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June/July 1994 (Vol. 2, No.6)





I am truly grateful for the transcripts and information that many of you have shared with me recently. From my viewpoint the Teaching Mission is very aptly named. It is a Teaching Mission - teaching us the basics we need to build a solid spiritual foundation and increasing the levels of the lessons as we are ready - teaching us ways to apply these lessons in our daily life - teaching us to better understand in our study of the Urantia Book - teaching us how to reach out to others - and teaching us to recognize our potential and to develop and use our talents, certainly, I am sure, with the hopes that we will use what we are being taught in service to Michael's plan.


Now after several years, the Teachers must be pleased to see those dedicated and committed to the Teaching Mission beginning to step forward in faith and confidence to find ways to take action to use these talents and abilities in service to the Brotherhood of Mankind. Thus, I am delighted to begin a new column this month called "Assignments and Selected Projects." I chose this title for some feel that they have been given assignments, while others tend to be put off by the word "assignments" and have chosen selected projects to work on. However you choose to view it, the result is faith in action towards service to all. As we step forward to share information on these assignments and projects, we will all benefit. We will be better able to support each other in our assignments and selected projects and in sharing many others will find encouragement to step forward and ideas will be planted like seeds. From these seeds will come forth much new growth. Already, I have seen this happen in isolated pockets. I say, let us share as we feel guided to do so and trust that there are many who are waiting and ready to take these steps. Your sharing may be just the catalyst and stepping stone needed for another to take the first step.


I thank Chris Hart for offering to share what she is doing with us. I know that many of you receive Jim Cleveland's Spirit Quest, but I think it is appropriate to share some of the words of Tarkas here (Issue #5) for those of you who have not seen it as it applies to what we are talking about with the issues and goals that Chris and many of you have been working towards for a long time. In coming issues, we will share more of these "Assignments and Selected Projects" with you. This is only the beginning of our learning to share our talents and work together for the good of all.


Tarkas - Cincinnati - March 4, 1994


"I would urge you, just as you have not limited your knowledge and limited your spiritual growth to what you can read in the Bible, which is a wonderful book, neither should you limit your spiritual growth and knowledge and development to what you can now read in The Urantia Book.


"Do not limit yourselves at all. Do not limit yourselves to these sessions in hopes that I will bring you great nuggets of wisdom which will suffice in your life. Continue to explore new topics and new subjects. We are not afraid of new ideas even though some may not hold more than a partial truth. We can build upon that truth and we have faith in each of you, our students and citizens of this world, to learn to attune yourselves to the Indwelling Spirit, to the Spirit of Truth, and, yes also to us as we seek to guide you in the spiritual light.


"Expand your realm of knowledge. There is much happening in this world. It is truly a massive spiritual reawakening that must not be limited to those who would stagnate with the publication of the Bible or the publication of The Urantia Book.  The world has changed since the 1950's, and it is changing rapidly around you now.


"You observe these things. Only in the subject of medicine alone can you find many fascinating new topics which will be consolidated with your current medical practice, which is limited, to form a vast spiritualized, and spiritually inspired medical community of the future - not predicated upon business considerations and greed, but rather on universal service.


"Some ideas that now seem farfetched to those who would stagnate in one thought pattern are truly worthwhile methods to explore. This new field could be called energetic medicine, vibrational medicine, or whatever you finally deem to call it. Now, you call it by many names encompassing homeopathic remedies, radiology, acupressure and acupuncture, flower essences, therapeutic touch... many names, and at some time you will be able to synthesize these teachings into a wonderful new world where you will finally be able to conquer the pollution and corruption that have caused so many of your illnesses."


I quote this, because we are in a new dispensation. We need to be ready to let go of old, outmoded ways of thinking, just as we are changing our way of being and acting towards others. We need to become more fluid and flexible in our thinking that we may remain ever open to the changes that are taking place around us for most assuredly we are in the midst of great change with more to come in the days ahead. Aflana once spoke to us of being strong that we will bend and not be broken in the wind. It takes the flexibility of an open mind and strong roots of faith to withstand the winds of change. Let us exercise this flexibility in thinking and faith in each other to support each other as we take great strides or fledgling steps in putting faith into action and sharing with each other these steps along the way.


For those of you who are starting to transmit, I understand your doubts. I have been there as have been all the transmitters that I have talked to over the course of the last couple of years. I do not question the process that is happening with the Teaching Mission. I do question at times that what I am receiving is me rather than the teachers. It never ceases to amaze me, the overwhelming confirmations that come forth from reading the transcripts. In these I find ideas that I have expressed to others, thought myself or have written in my own times with the teachers on my computer - often in the same words, phrases or analogies. At the time, I was unaware of the words of the other teachers. I am fully aware that I am capable of making mistakes, but I trust that these will be corrected. In the meantime, it becomes undeniable that the chances for these experiences to be merely coincidental holds no validity. It is interesting to note that in days past, I would have been concerned that others would have judged me on the grounds of plagiarizing the words of "their" teachers. Today, I have no concerns of this for I have come to know that all the teachers are available to all of us and they are all teaching us the same lessons when we are ready. It is only a source of joy and confirmation to see the unity and oneness coming from the teachers.


I would encourage any who are new at communicating with your teachers to persevere beyond your doubts and to read as many transcripts as you can for in doing this you will see the steady progression of the individual groups. This is particularly true if you follow one of the older more established groups from the beginning transcripts to the more current ones. In doing so, you will see the individual growth and rewards that come from the dedication and commitment these individuals have made.


I regret to say that there will be no newsletter in July since so much is happening now. However, I cannot envision being able to compile a July newsletter as I will be attending the "Gathering" in Spokane and on the road most of the rest of July. Because of this, I have delayed completing this newsletter in order to include some information that has been late in arriving. I will be in Reston, Virginia from July 27th to August 30th and will do the August newsletter from there. During this time, you can contact me at the address and phone below:


Allene Vick

Reston, Virginia 22090

I know there will be much more to share from the Spirit Fest in California this month and from the Spokane Gathering. For those of you who are able to attend one or both of these meetings, do let us hear from you as all who are unable to attend are with you in spirit and are interested in all you have to share. I will be in Spokane, but please write to share your observations and experiences of these gatherings. Many thanks to those who have written and/or sent contributions. I am running behind in my correspondence, but you will hear from me. In the meantime, I thank you for your patience and understanding.


I feel honored to have been sent and to share with you the words of Michael. I saved this information for last as after sharing this, there is simply nothing more to say. I feel certain that this message will uplift your hearts and bring you joy to see what is unfolding and will give you pause for solemn contemplation of your commitment to this Mission. It seems most appropriate that the announcements Michael has to make come at this time of two large gatherings of the Teaching Mission and while we are all thinking about and making plans to celebrate and honor Michael on his 2,000th year birthday. The formality of Michael's message seems noteworthy in contrast to the more informal manner of his sharing his words and presence amongst us in our groups or individually. The more I read this message, the more deeply I am affected as I reflect upon it. It seems best to refrain from further comment and let you read this and drink deeply from the cup of meaning these words our beloved Michael have for you.


