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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

March 1993 (Vol. l, No.1)



Welcome to the first newsletter of the T/R NEWS NETWORK! ...


I felt guided to begin this newsletter as a network for all involved in the transmitting and receiving (T/R) process with our celestial contacts and overwhelmed at such an undertaking. As February 15th approached and I received few responses, I felt inclined at times to let it go feeling, perhaps, the time was not right. I was encouraged by Michael to proceed and assured that help and guidance would be forthcoming - that it was important to begin this T/R News Network and let it evolve.  How this will evolve, I do not know, but I am open and willing to be of service.


I am reminded of a lesson from Michael at our Monday night Celestial Discovery group. I had thanked him for all the support and help I have received. He told me this was because of my faith. I had always been of the impression that my faith came because of all the experiences I have had. He told me that faith comes first. When one moves in faith, the universe comes to support that. Since then, I have had the image of one taking a step in faith and the universe rushing behind to support that step. This is where I feel at now - taking a step in faith not knowing where it is leading.


From what I have seen in our local groups and have observed in those who have come to visit us, it is my perception that we are all tenuously reaching beyond ourselves to something so new that many are unsure and at times doubtful of the process. This is probably as it should be as it prevents us from rushing forward and becoming full blown fanatics. Because of this, I am inclined to proceed slowly with this project and take my cues from you and any celestial guidance that is received. It is my sincere wish that as we come forward to share, we will find a safe forum for doing this. We must ever keep in mind that we are each unique individuals; our Thought Adjusters bring with them their own unique experiences; and we are being contacted by a wide variety of celestial presences of which we are only familiar with a few. Thus, let us put our judgements aside to accept and share the joy of what our brothers and sisters are experiencing. We may exercise our own personal discernment to take from all that is shared what speaks to us and put anything else on the shelf for further enlightenment. To be sure mistakes will be made, but let us not let these divide us. Now is the time to support each other. As we are only at the beginning of this experience, I find myself rather comfortable at last that as humans, we will make mistakes and am at ease and gentle with what I perceive as mistakes from myself and others. This is also a new process for the teachers. In the long run, each must use discernment in accepting as truth what is transmitted by all of us. It seems of utmost importance to me that we are gentle and supportive of each other as we are experiencing something so new to all of us. Let us use this forum to share freely and lovingly.


As a transmitter in the Sarasota groups and receiving messages in my own quiet time with pen or computer, I feel very close to all of you who are involved in the transmitting process and have experienced some of the things many of you are experiencing in this process. I have received transmissions word for word. I have received impressions and been asked by the celestial teachers to share these in my own words. I have also been involved in on going dialogues with the teachers that seemed much like my own doing. In the latter process, I have been assured that they wish me to develop my own mind and much is mine, seeded by them and often in the process I recognize that there are ideas, sentences and phrases that appear in the midst of what appears to me my own dialogue that is definitely not of me. In my sincere desire not to put forth my own stuff and to be a clear conduit for what they wish to impart to us, I have suffered doubts. Often when what I thought I received seemed to be too way out and/or inaccurate, I have found confirmation from other sources leading me at last to trust the process and their constant reminders that all mistakes would be corrected.


I wish to thank all of you who have shared your transmissions with us over the last year. It has been most reassuring and confirming to see that the lessons and teachings are consistent overall. In the beginning, I found it most helpful to find what I had received one night to be fairly identical to that of another teacher from another group that I was not even aware of when I transmitted my messages. I am thankful to Patije for ever gently encouraging me to share my messages with any who requested them. I was not always so anxious to do so due to my own doubts at times. I now see from reading the transcripts of others how helpful this is to all of us.


I thank those of you who have taken the time to write to me and to send your contributions. All your support in whatever form is gratefully and greatly appreciated. I appreciate what you have shared with me. I am at sometimes unsure from your letters what you wish to be shared in this format and what you have simply been sharing with me. A little more clarification in future correspondence would be helpful as it is not my wish to offend anyone by sharing more than they are comfortable with sharing in this forum. In any future correspondence, please mark "For Your Eyes Only" on any material you do not wish to be shared in the T/R NEWS NETWORK. Otherwise, it will be considered material to be shared.


