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The Center for Christ Consciousness

Donna D’Ingillo

T he Center for Christ Consciousness is a service ministry that has grown out of my interest in sharing the teachings of the Urantia Revelation--both the book and TM with the larger world community. First exposure to the UB was in 1975 and I lived very close (emotionally) to Urantia HQ in Chicago for the turbulent years of the 1980's, leaving there in 1991 for Indiana during a big upheaval in my personal life and husband's professional life. I first began my TM involvement in Indianapolis in 1992 as part of the Welmek group, and began transmitting that year.

In the mid-90's, as part of the outreach Michael Painter (my husband at the time) and I wanted to do, we started the Stillness Foundation along with Jim Cleveland, Marty Risacher and Sussi Rowland as a means to share what we learning in the TM and to also share the greater perspectives of the Urantia Book. We began to hold workshops, write articles for the local wholistic paper, and hold tri-city meetings with sister TM groups in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio. I also began to write my book Teach Us To Love which is based upon the four spiritual practices of Welmek's early instruction. (This was finally published in 2002.)

All this time I was practicing stillness and involved in energy healing and having a small practice out of my home. During this period, in conjuction with instructions I received from the teachers on the principles of healing, I studied homeopathy, nutrition, vibrational and energy medicine, herbology, and other wholistic forms of healing as well as basic anatomy and physiology. This was all self-study except for a few Healing Touch courses I took. My overall interest was in healing was geared toward understanding how the human mind works as I was seeing that it was our thoughts and emotions that affected with our physical being. I also had an avid interest in achieving Adjuster fusion, saying to Jesus: "How did you do it? There is a process to everything that happens in the universe, what is the process leading to fusion?" Long ago I asked Jesus to help me in this, and I know now in looking back that He was listening and has answered my prayers.

In 1998 I began having recurring dreams about moving to a place beginning with the letter "C". Always in the dream I was shown the same place with beautiful mountains, trees, waterfalls, and streams, artistic communities of wealth and charm. I saw myself in my car with all of my possessions in the back seat and even though I was going to a wealthy community to live and did not have the means to live there, I knew I would be OK. This kept on repeating until I finally accepted that I was being inspired to leave Indiana. One day I realized that my life wasn't working and that if I wanted to further my healing work I had to go somewhere where there was more receptivity. Internally I asked where, and then the answers started flooding until they showed me that I had to be out here in the Bay Area of San Francisco. So in October 1999 I packed my things in my car, said good-bye to my husband and left to start my new life. This was a huge step of faith for me...I had no idea where this was going to lead me. (Some of the more personal details I'm omitting of course.)

I moved in with Susan Kimsey for a three month period to acclimate to California life and to see where I wanted to settle. I thoroughly appreciated the warmth Susan showed me by opening her home to me and I greatly appreciated our close friendship. We helped one another during this time, as I was one of the care givers for her terminally ill father. I moved to Marin County in early 2000 (with all of my possessions in my backseat) and realized that this was the fulfillment of the dream! My angels had safely guided me here and things were moving forward.

It look a while for me to get my own place, and when I did, I started holding regular Welmek transmissions beginning in September 2000 and started thinking about how I was going to develop my healing practice. It was so funny in seeing where I came from: in Indiana people were not at all clued into energy healing, channeling, etc. so few people were interested, and in Northern CA, there was such a proliferation it was hard to get established because it was so pervasive. I went from one end of the spectrum to the other!

But I kept on stilling my mind, seeking guidance and I opened the Stillness Center (as an adjunct to the Stillness Foundation) in my apartment home in August 2001, which was focused on teaching people the stillness practice, do healing work, and have people join our Welmek group. (I also published a Stillness CD.) This went on for one year. During this time (2000-01) I was seeing more deeply into the human system of consciousness as Mother was introducing herself more and more to me: how the chakra system worked in conjunction with the adjutant mind spirits, how DNA gets downloaded into our system and how our Parents down step spiritual information into the DNA. So many insights were coming in that it took a while for them to become integrated. I was seeing that I needed to learn many things also about having a spiritual organization and how to orchestrate group dynamics, all woven through my own inner healing of getting rid of deeper levels of unconscious emotional baggage. It was a very intense time in my growth process that continues to this day.

