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Testimonials:       [excerpted from the 1994 Intro to the 1993 JarEl Transcripts]

History of The JarEl Group


This introduction is written to give you the reader an overview of the Teaching Mission and its effect upon its participants. In their own words, the members of the Arcadia Teaching Mission Group, will relate their experiences in the Teaching Mission. What better testimony could be offered than that of those who have participated in this phenomenal process.

Teaching Mission Testimonials

Mrs. L. Kettell:

The Urantia Book has been so enlightening in every field--cosmology, history, philosophy and religion especially for me after being raised in a fundamental religion. I did not think it could be more enlightening, but after the first Teaching Mission session, the words of the Urantia Book became alive, real, and exciting. I was awe struck.

To learn how to establish your quiet time and receive impressions from your teacher is a fantastic, awesome and truly religious experience. I really feel the Love of the Father in my association and involvement in the Teaching Mission.

Mrs. Lucille Kettell

Ms. Donna Brown:

I first attended the Arcadia Teaching Mission Urantia meeting on August 22, 1993. It has been just 9 months since my first meeting. During this 9 months gestation period, I have rarely missed a meeting that was scheduled. There has been a drawing power and a love manifested in these meetings that I did not want to miss. The spiritual and material nourishment (we would always have a wonderful meal after our meeting) was food indeed. The fellowship at these gatherings has consistently been warm, light hearted, stimulating, inspiring and just plain 'fun'. It has truly felt like a spiritual home to me and something I would look forward to every week. The atmosphere of camaraderie and support, openness, and encouragement of sharing, I would liken to a very healthy family environment; one where each individual is appreciated and valued and listened to with love and respect. My spirit and soul has been fed, healed where needed, boosted, supported and loved into further growth and development from my association and attendance at these meetings.

You may have noticed that I have not said much about the channeling or the spiritual 'teachers' or the transmitting/receiving process in this statement. To me it has been "as if" the teachers (our group has a teacher named JarEl and each of us in the group also have individual teachers) were simply other members of the group. It is true they know more than we do about certain things (they have more experience) and they are coming to us from another dimension-but, and I think this is important, they have always encouraged us to participate with each other and the group as a whole. They have modeled humility, respect and the expression of love and caring or us. They have tended to lift us all up , as being of equal importance to them as they are to us. They continue to tell us how privileged they feel to be able to minister to us in this way. Now, I ask, who would not love such a group and such an activity?

Jesus said "By this shall all men know that you are my disciple - because you have love one for another". My heart is filled with gratitude for having been privileged to be a part of this pioneer undertaking, wherever it will lead.

                                      Ms. Donna Brown, MFCC

Mr. H. Kettell

After many years of being thrilled and informed by the revelations in the Urantia Book, the Teaching Mission has given meaning to this enlarged concept of God. Through the personal contact with the teachers, the transcript, and the lessons I have been able to internalize to my inner being the messages and meaning of the Urantia Book. I have come to know Michael of Nebadon and His Universe as a personal part to my life.

Mr. Hal Kettell

Ms. B Bright:

As a participant and secondary T/R for the Arcadia Group, I have come face to face with my dragons. I have agonized over my unworthiness, battled with my fears, postured with anger, bargained for courage, and conquered the uncertainties of my faith. It is difficult to explain this role, this path that is emerging before me. However, the one thing that I can attest to is the great spiritual growth and increase in faith that my participation in the Teaching Mission has made in my life.

Ms. Betty Bright, T/R

Ms. M. Bennick:

I have been a Urantia Book reader for approximately 6 years and belong to the Whittier reading group, but I am also part of the Arcadia Teaching Mission Group. My spiritual walk has taken place over the last 25 years. The main focus for me has been to be able to live a completely spiritual life, to be in constant communication with God and my Thought Adjuster, while still participating fully on this planet of Urantia, as well as being a beacon for others to follow. My personal spiritual experience has been to "peal off the skin of the onion" and become a vessel for furthering the will of God and bringing light and life to this planet.

