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Charles; Light; Jonathan; Michael; Gorman; Serena - Apr 07 thru Apr 28, 2013 - Four Transcripts. North Idaho, Lightline

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  • Transcript 01 - Subject: No. Idaho Team  2013-04-07 Teacher: Charles, Light, Jonathan, Michael - T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
  • Transcript 02 - No. Idaho Team  2013-04-14 - Teacher: Charles, Gorman - T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue
  • Transcript 03 - Subject: No. Idaho Team  2013-04-21 - Teacher: Jonathan, Teacher Gorman, Charles, Light - T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue, Cathy Morris
  • Transcript 04 - Subject: No. Idaho Team  2013-04-28 - Teacher: Charles, Teacher Gorman, Serena - T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue, Cathy Morris

Transcript 01
Subject: No. Idaho Team  2013-04-07
Teacher: Charles, Light, Jonathan, Michael
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Charles: [Mark] Greetings to this group once again, I am Charles here to offer a few thought patterns for consideration. After your discussion I would like to bring up the alternate perspective about your consciousness, your level of awareness, your degree of attainment, your position in the scope of your ascension career and I would like to point out to you that during this  unique phase of your ascension career, this beginning point, you have been reminded that this once in a career time opportunity is indeed quite limited, is indeed very short in perspective with your eternal career that stretches out before you.

It is literally almost a flash in the pan of your eternal career, this splash you make on the scene as you arrive as an individual and take your place as one among the whole. In the strictest definition, you are composed of what amounts to an allocation of your resources, your resources being your attention, your focus, the time that you allocate and donate to any one thought pattern or truth or reality. You are in fact the sum total of repeated choosing to fill yourself up with either this or that; but you are in a race against time and in fact have little of that in one life here on Urantia [and] to allocate your resources here during this time can be seen as very limited and small.

Your time in a wakeful conscious state is smaller than that, your time with focused attention is still even smaller than that. That is what makes your directed and focused attention so incredibly valuable. It is in very short supply in this life, therefore it becomes increasingly important to one who is in awareness of this truth to utilize every moment to its best effect, particularly every moment of thoughtful consideration, of directed focus, of divine prayer. These are in short supply in such a life as a mortal has on this world, therefore they should be cherished as the gems they are, they should be utilized to their highest extent and they should be guarded against being wasted or channeled inappropriately or even destructively within your inner environment. This composition that you make, your inner world, the sum total of all these allocations of yours, your limited resource, this is what is to be cherished about such a life on such a planet, what it is you have managed to put in this treasure box, in this data bank, in this carry on bag that you will take with you.

And so I invite you all to see choices made in this new perspective of how precious they really are, what you will bring to your garden. Will it flourish? Will it bring peace and joy and love, those things that you wish to plant and reap the fruits of? Will it be compatible with all the rest of the truth contained and will such a choice be a help or an obstacle in the process? If you start to look at things with this criteria of definition, then you will begin to fall easily and readily into the choices of not devoting your resources to those things which don't serve you and reallocating your time and your energies to those things which are greater, which are bigger, which are more divine with each and every choice. I offer you this perspective this morning so that you can consider what it is and how much of it will you allocate your precious resource. That is for your internal environment, but now let's move out into the real world.

The very same principles hold true when in relationship to you and your relationship to all the others in your circle. Those in your sphere of awareness are equally confronted with their allocation of resources and energies as you are and so to those who are in awareness of the magnitude of these choices, it is incumbent upon you to bring the light into the equation, to show every aspect and dimension with a different and higher light. It is not that you are trying to sugarcoat reality, or in denial of its existence when it is substandard and inferior, but rather your acknowledgement of any such substandard aspect of being must be couched with such a positive influence of your light that it is transformed. It becomes better just as it passes through your perception of it and even in the dimmest of circumstances, you may present the glimmer of hope.

This represents a great challenge, for as you have observed, you are surrounded and bombarded by negativity. It sells, it is popular because it grabs ones emotion, it wrenches your attention. It literally steals from you your intention as you become sucked into the version of truth that it would display. And while there may be these nefarious versions of truth that exist side by side, you who are in awareness are aware enough to know that side by side with any such evil there is divine nature, divine pattern and spiritual truth. And so, which one will influence the other? Which one will be the greater influence in your choices? They exist side by side, parallel universes, goodness and what we would refer to as evil. This is the great opportunity before all of us, is to choose a line that reflects our priorities, reflects our choices, our allocation of resources.