I had difficulty in getting the Stillness Center off the ground, and one day after having a particularly frustrating time of doing outreach I prayed and asked Michael to show me what I was doing wrong. He said to me: "You didn't ask me what I wanted to do through you!" "OK," I said, "what do you want me to do?" He told me that I had to strike out on my own by having my own organization, and when I told him I would do this and asked Him what to call the organization He said "Center for Christ Consciousness." Of course! That's what it should be...what a no brainer! This was in August 2002. There was a period of germination while I let this idea sit before sharing it with people. One night when I was conducting a stillness meditation for two people, Michael came into my mind and said, "I want to talk through you. I want my children to come to know me." OK! I said, because when your Creator Father asks you to do something for Him, you do it!

So on Labor Day, September 2002 I began the Michael transmissions for the Center for Christ Consciousness, which I have regularly posted on the TML. When I first began this, I was had no idea where He was taking me, how to hold the energy for an organization, how to fund it, etc. and so I am still in a very long learning curve of developing a service organization that I believe in time will be recognized world-wide. Long ago I had been shown visions in my stillness of a culmination of my healing ministry; but it's the getting there that I don't see and I have to be faithful to let our Parents guide me step by step, and I still make many mistakes in putting myself out there. It's not very easy, but it is always rewarding.

One of the biggest outgrowths of this was that Michael and Mother showed me the Generational Healing of how They are purging our planet of every toxic remnant of the Lucifer Rebellion, and what it actually takes to change our system of consciousness to get it done. They showed me how They come into our system of consciousness and change it for us when we invite Them into our minds and practice being still. They correct everything that is distorted by our evolutionary natures being poisoned by the rebellion. They have shown me details about how thought patterns get encoded in our DNA and inherited down eons of time; how Mother comes into our thought threads and cleans them out (getting rid of the thick black tarry sludge in our thoughts and cells and turns it into shimmery golden silk-like threads that reflect divine love and truth), how the rebellion twisted and perverted so many of our ideas of God, how we enter into relationships, how we judge and devalue people, how our institutions and social mores are distorted from the divine plan, etc. I have been absolutely dumb-struck at what I've seen in people's thought systems; and at times it's been shocking to see the abject misery caused by this cosmic crime. But the good news is that now through the Correcting Time, it's getting fixed, and the GH is one component of this. Our Parents love us so much that They take out everything that is preventing us from living our divine birthright. It's so wonderful to witness.

Everything I learned, I had to experience in getting my own system of consciousness cleaned out. I am still undergoing this, but feel that the end is in sight. This was all part of my training so I could conduct GH: via healing work over the phone through the conference calls, private sessions both in person and over the phone, and hold GH workshops. During GH, I merely hold the focus so Michael and Mother can openly minister Their forgiveness and love into our minds for cleansing and reprogramming. Since some people are not able to do this on their own yet, it is my privilege to be able to help others get our Parent's love into their system and assist them until they are able to do this own their own (much like our own teachers do). The experiential nature of this healing is such that you must undergo it yourself in order to validate its truth. And in order to further educate people, I am going to begin writing the book on GH next month.

As I felt Michael guiding me in the development of the CCC, I knew that I had to develop a tool for outreach, which is now the CCC website. This very comprehensively details what we are accomplishing and what spiritual services are available, and it is just now showing the world what we have to offer. And it is getting seen. I'm now just beginning to see people contact me outside of our TM community. This is where things stand right now. Everything is freely offered, (there was a time when there was a charge for services, but that's no longer the case) and we invite donations as our means of support and growth.

So what began as my interest in healing and sharing the teachings of the Urantia Revelation has now become a full-fledge spiritual ministry/organization that is open to anyone needing Michael's love and Mother's touch. It has grown into what I believe is the next phase of the TM: active service ministry--we take what we have learned and teach it to others. That is the universe model and this is how I wish to share what I have learned with the world.

So, in closing, I thank Calvin for his query. I realize this is a very long post, longer than I had intended to write, and perhaps more information than people wanted to know! But it was good for me to put this history in writing and to share with others who many not know what the CCC is embodying. If Calvin is asking these questions, so probably are others. So I appreciate the opportunity to "tell my story."

To quote the Grateful Dead: "what a long strange trip it's been!" (But strange in a very good way!)


Donna D'Ingillo