It has been noted after reading many of the transcripts from various groups that the lessons are very similar although the delivery and personalities of the teachers may vary. There are a few things that have seemed to stand out. If any of you or your groups are aware of any messages you feel of particular importance to share, please let us know. At this time, we do not have access to all the transcripts nor could we keep pace with all that is happening. If this newsletter is to be of help to all of us, we need your assistance.


I thank each of you for your loving support. May God Bless You.

Allene Vick                                                       Editor


                                 * * * * *


                     STAYING IN TOUCH


Patije recently compiled a list of groups, contacts and teachers that has been sent to many of you already. This is enclosed in this newsletter. Please let us know of any corrections that should be made, so this can continuously be updated. If you have transcripts available or newsletters you would like to share, please let our readers know who to contact and the cost.


A special thanks to Patije for all her hard work. The list of contacts has proven to be especially helpful to newcomers to the transmitting process, as it has been very encouraging for many of them to see how many others across the country are involved.


                                 * * * * *


                          NEWS UPDATE


CEREMONY TO HONOR CHRIST MICHAEL ON UVERSA 1/9/93 - this information comes from Karol (Spiritual Name), who would like to remain anonymous at present.


There was some information given 1/9 which has been somewhat bothersome because it would seem to be of very great importance. We have simply decided to be the messenger as assigned and stop resisting. It is as follows. .."I am Melchizedek (no first name given here but TR had spoken with Machiventa in the past . .. none other from the order of Melchizedek). I have come with news that an appointment has been made. Christ Michael is even now as we speak being given honor and distinction for another triumph in Nebadon. This is a final step. Please share this. There has been special recognition and distinction because Michael was never moved from his present steadfastness over all in all this local universe during the rebellion. It is a final step in resolution and leaves a gap for goodness to come through from Salvington, even throughout all Satania and taking place finally on those planets involved with rebellion. Changes will be brought about more quickly now and leave less room for doubt than ever before. I have spoken. (A minute or two passed here as the impact of the message hit. I am not a dramatic type!) Then he added . . . "How strong is your faith in yourself? That can be only as strong as your faith in us."


My reaction was that I surely must be ready for the psycho/channelers ward. I asked the other TR in town to verify the information or see if it was misunderstood. This is what was given: "I am Oren. What was given to her is of great importance to be distributed to others. Her doubts will pass as she gains confidence with verification. Unsure of who's approval she is seeking to be verified? (She then asked if she could receive the information also to verify.) Then . . ."One moment . . .You are not chosen vehicle in which to reveal. However, if such uncertainty exists, perhaps distribution is given on larger scale." (She answered . . .I did not mean to offend.) "No offense taken. It is Ham. The information given to her is as a gift. A beautiful loving gift to pronounce unto the like beings for uplifting. It is the great love of Christ Michael touching her. She may open and reveal herself. We will not deceive. Her thoughts are pure and will unveil the truth. She is accurate vehicle without distortion. Again, we will not allow imperfection of information to dwell or exist among students who offer themselves in service to truth. You are truth workers. Trust. How can we help you to learn to trust? Must trust!! (Is there anything else?) Glory to the Most High - the time is at hand. Will be enveloped in great truth. Allow the revealing. (Thank you, Ham.) " An honor. Love be with you at all times. Learn trust my loving one."


On 1/10 I asked for clarity (they must be a little tired of this by now!) "This is Machiventa Melchizedek. Please take notes. Last night Urantia time was the occasion of a ceremony which took place on Uversa which honored your Michael Son for his unwavering mercy, tolerance and patience in the handling of the rebellion. His decision not to interfere was considered most admirable by all of Orvonton. (Thank you.)


Karol, we all thank you for coming forward to share this. Perhaps, others will come forward with more validation for you. This is always good to receive long after the beginning stages as we are sure many will confirm.


