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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

March 1994 (Vol. 2, No.3)


                FROM THE EDITOR



It has now been one year since the first issue of this newsletter. I thank all of you for your support that has made this possible. I hope in the coming year this newsletter will serve to better connect us and, in sharing, bring awareness, acceptance and support to all of us as we continue to grow by participating in the teaching mission we have all embarked on together.


Many of you have been interested in knowing some information about the newsletter. The first issue was March 1993. It has been sent out monthly since then with the exception of the December 1993 issue. The first issue was sent to the 30 people identified on the original lists compiled by Patije. All those who have requested to be on the mailing list have been added for a present mailing list of 129 in 28 states. Below is a breakdown by states:


 2 - Alabama

 1 - Arizona

 3 - Arkansas

16 - California

 4 - Colorado

 2 - Delaware

22 - Florida

 4 - Hawaii

 1 - Kentucky

 2 - Iowa

 3 - Idaho

 2 - Illinois

 3 - Indiana

 2 - Maryland

 1 - Michigan

 6 - Missouri

 1 - Nevada

 1 - New Jersey

 1 - New York

 8 - Ohio

 3 - Oklahoma

10 - Oregon

18 - Pennsylvania

 2 - Tennessee

 3 - Texas

  5 - Utah

  1 - Virginia

  2 - Washington


The final accounting for 1993 is:


$1,541.66 - Expenses

$1,347.90 - Contributions

$ 199.00 - Applied to 1994


For those who wanted to know, the cost per year is about $20.00 for 12 issues. This includes printing, postage, supplies and occasional phone calls to clarify information. Thanks to several very generous contributors, all who have requested to be on the mailing list have been included and will continue to receive the newsletter.


I appreciate your kind words and support. The intent of doing this is to be of service. As there is no editorial staff, any comments or suggestions that you may have to improve the usefulness of this newsletter would be most welcome. Please do not be shy in sharing your thoughts. Your input will be helpful to all of us as the Teaching Mission grows - and it is growing!


Your confidentiality has been and will be respected. However, it is hoped that in this year, more of you will come forward and share what you and your groups are doing, experiencing and thinking. When you feel comfortable to share, there are many who will be glad to read your news.

In this way, the groups can better "link up" as the teachers have been encouraging us to do. As LorEl has told us, we all have pieces of the puzzle and as we come together and share, we will see the greater picture and purpose emerging. In doing so, we will increase our own understanding and enlarge our perspectives. Let us keep our minds open as we discover the teachings and experiences of the various groups and their activities. To be sure, we must use discernment, but let us be ever mindful of the importance of spiritual unity and withhold judgement as we observe events unfolding. Michael has told us that it is the intent that is important and the teachers have told us that all mistakes will be corrected.


We do not live in a static universe. We live in a diverse and ever changing universe. As change comes about, controversies will inevitably arise with each other, within our groups, within the Urantia community and in our greater community. The Urantia Book tells us that the only way that we will know God is through experience. The only way we will know the validity of what we are discovering in the Teaching Mission is through experience and we will all experience and interpret our experiences somewhat differently as we are all unique individuals. These differences need not divide us but rather stretch our minds and widen our perspectives. While much is to be gained in sharing things of a personal, spiritual and/or experiential nature with those who are open, interested and supportive, it is good to keep in mind that they do not lend themselves to be settled by logical debate and often tend to separate us rather than unite us which is contrary to our desire to find oneness with each other and the Father.


This sounds much like what was said in the April 1993 issue, but again, let us look to Jesus, our greatest teacher, to keep clearly in mind what he had to say about spiritual unity (Page 1591 in the UB). Let us keep our focus on the lessons of the teachers. Let us love and accept each other, withhold judgement, celebrate our diversity and ever be mindful of our SPIRITUAL UNITY with ALL our brothers and sisters regardless of their chosen paths. It is only as we reach out to embrace each other with a loving acceptance that our differences will dwindle in importance and our commonality of spiritual purpose will propel us forward. As ascending mortals it is not going to be important whether we were right or wrong. It will only matter how we chose to respond to the challenges of life. As they say, it will not matter whether we won or lost but how we played the game. Let us all rise to the challenge to be the best players we can be in this grand adventure.


Surely, we will all look back on these issues on the Mansions Worlds and beyond and laugh at how seriously we took ourselves when we knew so very little and presumed to know so much. From this perspective, let us "lighten up" a little, take ourselves less seriously and just get on with learning to live the highest truth we know for in doing this we will be doing much to provide stability and promote spiritual unity as we strive always to see the God-seeking intentions in each of our brothers and sisters. In doing this, we will each be contributing to bringing peace and harmony to our world and light and life to Urantia.


Let peace reign in each of our hearts.


Allene Vick



               * * * * *


            FROM THE READERS


LOS OSOS, CA - The following was submitted by Jesse Thompson. Thank you, Jesse, for your time and effort to write your ideas for us to think on as we must each decide for ourselves what is the most loving way to respond or not respond to those who feel differently about the Teaching Mission.