May the blessings of the Father flow through our hearts to all around us as we open hearts to the Spirit of Truth to reflect upon the meaning of the events that are unfolding before us.


Allene Vick



                                 * * * * *




                       * * * MICHAEL * * *


June 14, 1994


I am Michael, your Lord, Prince of your planet Urantia and its Creator, of this and our universe home, Nebadon. Thank you for coming here tonight in your service to the planet and your continuing personal journey in growth and commitment to my Mission and the Father. For we are one, as you surely know.


I am here tonight to tell you of many things, yet to be and now present among you. Rayson, a new Teacher to join your group of Teachers, in addition to those you have already and who will remain with you--Rayson will also speak with you tonight. Norsen and Andronason are with me here, are with you, but they will defer to their associate and wish him all Godspeed in his new assignment here with you. You may also wish to avail yourself of Rayson as a personal Teacher. He is most happy to fulfill this role for you.


But now to the messages which I bring to you. Your transmitter/receiver is rather agitated in his responsibilities tonight in speaking my words but he should know I have great faith in his trusting heart, ability, and desire for service. So, he may be calm and with peace.


I will tell you that upon your planet now is a Melchizedek whom you have known in other times on your world. He has given greatly to the enlightening and furtherance of the knowledge of our Father in heaven. He has done great service for me, his brethren, and of course you, the mortals of Urantia and all spheres of life so given beyond it. Our dear brother, teacher, and friend, Machiventa, has come to your world in a physical form. I make this announcement as his sovereign and as your own. He now takes on ever more responsibilities for my Mission from the Father to your earth, this Urantia, which has been a home to us both, and it will ever be so. We share a common bond with you and between us that will last unto Eternity.


And I am here to tell you tonight as your Lord and Sovereign, and as your human friend--as Michael and as Joshua--and as every incarnation between the two: we have come on a long, dark at times, journey to this point of the New Dawn. Our healing throughout the universe begins now, here, in this room, in the paper in your hands as you hold an dread these words. I am beside you; Machiventa walks among you as your brother and a father to you, as well--as I am. We have come to forge this link to the greater Cosmos, consciously, into your consciousness and to the world in which you live with such great hope and expectation.


Your expectations shall be met. It may not be so in your lifetimes, though many here within the hearing and the reach of my voice shall see wonders of renewal, hope, and new life as you could never have imagined. This is no intellectual discourse; this is a challenge to live the teachings which I brought you 2,000 years ago and my brother Machiventa those hundreds of years prior to that time, and which again come to you ever clearer in the book so many of you have reverenced and studied and been challenged by, the Urantia Papers of the Melchizedeks and other Teachers and Helpers in the Father's light, given to your founding brethren in Chicago those decades gone. We salute their valiant efforts at maintaining their charge. We call upon them now to take on the next great challenge, and that is the hearing of my voice: in their hearts and through the mouths of those who connect and speak by way of my Spirit. It is still for each individual to decide whence comes the authority or the lack thereof in such words. You have the seed of Eternity within you in the Father. You have the Spirit of Truth, its great outpouring upon an entire world that is your own. These things are given you freely, and it is for you to use them and seek their guidance, and of the angels surrounding your world and yourselves. Take up this challenge, my brothers and sisters. Believe the voice which speaks deeper than all your nights of loneliness, brighter than the sun of the highest mountain peak, deeper than the sea's dark coldness and depths of gloom. You all know the Truth: which shakes you, which uplifts you, which brings you the peace beyond human understanding and yet completes it. I am the Way and the Light and the way everlasting. Follow me and the voice of the Father in your soul, in your heart of hearts, and the world cannot fall to darkness ever again.


But it is you, my brothers and sisters, you who must take up this challenge: to live your faith, but not trample upon others--their paths are equal to your own in the eyes of God, of our great and loving Father. Deliver your will unto Him and He shall steer you to the brightness of eternal Light, His consuming Fire which does not burn you, His glory everlasting. Take on this challenge, I ask you each, personally. Do not think you need answer now, though many of you in your hearts know the answer. Think deeply and in your proper time decide what you are willing to offer for this Mission. If it is less than your lives, there is no more to say. I do not speak of crucifixion, persecution, or the dire fate of so many of the early martyrs to my belief and the church which was mistakenly built around my earth existence--though in that I do not in any way lessen the sacrifice and gift of those lives.


Your lives must be offered up to perhaps an even greater choice, for it will largely be a quiet one. The drama will be within your own souls and the lives of those you transform, perhaps without you even knowing you are the source, acting for myself and our Father. This is the challenge I place before you. We must move forward. We must decide. He who would keep his life will lose it; and he who gives his life to the Father in my name, in the name of Light, Redemption, Mercy, and Love, shall gain it again, everlastingly. The message has not changed, my brothers and sisters.


I am leaving now from my speaking with you, but of course my heart, my soul, my presence, surrounds you. Heed my words; remember my love and my humanity I shared with you and do still. And remember the Father's mercy and goodness, which may be yours all of your days unto the end of Time. Goodnight for now, my children. God bless you all. I love you, eternally. Good night.


Group: Good night.


[long pause]

[Transcript continues -Editor's note]


                             * RAYSON *


Good evening. I am Rayson, a Teacher of the mortal order which has come to your planet in association with the many sons and daughters who have volunteered and have been chosen by the Most High, the Melchizedeks, and our Lord, who has so graciously come to us this evening. I am here as an assistant to your Melchizedek Teachers. They have been very busy in the past days, and ever desire that you should have a Teacher available to you, individually and as a group. For they care for you a great deal, you have rendered a great service in your constancy and dedication to that which you cannot see, as yet.


I have come from many thousands of your miles to be with you tonight, and many millions beyond that to come to your earth itself. I have never experienced the joy of this Mission nor, frankly, could have imagined it until I should have been given this blessed assignment to your world.


I am now going to leave off speaking, for it has been a great strain on your transmitter/receiver tonight to channel, to receive, these messages. I will tell you, if he does not, that he had no notion that our Lord Michael would speak tonight nor that a new Teacher would come to your group, so it has been a rather unsettling, if I would hope, promising surprise for him as perhaps for you in your own different and equal, too, ways of receiving this good news. So my blessings to you, my children, my brothers, my sisters. My thanks for your coming here this evening, and for those of you who read this, for your interest in it, in this Mission, and the particular teachings which may come from this group, to add to those many other groups who function equally in the Light and with such goodness and joy. Above and below, within and without, the joy surrounds this world. You are a part of that joyous creation, never forget that. I will leave you for tonight, but I look forward to speaking with you again soon. And again, I am available to you individually as well. Good night, my children. I love you very much, as does the Father in His eternal Grace and Wisdom and Joy. Good night.