APPEARANCE OF MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK - From several groups has come the information that Machiventa Melchizedek will appear in Chicago in April or May. April 24th is one date given. Our group in Sarasota was told that there was no need for us to travel there as a Melchizedek would be coming to our area.


THOUGHT ADJUSTER CONTACT - York, Pennsylvania - Ron Besser writes:


"The only other comment I have at this time is that I seem to be in the minority by not participating as a T/R, but have a full-blown Adjuster contact as clear and as unmistakable as anyone could ever hear. While I can appreciate the method T/R's must use, since 1988 my Adjuster's audible contact is 24 hours a day, every day, and seems to be closely connected with events your newsletter wishes to record and disseminate. My guess is that Aronolac has an unrevealed part, and that as a person who is indwelt by Aronolac, I have no inclination otherwise but to participate with you as He sees fit."


Ron would be pleased to share information on Adjuster contact with those who have experienced this process or have questions about it. Do not put this aside because the Urantia Book says Adjusters do not have names. There is much to be learned here from those who are open and interested. We hope to share more of Ron's experience with you.


NEW GROUP - NEW TEACHERS - Norman, Oklahoma - Byron Belitsos reports their new group has several teachers - Rond-El, Josephine, Zion, Foehn, Anelia. Byron reports that Josehine has been to Indianapolis and that Aflana has visited their group in Oklahoma. We are looking forward to hearing more from this group.


CORVALLIS, OREGON - Mark Farley writes to say that there are 2 transmitters in the Corvallis group - himself and Thea Hardy. The group teacher is Linnel. His personal teacher is Jamel - Artisan/teacher, previously a Harmony Worker. Thea's teacher is Serenia. Their group has a fairly stable membership of about 20-24 and meets every Friday night. About 90% of the group are receiving their personal teachers. There are four teaching groups in the Willamette Valley area and three to four groups actively trying to receive teachers. Transcripts of Linnel's teachings will soon be available.


MOLALLA, OREGON - Esther Wood writes


My husband, Dennis, and I go to the Newberg group. Our ascendant mortal teacher is Ambraisa, who speaks through David Jaquith... Our fellowship has grown more loving and spiritual (and less intellectual) since we anticipated Ambraisa's arrival. We are definitely on a growth surge!


I have a personal teacher, Adolia, who is a seraphim assigned to be with me along with my guardian angels. She is interested in how minds work and since I've got a BS in Psychology, it's not surprising that we're working together. Here's an excerpt that is particularly helpful to me:


"I will meet you where you are. It is difficult to introduce new concepts or ideas to mortals. Look at your own disbelief. It is better for me to arrange or rearrange your thoughts that you already have. That is why I seem so familiar to you. I have been with you a long time. The route has been chosen long before the adjudication. You have been aware that many changes have already taken place in recent times. This is according to our calculations. We do allow for free will, but even you can predict much of the behaviors your children perform, simply because you have seen it before. We have seen many generations, and as you know from reading ancient manuscripts, humans are humans. Your 'toys' may have changed, but you still have many predictable patterns."


BURLINGTON, IOWA - Sue Hidinger writes a Study Group was started in September. They do not have a teacher group as yet, but have been contacted by several of the established teachers along with the following:


Aranda - an Adjuster fused female from Mansion World #7


Timmin - a spirit fused male - heard from several times


LeNera - a female from Mansion World #6


Camille - a very light, airy sense with her and she speaks of lightness an lightening up!


One who will only identify as a Messenger Host of Space, no order or name


"There have been others as people have contacted us to ask for a teacher. We are waiting to see if these 'take hold.'"


YORK, PENNSYLVANIA - Minnie Hoet writes of being in contact with Zen, a created being.


HAWAII - It has been reported that after reading Lor-El's lessons from June and Ham's lessons, those in Hawaii got so enthused and encouraged that they had 10 teachers come along in 10 days!  Our Hawaiian brothers and sisters are very excited and have sent Patije a fax modem to help facillitate communications.  Patije's FAX number is:  .  All of us thank you for helping to ease Patije's work in sharing.


