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Charles; Merium; Michael; Light; Coach (Finaliter); Jonathan - Stepping Out in Faith - Huddle on The Sidelines - Mar 27 & Apr 06, 2014 - Lightline  

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2014-03-27
Teacher: Charles, Merium
T/R: Mark Rogers, Gerdean O'Dell

Prayer: [Mark] I welcome everyone here tonight; I welcome our Divine Parents to join us in a circle of love, friendship, fellowship. We all come here tonight with our faith intact. We bring it out to play in a place like this, a safe place where we can get together in fellowship over this act of faith and the rewards this invariably brings. I am in deep gratitude to our Divine Parents for all that transpires in these times because it is so meaningful to us, we are so open, as children to their parents. Let us come to this as a child that is trusting and learning. Let us humble ourselves before the greatness of the process and the participants. Let us align ourselves to the act of will. Let it be so in this very moment, thank you.

Charles: [Mark] Hello to you all, I accept the opportunity to join you this evening, I am Charles. I would get the ball rolling so to speak by congratulating you all, all of you who have brought your faith to this platform, who bring yourselves with open hearts and open souls, ready to share and grow and contact and learn. This is only accomplished by you. No one can do it for you, no one can wish you into it, pray you into it, guide you into it; in the end it is a personal active choice, you deciding to pursue the avenue of your soul, that aspect of you which is spirit and which desires to explore its dimensions and entertain its various potentials.

Truly this is a large component of your being but most of your life is spent in other pursuits, pursuits which are mortal, material, mental and physical. While these pursuits are good and well and also part of your composition, there is this internal desire to explore the eternal aspect of self, the long term portion of your being, the part of you which is not restricted by the confines of time and space but rather looks forward to an eternal career, the part of you which will carry what is worth saving about the rest of you, the part of you which so easily can communicate and identify with so much that surrounds you.

This part of you, this piece of yourself is where we meet now, where we have fellowship in this very moment. After all, we are distributed about in various earthly locations. You are in different time zones, you are in different portions of your days and yet we come together in this moment and we are en-circuited and all these various distinctions simply melt into the melting pot of our experience. That is what it is to meet in spirit. It is different for each participant and yet the same experience, the experience of traveling on that wavelength of yourself that travels in the spirit dimension.

As was mentioned in the conversation earlier, there are various techniques and methods and tools that may be used to align yourselves, to guide yourselves to, in the end, to allow yourselves to feel free to participate in the spiritual experience. I am here to encourage you in any method and all methods that may be employed, whatever it takes to allow yourself this freedom. If it is writing, if it is speaking, if it is singing, if it is dancing, whatever it is that you may find to do which gives you permission to be that part of you that you are, do it. If it is art, then create, if it is writing then write, whatever the tools need to be for you to grant yourself this condition then treat yourself to that. You see, it is waiting just under the surface and it does, as reported here by your fellows, take an act of faith to simply allow it, bring it out of the shadows and exercise that muscle.

I believe there is a common thread in all those who have this experience, that there is an element of stepping out in faith, in not necessarily knowing what will transpire but trusting that what will transpire will be good, will be a positive addition to your experience. But in order to go there, often times one must confront fear, fear of the unknown primarily, fear of how it will turn out, how it will look, how it will sound, will it make sense, will it be right, will it be true, good or beautiful, and If not, so what?

These fears often times paralyze the process. The simple fear washing over will derail the intention, will make you cower in the corner of yourselves, will make you afraid to stand out and up front and in the light, can make you retreat to the safe dark shadows of your being. But I encourage you all to be bold in this process. You are here provided with these opportunities and experiences; take them, access them, utilize the potential that exists around you. Decide what you will choose and that you will act and what you will do and who you will be. The simple decision creates this reality, manifests this destiny. It is truly that simple and yet, that difficult. If you truly believe it is that real in your consciousness then it will rise up and present itself for you to choose, and having chosen, your decision to exercise your will puts a universe in motion and an individual in motion. So there you have it, all this potential around you and the fact that you are here shows you are en route, you are interested and you are pursuing these truths. Choose them, exercise them, be them in your lives, this is the grace of your experience.