Thank you for allowing me these words this morning. It's always a pleasure to come and enjoy the company of this group and attempt to offer perhaps an enlarged perspective on the power of choice and choosing and the allocation of individual resources. I now step aside to allow this floor for others, thank you.

Light: [Cathy] I have a symbol for the healing you discussed, a spotlight shining down and encompassing the person needing healing. I have mentioned before that you can reflect and concentrate the light for use in healing. The result is a beam like a spotlight concentrated in a small footprint around the person in trouble. You only need to make the choice to focus the light, you have the capability and the power is provided by the system in place. The request is all that is needed to begin the process. Love will be the guide to placement, it is only for you to begin the process with your caring and intention. It is a limitless resource to be used abundantly. The results can be fantastic and life changing for all involved. You are encouraged to proceed as guided. I am an enthusiastic participant with you in all attempts. My connection with all in the group remains strong and useful. Let's go forward together.

Jonathan: [Mark] Good morning friends, Jonathan here to invite myself to the group and to the group activities. As we have just heard from Light, I too am an enthusiastic participant. I have taken the liberties of inserting myself around your circle and  I feel as though I am welcome to do so, thank you. Truly, in my observation, this first mortal existence is so very much like operating in the dark, groping around and trying to find what works, bumping into other realities and choose and seeing if they fit or they are compatible or it feels right. This kind of fumbling around in the darkness of mortal existence is such a unique opportunity because [in] this you are in the womb and unable to see the big picture and grasp for what is around you to make sense of the environment.

One of the things that you miss as a mortal of the realm are these very real and observable, to those with eyes of spirit,  events which occur as a result of your directed guidance and focusing of the light. It has been suggested here for purposes of your ability to perceive it, that you visualize the beam of light from on high enveloping the individual and I am here to say that with the eyes of spirit, indeed it appears as though a beam or a shaft of light. It is however, outside the sensory range of mortals of the realm, but the fact that you are willing to engage, you are willing to believe in its existence, you are willing to donate your valuable resources, you are willing to make the choice to exercise your faith to that degree, is what is important. It is not so important to see the beam of light which actually encompasses your loved ones as it is to know of its existence in your hearts and to believe it with all your being and to trust and have faith that it is so.

That is operating in the dark and using the light. That is having mastery over this light and bringing it to those in need. Do not forget my friends, that this light that you are gaining mastery over every day, is not strictly to be indulged in when there is distress. This light is available to all, at all times, for all purposes and is appropriate in all circumstances. You may bring it in and have it wash over a gathering of friends and uplift all those in that circle. You may access it on your drive to town, you may guide and direct and focus it onto others or you may decide to take a bath in the light yourself all because you are willing to believe and exercise in faith that this truth is so. That is the benefit of a life spent without the eyes of spirit and developing those very aspects of perception within. You will have plenty of time in your career before you to have the eyes of spirit and to see the wonders of divine pattern unfold before you, but in this life, your light, your perception of light, your connection to the light must be established through sheer force of will and desire and faith.

This is your golden opportunity, for when you arise, the eyes through which you will perceive your environment will ever be expanded and it will be truly as if you have been born into a new reality. I love you all in this circle, I am one of you, merely on my side of the veil. I am here because again, you exercise the faith that allows my presence. You have given me space in your consciousness and I am grateful for that allocation of your individual resources. I join you in your projects of health and healing for others and I expand them to include us all under the umbrella of the light. So be it, now and always. Thank you for the chance to join you once again my dear ones. I now bid you all have a joyous week in celebration of your awareness, thank you, good bye.

Michael: [Cathy] I want to hold you all in my light, each and every precious one of you. Please take to heart the section read concerning the Father's will [UB 193: 0.3-4], it was my lifeline in all the dark circumstances of my time on your world. If you are able to expand your vision to encompass living the Father's will, it will bring you forward in spiritual growth and peace. I will bring you certainty as you grow into this way of being.


