319


                                 * * * * *


                       THE EC REPORT:

              EARTH CHANGES (ECs) AND



SAN RAFAEL, CA - Byron Belitsos has put together "A Compilation of EC Information for the Teaching Mission Community". It contains some of the transcripts you are already familiar with along with, Morgan's information on Co-Creative Teams, "The Teaching Mission and the Dream of the Millennium" (a talk given by Byron at the gathering in Arkansas last year) and "The New Apocalypticism in Historical Perspective ( a 17 page research essay by Byron. This spiral bound edition is available for $10.00 including postage by contacting Byron at 5 Welch Street, San Rafael, CA 94901.


                                 * * * * *




Gerry Baker reports that in putting together this directory, it has been decided that the first issue will list FIRST NAMES ONLY along with phone numbers and locations. It WILL NOT LIST ADDRESSES in order to protect the privacy of the people on the list. Having a directory with the names of contacts and a list of all the Teachers is an important step in helping us all to connect.


SO, those of you who may not have sent in your information on the questionnaire may now feel more comfortable in being a part of the Worldwide TM Directory. We encourage you to think about this and to participate in this endeavor. There is still time to send in your information.


                                 * * * * *


                  UPCOMING ACTIVITIES


                       SPIRIT FEST III '96


                 "SHARING GOD'S LOVE"


JUNE 21-23, 1996 - At Camp Charro, an Environmental Camp between San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay, CA


"Teacher Betrand, of the Dana Point TM suggested this theme, at our planning session. This is what Michael's mission on Urantia is all about.


"Bertrand: It is imperative that humans share experiences. Especially spiritual experiences. Each of you, in you daily life have experiences that increase your CAPACITY to KNOW GOD. It requires some doing. You also increase your ability to SHARE this God Consciousness with your fellows. But remember, this is a new experience for you on Urantia; this experience of SHARING, not only your personal growth, your personal spiritual experience, but also the sharing of the years of instruction from our teacher input. This has not happened previously in the history of this planet.


"Keep in mind the purposes of the teaching mission; that is to FIRST: assist in your own contact with your Thought Adjuster, to help you in establishing that communication pattern. SECONDLY: begin the process of enlightening your brothers and sisters in the reality of the Father in YOUR lives.


"As many teachers, as there are t/rs at this conference, will be made available. We will also support small group, individual, and large group transmissions.


"One other aspect of the gathering that is most important, is that ample time to practice the stillness be made available. This, we as you teachers, have taught on most occasions. We are an inseparable team, we and you. Much has occurred in the past several years since the teaching mission began. Much has occurred that is outside of your vision. Progress is happening. LIGHT AND LIFE IS coming to Urantia."


For more information contact: Hal and Lucille Kettell.


                                    * * *



                      CONFERENCE 1996



                       July 5, 6 and 7, 1996

                           Wilsonville, OR


See March Newsletter. For more information contact: Tarter/Farley.


                                    * * *


                         "LIVING FAITH"


                          The Fellowhips's

               1996 International Conference


                        The Urantia Book

          Flagstaff, Arizona - August 3-8, 1996


This conference offers something for all Urantia Book readers from non or new readers to advanced students with plenty of opportunity to share the revelation and celebrate community with unique programs, presentations, discussions, activities, worship and entertainment in a beautiful mountain setting.


"A challenge for teens


"One of the most exciting additions to this international conference is the expansion of the program for teenagers. Trained teachers, counselors and dedicated parents from our reader community have been working for two years to develop this world-class experience. Teenagers can look forward to the challenge of ropes course, the adventure of an overnight camp out, and personal quest, the excitement of a teen lounge, and the satisfaction of building a community within a community, making friends from around the world." Sounds like a great program. Oh, to be a teenager again for this program!


Coffee house, nightclub, country fair, programs for children, special interest areas, excursions, pre-conference retreat for musicians, writers and artists - something for everyone! Check it out!


For information contact: The Fellowship, 529 Wrightwood, Chicago, IL 60614 Call - 312-327-0424 or Fax 312-327-6159


                                    * * *


                                1996 IUA



                        August 8-12, 1996

          Vanderbuilt University, Nashville, TN


"Entitled Dedication, Integration and Transformation, this year's conclave will look closely at the process by which the teachings of The URANTIA Book transform the lives of its students. Dedication occurs when an individual understands the teachings and accepts them. This acceptance produces study, often voracious, intense, and highly focused. Such study yields Integration - the incorporation of the concepts and ideas. Because these concepts are often superior to previous ones held by the student, they displace them. A new, superior way of thinking gradually grows in the intellect of the reader. Such change inevitably produces Transformation. It is at this point that one is beginning to "live the teachings" as the teachings begin transforming the individual - from inside out - into a spiritually fragrant person." [From the Urantian News - Volume 15, Issue 1]


More information will be appearing in their next newsletter. If you are not on their mailing list and would like more information, contact The Urantia Foundation, 533 Diversey Parkway, Chicago, IL 60514 312-525-3319


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                            IN MEMORY


Paul Whitmoyer left us for the Mansion Worlds on January 25, 1996 due to cancer, which was diagnosed the end of October. Paul was a Lutheran Minister for a few months shy of 50 years. A memorial was held at their home church in Landisburg, PA. Those who were privileged to know Paul will miss him dearly. I only had the privilege of meeting him once, and it was so obvious what a true minister of Father's he is - giving the gift of love and caring to all around him in his humble, generous  way as I am sure he is  doing now on the Mansion Worlds.. When I last spoke to him early last fall, he was enthusiastic about a new program he was developing for helping family members to come together to gain strength and new understanding from family crisis.  Paul is survived by his wife, Lorraine, and four children, three of whom study The Urantia Book.


Lorraine presented the newsletter with a generous contribution in honor and memory of Paul E. Whitmoyer. Your gift is much appreciated as is the gift of knowing Paul. 


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