[In discussing this with the sender of this transcript, it has been deemed best that the group name be withheld for now as it is the message not the group that is of importance. To the members of this group, please accept our appreciation for sharing this transcript. - Editor's note]


                                    * * *


More words of the Trinity Teacher Son from a person who still wishes to remain anonymous to the readers.


           * * * TRINITY TEACHER SON * * *


May 27, 1994


These words I speak to you with loving arms, for you know that I am here to bring you grace and understanding in the light of your Father's ways. I am in the beginning of your understanding. I come to bring enlightenment upon your being. Hold yourself open. Listen in, for the message is coming forward. Begin.


There is no understanding that is not valid in the understanding of the believer. For you, come into a greeting of information that you can bring about the notice of impending arrival. This catalyst which is coming forth will begin to sustain this movement, this enlightenment, this reaching. It will uplift. It will engage you to the highest level of understanding.


Feel capable of proceeding along this path. Feel important that this is right for you to do. There is no worry that we cannot find the course which is proper for this world at this time.


Hold on to what is coming. It is for you. It is for all to share in. It is for the believing heart. Come into what is about to happen with open arms, open eyes, open senses. Feel empowered to take this in and to utilize this new found freedom in such a manner which will bring forth the highest amount of enlightenment that can be safely brought forth in one period of time.


It is coming in the form of a man of peace. Feel free to believe or not. Feel more empowered to open and see, for this will help your understanding more than any other part.


Can you see what is coming forth? Can you believe that it is time to bring on a mission of import to the value enhancement of a world enlightenment?


Push for higher value in the light of intellectual comprehension. Push for the spiritual understanding of the concepts that are presented. Listen for the truth which guides the spiritual path more than the fact which leads the intellectual course.

Much is needed to come about. We will institute a change in the manner of beginning a major shift. This has been happening and will continue. Hold truth dear. Feel that time is coming to a place where one can feel free to voice their spiritual love without ridicule on the level of cynicism.


It will not make life easier for you now. It will be a beginning for a higher base of value to bring into your concept pattern a form of understanding which will see a high course.


In time there will not be so much privacy as to the efforts of your outreach. There will be a combined effort of love which flows from your ministry and you will see that a promise is kept and that your understanding will not fall short, that there is truth coming to you and you will not find failure and misunderstanding in your path.


You have enabled and for that we share gratitude and because you have begun this course of wisdom we accept that you are a viable alternative to utilize transferring information.


That understanding might feel powered to be more than you conceive, for you are bringing this along nicely and we will continue. I have begun this push because I felt time was ripe, necessary.


Hold true to your teachings of love which come forth and feel that you can bring about understanding on the levels of the growth within your numbers. Hold a view of powering for those around you. Let them part.


Begin now to find a pattern which will bring you the most encouraging growth and development with individuals with many motivations. Hold learning and sharing as the most important things you can accomplish in this life, and find a power base which will not crumble when bringing out the avenue which will find glorious truth and hope. Hold this insight.


[At a later date, this Trinity Teacher Son confirmed to the transmitter that he (The Trinitity Teacher Son) gave this message. The use of language by the Trinity Teacher Son in this and previous messages is quite different from the messages of other teachers as transmitted by this transmitter. This message was received almost exactly one month before the above group received the announcement from Michael. - Editor's Note]


                                    * * *


HALF MOON BAY, CA - Susan Kimsey is the Northern California TR who has been sharing with us the beautiful and often poetic lessons of Olfana. Susan, the words of Olfana have touched the hearts of many of us and we thank you for sharing them with us. This lesson seems appropriate as many of us make plans to gather in Spokane or to get together in celebration of Michael's birthday.


                             * OLFANA *


May 16, 1994


A lesson on Commitment and Intention in the Teaching Mission


You participate in the Teaching Mission based on your own desires, sense of truth, and God-led inclinations. This is appropriate behavior on your parts. We wish you to seek out this experience, always, from a freewill choice made by you in conjunction with the promptings of your Thought Adjuster. We wish to discuss concepts of commitment and intention. Do you approach this work of the Mission with a desire to serve, a desire to seek the Father's will in your efforts? Always, this is the foundation that we desire for your efforts to build upon.


Let yourselves relax with all concerns regarding the outcome of this work.  This is in God's hands. He will choose the pattern by which your efforts will blend together into a creative masterpiece of healing for this planet. For now, you need only concern yourselves with the "beginnings" of this work. We will be with you in this effort! We know the challenges you face, and we will work with you to create successful experiences for those who seek a path to God with us.


Let yourselves remember the Master's model. He worked with the event of the moment. He presented himself as a model of patient trust in his God-led choices. He stands before us now--calmly, patiently, and with love--asking us to seek Him, asking us to also serve as guides for those who are not yet clearly drawn to His Truth. You can serve best by holding the image of the Master in your mind, and allow his strength and wisdom to permeate your own being. From this derive your own motivation in this work! Thoughts of stress, fear, anger--all these disquieting thoughts are provocations of your ego. This is not the guide you seek. Let yourself be drawn forward, toward the light of truth, by your trusting heart. That is where the true guidance comes from!


You will grow appropriately, if you remember that there are always seasons to growth, and this is a time of new tender branches forming, which seek the light. Branch out now with a sense that you are tenderly protected in the Garden of God. Extend yourself with a sense that you can grow strong, and eventually provide a sense of protective shade and shelter for others, who can grow in your area of growth. Remember that a plant grows healthy by being cultivated. You must attend to your own cultivation. This means you must receive the nourishment of the knowledge presented to you in this Mission. The energy of the sun shining down upon you is an image of God's protective energy which fills your being. The pattern of germination, growth, change, evolution is naturally within the plant, as within your soul growth, the direction for your soul's pattern of evolution comes from the Thought Adjuster.


This is not yet the time to produce more seeds for further germination. You must first develop your own being, discern your own pattern of growth. Then, indeed, you will become like the plant which produces blossoms that then become seed pods...that then disperses this pattern of growth in many other areas!

                                    * * *


NASHVILLE, TN - These lessons of Ham come to us from Rebecca Bynum, who has graciously offered to make them available to all who request transcripts. For those of you who may not be getting these transcripts, we share a few lessons.