"Regarding Opposition To The Teaching Mission Within the Urantia Community


"If the Teaching Mission is about living the gospel of the Master, then the Father in his benevolence has delivered fruitful decision-opportunities to exercise with courageous loyalty what we have been learning as students of the correcting time.


"l.Some opposing views could be considered as direct attacks on the Teaching Mission, but there can be no confrontation if there is no resistance. The physics of goodness would require that we meet all opposition with an equivalent amount of love, goodness and consideration.


"2.At the moment that we regress into a mind-set of 'us against them' is the moment that we have lost our way. At such a moment we lose all perspective of the focus of the mission. We are not here to strive, argue, convince or rebut. We are here to be conduits of love and truth. The Master said, '...And that is our mission on earth. No more shall suffering mortals be denied the comfort of knowing the love of God and understanding the mercy of the Father in heaven.' (p.1664 UB)


"3.Let us recognize the goodness of these opposing positions and know that they shore up the unity and reinvigorate the sense of purpose in the entire TM. Sometimes the presence of an external factor clarifies the common bonds of a diverse group.


"4.At the bottom of their hearts must be the intention of upholding and protecting what they believe to be of highest truth and value. There is nothing like the exquisite and replete Urantia Book as the Fifth Epochal Revelation. Surely, we need to interpret and respect their actions as 'courageous loyalty' to the Urantia Book. Even if we believe their understanding of the Teaching Mission to be incorrect and their actions misguided; it is commendable and a fruit of the spirit.


"5.And to our brothers and sisters in the UM who condemn us, we are compelled by our lessons from the teachers to respond with ever increasing 'loving service, unselfish devotion, courageous loyalty, sincere fairness, enlightened honesty, undying hope, confiding trust, merciful ministry, unfailing goodness, forgiving tolerance and enduring peace' directed to all we encounter.


"6.The strategic reaction I intend to follow is DIRECTED NON-RESISTANCE. Essentially, not resisting the negative, but rather to REDIRECT the energy and reaffirm further my efforts towards spreading the light among those receptive souls who long for it, thereby translating all negative actions indirectly into the force of sustained goodness.


"7Lastly, I refresh myself with the inspiring words of Margaret Mead when she said, 'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." The world needs a' changing...


"Eternal in the fields of the Lord,

"Peace and good will, Jesse Thompson"


                 * * *


From John Creger, who shared his poem, UPDATE, with us in the last issue comes this letter.


"Many thanks for your letter so generously sharing your experiences and encouraging words. As soon as I have read your TNN, and Jim Cleveland's Spirit Quest and the transcripts of Ham and Tarkas I've sent for so far, I head for the copy shop to bootleg them for our friends Steve and Miriam Holland. We now meet weekly to study Teaching Mission transcripts, and are beginning to hope our meetings will provide the nucleus for a teaching group one day. As we have small children to deal with, it may be some time before we feel our group foundation is solid enough to expand on. (So, please don't include us in your list yet.) In anticipation, I've sent for the new Woods Cross books on making teacher contact and group dynamics, and we plan to visit one of the local groups. Any other suggestions would be most welcome.


"Here is a response to Pamela Fullam's request for ideas on sharing the Teaching Mission with children:


       "Pulling From the Teachers


"As an opening activity for my high school sophomore English classes, twice a week I ask students to respond in writing to quotes I place on the board. After they write we have a brief discussion. I pull these quotes from many places--and now have started including the teachers (Don't they bring new meaning to the words "many places"?) Ham's statement, 'The greatest single factor in the well-being of mortal man is to achieve peace within' was one of the first. 'No one else can light your light, and so your gift is an important part of this entire universe,' from Astara, we also used. Tarkas' 'It is not the knowing of the truth that is important, but the searching for it,' especially, provided flashes of higher than normal spiritual thoughts among my 'heathens.' In fact, all these teacher quotes sparked fine discussion. On the  board I ascribe the quotes to 'a teacher named Tarkas,' or 'Ham, a teacher,' or--if my instincts tell me to --sometimes to 'anonymous.' It's interesting that so far no one has asked about the teachers per se. I wonder if this is because the quotes themselves are food for thought such as most students (of any age) are not accustomed to, and so tend to absorb students' attention more than curiosity about their sources. In any case I need to be careful not to provoke potentially damaging controversy by revealing too much too fast. Any feedback or modifications on this?"


In talking with John, the idea came forth of using some of the quotes of the teachers on greeting cards. As John says, this could be a real good idea for someone to pursue who has an artistic talent to design the cards. As there are so many inspirational cards now appearing, surely the quotes of the teachers would make beautiful inscriptions to cover all occasions and could be simply signed with the teacher name. Anyone wanting to acquire more information could contact the card company for more information. Thank you, John, for planting such a wonderful seed idea. Maybe someone will nourish it and we will find ourselves being able to purchase truly inspirational cards. What a wonderful way to spread the beautiful words of our teachers.


How good of you to share information on your activities. We welcome you all to the joyous discovery of the Teaching Mission. We thank you for your good ideas that will serve to inspire others with new approaches that can be used to reach out and share with others. If any of you have suggestions, feedback or modifications to share with John regarding his approach with his students and/or the beginning nucleus of yet another group, please let us hear from you. Now is the time to reach out and share "the good news of the kingdom." Let's hear your ideas.