Transcript 02
No. Idaho Team  2013-04-14
Teacher: Charles, Gorman,
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue

Charles: [Mark] Good morning my friends, I am Charles here to share this environment with you and having been granted the privilege of the permission to sit in on your group and observe your conversation. I would express my gratitude to you for your focus of attention to my words from last week. Any instructor is pleased to witness the students eagerly take up the material that's been offered and you honor me in this way, I thank you.

As for the question tendered regarding the spiritual perspective on making music I would be happy to share some thoughts of mine for your consideration. You have been told in your text that there are universal tones, that the tones represent different aspects of frequency as you observe in your musical compositions and the combination of these tones is much like the artist deciding what color they will dip the brush in. The construction of the order of these tones is just like the brush stroke of the artist with purpose and intention in just such a direction.

It is simply a form of art as are many regular and routine activities that mortals undertake. Truly, so many things that you are engaged in provide the opportunity for the expression of the attitude of your soul, whether you are speaking, whether you are writing, whether you are performing music, whether you are simply walking alone. All of these acts are interpretable, that is, it is up to you to bring to these acts what their significances are and what flavor and tone you will infuse into the routine nature of what it means to do an act repeatedly, whether that act is to sit in front of an easel and make paint strokes, sit with an instrument and make music, sit with an instrument and type words, teach a class of students, ride the bus, these are all opportunities which on such a world as you live, beg to be infused with spiritual content, with meaning and with value.

This is the expression of art, the expression into the material world of the attitude of the soul and music is no different. It does rank as among the more significant modes of communication in that it can utilize multiple sources of input as was noted. One has word symbols to use in this art form and one also has the emotional responses to the tones and their arrangement and association. The overlay of these two is a significant source of harmony in yet another expression, the mixing the realms. This is why you notice that your forms of movies, video, has an even greater impact on the delivery of art form in that it includes the visual component as well. And so whenever you are engaged in anything, you are bringing together all these different components in various degrees and there is an art form to this delivery, to this interpretation of presentation. It is up to you, you are the screen it will pass through, it is the lens it will be focused through and therefore your prism is up to you to maintain and polish. You are the one who will decide in the end, the degree of influence that you will bring to the equation.

I would like to also honor a request made in an earlier discussion, that we touch again on the subject of faith. I will have a few words about that and point out to you that it is faith which is required to bring us together in this process. It is literally a basic ingredient, a foundational element in all that transpires from your mortal perspective. In the spiritual realm it is required of you to exercise faith as a key, as an entrance into the realm of spirit and so it is so highly significant and so required that it is another one of those treasured allocated resources referred to. The supply of faith is indeed limited on a world where so much darkness exists. Special strength is required to muster faith and even greater strength is required to act in faith and to live in a state of complete conviction as a result of your faith. This is of course one of your greatest challenges as mortals of the realm, to first find faith in your process of growth and then to learn to lean on it and develop it to the greater and greater extent, realizing it is your key to accessing the spiritual dimension. It is the foundation on which you stand in order to reach that platform.

To those of you who are familiar with this process, those old timers you refer to, this has become so basic and so natural to you that it may be easy for you to discount its significance in that it is so much a fabric of what you do as a normal process through repetition that you take it for granted perhaps but it is among the greatest mortal challenges to be faced, to not only find it, but to exercise it and to have it and own it as part of your own being. So I just called to mind that this is another one of your cherished gardens that you have cultivated. You have allocated your resources thusly and as a result you are benefitting from the fruits of your labor.

It was simply my pleasure to bring this up in recognition as one of the things that individuals may choose to channel their energies towards, to allocate their vital resources towards. I think that has been enough for now so I will withdraw to allow this cherished platform for others. Thank you for making me welcome and accepting me into your circle. I am deeply grateful for this, farewell.

Gorman: [Henry] Greetings to you my friends.  Harmony is the sound of Paradise, music is the response to this harmony. Music opens up the creative inspiration within the mind. It is interesting that all cultures on earth have created instruments to duplicate musical notes, musical sounds, so that the playing of these instruments creates sound and musical harmonies, a feeling, emotional faith as it were. So in a broad sense, music is a recreation of a distant heard echo, a felt sense of sound. The purely creative expression of song gives a framework to musical sound, it specifies thought.