                                * HAM *


April 17, 1994



As I have instructed you before, worship is best approached through thanksgiving or the attitude of gratitude. Your attitude concerning yourself is always important and is your only avenue through yourself to God, so that the image of being a child in the attitude of surrender to faith of sublime and total trust serves your intention well. With worship of God, there occurs the simultaneous downward grasp of the Father while you are extending your hand through the attitude of thanksgiving. When you are experiencing his grasp of soul and communion in your mind, then are you beginning to understand what worship is like.


April 24, 1994


                        Elevating the Soul


Our lesson tonight concerns elevating the soul, which has in earlier times been referred to as elyon. Elyon is the Local Universe term meaning soul or that which has deity potential. As your lives blossom and your outer shell opens petal by petal to reveal to the world your true essence in beauty, also there exists a kind of spiritual bath all around you which nurtures the budding soul; influences such as the Holy Mother Spirit which bathes your being in nurturing love and protection. Her influence is not directly perceived except as general life-blessing harmony.


Now, how does a human being, being enveloped in your course material shroud, effectively begin to perceive these wonderful spiritual blessing-gifts? Learn each day to give thanks for the sky and the sunshine, so perfectly filtered that it blesses all living things. Give thanks for all the wonderful life all around you, all the abundance of trees and flowers and harmonious natural life. A story goes that a devotee of a certain sage asked for the answer about life very earnestly and studiously, and as he awaited the words of wisdom from the old man's lips, the sage simply plucked a flower and smiled.


You who live hurriedly among the harrowing concerns of your world should remember to feel a connection with living things for God is one of them as He is of you. God the Supreme is all created manifestation and more. He is the connection between all living things and the unification and completion of them also. He is the potential, the actual, past present and future. He is God manifesting life in time. The essence of life, though it may be manipulated and directed through the agents of creativity (the Master Michael Son and the Universe Mother Spirit), is the essence of the Supreme Being who is living essence manifested through levels of being in time. The Trinity Godheads are altogether controlling through infinite encircuitment of God the Supreme. He is created separately as the joint action of the Trinity willed. His being evolves through time. He changes, the Trinity changes not. He connects all life together. All living entities are essentially similar. Unity through diversity is His essence.


As you learn to appreciate His unifying presence and to elevate your soul through Him and His being, then does our own becoming essentially enter into new levels and new areas of becoming. Neither nature nor humankind is Godlike; however, every leaf, every person manifests a particular aspect of God.


May 1, 1994

                                New Life


As you go through your many short days of living and working through each day upon this confusion wrought world, I remind you each that every new day is henceforward an entire new life. When each morning is resolved to be seen as a new life's beginning, quickly and happily, even joyously, will every new conquest be achieved and every exciting obstacle surmounted. Consider every day as holding your biography such that what your achievement in facing overwhelming odds and valiantly carrying forth in character triumph makes your mark on the world and your gift to God is done anew every day. Every day is a picture of your growing soul that changes from frame to frame. Your feelings, your emotional changes are the colors that fulfill each day's portrait with reality of experience. Your new day begins clear and unpainted each morning and as each day becomes fulfilled in time, a portrait of your soul emerges which you and your Indwelling Spirit can behold at days end.


Each morning He goes before you and in the evening you come to Him and if you listen in the quiet hours of night fall, you will hear the voice which holds all the wisdom of the ages saying, "quiet now my son, your day is done. Tomorrow holds another new world of promise." When you kneel before Him and pray unto Him remember to listen with an open heart to His quiet counsel as He gives Himself to you. Learn, indeed, comprehend within your soul that each day is a new life. Learn to leave yesterday behind each night while your opening soul gains experience and wisdom during the night season. And when morning dawns, awaken unto a new and glorious world, ready to act upon the stage of life and again and to paint the portrait of your growing soul once more.


                                    * * *


POCATELLO, ID - Excerpts extracted from the Pocatello transcripts. Not all paragraphs are given in their entirety. Tomas is another group teacher that has joined Daniel in the Pocatello group.




January 1, 1994


DANIEL: Part of the Teaching Mission must be to first build on the individual's own understanding. During these last two years my messages and the messages of the many teachers around the globe, the messages from Abraham and Machiventa and the very special messages from Christ Michael Himself have all been given that you can bridge that gap, that you can know full well your divine nature as well as you know your human nature; that you at all times become consciously aware of your dual nature. As that happens then the choices and direction in which your life goes, or follows is directed by a guidance that is so powerful that you more consistently make choices that work, that are in line with the will of the First Source and Center. When individuals are at this point, then there can be more branching out. And at some point during this next year it is hoped that as a group you will perceive areas and directions that will help bring about a change within the community or within certain areas; that you will as a group go out and work together. My question to you this evening has been to think about that growth that has occurred and think about the possibilities of things that can lie ahead. What are the goals that you would like to set up? What are goals you would like to see achieved, for yourself personally, and for the group as well? Do not become overly concerned that you need to have a list of do's and don'ts, realize there has been a change. And I ask you to consider the ramifications of this change and what this change can do for others as well. Many, many are the questions that you can ask. As you feel guided or so moved you will ask them. I ask that you not fear questions that are asked, but rather be willing to seek an answer for them.


January 14, 1994


DANIEL: As you have discoursed this evening about the last two years, there is, of course, much more than has been superficially stated. For underneath there is much that has occurred, much that you will think about again and again. Indeed has our time together been a time of foundation laying. And in building that foundation you are and have steadily been able to grow in your own perception of who you are, the child of the First Source and Center. As you have come into the knowledge of this wonderful understanding you will continue to grow in confidence. This confidence will spill out in bringing others into the same reality. I am overjoyed that you have taken my words to heart, that you continue to work to know the Father and Mother; that in knowing you will serve, in serving you will readily recognize the First Source and Center at large on this planet.


HAM: I am Ham, greetings, Two years ago this group was beginning a journey that would bring into your individual lives a new sense of purpose and a new challenge. Thankfully this group has weathered the storms of the challenge. You have steadily approached your study and your commitment to that most important commitment of all, of knowing that there is much more besides a material existence. You have taken the challenge to find that which is the divine. And in so doing your perceptions and understanding of life's purpose has grown immensely! Day by day, week by week, you have traversed many obstacles. You have had many joys. All in all, this is part of life. The unfolding is not to be known; but through faith and trust you have allowed life to lead you into areas where you have been asked to make choices. It is students as yourselves, globally, that are making choices that seek a higher road that will bring about the change, this Correcting Time.


Correction must initially begin with the individual as you have so wisely stated this evening. And as the individuals themselves become strong and steady, then you will be able to be that example and that one who will, perhaps, plant the seed that causes the individual to take note, to change course, to grow in a much more divine and wise way. I, Ham, am always happy to address this group, to check with Daniel and others about the progress that is taking place.


As you begin this new time, let it be a time that you will continue to grow individually. And as you see, there is a more group collectiveness that is developing. This is what the next step of your mission will be, to work toward individual development whereby becoming a group that will unite and work for more community and global enlightenment.