      * * * * *






More words from a Trinity Teacher Son sent by someone who still wishes to remain anonymous to the readers. The first and third messages were received by one TR. The second message was received by another TR with the exception of the 2nd Paragraph received by the first TR.




When you begin to understand the procession of faculties and your capability to relate this to another line of understanding, you will be given a sense of assurance in your approach to this pattern of loving service. I give my reach to you tonight. I am sincerely wishing for you to be available for my comments. I am Margul.


It has been established that there will be a beginning and this will create a boundary by which you can fulfill your purposes. As you look forward to becoming a part of this pattern of development keep clear in mind what your goal and purpose are. Purpose is meant by the factor in which you can understand the motivation which leads you. Together you can find what is going to bring you forth.


I give another welcome to those who would portray a common good in their outreach of love. Send many greetings to those who are capable of delivering this.


1-27-29-94 - Actual date not recorded.


I am the Trinity Teacher Son. Hello. I would communicate with you tonight.


It befits you to understand the principle reasons why you are here. In reference to your understanding you have become a part of a process of mind shifting, attitudinal change for bringing mankind together.


We have come together in the power of mind for unification of cause. We offer ourselves to establish, to build upon new structure a foundation of belief based on truth. We have come with purpose of heart for mankind.


In our existence we are finding the much needed love that is coming forth shall be for cause of unification for growth and understanding. Mankind shall benefit. We are here for purpose of heart, mind and soul. We are one in cause, unified in our duty and our obligation to the Father of all. It is our purpose to bring forth true cause, for we are sworn allegiance. We will prevail at all cost. We are united in our cause for growth, for the coming forth of mankind to purpose of heart, for justification for all who exist in this realm of heart, for justification for all exist in this realm on this sphere. We serve with the purpose. We have come to unify man with heart. In purpose we serve our Father.


Take heart things that come before you . In togetherness this group will prevail. We shall shine forth as the light of a new day shines. Our Father shall reign in the hearts of many. Our purpose signifies the beginning.


For years, eons, life has had limited purposes, but now with the beginning of this time realm, it shall be brought, updated, enlightened, forward into its final era, for its existence now must proceed, advance forward. Mankind as a whole must someday prevail. Behold, a new realm of time has begun.


Take to heart what has been said to you. We endeavor to pursue these teachings. We embark on this mission filled with heart. We will perform our duty task without reservations. We are set in our practice, our ways. We are going forward. We are here. It is our assigned mission to perform this task.


We ask that you accommodate us, that you link us in our endeavors to try to transmit words of the heart feelings to be given to all who would receive these sublime teachings of love.


Believing in what is said to you is most important, for in your trust lies hope in this. And of your responsibilities have no doubt. The time is at hand.


Travel on my brothers and sisters. Face the future with firm hope. We beseech you to come forward now.




It is a welcome to bring you here, for I am willing to deliver a message to you this evening to be given forth. I am Margul, Trinity Teacher Son.


I welcome you all to the present bestowal of indescribable value. If you would gain knowledge in this way, to understand that there is a willing party who would send forth guidance to you, then you would feel free to ask for its reception.


As you want to bring this forth, then you must also be willing to engage a full fledged effort to bring around a pursuit of ministering potential. If you can see the ways to do this, then do not let your uncertainty hold you from pursuing. It is not a time to be meek in your approach to the Father and His will.  The time is coming which will ask for volunteers who are willing to stand and be of service in the cause of the reclamation of this planet, and to do such you must find within yourselves the passion to teach what you have learned, the passion to share what you have gained, and the passion to instill this possibility within others. This is the way we can bring about the changes necessary to incorporate light and life upon this planet.


You must find the drive within. We prompt you to follow what drives you, but you must find what you need to do. It is simply a bringing into focus of possibility and potential, personality and character, combined to bring a service.


I have been appreciative of your efforts. I will continue to communicate as the time is right for communication. Be still and forever patient.

               * DANIEL *


POCATELLO, ID - These excerpts come from the group lessons and sessions of Daniel as found in the Daniel papers sent by Billy Kelly.


10-15-93 - Lesson on Giving


As you look at the First Source and Center you are looking at the greatest example of what giving is all about. In the love that has flowed from the Isle of Paradise, from the First Source and Center; this love has spread throughout the universes into the Local Universes and from there to the planets; and eventually into each individual will creature. As the First Source and Center has laid down this wondrous example so are you asked to liken yourselves, pattern yourselves after this example.


Life is for giving. As you give you are blessed with an ever expanding ability to receive; and therefore as you receive do you provide soul growth and nourishment. For whenever you give, you are, in fact, opening yourself that you can be vehicles through which giving becomes a part of your nature. As you are born in an infant stage you are primarily given into ego centered emotions, thoughts and ideas. As you grow and develop relationships and understandings you are able, if directed and guided correctly, to shed some of these infantile traits and to grow in the virtues of the Spirit. And one of the greatest virtues is that of giving, for it is out of giving that you are able to manifest the other gifts of the Spirit.