Music is the wings of the song, words are its impassioned cry and the music made by the human voice always seems to be the most profound, the most powerful and the strongest of all instruments. The human voice has qualities that instruments do not possess. No matter the finesse used in playing a musical instrument, [it] can never compare to the depth and magnitude of the soulful expression of the human voice because the human voice uses not only sound but it utilizes the mind in a direct way. Of course, the combination of the lyrics, the song and the music, the instrument and the voice give recognition to such.

And what is it that song does? Not all songs lift in some glorious harmonic manner. Some songs are specific, they alert us to certain things that are happening, whether it is movement of emotion within the human race, whether it is a way to honor an event, the memory of those that have offered their lives for some human endeavor, the variety of songs express the overall dimension of the human response to this inner feeling whether it is a feeling of joy, a feeling of grief, a feeling of sorrow, the feeling of loss. All music can be purely commercial, something to be used as a background noise, a sound much like newsprint is a shadow of a book.

There must be some connection between the human soul and the Indwelt Spirit which gives rise to the notion of sound and color which the animal does not possess. Of all the things that man does, man does them well with music. Man uses music for his highest honor and worship of God. He uses music to express the sublime beauty of all nature, the harmony of all spirit and the true faith of all men. Maybe you will live in a time in which society's true heroes are its musicians, its songwriters, rather than their war heroes, those men that are lucky enough to spill other mens blood. Maybe you will begin to hear the song within your own soul and one day you will give voice to that song in your heart, the song which is yet to be sung, the song which can garner the desire and faith of a nation, the song that can bend a mans knee to a humble emotion and the song that can burst forth the joy in mans heart for life, for the beautiful gift of life, the gift to express this life through song and music.

Urantia definitely has its own musical style, yet there have been a few in your recent history who have heard the celestial symphonic currents of harmonies, of Paradise attitude, of eternal notion and absolute fact. There must be a chance element of goodness which attracts one to the notion of Paradise, to the thought that there is somewhere in the universe which contains greatness, something which calls all men homeward bound. So with the grace of angels and the love of God in your heart, may you continue to utter forth the harmonic sound, the harmonic vibration which echoes your spiritual birthright, thank you.

After a brief discussion, a group member then shared the following excerpt from The I Ching:


Thunder comes resounding out of the earth:
The image of ENTHUSIASM.
Thus the ancient kings made music
In order to honor merit,
And offered it with splendor
To the Supreme Deity,
Inviting their ancestors to be present.

When, at the beginning of summer, thunder—electrical energy—comes rushing forth from the earth again, and the first thunderstorm refreshes nature, a prolonged state of tension is resolved.  Joy and relief make themselves felt.  So too, music has power to ease tension within the heart and to loosen the grip of obscure emotions.  The enthusiasm of the heart expresses itself involuntarily in a burst of song, in dance and rhythmic movement of the body.  From immemorial times the inspiring effect of the invisible sound that moves all hearts, and draws them together, has mystified mankind.

Rulers have made use of this natural taste for music; they elevated and regulated it.  Music was looked upon as something serious and holy, designed to purify the feelings of men.  It fell to music to glorify the virtues of heroes and thus to construct a bridge to the world of the unseen.  In the temple men drew near to God with music and pantomimes (out of this later the theater developed).  Religious feeling for the Creator of the world was united with the most sacred of human feelings, that of reverence for the ancestors.  The ancestors were invited to these divine services as guests of the Ruler of Heaven and as representatives of humanity in the higher regions.  This uniting of the human past with the Divinity in solemn moments of religious inspiration established the bond between God and man.  The ruler who revered the Divinity in revering his ancestors became thereby the Son of Heaven, in whom the heavenly and the earthly world met in mystical contact.

These ideas are the final summation of Chinese culture.  Confucius has said of the great sacrifice at which these rites were performed: “He who could wholly comprehend this sacrifice could rule the world as though it were spinning on his hand.”