MICHAEL: Precious ones, how my heart swells in gratitude of your willingness to receive me and your openness to my teachers, my truth. I say to you, love one another.  For in loving one another you are manifesting me in your lives. Radiate your love which is at the wellspring of your being. In your time with our Father bring forth that peace, that compassion, that concern, that gentleness which I have for you. We are begun. We will proceed working together, boys and girls, men and women, brothers and sisters. We are closely and quietly moving our sad planet forward into joy, into peace. My peace I leave with you in your righteous celebration of knowledge of my mission, our mission. I walk with you and I also sit with you in your rest. Hold my hand.


DANIEL: The Spirit of Truth, as the Indwelling Spirit, will always be a part of your heritage, of your ongoing progress, because of your sonship and daughtership. Know that the Spirit of Truth will bring more and more enlightenment to your understanding as you traverse the morontial worlds. It is the Spirit of Truth that helps you to bring into your own personal experience those special gifts. Open yourself daily that these gifts can sustain you, nourish you, help you to grow in greater and greater understanding. As these gifts become embedded within our being are you evermore expanding and kindling that flame of luminosity of your spirituality to grow, become brighter. Evermore will you be able to serve your brothers and sisters. Allow these fruits to fill you. In doing so will you become more knowledgeable regarding the First Source and Center, will you become even more dedicated to following the Father/Mother Spirit.


March 11, 1994


TOMAS: Faithful students, we are many this evening. A magnificent surge of energy surrounds this body of believers. We are thrilled to be a part of your progress. Your testimonial of actuating is part of the ripple that goes forth. And in this manifestation of your joy, your standing in this fellowship, this cosmic community, in this intimacy with spirit personalities, how do you convey what you know in your heart, in your soul to be true to others without seeming superior or delusional?


When and as you have aligned to spread the gospel, to give away what you have, to share the good news of sonship and brotherhood, how might this be done without seeming to have more? You have more, and yet you have no more than others. Others are not always aware of what they have! You, yourselves, know your capacities are such that you could fill your reservoir with more strength, understanding, etc. And so your approach to your peers, your students might take on a quality of, as Jesus did, asking them for assistance in your spreading your gospel. Your gospel is that of the Creator, Michael; and in that child whom you hope to touch is a God Fragment, is Michael, are all the celestial hosts in potential.


Draw out from them what they believe, what they hold dear, what they subscribe to, and then, rather than manifest your superior knowledge and understanding, accept that which is truth. Agree with that. Embellish that. Encourage that and do not dwell on those facets which are different. This is written in your text. This is not new. And yet experientially it is the wiser way which all of you would do well to practice, to consciously look at.


How many times have you heard religionists come from that superior stance that they are "chosen," they are the truth, they are the one true way? The one true way is through our Father, through Michael. And who can say, who can interpret?


DANIEL: You, my friends, have been given, each of you, a very special gift of that Indwelling Spirit. As you take that time to sit daily with the First Source and Center, with that Indwelling Spirit, with Christ Michael, and all the celestials present; as you sit in that quiet you are allowing your consciousness to expand. You are allowing the inward light to be made known to you. Through guidance you are then able to live this life. What Tomas speaks about is being able to live this truth.


It is through this experience of living that which is reality, that which is real, that you help to bring about a change in the outward world. Your example, your way of approaching individuals, your way of interacting with one another, your way of serving, your way of manifesting that which is learned in that quiet time.


When you turn over and ask that the will of the Father be made known to you that you can follow it, my dear friends, this is the way truth is projected, is brought out; a very simple act, but one that is most difficult when the individual chooses to control, chooses to be one who dictates. Turning over your life to the First Source and Center will be a difficult choice. But once it is made life will in many aspects be much easier, much more simplified, much more focused, much more understood for you. The information that is needed by you in any situation or circumstance will become known, will become a reality for you.


And so the lesson that we wish to present to you tonight is that there is only one truth, one reality. And that is the reality of the First Source and Center. That one reality is made known to you as you allow it to, as you give over to the prompting of that Indwelling Spirit, as you allow truth into your life. As you accept it that you can reflect it and project it outward.


We would ask this week that you, again, consider your own experiences, your own lives, and during quiet time during that time of thankfulness and worship that you again receive a more expanded version of truth and reality; that what was relevant for you yesterday can no longer sustain and support you; that new and more complete information/guidance be given that you can continue on your own pathway of seeking out and following the First Source and Center. Christ Michael is always there for your guidance. It is through the example, teachings, and continual support of Christ Michael that the Father may be known.


And so as we draw this lesson to a close let it be, again, a part of your understanding that in order for God to be real for you, you must allow Him/Her into your life. In this allowing and in this accepting will you be able to live that reality, that one truth which is the overall understanding that God is real, is personal; that God is manifested to each of you in the form of love, in the form of goodness, in the form of beauty, and in the form of mercy. Allow God to work in your life. This working and unfolding will by its very nature create for you a ministry of serving one another.


                                 * * * * *




Chris Hart is a very special person who will always occupy a very special place in my heart. I first met Chris in the early part of 1992 when she came to my house to talk to me about polarity units. In the course of our conversation, Chris brought up The Urantia Book. I had read most of it the year before, but had put it aside as I was more interested then in learning to live what I knew than in pursuing an intellectual understanding of the "hierarchy of heaven" as I called it. In talking with Chris, I became very interested in finding out more about a group she told me about. From this I came to join the Sarasota group becoming a serious student of The Urantia Book and an active participant in the Teaching Mission.


Chris was one of the main transmitters for the Sarasota group and a long time student of The Urantia Book. Aside from the wonderful experiences she introduced me to in the Teaching Mission, getting to know Chris has opened so many doors for me to discover whole new worlds of technology here on Urantia. I purchased a polarity unit from Chris and never cease to be amazed at what it does. Since then, I have always looked forward to my meetings with Chris as we discuss The Urantia Book, the Teaching Mission and all the new things Chris has been learning about the polarity units, radionics, psychotronics, and Essiac tea to name a few. Chris has an inner beauty; a gentle, tender heart; and a rugged determination that few can match. Add to this a strong abiding faith, a very savvy mind, a great deal of accumulated knowledge and an intuitive openness to celestial guidance with unwavering dedication to being of service to Michael and you have a very dynamic individual. Through many hardships and disappointments, Chris has continued to relentlessly pursue paths that she has felt led to follow to be of service in Michael's plan overcoming what would have been overwhelming to most. Having lunch with Chris is always an exciting  learning adventure into new discoveries.