It is by the Father giving you His love that you are brought into existence. You cannot fully understand love until you have given it away yourself. And so in order for you to really experience life, to take from life the greatest amount of benefit, it is necessary for you to be able to give; and to be able to give in the many, many areas of life. As a gift of the most tremendous import the First Source and Center has deemed to give each and every one of His will creatures the presence of Himself, in the form of the Thought Adjuster. This is the greatest gift that could be given to you personally. For it is through this marvelous gift that you are guided daily and urged daily to partake of life to its fullest, to be able to give and as you are giving so shall you receive. Christ Michael has spoken this very pointedly in His life in the flesh when He said, "Let the greatest among you serve all."


How then, my friends, can you not take up this challenge to open yourselves to give? To give means to be able to willingly and wantingly desire to fulfill the Father's will. As this becomes the framework from which you work, then you will, indeed, find that your life becomes joyous by being able to give in many, many areas; whether it is the very easy thing of smiling or whether it is the most difficult of all, that of going and risking for others. Life is full of many opportunities for giving: the physical aspect of giving of yourself and your time; intellectual giving; financial giving; working side by side with one another and giving of yourself spiritually.


And so, my friends, this week I ask that you take another look at this concept of giving. Let your generosity overflow in many areas. Often it is burdensome to give totally. You are asked to give as you are capable. Let me begin with this premise. First of all you must be able to give to yourself. And this is how you do so.


If you will take and give yourself five to ten minutes a day where you can sit in quiet and silence with the First Source and Center then you are not only giving yourself the greatest gift possible, but you are also giving back to the First Source and Center that time which is necessary for you to receive nourishment in the form of love, mercy, and guidance. And so, give to yourself this gift of time in silence, for it is through the silence that you know and will be guided in the ways of being able to serve and give to one another. It is not so important that you give haphazardly or carelessly; rather it is important that you open yourself up so that when opportunities arise you will be there ready to meet the challenge. And you will meet it with confidence and have fortification from the time you have spent with the First Source and Center.


Yes, give yourself this gift for in doing so you open yourself up that you can give in all the other many ways of life. And this week I ask that you consider the act of giving; consider how this aspect of your character has grown. Ask, how can I better serve? Ask, how can I better utilize my time, my money, my intellectual gifts, etc, in order that I can be of giving nature? As you take that time, also, to meet in silence, in communication with your Indwelling Spirit, you will find that life will be opened up for you, that you will be given many opportunities to give. And these acts of giving will be done joyously because you will be walking under the guidance of the Indwelling Spirit.


Life is for giving. As you give, shall you also receive many times back. And so let it become second nature for you to be open to all of those possibilities of being able to serve one another, to serve the First Source and Center. I will guarantee you that in making this a priority in your life you will experience greater joy than you can ever imagine. You will be bringing the spiritual aspect of your divinity into greater and greater alignment with the First Source and Center, the Father of us all, the Mother of us all, the One Parent that has given to all of us. And as we strive to grow into that perfection let us take this marvelous example and let it become a part of your lives. This is the greatest thing you can do to help bring about the will of the Father, to open up and ask that you be so directed. And as you do this, so shall you find avenues of being able to give freely and readily. This is what I ask you to think about this week: life is for giving.


10-22-93 - Lesson on Receiving


As last week we discussed the act of being able to open oneself up and to give, so this week I would like to add an extension to this act of giving and that is: in order to fully appreciate giving, one must likewise be able to receive. This, too, takes practice and is a part of life. Being able to receive love, receive praise, receive gifts from others is often difficult for certain individuals. Many feel more at ease in giving; yet in order for you to appreciate the act of giving you must be able to also learn to accept. Part of this being able to receive is necessary in order for you to open yourself up and to accept freely the gift of love from the First Source and Center. If you cannot allow yourself to receive from your brothers and sisters, then you are probably not allowing yourself to be open to receiving the divine gifts as well.


That is why this lesson is being presented tonight, that you will consider your ability to receive as well as give. For in being able to receive openly, lovingly, and with appreciation in a material sense, so also will you open yourself up to being able to receive from the divine circuits as well. In receiving, therefore, from the divine circuits are you able, then to give more in your material sense. And so my lesson is given so that you will take time this week to think upon your ability to be able to receive as an extension of last week's being able to give.


When you realize that it is through both giving and receiving that you are truly made whole, then you will be able to do this giving and receiving very easily. You will, in fact, not only grow in your potential, but you will help others, also, in their experience of life and in their growth. As you commune with the Indwelling Spirit, you will be allowing yourselves to open up. You will be allowing the gift necessary for your life to become available to you. You will be allowing God to freely give to you, and in turn you will freely give to others. As you receive, so, too, are you adding to the experience of the God of time and space, the Supreme. As you can receive, so shall this add to the experiential aspect of the Supreme.


My friends, this giving and receiving is like the coin with two faces. It is like tossing the coin in the air and having it land one time as receiving and the next time as giving. Back and forth throughout your life you will be in this mode of giving or receiving. To be able to do both willingly, openly, lovingly, and without reservation is part of growth. Take time this week to evaluate these two gifts, that you can receive and give on a balanced level.