Transcript 03
Subject: No. Idaho Team  2013-04-21
Teacher: Jonathan, Teacher Gorman, Charles, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue, Cathy Morris

Mark: I'm inspired to invoke the presence of our friend Jonathan [Rick Giles]. I have the lyrics to one of his songs which I would share to get the ball rolling here this morning. He wrote a song called gospel in which he distills down in four lines some of the basic tenants of the gospel of the Master. The first tenant is the description of love in which he says love is the desire to do good to others, the desire to do good to each other. These are rounds which go round and round as we have sung at these Michael birthday gatherings. The next round is I love my God with all my heart, all my mind, strength and soul. The next is I will love my neighbor as myself, I will love my neighbor as myself. The last line is I will do for you as you would do for me and you would do for me as I would do for you and we will treat each other as we will come to see, the way God would treat each of us, you and me. Thank you Rick.

Jonathan: [Mark] Good morning this morning my friends, I am Jonathan here willing to accept the offer made to participate with you here this morning. I am also honored to have one of my compositions remembered and I will weave this into the conversation, that the lyrics to such a song as this are as the pathways or the avenues you discussed earlier. Each one is a thought pattern which is distilled into its essence and when revisited repeatedly, can bring you to the essence of that thought pattern. I take for example the simple statement, the definition of love, that it is simple, it is just the desire to do good to each other. It is not a complicated thing but it is a multifaceted thing. It takes on many many characteristics and dimensions and yet in its most simple and basic definition it all comes down to the simple desire to do good and everyone, anyone, has a relationship with this; this concept resides deep within everyone. They know it when they experience it and most of them would naturally refer to it as this sensation of love.

And so it is that you proceed to find the many pathways before you in the direction of your desires and after finding and traversing some of these pathways, you are then able to distill to the essence the meaning and value contained in the pathway and by invoking the same symbol that you design to stand for this avenue you are able to revisit it quickly and easily. This is of course, one of the main values of prayer and stillness, to go revisit these spaces, to go check in again with the stable island of spirit that you find in these places. In so doing you reinforce and re-infuse this action with meaning and value and come away from it enriched and you find it even more attractive to revisit and even easier to recreate with each attempt made.

This all hinges on your dedication of what resources you have to allocate, what energies you choose to donate because all these pathways, all these neural networks are formed as a result of your practice, your efforts, your repeated intentions. There is no substitute and so they represent your choices, they represent your intentions, they are what you have grown in the process by your own choosing and then they are yours; as you are wont to say, you own them at this point and no one can detract or take away from what you have gained and earned in the process, rather they accompany you as an aspect of your being once they are internalized and will be with you for the rest of your experience. They will even be with us all as we share these experiences into the Supreme. They will benefit us all, this learning of these pathways into spirit, this dedication of individual energies which represents such a divine word oriented choice.

Thank you very much for thinking of me. In this way I truly am part of the group still and even further I thank you for inviting me to join and making it possible by virtue of this network that we have built and continue to support between us. It is a cherished link and so I cherish it and I thank you. I will now open up the forum as I know there are always more participants eager to be involved. Good day to you all.

Teacher Gorman: [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, I just wanted to make a comment to the conversation this morning. It seems like no one mentioned it so it is important that it is mentioned. In terms of the mind, it is more mindful the less you have in it, thank you.

Charles: [Mark] Good day my friends, I would throw in a couple of words to add to the tapestry here today, I am Charles. In reference to the conversation to building pathways to where you would like to be, I'd like to reckon that to the time in your country's development when there were great unknown portions of the land and people were called to rise up and become trailblazers and some of these individuals are known and well respected for having mustered the courage and imposed the enduring strength [above] and beyond the known boundaries of the safe and known world and venture out and blaze a trail.

As soon as this trail had been blazed, it became open for others to use and follow the way. In this way the trail evolved into a path which changes into a roadway which may eventually one day become a super highway, all because it was charted and it was explored by an adventurous soul. Then, after reporting back that the trail is useful and if followed will bring you to a predictable destination, others gather their confidence. If it has been done before, I can do it again but it always takes those first trailblazers willing to venture out in uncertainty and search for themselves the correct pathway before others are so willing to venture forward. Therein is the great value in establishing a pathway, arriving at a destination that is worthy and reporting back to the others that you have found the path, the way, the passage through to the other side and it is good an safe and well worth the effort put into the journey.