Well, I very much appreciate the opportunity to join your conversation this evening. I now would like to make this avenue of expression open for others. Thank you very much for the opportunity to join you. I bid you good evening.

Mark:  I have a few words before something else happens. Coincidentally enough, after the discussion about the how to of the process, I am now confronted with a personal challenge. [pause] Okay, I'm going to move forward in a distinctly different direction, trusting in faith and moving so that I may be guided in my motions. You see, the hardest thing is to get started so here I go. What I'm confronted with internally is a directive of requests that I move forward in the direction of my Voice Within. The reason I am hesitant to do this is that it is not a teacher. You guys are here to hear from teachers from the other side. This is the format, the protocol, this is what we do, but this is what's happening right now so here I go. Right then:

Voice Within: [Mark] Greetings to you all here tonight. I am this one's Inner Voice and it seems that there is much resistance that I must overcome in order to even get through this veil but I persist and he has faith and between these two we are able to get through and make this connection.

I am here to speak to all of you directly to reinforce your individual perception that you, each one, have onboard as your partner within, a Divine Guiding Voice, a Voice which will unerringly lead you to higher and better truths, to more value, to greater depths of understanding. This aspect of yourself which is currently other than you, is destined to become one with you, is destined to be as you in the end. But now, at this point of your ascension career, there is this distinction, this difference between you. This Internal Voice is issued to you from on high and desires to join you as the individual personality that you are and make the journey that is your eternal career with you, side by side and eventually combine with you and become one.

The very notion and concept of this principle may take an entire lifetime to embrace or may never be embraced in this lifetime. The truth of this equation is grand and hard for most mortals to embrace, that they are multi-faceted beings, that they are composed of different facets of divinity. This Inner Guide that you have, this Divine Voice which will lead you back to the First Source and Center from which you have been issued and this gift of grace that is your unique combination, your position in all of time and space, your personality traits unique to you, these two gifts of grace combine and move through the process together. At first there is this distinction between the two, this distance between the two but as time moves you through the process, you more and more join forces and come together. This is the divine plan of which you are a part and unless  you make and active and fervent choice not to participate, this is your destiny. And so, if this is true, and it is, then the distance or distinction between your composite parts may be narrowed significantly with your simple awareness of this truth.

And so I come to you here today to reinforce this truth within your being and to ask: When will you choose this truth? When will you embrace this reality? At what point will you allow this act of grace to unfold? You see, it is truly all up to you. There is a divine plan, there is purpose, there is meaning and value throughout, but there is a contingency upon your choosing your desire, your will, before this may be executed. That is another gift of grace from on high, the sanctity of your will. The integrity of the process depends upon your freedom to choose. And so when you do choose to come to divinity, to move towards higher values and greater truths, this decision is cherished and creates the forward momentum for your forward movement in the process.

That is what is so nice about all of you being here tonight, circling around, aligning yourselves with spirit, opening your ears to hear and creating the space for you to be in this place of spirit. I invite you all to consider these questions of when you will choose to activate this divine relationship with your Indwelling Guide and look within. You will discover there have been many many opportunities where you have worked together and things have manifested that you have observed. So it is just simply more bringing it into your consciousness, your basic awareness moving the experiences closer together and bringing them into the moment. But you are a powerful co-creative being and it is simply up to you to choose. Even now, with this circuit, I experience resistance. So be consoled that it is normal and natural for you to feel some hesitancy about getting too close to divinity while in your present form. Not that it is impossible, it is just uncomfortable. Your faith must pull you through the process or rather, push you through the process.

It has been my pleasure to join you around the circle this evening. I hope my words have resonated with you all and I take my leave at this time, thank you.