I was delighted to hear from Chris last month that things are now going very well for her. She called to tell me of some wonderful new developments that she would like to share with her brothers and sisters in the Urantia community. While Chris and I share a sensitivity about sharing anything of a commercial nature in the newsletter, I am aware that she has been getting guidance on these projects for a long time and the potential for helping others far outweighs these concerns. These projects are Chris' "assignment" for being of service and I am very happy to share with you Chris' good news and some of the events that led up to this. It is a good example of all the help that is available to us from our celestial friends when we dedicate ourselves to be in His service.


I think the time has for sharing some of the assignments and selected projects that we have been guided to pursue. In doing so, we will find ways to work together and support each other. This is, after all, what a true network is all about. Thus, it seems very fitting and gives me much pleasure to start this new section of the newsletter with news of what Chris is doing and has to offer.


SARASOTA, FL - June 1994




Allene: It is indeed a pleasure to talk with you today. You know I have been interested in all your projects from our first meeting several years ago. Little did I know then that you and I would be having this discussion to share your work in the newsletter with the Teaching Mission community.


What made you decide to speak out about your "assignment" now?


Chris: Returning from a business trip in April, Vanessa instructed me that the time was at had to share with others what my assignment in Michael's mission is. I have found that over the last 15 years service has been my main motivation as a student of The Urantia Book and, of course, the desire to actively be a part of Michael's mission. Thus, I have been blessed with a personal friend and guide - a Midwayer named Vanessa, who has been working with me consciously the past two and a half years and who knows how long previous to my being aware of her help. If Vanessa could have grey hair from years of working with me, she would according to her.


What I have to share is a portion of work in the mission in hopes that it will encourage others to develop and continue to work in their areas of potential service. In the mission it has been acknowledged that there are many earthly institutions that need correction and an awareness of focusing on service. What I am working on is a divinely blessed project that encompasses that correction and focuses on service.


Allene: How did all this begin and evolve for you?


Chris: Well, we all have our own stories of how we found The Urantia Book and many of them are quite unique tales we love to recall full of "coincidences." My story, too, takes on many parts, but to keep it simple I discovered The Urantia Book and polarity in the same week. During this week I attended a seminar in New Jersey at which Dr. Starbard was explaining the polarity units and their applications to a group of top scientists. I felt that this technology was important and significant to the changes that need to come about although at the time I did not recognize that polarity was one of the "yet to be revealed sciences" on the planet. I did not even know of The Urantia Book which I was introduced to a few days later.  Thus, began 15 years of studying The Urantia Book and polarity, a new technology that is in its beginning stages and has yet to be fully developed and utilized.  But more about that at another time for that is another story.


Allene: How did this lead to your current project?


Chris: I became acquainted with Vanessa at the end of February, 1992. At that time I felt that polarity would be the project I would be continuing to work with. As I became more attuned to working with Vanessa, "coincidences" began to happen. Life is like a Treasure Hunt. There are gift packages neatly wrapped and strewn along the path that we have chosen. It is for each of us to recognize these gifts. One must put forth the effort to learn to seek out the treasure, unwrap the gifts and learn to utilize the treasure that lies neatly wrapped inside. The Urantia Book is such a package. The polarity is another package and that brings us to the most current gift to reveal itself on my path - Essiac tea.


Allene: Wasn't this before you were introduced to the Teaching Mission? Another part of the Treasure Hunt?


Chris: Yes. It goes back further to about five years ago when I became interested in discovering the original Essiac formula, which is an old "secret" recipe of the Canadian Indians.  Rene Caisse, a Canadian nurse, used this recipe of natural herbs to cure those with cancer in her hometown in Canada and eventually the town built her a clinic to continue the work.  There were thousands who were healed at that clinic.  At some time  in the 1940's the physicicans defaulted in their agreement to continue the work and service she did and closed down the clinic with the false  assurance  that they would in the near future open the clinic.  Needless to say, it was never reopened.


Often when we are meant to follow up, the Spirit has the ability to nudge us  internally to recognize that it is the prompting of the Spirit to get involved. I became intrigued in the bits and pieces of information and that came across my path regarding the work of Rene Caisse. I wanted to know if I was meant to work with this.  One day I entered a second hand bookstore in Bradenton with a friend and there on a piece of paper folded in the back of a book I picked up was the formula.


When I saw the formula, I called Dr. Charles Brusch to verify the formula. Dr. Brusch had worked with Rene Caisse. In fact, Dr. Brusch had used this in the early days to cure himself. It was one of the wisest moves I made as I received direct information from him verifying that the formula I found was correct.


Upon entering the Teaching Mission, the treasures I have found on my path have begun to have a practical application within Michael's mission. Shortly after I became conscious of Vanessa, a specific Melchizedek, Malventia, began to work with me and I became acutely aware of their activities in my life. I was instructed that everyone and everything I needed would be put in place.


Allene: Following the developments in the last two and a half years that I have known you, this certainly has happened in most "amazing" ways. That your business began and has grown so quickly attests to what you have to say.


Chris: Yes, it does. I started working with this tea with animals to avoid stepping on governmental toes although I was told not to worry anyway. We found a 100% success rate on eliminating feline leukemia.


From there we started to work with humans with cancer and began to see success rates. This was a cottage industry not authorized by the government, but I was told by Vanessa that this was protected. The time has come when the old information will come off the shelf and back to the people. The natural gifts of the Creator Son and Creative Mother Spirit will no longer be shielded from the people.


Allene: It's about time. What is happening now in the way of results?


Chris: There have been many cures in association with the use of Essiac tea in Rene Caisse's time as well as currently. At the time of this writing, there has been a very high percentage of reversals in terminal cancer and an even higher percentage of success in turning HIV positive testing to negative testing in six months. Needless to say, this has sparked the interest of spiritually led physicians.

Allene: Can you tell us more about Caisse's Tea - the product you are making?


Chris: Yes. This is a combination of the original formula and the polarity technology. Over each batch we thank the Father for allowing us to be of service and to ask that who ever He chooses to get it will get it. Currently, we are in two hospital studies in the U.S. and one in England. We have been told that the formula we put together, Caisse's Tea, has shown in clinical testing to stand above the rest. We know that with these products, it is allowable to make a reasonable profit. Caisse's Tea is presently the lowest in cost on the market.


One of the issues I have struggled with is to be of service and to realize that I need to make a living.  This can be a complementary acitivity if one stays centered on a recogniation of one's purpose and allows Michael and the teaching staff to totally quide these activities.  I have always felt that I get my paycheck from Michael and this is what really counts.


Allene: What form does Caisse's Tea come in?


Chris: Currently Caisse's Tea is available in liquid quarts prepared and bottled as well as the herbal mixture where one can brew their own tea.  It comes with complete directions and is not hard to do.