Participating in the teaching mission has given me the opportunity to come closer to God and gain a personal teacher, Celestia. I feel very privileged to be a part of this loving and caring group and such a wise and devoted teacher, JarEl, allowing me to feel a spiritual connection with him, all our personal teachers, and the numerous celestial guides who love and care for us so dearly and totally. Being a part of this teaching mission has confirmed, to me, that our creator is a wonderful and loving Father who always has and always will lover us so completely that He has given us all these wonderful opportunities to know Him intimately, as well as Christ Michael, and that we are forever in His Loving Care.

Ms. Marlies Bennick

Ms. S. Religa:

The Teaching Mission has been a source of further amplification of the teaching of the Urantia Book stressing the spiritual aspects of living. As an initial skeptic there can be nothing wrong with the continual messages that we are loved and our job is to project this love to whomever we meet, either silently through prayer or through acts of kindness, thus ushering in the age of Light and Life. Whether we choose to believe or not believe these particular messages, the age of Light and Life will happen. Once the world reaches a critical mass of love, change will occur. As we can see within the mission group, change is occurring within us. Some very good changes and the cleaning out of long held bad beliefs and habits. The advantage of being in this Teaching Mission and group of believers is the receipt of unqualified love and acceptance by enlightened and inspired humans infused by the love of God and dedicated to Christ Michael.

These people are the nuclei of the future loving human family of this planet. Let us make it a world-wide goal, one people under God with love and liberty for all.

Ms. Stella Religa

Mr. J. Madera:

 After many years of searching for enlightenment and spiritual insight, I was blessed to come across the Urantia Book. Almost simultaneously I came into contact with the Arcadia Teaching Mission and my life has not been the same. For most of us involved in the teaching mission, this has been such a tremendous experience in spiritual insight and growth. By my study of the Urantia Book and my participation in The Teaching Mission, I have been able to fill in so many gaps and find answers to previously unanswered questions I've held in relation to myself, our world, creation, our place in creation and ultimately our Creator and Father.

The Teaching Mission is allowing me to look at and deal with so many of the stumbling blocks that are still present in my progression. I believe that the Mission is helping me to grow spiritually and to be more loving and understanding of my fellows. I have a new goal in my life to make the Father's will a present and daily reality in my existence.

Mr. Joseph Madera

Mr. D. Daniels:

I am one of the most fortunate mortals of this planet. Fortunate to have been born on the home planet of our Creator Son, Christ Michael. Fortunate to have found the most enlightening revelation of our time, The Urantia Book. Most fortunate of all, to have come to The Teaching Mission. As a member of the Arcadia Teaching Mission I have personally had the most exciting spiritual experience of my entire life. I have discovered my self and my true calling in this mortal experiential life. I have found a loving, personal relationship with God, our Father and for the first time my life has purpose, direction and guidance, which was missing for so long.

Through the Teaching Mission and our wonderful Teacher JarEl, I have found a loving, caring family and have learned to love others unconditionally, as The Father Loves us. Following the practice of "Seeking the Stillness", my spirituality has been enriched by the presence of God, through my adjuster. I have been honored and blessed to be of service as one of the T/R's for our group. From my experiences in the Teaching Mission, I can attest to the fact that the Teaching Mission is aiding us to come out of our self centered areas of comfort and step into the discomfort of true service. We are being asked to love and serve a multitude of people for the first time, who come from different backgrounds, races and belief systems.

For some of us, this has been a bold new step in our lives. A great leap of faith. However, the teachings of the Mission through the guidance and instruction of our Teacher, JarEl, and all of the teachers, has lifted us to a higher spiritual consciousness. As a result of this, we are very successful in our efforts for spiritual development, letting go of our traditional prejudices and allowing ourselves to honestly try to know our fellow Urantians. I believe that the Teaching Mission is a monumental advance for all of humanity and will speed our beloved planet on to the "Era of Light and Life".

Douglas Daniels, T/R