PRAIRE GROVE, ARKANSAS - Michael Million would like to serve as a hub for all you electronic and computer buffs for contacts and inter connections of any sort - Internet, Bitnet, Prodigy, Compuserve, etc.  He called in just as the newsletter was in the final proof.  In the next newsletter, he will have some pretty exciting information to share that should be of help to all of us.  (As a beginner in the world of computers, I felt it was better to read this in his words. - Editor)


We thank all of you for sharing and look forward to hearing more of your experiences.


                      OF SPECIAL NOTE


"Welcome to Change" A personal view of the Teaching Mission by Bob Slagle is a wonderful piece of work. We salute you Bob for your time and effort on writing such an informative and helpful paper and for sharing your personal experiences. It is so well done and fills a real need in our unfolding community. Each one that has spoken to me of your paper has the same high praise that I immediately felt upon reading it. This paper speaks to most of us involved in transmitting in various ways and levels. It cannot be recommended strongly enough that you write Bob for a copy to read and to share with your groups. While "Welcome To Change" is welcomed by all of us, those newer to this process will find it even more welcome as they get their feet wet.


Dr. Conrad Sommer has shared with many of us his beautiful "Letters from God." These are truly inspiring and particularly helpful for those who find this process so new. Dr. Sommer has so generously shared his letters and the method he used to get started. Those of you who are interested may find this a good method to introduce to your Urantia and non-Urantia friends and family.  We will have more to share with you about this in the next newsletter.


                                 * * * * *




It has been interesting to note that Welmek, who comes from a planet much more settled than ours has been trying to learn more of our sense of humor. Andrew who comes from another rebellion planet apparently loves jokes. It has been our speculation that humor is much more necessary as a means of handling stress on the less developed planets. Laughter so often breaks the tension and eases the way for reconciliation.


                   NETWORK INQUIRIES


Requests have been received for information about the subjects below.  If you have any information to share, there is someone waiting to hear from you.


1.         Addresses for any group contacts in other countries

2.         Any information received about the adjudication, the date and source of this information


3.         Groups that Aflana has visited


4.         Special focus any group may have


5.         A comprehensive list of available of transcripts from any groups along with costs; information if printed or on disks using what programs; and a brief description of transcripts


6.         Personal experiences with Adjuster contacts


With your help, in the next newsletter this section will be followed by Network Responses.

                                 * * * * *


                      FUTURE ARTICLES


From Mark Farley we hear:


"An idea some of us transmitters have had is to compile some of our struggles and initial experiences of and about transmitting. It would lend a much needed hand to those just starting. I thought I was going nuts at first, or that I wasn't doing it right. A nervous phone call to one of the other group transmitters and later I was laughing with relief. It would be nice to spread some of this comfort around if possible."


This seems like an excellent idea. Let's hear what your first experiences were and what you can share to ease the way for the new transmitters.


We encourage you to share any material, ideas, group transmissions, personal impressions, insights and questions that you may have.  If you feel inclined to write an article, we hope you will do it and share it.


The purpose of this newsletter is to create a network for sharing information among all individuals and groups involved in transmitting and receiving information from celestial contacts. All contributions


for the newsletter; correspondence; and requests to be included on the mailing list can be sent to: 


                              Allene Vick


It is through a sincere desire to be of service in the process that is happening on our planet, Urantia, at this time that this newsletter has come into existence. The success of this network is dependent upon the help of all of you that it is intended to serve. A special thanks to those of you who sent a financial contribution along with your letters. The continuation of this newsletter will depend upon your interest and sharing. Please let us hear from you. When corresponding, please be sure to mark any information that you do not wish to be shared with "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY." Otherwise, it will be assumed that what is received is for sharing in the T/R NEWS NETWORK.  

For those of you who have been asking, how often this newsletter will be coming to you, efforts will be made to do this on a monthly basis as so much is happening so quickly lately.