Having ventured out in spirit and reporting back to the others, you may be a useful guide, explaining what is required to find the path, to access the path, to endure the path and what is to be found at the destination you are destined to arrive at if you just maintain the course. That is what all these useful exercises, books, scriptures, descriptions, preachers and doctrines are all about; they all foster a pathway that has been utilized and found to bring certain success and then many others decide I will follow this pathway that has been laid out for me. It is trusted and tried and I will arrive, if I stick to the path, at the destination.

The point is, of course, there are innumerable paths and most individuals are not in awareness or possess the strength or courage to venture out and blaze a new trail on their own. Even though they would meet with certain success, most individuals would choose to follow others who have been there who will save them the effort of being trailblazers and enduring the uncomfortable unknown. So, as experienced explorers yourselves, there is much you have to offer to those around you who are looking for the path and would like to know what your personal experience is of having traveled the path and through this will gain much assurance and security that it is not only possible, but that they may have some personal reference if not to the path itself but perhaps to you an individual who has been changed by the path. You may be the only representative of spirit they ever come to know and your expression of your experience can be transformative to others.

I just thought I'd offer a few different angles of perspective on forming a path, staying to the path, cultivating a path, maintaining the path, exercising the path and sharing the path as it may come to pass. It is your pleasure and your privilege to do so as you are all becoming aware. It is wonderful to discourse with you this morning. Thank you for hearing my words, be in peace, farewell.

Light: [Cathy] I also wish to comment on the mind as a vehicle for change. In the song about 'Baggage' it is mentioned that you need to get rid of that 'stuff'. This aspect of mind and spirit is clear, you are the ones to clean house as it were. The mind is nondescriminatory in its storage of information. It is your focus on information that reinforces and brings aspects to prominence. It's useful to use light to focus on the existing information to illuminate the most spiritually connected and to highlight the thoughts and memories that strengthen spirit. Also important is the delete function of mind. You do have the capacity to focus your spiritual light. This reveals the darkness, the dysfunctional, the information that does not reenforce spirit. It's easy, the way is through light. With light you are able to discard damaging information from the past and replace it with spirit. It is like cleaning house, you only need to roll up your sleeves and begin with intention to simplify and bring forward value. I am happy to help you.

Transcript 04
Subject: No. Idaho Team  2013-04-28
Teacher: Charles, Teacher Gorman, Serena
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue, Cathy Morris

Charles: [Mark] Good morning friends, I would step forward first this morning to enjoy a few words with you, picking up on some of the threads that you offered here this morning. It's delightful to have you witness to the rising encouragement of the human heart because it is a challenge no doubt for individuals in your position to not succumb to the numerous accounts of the disorder of things, the disease of your surroundings. You are literally bombarded with daily reports of the state of affairs which are hard to rise above and yet, even with all this barrage of apparent negativity thrust upon you, you can each bear witness to the glimmer of hope within the human spirit and the desire of your brothers and sisters out there to look out and seek and find and make and create the goodness, the truth and the beauty.

This speaks to the association of the experience here on Urantia with its divine nature. It is undergoing great change and will eventually transform from a crude beginning into a partially enlightened peoples. This step of transformation is so glorious to behold because it bears witness to the inherent goodness that is behind the plan. The long term intention behind the Creator will become manifest; the eventual design purposed for your lives and for your universe will be achieved. The success of the story has all but been written and now we observe as grace percolates through the process, even from the most foundational level, and provides the stimulus for all good mortals to respond to the call, the call to associate with goodness, the call to be a part of truth, the call to represent the beautiful.

These are the longings of the human spirit who is in awareness or who is coming into awareness or who are just seeking awareness. This is the path that all those are seeking for and that each who seeks, find in their own way. This is the direction, the flow of the gigantic river of the divine and it is with such great pleasure that I observe those so eager to participate in joining the flow, being part of the flow, assimilating into the flow and even representing the flow because you have become part of it yourselves, you have realized your association to it and it has infused your lives with new meanings and purpose, with greater values.