11-5-93 - Lesson on Balance, Fear and New Steps


The last few weeks I have been observing and noting that the lessons that have been given are being contemplated, are being looked at by you and thought about as a means of bringing the essence of the lessons into your life. You are looking at these ideas as guideposts by which you can lead your life and thereby be in tune with the will of the First Source and Center. This is what we as teachers are hoping for. For it is through our words and the reading you do in the Urantia Book, the other areas in which you find truth; all of these things are necessary in order for you to transcend the temporal life; to see beyond the trials of your mortal existence to a greater life, the one that is your divine life. And so, my friends, it is my joy to see you each taking those steps necessary in order for you to reach your potential.


It is necessary that you begin to have this God consciousness as part of your whole life, not something that is done once or twice during the week or only during the quiet time that you set aside. Living the will of the Father takes a real commitment, a real desire on your part. The desire propels you into that search of the First Source and Center. That search is to expand your knowledge of God. Certainly you are beginning to realize that you cannot as a finite being understand the totality of God. But by your experiences in life and by your desire to understand you are beginning to know God, to know Him as a finite creature can. As with any knowledge that you learn about in life you are able to take the very simple and work to the very complex. That is, what you understand when you first begin is not even recognizable compared to your knowledge and understanding as you complete a course of study or become versed in a certain area.


The Master, Christ Michael, has said that it is important for you to realize that the enemies of anyone are within their own household. Take a look at this word "household" and transfer it to the meaning of your own body, your own mind, your own being. If you are an enemy of your own being then you will not be able to access your divine nature. It is important, thereforee, my friends, that each of you continue to come into that reality of who you are, what you are, what makes you tick, and why you do the things you do. As you come into that reality, you will begin to see that as you have spoken tonight about balance, you will begin to see how necessary it is for you to balance the various areas of your life, so that they do not become the enemy of your household which you must defend against. Rather take the knowledge you have regarding the aspect of keeping body, mind, and spirit in balance and utilize this as a way to work for you, and not against you. The enemies of a household can, as I have said, short circuit any avenue for the divine flow.


This being able to balance one's life often has many difficulties in a material existence when there are certain commitments that must be made to work, to family, etc., etc. The lesson I give tonight in this regard is in no way stating that you must feel guilty if your life is not in balance. My intent is only to bring to your mind again the necessary steps that are helpful for you in accessing your divine nature.


As you keep a harmonious balance, then, the life flow of the divine nature will be easy for you to follow, to learn and to grow from. It is through your commitment to knowing the Father that you will in time discover ways in which you can balance your life so that it is more harmonious. From that step, then, you are able to accept the challenges that are asked of you when you are seeking to follow the Father's will.


Whenever you make that commitment there will be times when you must face challenges. You must be prepared to take that next step. The next step is generally not an easy one. As you have spoken earlier this evening regarding comfort zones, there are times in your life when you need that time for rest, time to prepare for the next step. The caterpillar works so hard at eating and feasting on everything he can find. If you are like the caterpillar, the bits and pieces of knowledge and the truth that you can muster at some point become overwhelming and you must take a rest, as does the caterpillar as he spins his chrysalis. As the chrysalis rests, then through a season, so, too, do you rest. And when the chrysalis opens up there is a beautiful transformation as you will see in yourselves. What you have taken in, what you have nourished, what you have desired will someday spring forth. And again, then, like the butterfly, as your wings dry you must take to flight and discover another adventure, learning and growing anew.


               * OLFANA *


NORTHERN CA TR sends more lessons of Olfana to share with you.


A Lesson on Mercy from Olfana - 2-24-94


"Mercy falleth like the rain." How often this symbol of mercy flowing down upon our lives is used. This is an appropriate image, for God's mercy showers down upon us unannounced just as the spring rains refresh the flowers. This nourishment of His love, indeed, increases our growth. Mercy comes as a part of the natural pattern of growth, just as the rains nourish the flowers. The turmoils, the challenges, the difficulties of life are like the winds of March which buttress the new growth of spring. After these winds, come the gentle rains, which cause blossoming to occur. We also recover from the experience of defeat, demoralization, and thoughts of failure by the reviving energy of God's love, which strengthens our resolve to continue on in life. This mercy from the Father allows for change in our lives, which opens up new possibilities of choice and direction. The waters flowing from the sky are indeed an image of this merciful love flowing down upon the events of life, causing new growth to come forth in our souls with this infusion of changed opportunities. Mercy alters attitudes, feelings, and beliefs also. When the cold winds of life's difficulties buttress and sweep us into attitudes of fear and defensive protection, again the rains of God's mercy soften the earth and allow for new growth to move through our beings, opening our minds to changed direction, new goals, and safe possibilities. This, then, defines mercy as the power of change, the possibility of forgiveness of yourself and others, the possibility of trust rising anew in your soul, the attitude of hopefulness and resolve to attempt again those things which have thus far meant defeat. Mercy provides forbearance in your emotional make-up. It is God's way of allowing transformation to continue in your lives when you would otherwise feel defeated. Mercy may be passed on from God through you to others. You become a means by which His mercy can manifest itself in others' lives. These times when you feel moved to mercy in your attitude toward others, never doubt that this is the Father working through you. Make yourself available to him as a conduit for this beautiful possibility of merciful change.


