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Conference - ALL 2009 Taos, NM - Sep 19, 2009 - Sep 19, 2009 - Tarkus, Merium, and Michael - Central, NM

Merium; Tarkus; Michael – Taos Conference – Sept. 19, 2009
Association of Light and Life Family Gathering
San Geronimo Lodge
Taos, New Mexico
Topic:  Unity of Ideals and Purposes

Celestial Teachers:  Merium, Tarkus and Christ Michael
T/Rs:  Gerdean O’Dell, Jim Cleveland, and Rob Davis
September 19, 2009

MERIUM (T/R Gerdean):  I am teacher Merium.  I am pleased to welcome you to this environment.  There are many here in joyous assembly of your radiant spirits and your defense of our association, our very existence, and yet you need not defend us, nor yourselves, for we live in faith, we abide in the spirit.  That cannot be proved; can only be experienced.  I only have a few words, for there are others who would speak.  

I would like to say something about the point that is made, that “familiarity breeds contempt, but intimacy results in fellowship.”  If you want to foster faith and trust in one another, you need to share your inner life with one another, not your ambitions or your plans, but your inner life, for this is the part you share in concert with your spirit.  It is the soul seeking expression, and longing to be heard by other souls.  This is the arena where we build social contact and confidence.  Intimacy comes from confidence of the stillness, your relationship with spirit, personal and precious.

Having served this hors d’oeuvre, I will withdraw and allow others to greet you.  Thank you.  (Group:  Thank you, Merium.)

TARKUS (T/R Jim):  Good evening, dear ones.  I am Tarkus, teacher and friend to many humans upon this sphere, over these many years of growth and progress.  Each of you can see yourselves, [in a] world of ten or twenty years ago, and see your vast change.  This results from a continuing shift in consciousness brought about by incremental energy openings, which leads you to higher levels of truth and beauty and goodness.  In these formative and quickening years, your visualizations of these ideals are growing your ability to reach into the stillness to quiet your mind and find the place where deep meditation and holy worship meet, to blend east, west into those higher verities of truth and the heart, which Rob has succinctly described as “love,” the ultimate and true identity of God.  And so as you find these truths, these kernels of truth, we are joining you this weekend in amazement and in joy—even tears of joy—to find how you are growing in many ways, not just by listening, and not just by expounding, but as you listen, and as you speak, you will agree with me that new concepts are continually being poured into your head, into your heart, so that even mid-sentence you are expanding your connection, you are expanding the revelation, you are expanding the body of knowledge with which you grow your soul.  

But it is more than knowledge.  To follow up on Merium’s request, you must find this new way of relating to one another with the heart.  Philosophy is only that, the free and grand expression of a myriad of ideas, countless and vast in number across this planet, and across many other planets as well.  It is the fruit of life, the ability to intellectualize, philosophize, share and try to understand deeper levels of understanding in all of your institutions, and all of your ways of life, so that in these quickening times when you stand on the brink, you will be able to create new institutions, built of that love, and built of all the incremental qualities and standards and principles which will lead you to find that ultimate love.  And in each incremental station, you will find a greater depth of joy and clarity in your own mind, about the confidence of your paths.  As you relate to one another, look into each other’s hearts; field no emotional aberrations that you do not know as much, that you know more, or that you understand better.  Open your hearts and your minds to new knowledge, to new perspectives, and you will round out your own knowledge to a higher degree.

You, in this room, have come a long trek to where you sit tonight, and each one’s journey has been unique, even as now you bring your unique mind, your unique demeanor, your unique mission to the task, and all together, this mission comprises the Correcting Time, on this planet and the others.  We work in Michael’s glory, and we strive each day to bring you closer to the indwelling spirit, that is the internal pilot for your life.  

I have been pleased to speak with you this evening, and will step aside, so that other teachers may also give you their expressions.  Thank you for being here; thank you for being who you are; and thank you for expressing that freely with one another, so that each of you can grow in the communion, and in the community that will save this planet.  Your visualizations of ideal lives, of colonies, families, communities—this is the life-blood; this is the creative force that will move the entire world forward.  And we are pleased to work with you—each of you—in this wonderful task.  Thank you and good evening.  (Group:  Thank you, Tarkus.)

[Note: Rob’s voice on the next transmission was very soft and extremely difficult to hear on the tape recording and by others in the room.]

CHRIST MICHAEL (T/R Rob):  Hello, my friends…(inaudible)… and I live to share our Father’s presence in you.   How grateful I am that you would invite me more freely to move in your midst.  You may know me as Michael; you may know me as Jesus.  There are other children who know me by many different names on other worlds, some of which you have read about.  I would reinforce with my heart, extending to you now, that my greatest ambition is to live in and through all my children.  I do this by the gift of our Father, who has given me the opportunity to earn this privilege.  But in each life, I struggle to earn the trust that is necessary to fully share our life with each other, for your life is my treasure, and you may rightly look upon me as your treasure.  But let me assure you, the universe has yet to see, the treasure of our shared life, bound as one in this heart we share, [and] in this mind.  It is this expression, which transcends my current hope, that transcends each of your individual aspirations.  It is the goal, it is the challenge set before us, and yet it is already present in our Father with …(inaudible)….

So let us listen more closely, to our hearts, and the hearts of our fellows, and help me gain the trust of each part of your heart, and each fellow that you may meet, that we may share in this promise of discovery together.  I love you all and how glad I am to see you with each other.  I am always with you.  Call me and I will be there.