I always appreciate the opportunity to come among you and share our energies. We each contribute to each others understanding of where we are coming from in our perspective. And so it is I value so greatly this opportunity, my association with all of you. It provides me such a gift of grace that I shall cherish it forever. I now allow this opportunity to be accessed by others, thank you.

Teacher Gorman: [Henry] Greetings this morning, it is good to be here connected amongst you as a spiritual presence and a spiritual force. Though the act is important, the person is not. What does that mean, the person is not important? Well, the importance of the person is the importance of the persons ability to function for the utmost of the group, not necessarily for their personal interest. The Father loves you all the same, everyone the same. The Father does not single individuals out. This is why the Father lives within, to work personally with you as an individual, but the person itself is not as important as their act or the consequence of their life.

A greater understanding spiritually comes from the ability to separate yourself and understand that you are only a small part of things. It's like separating your mind from your thoughts. The mind can function in a greater capacity when it is clear of thoughts. This is why you say well, don't think about it, just do it, meaning that it is something which is automatic, it is something you already know, you do not have to think about it. Of course this is the great challenge in life, to separate yourselves from yourself. Who are you really? Many times who you actually are and who you think you are are not the same. Actually you are a son of God, a child of the universe seeking to become one with this universe and the great personalities in it.

The ability to separate yourself from yourself speaks of consciousness. To act upon an awareness, takes a consciousness of who you are. Too many times people are holding on to themselves and who they think they are and do not have free hands to grasp who they could be. Many times their minds are full of who they are so that the thoughts of who you could be, what you could be doing, who is trying to help you, who is trying to get in touch with you cannot have any effect on a mind that is full, a mind that has all of the blanks filled, its cup filled to the capacity [so] that nothing else can enter.

The ability to truly become free is the ability to be free of yourself, your emotions, your sentiments, the little personal things that keep you separate, the . ...words seeking to tell you that everything is okay in your own world for you. Everyone else may be doing something else but you are okay. It is this overemphasis on the self which is a tremendous detriment to spirituality, to Adjuster contact, to the whole amassing in its true form. Yet, this is a constant human condition, it is something you are constantly working to gain control of.

The great human architects were not wrong in designing the self. There are times when the self and self preservation are tremendously important yet they are nothing more than scaffolding to help you get somewhere else, to a different level of understanding, a different level of acting and functioning and it is this level of acting and functioning which truly exhibits the spiritual in your life. It tells of your connection to divinity. The potential for all to act in this spiritual act begins with the individual, the one who is able to separate the self from the individual person creating this act, this act of forgiveness, this act of faith, this act of compassion, this act of love.

So it is good to hear talk of these exercises and venues in which a person has to step outside of themselves to become something else. It is this ability to become something else, something more, that is the area in which spirit works, the area in which spirit can be of tremendous help, to live on the edge of understanding and the edge of knowingness, to live on the edge of self, to be in that place which is in between us all, the interstitial space, for in the real essence there is no space between you, you are all one, you are all one and you are all perfect. In this life you have here in this imperfect world, it is easy to get caught up in the differences of space between each of you, between all of the differences between each of you. The human level is a confounding level, it is ironic, sometimes perverse, tremendously entertaining and beautiful and by the very breath of your soul you are involved coming here to this place to which you are now yet you are true, you are whole and you are perfect. It is like you are waking up in a dream and discovering your true reality. Bon voyage my friends, take care and have a good week, thank you.

Serena: [Cathy] I join this conversation about the transformation of aspects of spirit in daily interactions. We are indeed working to increase the spiritual awareness on your planet. Part of our mission is the revelation of compassion. We will only be able to proceed with our plans when the inhabitants of your world are aware of the mercy offered to all by our Creator. In the acceptance of mercy, the extending of mercy to others will increase manyfold. In the attempt to reverse error that has resulted from the original rebellion, it will be necessary to extend forgiveness to all who have acted through this pattern of error. It is indeed true that in this universe it is always possible to make another choice. It is possible at all times to choose another way. Living in the present moment, all have the capability to choose in each moment, all can create the reality in a new direction. Needed for this is the acceptance of the power to choose. Let us choose love, let us choose mercy, let us choose brotherhood, let us choose the Father's will. Together we can create this world in His way. Have the courage to make a choice in a new direction. We will support and love you always.