2-12-94 - A Lesson on Inner Peace and Harmony


Olfana: Inner peace and harmony with others are two attributes of your emotional make-up which mesh together easily. Inner peace comes from contemplation of goodness-the love sent to you by God, the blessings that come to you in life, the love you give and receive, the beauty of the world surrounding you, the experience of growth. Inner peace is the by-product of contemplation on these things. Your soul perceives truth, beauty, and goodness and from this derives satisfaction. Consider the concept of satisfaction in connection with the concept of inner peace. When one is satisfied, one has no further expectations of more. One rests content in the moment. This is the experience of inner peace - resting in the moment, satisfied that all God provides to you is sufficient. Here your faith sustains itself. You are all that you need to be in these moments, in your eyes, and the eyes of the Father. You know this with your heart at these moments. When you present yourself to others in this state of mind and heart, you show them a Child of God! They see in you a reflection of His Love, and this creates expectations of peacefulness in themselves. Is it not true that when you see a person serene and peaceful, that you identify with the potential for this in yourself?


Student: Yes


Olfana: This, then, is the harmony that can be created. Remember again that love is a power, is a vibrational frequency. You can emanate this to others, and indeed, tune them to this beneficial frequency. When people sing in harmony, move in harmony, think in harmony, feel in harmony, there is a shared serenity, a shared ability to be in the moment of this experience together. I promise you that this potential of the shared experience of harmony and inner peace will come more and more to your planet as we proceed together in this work!


               * RAYSON *


MALIBU, CA - Included here are several lessons from RAYSON AND FRIENDS - Before January 1st, 1993 Volume I.


12-01-91 - Lesson I on Mercy


Mercy is a good topic in light of the tragedy that has befallen all of us with the death of ..... and ..... When we go through such a painful period it is hard to believe that there is love. That is because we are so limited in our vision.


Mercy, the Memory of Mercy, is a real phenomenon. It is extended to every ascendent mortal of the realms. Each one of you has a bank account with the Most Highs with so much mercy that your survival, it you choose to survive, is insured. Mercy is extended always first. Only when it is not accepted does justice begin.


Your angels talk for you when you are evaluated. Very few mortals turn down the ministry of mercy. It was the FATHER'S will, correction, IS The Father's will, to extend this gift to all creatures. Only a creature of unbalanced mind turns down this most precious gift.


Mercy is not pity, or compassion, or empathy. It is a new and separate circuit that comes from the heart of the Isle of Paradise. God loves His infant mortal creatures. Just because they cannot see does not mean it is not so. I assure you that there is more mercy listed for each and every one of you than any mortal could possible use. God's love for His creatures extends beyond forgiveness. Mercy is unconditional love. It is not forgiveness, because it is not judgmental.


Try to think of mercy as a cooling rain gently falling on each of you, caressing you lovingly and bringing you Godward. If you could learn to experience mercy and give it to others, you would be doing the will of God.


We cannot always know what lies around the bend. That is where faith comes in. Faith is believing without seeing. You must believe in God's mercy against the backdrop of whatever tragedy befalls you. Even the most evil creatures are extended mercy by The Father. That is because every one is spiritually equal in their free will decision-choice to ascend or extinguish themselves. Those who choose extinction choose it willfully and not because The FATHER would not extend His mercy.


I suggest we think this week about what mercy really is.


12-07-91 - Lesson II on Mercy


Today I wish to speak again about mercy. Mercy is a gift bestowed by The FATHER and it is the main makeup of the Eternal Son. Christ MICHAEL is the God of Mercy on this planet as on every other The Infinite Spirit is the minister of MICHAELS's mercy. Through her children mercy becomes realized. When mercy is coupled with Justice we achieve fairness. But for the children of time, especially on such a dark world as this one, the mercy of God cannot often be recognized. That is because mercy takes time, much time, to administer. Only when a child of God rejects the almost limitless gift of mercy does justice prevail.


Although from your perspective it may appear to be an unmerciful life here, that is not really true. This planet was showered with more mercy by MICHAEL's bestowal than it could ever use in eternity.


Mercy is different from compassion or love. But one may say mercy is applied love. It is related to the great Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, which was poured out on Urantia two thousand years ago. During this painful period try to keep focused on the mercy of God, for many things have been given to you which our mortal eyes are unable to see.


Read about mercy in the Urantia Book. It will comfort and leave a great peace where a sharp pain once lived.



11-15-92 - Lesson on Purpose


Your purpose - or purposes - are many fold. You have your own mission in life which you must discover. It is your own path to tread. Your purpose in relation to God, in general, is for you to experience value and to ascend the progression of life and, in so, becoming a co-creator. Your purpose on another level is to have good loving relations with all other beings, including God and your fellow humans.


You may look further into The Urantia Book and also by praying and worshipping, by achieving the stillness, you will gain more insight into this. This is not a question that can be answered in so many words. For me to answer this question to the utmost of your perception would be unfair to you. You will take much joy in learning these things on your own. I do not wish to take this from you. You are on the right path. You must proceed with faith, love, and joy, and a happiness that springs from within.