Spirit is always ahead of us in setting up the road ahead when one surrenders free will and allows the Spirit to operate, thus it becomes a created work.  In allowing the Spirit to create the path, unique opportunites have presented themselves.  One of these being that in the last 18 months, we have discoverd that combining Caisse's Tea with a whole leaf aloe vera product produces a synergistic response in the body that has lead to a shorter recovery period. All part of the Treasure Hunt.


Allene: Does this interfere with any medications or other treatments?


Chris: Absolutely not. In fact, it only enhances the effects of other treatments and helps to lessen the negative side effects of other forms of treatment. It is very helpful as a preventive tonic to help maintain a healthy system.


Allene: Does this work with other immune deficiency related illnesses, such as diabetes, MS, arthritis, HIV positive, kidney and liver problems, to name a few?


Chris: Very definitely.  All of these are aided by the daily use of these products.


Allene: This is a most important discovery for from my study of the body and nutritional factors is seems that most of the present day illnesses stem from an immune deficiency created by the toxins we are exposed to in our homes, food products, and everywhere in our present environmental situation.


Where are you going now? I know this question can only be partially answered as the unfoldment of developme`nts with you is happening so rapidly on so many fronts.


Chris: We have come from a cottage industry and into the beginning of an international facility with a license from the Department of Agriculture in the state of Florida to produce Caisse's Tea and one only knows that through the grace of the Father, this occurred in one day! We are presently working on a project combining Caisse's Tea, polarity and the aloe vera co-process into a product called Golden Blend, which we hope to soon have available. If you think it is difficult to keep up, you should see the almost daily connections that are being presented for future possibilities. Where we are going from here is in the Father's hands. It is only for me to take my guidance step by step with Vanessa and Malventia.


Allene: What would you say to others?


Chris: The assignment I have received has been working with a herbal mixture to bring about healing. That the Father has provided all the tools we need to achieve success in this mission is evidenced by the availability of natural ingredients and working with some of the top minds in this field.


It has taken me three years of personal testing to see that I would not become greedy, that the heart would stay pure, and that I did not lose target of what anyone was about. Vanessa's report card, after fifteen years, is finally here. I would encourage all my brothers and sisters to pursue the Treasure Hunt and use these gifts in service to mankind. I hope my experience will encourage others to forge ahead. Persistence and perseverence are character traits that are looked for.


Most important of all assignments is to know that no one assignment is more weighty than another. We need to begin networking. It is time to pull it all together.


Allene: I thank you for all you have shared with us. I know you have more to share with us about polarity and subjects related to the unfoldment of information in Michael's mission. We look forward to learning more from you.


Chris: It is my pleasure. The gifts that have been shared with me are there for all my brothers and sisters. We all need to work together on this Treasure Hunt, which is an analogy shared with us by the Creative Mother Spirit. This is a time when we are all being challenged to step forward in faith and take an active part in Michael's mission.


[For those of you who would like more information from Chris on Caisse's Tea and the aloe vera preparation or would like to discuss spiritual approaches to doing business in alignment with the corrections that are needed and a focus on service you can contact Chris at the following:


Chris Hart

Natural Energy Plus

Sarasota, FL 34239


A discussion of polarity - what it is and some of its applications will be presented in another issue. Chris is extremely busy at this time and while she is most willing to be of service, I trust that you will be considerate of her time when contacting her.]


I am aware of other projects that are under way and will be sharing more with you about these developments in future issues. If you have an assignment or selected project, do let us hear from you.


                                 * * * * *


                         GROUP NEWS


CORVALLIS, OR - Congratulations to the Corvallis Teaching Group!!! This group has started a new quarterly publication called "Beyond Fear" A Journal of Spiritual Experience. This is the outcome of their decision to serve fellow TMers as a "first step out into the 'real' world." Some of my friends would tell you that we have stepped "out" of the real world! All joking aside, we heartily welcome your new publication in the Teaching Mission.


"This publication is open to submissions for the expression of spiritual experience. We would like this to become a forum for that quality of living the Father's will that is so difficult to communicate."


If you would like to receive a copy, please write to:


Beyond Fear

c/o Mark Farley

Corvallis, OR 97333


We hope you will support their efforts with your comments, submissions and donations. The more avenues we have for communicating with each other the stronger the connecting links that bond us together will become. The strength of these connecting links will become increasingly more important for from these connections as we share experiences, we will find support from our brothers and sisters to reach out and work on a variety of projects.

                                 * * * * *


                 OF SPECIAL INTEREST


NORMAN, OK - The revised version of Byron Belitsos' essay on stillness, entitled "The Will To Receive: The New Teachings on Stillness and Worship," is now available from Byron. It is 25 pages long. The essay should be especially helpful for introducing newcomers to the TM's teachings on meditation and worship. To order it, you may contact him at:


Byron Belitsos

Norman, OK 73070


A donation of two or three dollars to defray coping and mailing costs would be appreciated.


This is an excerpt from the introduction to "The Will To Receive":


..."Some form of stillness or worshipful meditation is practiced in every religious tradition on the planet. Our new celestial guides, whose teachings are summarized here, offer a refined, accessible, and pragmatic understanding of stillness, while linking these commonsense practices directly with the supernal teachings of The Urantia Book.


This essay presents stillness practice -- the will to receive God's presence -- in two parts. Part I provides an overview that also includes some personal observations. Part II discusses stillness techniques, and tries to harmonize the new stillness teachings with Urantia Book-philosophy."

                                    * * *


EDEN, UT - Jeremiah, Nolus, Jason and Honoray have written a paper entitled "Group Dynamics" with the hopes of helping the TM groups better understand and cope with the challenges that may arise in these groups. They now have written three papers: "The Correcting Time," "How to Make Teacher Contact," and "Group Dynamics". If you do not have a copy of any of these papers and would like one, please call or write to:


John Wormack

Eden, UT 84320



Copies of these papers will also be available in at the national gathering in Spokane.


                                 * * * * *


                        NEWS UPDATE


SPIRIT FEST - The information about this gathering in San Luis Obispo, CA June 17-19 came from Jerry Waidner, who called to report on the happenings and a phone conversation with Michael Goodwin. If any information is incorrect, I apologize and look forward to being corrected. Transcripts are presently being prepared and will be available.


There were 80 plus in attendance at the El Chorro Conference Center surrounded by bungalows in a pastoral setting with a nearby creek. Any doubts and uncertainties soon dissipated as love and happiness rebounded off of each other engulfing all in a rich experience as all came to understand and appreciate the importance and value of each other in an atmosphere as thick in appreciation as molasses. The supernals were detected all around as Jerry said, "The airways were more crowded than LAX (Los Angeles Airport). Bob Slagle gave the keynote speech - "Enjoy The Journey." Sounds like everyone in attendance enjoyed the Spirit Fest portion of the journey!!!