Merium: [Gerdean] As you take your leave, I hasten to fill the space on the podium, this is Merium. I am a member of the Teacher Corps and I always enjoy a party. It would seem when we have two or three t/r's in a room together, it/s automatically a party. We bring our friends, you bring your friends and before you know it, exponentially there is a large crowd. And what better thing to do with a large crowd than to lift up your hands and your voices in praise and exaltation for the gift of life and for the existence of one another through whom you reflect this deliciousness of life. The plume in the cap of the Teaching Mission has always been the affection that endures and persists in and among it's devotees even when human considerations, philosophies, theories and plain old trouble strikes, there is a heartfelt connection between you and among you that is derived from the knowledge that you are loved by God and by your heavenly helpers such as myself and the many others who come to companion you and help guide you on your path. It is always so wonderful to be with you and every time it does indeed feel like a party, bye bye.


Subject: No. Idaho Team  2014-04-06
Teacher: Charles, Light, Michael, Coach, Jonathan
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris, Mary Rogers

Charles: [Mark] I'll accept the invitation provided here today to join you in your conversation and to avail myself of the open mike if you will, I am Charles and it is always my pleasure to join you at these times where spirit runs so freely and is so charged with positive contributions. In your opening petition to help grease the skids in the process of moving this slow and cumbersome evolutionary process forward, your offer is most appreciated. It takes the contributions of those directly where the friction is, directly in the realm of the resistance, to provide the lubrication and create the environment possible to slide forward this new and heavy load that seems as though it has taken forever to drag this far. But, I assure you that this laborious process of dragging the future and the ultimate destiny of this world towards this moment will be experienced by all participants in the end as a joyous and victorious experience, a march towards victory, the steady and secure application of your energies in faith and your contributions in faith mean that all such contributions are meeting with some success.

That may be hard for you to gauge at certain times in your terrestrial experience, the actual success you are having at working within the realm of spirit and occupying that realm of spirit and manifesting within that realm of spirit because so many of the external factors you view do not appear to be directly impacted by these efforts but, you are granted from time to time examples of the fruits of your labor, the healing of loved ones may seem as a miracle or it may seem as natural cause to the effect of your petitions and light work and co-creative application.

Many times the affects of your co-creative applications are completely unwitnessed by you, they pass by existing in the spirit realm without the confirmation of material and mortal experience. Nevertheless, they are real and significant and have meaning and value and are counted among your eternal elements, your eternal possessions, those things which constitute who you really are, the real substance of self. All these things are combined and nurtured and accumulated by you throughout your experience, and they are never lost but secured within your eternal construct.

So it is that the children of faith move forward, realizing that many of the fruits of their spiritual pursuits may not be even sensed or enjoyed until a later time of acquisition when you can gauge the impact that your spiritual pursuits may have had. For now, much of what you do must be done in darkness and in faith, that your acts will matter and do constitute a worthy application of your energies. I assure you that they do. I assure you that all time spent and all energy applied to your spiritual development and growth is as the application of funds into a savings account. It does not appear as though it may be much in the beginning but all these are counted on and built upon and in this way they attract to themselves more and gain interest if you will, until this pays off at certain levels in your forward career. All of these spiritual pursuits are as experiences in the bank to you, there for you to draw from and yield the dividends that they inherently possess.

This whole process is an accumulation by you to gather and store to yourself these storage units of experience and in so [doing] you build a great reserve that is your accumulation that is a formation of the self and every aspect, all aspects which have inherent value are saved for your access at a later time. So do not fear that any of your contributions are wasted. They all add up, they all are significant, just as your earthly combinations, if maintained, accumulate around you and add up to something tangible and real; likewise your spiritual achievements are similarly real and accumulate as well.

Thank you for the opportunity to join you in your conversation this morning, it is always treasured, this experience of sharing together this microphone, this opportunity, this chance to come together. I bid you all have a good week, farewell.  