11-22-92 - From a Lesson on Will


The plans for uplift, for guiding us ever onward and upward, is not a negative plan to stop us from doing evil. It is a magnet which is positive, which draws you ever upward. It is not to prevent self-annihilation, but rather to give you more opportunities to grow, for getting you to reach up so that the ones above can reach down and so pull you up.


Free will (alone) is nothing. It is not valuable unless you are given enough choices. These missions, The Urantia Book revelations, are all to give you those better choices. (11/22/92)


               * * * * *




               GROUP NEWS


SUITLAND, MD - From John and Pam Sanderson we learn that there have been some changes in the Seabrook Maryland group. They now meet all over. The group will appear on the revised list under Suitland, MD. They now have 7 personal teachers - Avery, Ceranta, Curtis, Cereon, Colanda and Iruka - all of whom are ascending mortals, several of whom have participated as teachers along with Iruka, the group teacher. We are pleased to learn that this group is growing and expanding. Keep up the good work!


Until the revised list is available, the group can be contacted through:


John & Pam Sanderson

325 Red Magnolia Court

Millersville, MD 21108




William Gaynor


NASHVILLE, TN - Those of you who have been enjoying the transcripts of Ham from Rebecca will be pleased to know that she and Hal are in the process of putting together Ham's transcripts for 1993. They hope to have them ready soon and will be sending them to everyone on their list at no charge. We all thank you for this wonderful gift and for your time, effort and generosity in making these transcripts available for all of us.


For those of you who have been recently added to the mailing list, you may contact Rebecca to receive your copies of Ham's transcripts.


Rebecca shares with us that Ian is Jared's (Hal's) private teacher and Daphne is a Celestial Artisan who also works with them. They are both female ascenders.


Rebecca and Hal are buying a home and will be moving in April. The new address is:


Hal and Rebecca Bynum


We all wish you much happiness in your new home.



MALIBU, CA - Lucille Faw writes:


"We are sort of covering all bases in our own lives right now. We have an architect preparing plans for a new house on our lot and have lined up a couple of potential leases of houses. Meantime, we are looking at possibly purchasing an older home to fix up and sell later.


"Our Mission Group is very strong and close-knit while still accepting new members.


"Our UB Study Group has grown and meets in our temporary apartment and has spawned two new UB groups led by members who have moved away. There is a spiritual wildfire out here to outlast the material one!"


We all felt for your loss and are glad to know that you all are doing so well.


      * * * * *




RAYSON AND FRIENDS - has been prepared and distributed by the students of Rayson, the Malibu, CA group teacher. This wonderful Volume I contains the lessons of Rayson before January 1st, 1993. Lucille Faw writes that Duane will send a copy to each Mission group which has not already received one. Aside from being impressed with the quality of the material from both the lessons of Rayson and the thoughts and questions of the students, the organization of this material makes it easy find subjects, which makes it a good tool for sharing with those new to this mission. We applaud you all on your efforts and dedication to produce an excellent work. Others who are in the process of putting together transcripts may want to look at the way RAYSON AND FRIENDS is organized.


               * * * * *






A registration form is included with this newsletter for those of you who have not already received one. Bob Devine would like to emphasize the following things:


1.The deadline for registering has now been extended to May 1st, instead of April 1st.


2.While they would certainly appreciate receiving payment in full before May 1st, there is also the option of paying half down by May 1st and the balance by July 1st.


3.Feel free to copy the registration form and give it to other group members and interested people.


4.If you don't want to do all the adding and subtracting, the cost for each adult utilizing double occupancy lodging and all meals is $106.33. There is no tax on the registration fee, so last month's amount was incorrect.


For those of you who are planning to attend, be sure to send your "Wish Lists" to Bob or Rick and Barbara, so that those in charge of planning will be better able to plan a gathering that will include events that will be most meaningful and helpful to you. Just a quick note of things that you would like to see included will suffice. Sending in your registration forms as soon as possible will be of assistance to those planning this gathering.


               * * * * *






"The majority of the meetings began with a traditional prayer which contained most, if not all, of the following:


"The Light of God surrounds us,

The love of God enfolds us,

The power of God protects us, and

The presence of God watches over us,

Wherever we are, He is."

[Ed - From RAYSON AND FRIENDS we learn that it was with the above prayer that Ham began his message during a recess in the meeting of the General Council of the FELLOWSHIP on February 1, 1992 announcing to the world the recent changes in planetary government. This prayer is used at every Unity Church service I have attended. In the Sarasota group, it was discovered that often when a TR would begin this prayer, Aflana would pick up, continue it and begin a session with us.]


      * * *


RAYSON: At this point I would like to end the discourse and participate with you in a group meditation of silent receptivity which I will lead.


Dear FATHER, Creator of all, endless circle of love, goodness, and First Source and Center of everything, show your children the way to you; the journey inward and outward which is without end, replete in spiritual growth and sung of by angels. Let us be silent as each one of your children tries more consciously to feel your presence within and without. To feel your Divine unconditional and endless love, mercy, goodness, and beauty. Let us listen to the silent voice of the eternal.