There were prayers, discussions, guided meditations, two TR groups and a question and answer session with 8 TRs attending.


In smaller groups the teachers, Sigma, Olfana, Alista, Rayson, Ramsey, JanEl and Althena, gave lessons on topics chosen by the teachers themselves.


Susan Kimsey spoke on healing with the Flower Essences. Scott Foerster came with a computer and demonstrated the Information Highway. Scott logged on to Internet to retrieve the transcripts that were stored. The teacher, Alista, made a comment about the part of the mission that is electronic in nature.


Individuals gave talks on one word topics that the humans chose for practice in becoming teachers.


Michael Goodwin made available some examples of the art work that he has been guided to work on in this mission. Harold Guio wrote two original scores of music one based on The Urantia Book and another on the Teaching Mission. Harold also provided music for the meditations and socializing periods.


Three individuals were able to connect with the teachers for the first time. Not surprising in that atmosphere!!!


Recognition, awaraeness and a clearer understanding of the need to network  emerged from this gathering. There were discussions of what had gone right and what could go better with decisions made about next year's Spirit Fest with two groups volunteering to take care of the logistics and organization for 1995.


Machiventa spoke at the end. I believe it was said by one of the supernals that it was "the most spiritually significant event on the planet at that time."


Congratulations to all who worked to create this gathering and to all who attended to make this truly a Spirit Fest!!!

                                  * * * * *


                 UPCOMING ACTIVITIES


A UNIVERSAL GATHERING OF THE TEACHING MISSION - JULY 14-17, 1994 - SPOKANE, WA (Cheney, Washington) Bob Devine has several comments to include about this gathering:


*     A reminder to register as the gathering is less than a month away.


*     A viewing area will be set up for art work, writings, and transcripts along with information on assignments, selected projects or other things which may be of interest to the attendees. So, bring what you have to share.


*                                                                                                     A suggestion that you bring portable tape recorders if possible. There will be some recording equipment there, but it will facilitate the recording of smaller sessions and informal transmissions.


"It's almost here and we look forward to meeting with everyone, so please feel free to sign up if you haven't already. Don't let the late date stop you, because deadlines are only deadlines if we adhere to them. See you in July! - Rick & Barbara Giles, Dan and Mareen Megow, Bob Devine and everyone else in the Spokane and Coeur D'Alene groups.


If you have any suggestions or ideas to contribute, please contact Rick and Barbara Giles. Be sure to let Bob know if you want to place an order for a T-Shirt with the logo from the registration form.


We hope that the huge success of the Spirit Fest gathering in California in June will encourage all of you who are still deciding about attending to go ahead and make plans to attend this gathering. At latest count, I believe there are 80 plus already registered. After a glimpse of what took place at the Spirit Fest, who would want to miss the opportunity to participate in a gathering of love and happiness with our earthly and celestial brothers and sisters!!!


                                    * * *


MICHAEL'S BIRTHDAY - AUGUST 21, 1994 is the anniversary of Michael's birthday as Jesus here on Urantia 2,000 years ago.  As we make plans for this  day  of celebration with Michael, you may want to consider the following information which is taken from a flyer distributed by The Fellowship. Our thanks to The Fellowship for this information. May all our hearts be joined together in love and joy as we gather to honor our beloved Michael on this day.  Let us think on what gifts we have to give him, who has given us life everlasting.


   A Day To Rendezvous With the Master


The one gift we can give our beloved Michael on that day is ourselves.  It is fitting that each person celebrate this event. You are invited to join the community of reaers of The Urantia Book to keep the entire day holy as far as possible.  We encourage you to participate in a local group of celebrants.


    Simultaneous Worldwide Celebration


Jesus was born at noon, August 21, 7 B.C. in Bethlehem, Judea.  It is suggested that all readers of The Urantia Book symbolically rendezvous with him on the 2,000th anniversary of his birth by meeting in groups of two or more to worship the Father and participate in the Remembrance Supper which he inaugurated.  This should occur at the same time all over the world, at noon, Bethlehem time (in Paris 11 AM, London 10 AM, Bogota 5 AM, Mexico City 4 AM, New York 4 AM/DST, Chicago 3 AM/DST, Denver 2 AM/DST, Vancouver 2 AM, Los Angeles 1 AM/DST, Anchorage midnight/DST, Honolulu 11 PM/DST, Auckland 10 PM, Sidney 8 PM, Perth & Manila 6 PM, New Delhi 3 PM).  Most of the United States are on Daylight Savings Time (DST) but areas throughout the world vary so please verify your local time to corresond with noon Bethlehem time.  This will be the largest number of Urantia Book readers to participate in any event and we hope you will make it eternally memorable.


                      Local Celebration


It is also suggested that at noon local time, readers again celebrate the Remebrance Supper.  By do dong, our beloved Michael will enjoy 24 consecutive hours of communion with his children on Urantia.


If you have questions, contact The Fellowship at 529 Wrightwood Avenue, Chicago, Il  60614  312-327-04234.


                                 * * * * *


                ADDITIONS & CHANGES

The updated lists should be ready in August. Thanks to those who have sent in your corrections and additions and for the patience of those who are waiting.


                                 * * * * *


                  NETWORK INQUIRIES


Please look over the inquiries below and see if there is anything you have to share as there is someone waiting to hear from you!


*                                                                                                     Your thoughts and comments on the Announcements of Michael

*                                                                                                     Your observations, experiences, comments and thoughts on the Spirit Fest and Universal Gathering of the Teaching Mission

*                                                                                                     Information on Assignments or Selected Projects of you or your group

*                                                                                                     Wanted - Information on groups, contacts and activities outside of the U.S.

*                                                                                                     Your thoughts and observations about the Teaching Mission

*                                                                                                     Information that would be helpful for children

*                                                                                                     Special focus or activity in your group to help others know whom they might best contact for information along the lines of their interests

*                                                                                                     Teachings that focus on healing

 *                                                                                                     Thoughts on how the Teaching Mission and the teaching of The Urantia Book interconnect with the variety of experiences of others on our planet who are following differing paths towards God.


                                 * * * * *




The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to create a network for sharing information among all individuals and groups involved in transmitting and receiving information from celestial  newsletter; correspondence; and requests to be included on the mailing list should be sent to:


                             Allene Vick

It is through a sincere desire to be of service in the process that is happening on our planet, Urantia, at this time that


this newsletter has come into existence. The success of this network is dependent upon the help of all of you that it is intended to serve. A special thanks to those of you who sent a financial contribution along with your letters. The continuation of this newsletter will dependupon your interest and sharing. Please let us hear from you. When corresponding, please be sure to mark any information that you do not wish to be shared with "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY." Otherwise, it will be assumed that what is received is for sharing in the T/R NEWS NETWORK.