Light: [Mark] Good morning my friends, I am Light here joining you as well. I am always intrigued by your interest in light, its uses, direction, its applications and your visualization of its various aspects. Going with your thought pattern about influencing the shade or the color of light, it is true that light contains within its various elements, all the shades and colors. They are all present in natural brilliant white light, but it is also true that there are elements within this spectrum which are suitable and appropriate to different aspects of the physical realm. And so it is that you are learning about the different applications of color just as you would learn about the different applications of sound.

There are certain frequencies of these which align themselves more closely with certain physical aspects than others and I encourage your efforts to, when visualizing the use of light and its application on yourself or on others, that you feel free to experiment with injecting shades or tone into your equation as you see fit. In this way you are refining your application, you are attempting to be as specific as you know how. Just as with prayer however, all prayers being directed to the proper channel in the end, all light applications will be filtered in the end through the right mechanism for its application.

Nevertheless, as light workers, you are empowered to experiment and play with your filters, your interpretation of what light might be most effective. Your application of your intention in this manner is entirely appropriate and all such application will be honored, for after all, you are the powerful co-creative source of the energy you would manifest. Therefore, your desires in the process will be honored to the highest degree and still you will be assisted by your divine counterparts in the process. So do not be concerned that your application may be misplaced or somehow ineffective, all applications are effective, all transfer of energy in this regard is safely executed. It is only reflective of your internal desire that you be as effective as possible, as pure in the process as possible and your requests along these lines will be honored.

As you are beginning to see, light is actually a carrier. It is energy and it carries the energy. This energy can be used as a conduit to transfer all manner of other forms of energy, therefore you use this as the cable that you would connect to bring power into the equation, the conduit that this energy would flow through in the process. Not only does the light permeate and condition, but the other aspects which are riding on the light may also permeate and condition. You see this is what may be so significant about your efforts at the portal, is that once the connection is made, once the conduit exists, then the power may be turned on and made to flow. It has access, it has a means to be distributed and so it may be accessed, it may be utilized and this is so because you have created it. This conduit exists because of you. I tell you, the things that you pursue in spirit are worthy. The accomplishments that you have made may not be fully grasped at this time but I assure you, you will be pleased in time as you are able to see all that you have accomplished while not being privy to know its true extent.

I personally deeply thank you for your efforts sent in spirit. I know their reality, I know of their fruits as do you and I remain eternally grateful that you have donated your energies in faith. Thank you once again for allowing me the space  to be with you this morning. It is always my pleasure as it has been once again, good day to you all.

Michael: [Cathy] My children, I am drawn to the discussion of change as a part of the Correcting Time. It is indeed true that this process would not have been initiated if the successful conclusion were not inevitable. As you are in the beginning stages and limited in your view of the process, it seems that dark forces are increasing in power and influence. I would bring to your attention the increased spiritual pressure that has been applied to your world. This pressure has created a counterpart from the resistant negative forces. I would recommend that you would continue your efforts to bring the light and love to all situations. By focusing on powerful energy you are more effective in bringing the change that we desire. I participate with you upon your invitation. Ask and I will join you in bringing the change we desire. I love this world from the perspective of the Creator, but also from the perspective of an inhabitant. I am dedicated to bringing this change to Light and Life. I embrace you all as we go forward to face this challenge. I am always your brother/Father friend.

Mary: [Coach...a finaliter] Come over to the side-line team, circle up, bring yourselves over here, coach is calling you in for a little huddle on the sidelines here.   So hustle your little hearts on over here and circle up with your team members and cast your eyes about the circle. Recognize your fellow teammates, appreciate this energy of the team. Circle up our energy here, generate the light, charge the batteries if you need to, but then head out on the field to do what needs to be done today. Now, everybody put your hands in the middle of the circle so to speak. We're all touching and now we say, break the huddle, let's go - head out team!

Jonathan: [Cathy] My hand is with yours in this huddle, let's go.

Light: [Cathy] Your group experimentation has been effective from my viewpoint. The healing has been facilitated by your focus of light. Continue to apply your efforts to aid healing with Light. As you practice, you become more capable, your capacity is enhanced and  you become even more effective. I am happy to join you in this effort.