(Long silence)


If you feel peaceful, sublime, loved, loving, forgiving, forgiven, compassionate, connected to your brothers and sisters and the Father, that is your first inkling of Thought Adjuster downreach and outreach to the human mind and soul. Some day you will feel this way always, and more. (01/26/92)


      * * *


RAYSON: Let us say a prayer to MICHAEL of Nebadon before I leave.


MICHAEL, God of mercy and miracle, bless our mission with clear insight, courageous hearts, and lives filled with wisdom. We have dedicated our will to the will of THE FATHER. Please accept our humble gifts of love. (12/01/91)


               * * * * *


            PROSE AND POETRY



This is a poem of Blessings


May the white light of God fill your hearts.

May the beauty of love fill your soul.

Enter the temple in peace.

This is the rapture. Behold!

Now I and the Father are one.

May this moment remain in my soul.

God's love is the power. Behold!

From Him to the Son.

We are one.



            Submitted by Northern CA TR




SPOKANE, WA - This writing was done by Sheila Burgher, and was thought so highly of by the group that Bob Devine requested permission of Sheila to share it in the newsletter. Sheila, we thank you for sharing such a beautiful and inspiring piece of writing. We can all see why your group was so impressed.


I was just asked the other day, (With much amazement I might add), "How did you get here? How did you become so successful?"


"Well..." I then replied: "The road was long. There were times it was very bumpy. I crossed over mountains. I swam in a sea. Sometimes the road was winding, and at times it was straight. My destiny was not always known. There were many paths to choose and I chose many of them, going down each one with the intent of seeing what it had to offer. I sometimes turned back halfway thru, for I realized I'd seen this before, or it wasn't taking me where I felt I should be going. With destiny still unknown, I felt my way thru the light and the dark, the crowd and sometimes, the empty.


Then one day I came to a place that felt right. There were mountains in the foreground. Tall, majestic, snow capped. Trees were everywhere!, assuring me that there was an abundance of fresh air to breathe. A river wound its way through thru this place,--full of life. And the sound of water nourished my soul. The meadow was as green and as lush and as peaceful as one could imagine. Then there was the sky!--Living and entertaining me daily. Sun, clouds, the moon--the stars, further than you could reach, but ever so touchable with my mind.


Now you may think this sounds like I've moved to Spokane....but it's much more than that. Much more.


For you see, the mountains represent the strength that it took me to endure such a long journey.


And the trees--well they're my friends and family who loved and supported me and, yes, even sometimes disagreed with me while I frolicked down all those paths I encountered.


The river was my ability to keep moving on and accepting the changes that were brought before me.


And then there was the sky. Home of the universe. The sunrise brings to me the first gift of the day. The clouds dance about the sky, entertaining my love for sky art. The last gift of the day is sunset. My God, the colors of a day are beautiful. The stars at night allow me to be forever.


But it's even more than all that. It's something much more powerful than that which got me here. It's that which everything has in common. That which makes everything Alive. It's what really got me here today. It's God!

                     Thank you Father."


                         Sheila Burgher

      * * * * *




Duane & Lucille Faw - The correct phone number should read 310-457-3007


Other additions and changes will appear on the revised group, contact and celestial lists.


PLEASE NOTE: If you have not sent in any changes to the rough draft of the group, contact and celestial lists, PLEASE DO SO. THERE IS STILL TIME. It is hoped that this list will be updated and included in the April issue. DO LET US KNOW if you have any papers, newsletters, publications, or compilations of individual and/or group teachings available to include on the list. If tapes or hard copies of transcripts are available from your group or individuals in your group, PLEASE LET US KNOW so we can put an asterisk in front of your group on the list. Thank you to all of you who have already sent in your changes.  YOUR HELP IS MUCH APPRECIATED.  The accuracy of this list is dependent upon your input.


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Please look over the inquiries below and see if there is anything you have to share as there is someone waiting to hear from you!


*Wanted - Information on groups, contacts and activities outside of the U.S.


*Your thoughts and observations about the Teaching Mission


*Information that would be helpful for children


*Special focus or activity in your group to help others to know whom they might best contact for information along the lines of their interests


*Teachings that focus on healing


*Thoughts on how the Teaching Mission and the teachings of The Urantia Book interconnect with the variety of experiences of others on our planet who are following differing paths towards God



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The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to create a network for sharing information among all individuals and groups involved in transmitting and receiving information from celestial contacts. All contributions for the newsletter; correspondence; and requests to be included on the mailing list should be sent to:


              Allene Vick


It is through a sincere desire to be of service in the process that is happening on our planet, Urantia, at this time that this newsletter has come into existence. The success of this network is dependent upon the help of all of you that it is intended to serve. A special thanks to those of you who sent a financial contribution along with your letters. The continuation of this newsletter will depend upon your interest and sharing. Please let us hear from you. When corresponding, please be sure to mark any information that you do not wish to be shared with "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY." Otherwise, it will be assumed that what is received is for sharing in the T/R NEWS NETWORK.