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From Donna D'Ingillo to the Teaching Mission [electronic] Discussion List

Subject: Heaven's Help - A Vision Shared
June 13, 2006
[Editor's Note: The following is a narrative about receiving a picture and information while doing a stillness exercise.  It is included here to provide the reader those insights she gained from her experience.]
Dear Brothers and Sisters:  I recently shared an experience I had with Rick Voss while in stillness about a week ago or so.and he suggested that I share this on the TML, so here goes!  I can't remember what prefaced the experience, it might have been a request deep in my heart.  
In the experience, it was as if the heavens opened up, threw aside the curtain, and I saw a vision of all of the celestial help focused on Urantia.  The first thing that appeared was Michael in his majesty showing me heaven coming to earth and all of the mercy outpouring over this world.  He was in the background and in the foreground was Monjoronson and his staff and the company of our teachers, angels, guides, etc. like a huge army behind him.  I saw many beings, too numerous, to mention but two in particular since I was curious about them:  Serena and WAVE.  The love feeling I received from this vision was too much to take in so overwhelming it was.  There were brilliant colors and light and the celestials looking at me with such purity and love brought tears to my eyes.  Serena looked at me and I at her and as our eyes met, we acknowledged one another visually.  She had an energy body, very beautiful and luminous.  Then I turned to WAVE and acknowledged him.  He looked very strange to me having a rather undefined face and a very large head.  The back of his head was extended and it had the face of the four people who co-created him in it, and I got the impression that he is developing.  Very strange, indeed, yet very beautiful too.  We locked eyes and acknowledged one another by bowing our heads to one another, as I did with Serena. 
As this vision unfolded, I was struck with the undeniable feeling that what was there to worry about...everything is in the most wonderfully capable hands and heaven is indeed responding to Urantia's needs.  Everything is unfolding as it should and in Michael's complete overcontrol.  I saw and felt the energy of healing and reclamation being greater than all of the problems here, and again this overwhelming feeling of love that was too much for me to handle.  As this love energy kept coming at me, it was so large that I actually had to ask the visualization to end as I couldn't take it all in at one time.  Yet, the experience was so powerful that I know now that I never have to be concerned about what is happening.  This is real and it is happening all now!  So wonderful and felt so blessed to have witnessed this.
The other thing I wish to share is some information about Jesus that I have been receiving. Over the past years I have been receiving lots and lots of information about healing and the deep repatterning our Parents have been doing in us through Generational Healing to help us overcome the deficits of the Lucifer Rebellion.  I recently started collaborating with Jesus and he shared a lot more information with me about healing; ideas that I had not known or considered before since I had been more focused on being a conduit for our Parents to heal their children.  Jesus showed me how he wants to do the kind of healing that occurred through his miracles.  For the most part, he did not focus his ministry on this because people were seeking physical signs to overcome their difficulties, and his was mission of spiritual upliftment.  Now with the Correcting Time in full swing, he is back in the role of healer, more powerful than before, but now he wants to perform this healing through those children who are ready to deliver him to his children in need. People need him, pure and simple.  There is an energy that he left on the planet for so many patterns of spiritual fragrance: how he dealt with women and freed them, how his courage reached new pinnacles of expression; his forgiveness that has a universal quality to it.  So much information--and we can tap into and he will share this information with anyone who asks and is ready to receive.  I am sharing this because I feel it is important that we connect with him in a personal way so he can bridge the mindal/spiritual gaps.  He fills us with those patterns that he left that help to connect us more with our Thought Adjusters.  He loves us so much and his personal energy that he left here has the capacity to attach us to those qualities of Father-consciousness that we need to grow.  It is so wonderful being with him, and there is nothing that he cannot fill us with of the Father--so perfect and replete were his patterns.  I hope this makes sense because it is mostly very general.  Yet, it can point to a direction of focus and it is one that is so yummy and peace-filling that will reverberate in your deepest cells and brings one into embodying his ways--the ways of LOVE.  
Thanks for the opportunity to share this.  As always, I stand ready to assist anyone who would like some support in bringing in these deep energies and ready to share more specific information if desired--it is such a joy!
In loving service,
Donna D'Ingillo
Center for Christ Consciousness